Part 2

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Desmond got out of the shower and stretched again, his body was more sore than usual, specially his knees. He hoped he wasn’t getting bum-knees from sitting in his truck all day.

He glanced at his watch as he toweled himself dry and did a double take, “what the fuck?” what had happened to the time? He must have zoned out under the water. He finished drying himself quickly “There goes the leisurely lunch.” He mumbled as he got dressed.

On his way out he bought a couple of sandwiches and headed toward his truck at a quick pace. He walked by the two young men who were still looking for a ride, and his steps slowed, and then stopped. He looked at them, they looked to be barely legal, and his company didn’t allow him to take passengers anyway.

He turned to leave, but then turned back to look at them again. One was brown haired, he had a square jaw looked like it worked out regularly, he was wearing a wife beater and jeans. He didn’t seem to have any problems approaching drivers to ask for a ride. His friend was a few inches taller, his hair was blond he wasn’t as muscular and his face had a few hairs, trying to pass off as a beard. He had a T-shirt with a whale on it and shorts. He stayed a few steps behind, looking uncomfortable.

He thought about heading back to his truck, but instead walked toward then. To hell with it, he thought, I could do with some company. As he got close to them the brown haired kid closed the remaining distance.

“Hi, I’m Martin,” young man said, presenting his hand, he pointed to the other man with a thumb over his shoulder, “that’s Jason.”

Desmond looked at the man, and the offered hand. “How old are you?” he asked instead of taking it, making it clear he meant both of them.

“Eighteen,” Martin answered without hesitation.

Desmond looked from Martin to Jason, who squirming nervously. “Yeah, right. You got a way to prove that?”

Martin took out a driver’s license from his wallet and handed it to Desmond, who looked it over, then turned it over and then checked by feel to see if it had been altered. “It looks real enough,” Desmond finally said. “What about you?” he asked Jason

Jason shook his head a little, “I don’t drive.”

“He’s a few months older than me.”

Desmond handed the license back as he considered it. Did he care if they weren’t really eighteen? Not really, they were obviously old enough to manage on their own. “Where are you two heading to?”

Martin looked at Jason, who just shrugged. “Anywhere, as long as it’s out of here.”

Desmond studied them still, “I’m going to Seattle.”

“That’ll work great,” cut in Martin before Desmond could say anything else.

Desmond nodded, “it’s a two day drive that means you’re going to have to sleep in the truck, I only have two bunks.”

“That’s ok; Jason can take the bunk, I’ll sleep on the floor”

Desmond smiled, “you’ve never been in a truck, have you?”

“No, why?”

Instead of replying he indicated they should follow. He unlocked the passenger door and had to force it open, this was the first time he had opened it in the two years he’d driven this truck. “Jump in, leave your shoes in the front.” He went around the truck and climbed in the driver’s seat.

Martin was the first one to climb aboard, as instructed he took off his shoes before stepping over the cooler that was wedged between the two seat and moving to sit on the bed, eyeing the space his legs were in.

“Still want to sleep on the floor?” Desmond doubted Martin could even sit comfortably between the two storage cabinets wedged between the seats, and the bed.

Martin made a face and shook his head “I guess I can sleep in the front seat.”

It was Desmond’s turn to shake his head, “no, you two are going to have to share the top bunk.”

It was Jason who commented, “It looks a little small.”

“It’ll be cozy, but you two should be ok.”

“I guess it’ll have to do,” Martin finally said after he and Jason had exchanged an uncomfortable looks.

“Good, now that’s settled, here’s a few rules. Whoever’s in the front seat buckles up when ever the truck is running, even if we aren’t moving,” he waited for Jason to nod before continuing, “in the back, you’re sitting on the bed, leaning against that wall,” he pointed to the one on the passenger side, “there’s rolled up sleeping bag under the bunk you can take out to make it more comfortable. You’re legs are to remain on the bed, I don’t want anything gangling, got it?” Martin nodded and reached under the bunk.

Desmond waited for him to be settled in before taking out his logbook and indicating what time he started driving. He bucked up and started the truck, watching out of the corner of his eye to make sure Jason did the same. “It’s going to be four hours before I stop again, I hope you two took care of business already,” he said as he slowly pulled out of the truckstop.

* * * * *

The first hour was spent in silence; Desmond had music playing just loud enough to be heard over the roar of the engine. He would glance at Jason every so often to see him looking outside, wonder painted on his face. Desmond guessed it was the first time he’d ever set foot outside of town.

When he could he’s check on Martin, often to catch him leaning forward so he could watch the road. The look on his face was definitely happy, but it was more controlled, more guarded.

When he turned his head to look at his mirrors Desmond caught Jason looking at him. He turned off the music and asked “What is it?”

Jason looked down for a moment and then back up with a small smile “I wanted to say thank you for letting us ride with you. No one else would let us.”

“Not many companies allow passengers.”

“Yours does?”

“No, but I figure if I drop you off as we get into town, or maybe a truckstop just before town they won’t have to know.” Desmond glanced quickly in Martin’s direction, who was leaning back, looking bored. “You two been friends long?”

“We’ve been best friend for always it seems. I try to keep him out of trouble, he tries to get me in it.” Jason answered with a smile. “I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am you picked us up.”

“Well, you’re welcome, and don’t worry about it.” He reached across to pat his leg. “I enjoy the company.” As he made contact there was a static shock that made Jason gasp. Desmond glanced at him from the corner of his eye. Jason was moaning slightly and his eyes were glazed over.

“What’s going on?” Martin asked.

Desmond looked back to see Martin standing up. He looked back ahead in time to see a large pothole go under the truck. The only thing he had time to do was put his arm across the seat to give Martin something to hang on instead of falling head first on his cooler and the gear stick.

The truck rocked back and forth as a wheel bounced in and out of the pothole and as he expected Martin was holding onto his arm. “What did I tell you kid, stay seated.”

Instead of answering Martin moaned.

Desmond risked a quick glance and saw the same glazed look that Jason had. He cursed himself slightly, this was why he wasn’t supposed to have passengers, he should have noticed that pothole before it got anywhere close to the truck.

“Are you ok?” He asked once Martin was sitting on the bed again.

“Mmmmm, yeah, I’m fine.” Martin answered in a dreamy voice after a few seconds.

“Good, then put you feet on the bed and stay there.”

“Yes sir,” he replied in that same voice, “Are you going to join me?”

Desmond looked back in surprise to see Martin rubbing his crotch seductively. He snapped his gaze on the road, but noticed that Jason was doing the same thing. What the Hell was going on.

“Maybe I should go back there,” Jason said, looking lustfully at Martin.

“No, you stay seated while the truck’s moving.” Desmond ordered him.

“aw,” Jason whined, “please?”

“No. You saw what happened with Martin. You’re staying buckled up.”

Jason pouted, and then smiled, “but at least I can do this,” and reached across to grab Desmond’s crotch. Desmond had been using all his will power to keep himself from getting a hard on, but that was now a lost battle. “Oh, this feels nice. It must be a big one.”

“Hey,” Martin called out from the back, “no fair doing anything without me.”

Jason threw him a raspberry as he continued to kneed Desmond hard cock though the denim.

“Settle down kids,” Desmond managed to say between pants. What Jason was doing felt unusually good. “Jason sit back in your seat.”

“Why, I can tell you like it.”

“Yeah, I do, but I’m driving and it’s a distraction I really don’t need. There’s rest area forty miles from here, you two stay in your seat and behave and you can do what ever you want once we’re parked.”

“Anything?” Martin said.

Desmond saw him and Jason exchange conspiring looks. “Yes, anything.” She said to get them to quiet down. He had no idea what he’d just gotten himself into or for that matter what was up with them, he could have sworn they were both straight. His gaydar had never been *that* off before.

The next forty minutes were an exercise in self control. Jason and Martin did stay in their seat, but both had their cocks out and were caressing themselves. Desmond couldn’t help looking at Jason every time he checked his mirrors. His cock looked to be bout six inches long and quite thick.

Martin made up for not being in Desmond’s field of vision by being vocal, moaning and groaning the time away. Desmond checked on him once in a while, and saw a rather long cock.

By the time he parked, Desmond’s crotch was soaked in precum.

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