Part 18

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The train came to a relatively smooth stop, the change in the noise was what woke Desmond. He hadn’t been tired, but after a few hours of listening to the sound of the wheels turning and rattling he’d found himself drifting off to sleep out of sheer boredom.

There hadn’t been many people on the train so he’d been the only one in the cabin for this leg of the trip. From Atlanta to Washington DC, Now he had to change trains to go to Norfolk, which was as close to Wakefield as trains would take him; he’d have to drive the rest of the way.

The other train was a little more crowded; the cabin he chose already had an older woman sitting in it. He nodded to her and sat on the opposite bench. For ten minutes they sat in silence, her looking out the window and him just trying to figure out a way to avoid boredom for the next four hours or so; maybe he should have flown after all.

The train jerked and then started forward. Desmond yawned and leaned back making himself comfortable for another long, boring ride. He’d just closed his eyes when the door slid open. Three late teen sat down, talking loudly and then getting rowdy, shoving each other as they talked about the soccer game they’d played and how they royally fucked the other team.

The cabin could easily sit eight people, but they managed to constantly bump against the woman. When she politely asked them to be more careful the kid sitting next to her, with light brown hair, grabbed his crotch and told her to suck his cock instead. The woman turned beet red, grabbed her bag and left the cabin in a huff. The three of them burst out laughing.

When they stopped laughing that same kid looked at Desmond. “What about you old man, you wanna piece of my cock?”

Desmond raised an eyebrow, when had he become an ‘old man’? He looked the kid over; he was wearing loose shorts and t-shirt. His muscles weren’t bulging under his tan, but they had a good definition to them. All in all he reminded Desmond of Martin. “Not really,” he replied, “but if you want to bend over I’ll happily take a piece of your ass.”

The kid was stunned for a moment and then looked at his friends “We have a perv fag, maybe we should kick his ass, I hear they like that kind of stuff.” His friend with the bright curly red hair nodded eagerly while the black haired one hesitated a little before doing so.

Desmond chuckled “I wouldn’t even bother trying it, unless you want to get your own asses handed to you.”

The brown haired kid snorted, “Three of us, one of you. We’re not scared.”

Desmond rolled his eyes as he stood and took the three small steps to the door.

“Ohhh, we’ve scared the old fag, he’s probably going to go join that fag hag and complain about how kids these days don’t have any respect.”

Denis locked the door, and closed the blinds.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Desmond turned to face them. “I’m making sure we’re not disturbed while I teach you some of that respect you seem to be lacking.”

The three teens looked at each other, their bravado breaking slightly. “You got a death wish, don’t you?” The brown haired kid said. He looked at the red haired one, “Brent, get him out of the way and unlock the door.”

Brent was the more muscular of the three; his muscles bulged under his freckled white skin as he stood. He didn’t have the mass Desmond had, but it was obvious he wasn’t going to act scared in front of his friends.

Desmond simply grabbed him by the arm and threw the jock back in the seat. “Stay there and don’t move.” He told the young man, who found himself forced to obey him. Desmond hadn’t changed anything else in him just yet. He grabbed the black haired teen by the arm and gave him the same treatment. “You too, stay there, don’t worry, You;ll get your turn, but first I’m going to fuck your ring leader.”

The other kid stood and backed up against the window, “what are you two doing? Get up and take him.”

“I can’,” Brent said.

“Me neither,” added the other one.

“What did you do to them?”

Desmond took a step toward him. “I made them mine,” he said with a low growl for added effect, “just like I’m going to do to you.”

“Like hell you will.” The kid swung a fist at him.

Desmond easily caught the arm and the kid’s will melted under his. He wasn’t gentle about it as he made him his bitch. He pulled the kid against him and kissed him hard, making him moan loudly. “What do you want?” Desmond asked him.

“To be fucked,” was the response, given between pants.

Desmond moved behind him and looked at the other two as he undid the kid’s pants, revealing the hardon he’d gotten from the kiss. “You two, get undressed, and keep your voices down, I don’t want to disturb the neighbors.” He ordered. They protested, trying to scream, but the sound only coming out at conversation level.

Desmond watched as the two got out of their clothes and covered their cocks. He caught a glimpse of a rather nice piece of meat on the black haired kid.

“Brent, right?” He called to the red hair, “Come here.” He ordered, indicating in front of his bitch. Brent moved where told to, his hands staying over his crotch. “Down on your knees.”

Desmond moved his bitch aside and undid his pants, pulling out his soft cock and rubbing it against Brent’s lips.

The jock turned his head away, “Forget it, I’m not a fag.”

Desmond grabbed Brent’s fire red hair and pulled hard so he didn’t have a choice but to look up at him. “You’re going to suck my cock, ‘cause I’m telling you to. You’re going to suck it till it’s hard and slick so I can fuck my bitch.” The brown haired kid’s eyes lit up at that. “If you do a good enough job I’m even going to let you enjoy it, got that?” Brent nodded and opened his mouth. “That’s a good boy,” Desmond said as he put the tip of his cock in it.

It didn’t take long for Desmond to get hard, he’d been keeping himself soft by sheer will power and the look of humiliation on the jock’s face was just too exciting for him to be able to remain so. Since the jock just sucked the tip Desmond put a hand on the back of his head and started thrusting. He did that a few time before forcing his cock completely in.

Desmond prevented him from gagging, but nothing else, so the kid’s fear and pain was real as he tried to force Desmond’s cock out. He waited until Brent started quieting down, indicating he was running out of air before pulling out.

“Now, that was good.” Desmond said looking down at the panting jock.

“Fuck,” Brent said between pant, “that hurt. You said I was going to enjoy it.”

“That was if you did a good enough job.” He pulled his bitch in front of him. “So maybe now you’re going to do a better job blowing him.”

“Does that mean you’re going to fuck me now?” the bitch asked hopeful.

“Yes, I am,” Desmond Whispered. The answering moan matched the jock taking the bitch’s cock in his mouth. Desmond praised Brent as he took position behind his bitch. “Put your hand on his head. Let him bob up and down, but don’t let him take it out, understood?”

The bitch nodded, “Please, fuck me now, I can’t wait anymore.”

Desmond smiled and pressed his cock against the man’s hole. The bitch’s reaction was instantaneous. He was moaning and pressing back trying to force it in. Desmond didn’t disappoint him and hilted himself completely with a few thrust.

“How’s that?” he asked

“It hurt, but it was worth it,” the bitch answered; he didn’t have a choice, Desmond had made sure he would want it badly enough to endure anything.

Desmond looked down at the jock that was loudly slurping the cock in his mouth and then up at the last kid, who was mostly looking away, only looking at them occasionally in morbid curiosity.

“What’s you’re name?” Desmond asked the next time the black haired teen looked in their direction. He stood still, letting the bitch move back and forth on his cock.

“T . . . Tommy.”

“Don’t worry Tommy, I haven’t forgotten about you. Come here.

“Please,” he pleaded as he stood, “I’m sorry about what Fred said.” One step and he was next to Desmond. “I didn’t want to; I didn’t know he was going to be like that.” He paused, “please don’t do anything to me,” he said in a soft voice.

Desmond affectionally placed a hand on the side of his face. “You still participated, so you got to pay too; but I noticed the hesitation you had, so you’re going to be getting a better deal.” He gently pulled him in a kiss. Tommy resisted at first, but then Desmond made the changes he had in mind and the young man responded, taking hold of Desmond’s head and kissing him back passionately.

When they broke the kiss they were both panting. Desmond looked down at Tommy’s cock, he had been right, it was a nice piece of meat; at least eight inches of very thick rigid meat.

“You shouldn’t hide such a thing,” Desmond said wrapping his hand around it and giving it a tug. “Well, maybe you can hide it in Brent’s ass. Raise you ass Brent,” he ordered the jock. Brent had a moment of hesitation before doing what he was told. “Good boy, see, you’re learning.” He took a small bottle of lube out of his jacket’s pocket and handed it to Tommy. “Take your time with him, try not to hurt him too much, he isn’t broken in yet.” Tommy nodded and lubed himself up as he moved to kneel behind the jock.

Desmond watched him take hold of Brent’s hips and start thrusting in and out. He could watch Tommy’s progress on the jock’s face, the look of pain increasing the wider he was being stretched. Desmond knew that if he’d been able to do anything Brent would have been out of here in an instant, but Fred had a good hold on his head, he was enjoying the blowjob far too much to let him go.

Desmond focused on his bitch again, adding his thrusting to the motion, forcing his cock deeper each time, to the man’s obvious pleasure. The bitch responded by fucking the jock’s mouth even harder and faster. Desmond did what he could to keep up, but the brown haired kid was getting to close to his orgasm.

Panting and moaning the bitch buried his cock as deep as he could and held the jock’s face in his pubs as he came. Brent barely offered any resistance as he had to swallow the cum; he’d pretty much given up completely at this point.

Tommy grinned, probably a response to the look of ecstasy on the bitch’s face, and he picked up his own pace, ignoring Brent’s faint whimpering, fucking his ass hard enough to bounce him forward each time. Desmond smiled and matched him thrust for thrust, mashing the bitch and the jock together. Tommy gave one last hard thrust and looked up, mouth opened in a silent orgasm.

Desmond gave him a few second to regain his breath and then started plowing the bitch’s ass with enough strength that the only thing preventing them all from falling to the floor was Tommy absorbing the shockwave and pushing back.

Desmond closed his eyes, letting the sounds carry him though his orgasm; the moans of pleasure from his bitch, Brent’s muffled cries of pain and Tommy’s grunts with each impact. With a low groan Desmond pushed himself deep in his bitch’s ass and emptied his balls.

He didn’t give them any longer to recuperate than it took him to catch his breath. Then he was fucking Brent, and then Tommy, with whom he was gentler, making sure he actually did enjoy the experience with only minor tweaking.

When Desmond finally reached his stop, he was the only one still conscious. The other three were sprawled in the cabin, covered in sweat and cum. He stretched and got dressed, looking them over. Fred was moaning lightly, probably dreaming of being fucked again. He’d be everyone’s bitch from now on, always looking to be fucked and willing to do pretty much anything for it. Brent would get off on being forced and humiliated while Tommy would be a relatively well adjusted gay man, with a thing for dominating other guys.

As he closed the door to the cabin behind him and headed for the exit he wondered if they would wake up before anyone entered the cabin. He smiled thinking that if they did get caught it would just be an extra punishment; although only Brent would really be affected by it, as well as being slightly turned on. Those three were now on a brand new path and Desmond wished them well.

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