Part 2

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The rest area was mostly deserted, they didn’t start filling up with trucks until the evening most of the time; there was only another truck and two cars, one of which pulled out not long after Desmond turned the engine off

As soon as the truck stopped Jason jumped out of his seat and tackled Martin on bed. It didn’t take long for the rough housing to turn erotic. Desmond did all he could to focus on his paperwork instead of the two of them moaning and groaning in the back. It took him twice as long as it normally would; he kept listening in on them and forgetting what he was writing.

Once he was done he let a sigh of relief go. He looked back, surprised to find the two were still wearing their clothes, considering the sounds he had been expecting them to be naked. He watched them grind against each other for a moment and felt his cock strained against his jeans. He hadn’t been this turned on in a very long time, but he wanted to take care of business before settling in to play.

“Kids,” he said to get their attention, “I’m going to the bathroom, I suggest you two do the same so we don’t have to worry about that afterward.”

They looked at him, but didn’t seem to be inclined to move, until Martin said “Rest area sex.” And then Jason jumped off the bed and was in the front seat putting on his shoes, Martin right behind him.

Desmond had to laugh at their antics as he got out of the truck and followed them to the men’s room. As expected the room was empty. Jason and Martin had their cocks out before they reached the urinals and then realized they had a problem.

“Des, I don’t think I’m going to be able to take a piss,” Martin said as he showed him his hard cock.

“Sure you will,” Desmond replied as he took position before an urinal, “you’re just going to have to make it go soft.” He then set his mind on something other than the kids.

“We can always go in the stall and . . . you know, deal with it.” offered Jason.

“Yeah, lets do it Des, it’ll be fun.” Martin said.

Desmond chuckled, “I don’t think so.”

Martin pouted, “why not? I though truckers liked having sex in rest areas.”

“I’m sure they do, but it’s asking for a shit load of troubles. Lets just finish here and go back to the truck, there we don’t have to worry about being walked in on by a cop.” He focused on an image that he knew from experience would turn him off, Ms Ausenbuf, his third grade teacher. He’d always felt she was the kind of woman who shouldn’t exist outside a horror movie.

It took longer for Jason and Martin to manage, but eventually they were back in the truck. Desmond only had time to close the blinds before Jason pulled him to the bed. Desmond found himself on his back with two horny teens straddling him.

“Wait,” Desmond said, “before this goes any further, have either of you done anything like this before?”

“Aww, come on Des,” whined Martin, who was straddling his chest, “you said we’d be able to do what ever we wanted. I’m starting to think you aren’t interested anymore.”

“Oh, he’s interested,” Jason answered, feeling Desmond up through his jeans, “he’s so hard I think he’s going to rip his jeans. No, I’ve never done anything like this. I’ve never even seen a naked guy before.”

“Not even you dad?” Martin asked.

“Specially *not* my dad,” Jason replied.

Martin looked at Desmond. “No, I’ve never had sex with a guy before.”

Desmond nodded as Jason unzipped him. “Holy fuck!” he exclaimed when he saw Desmond’s cock instead of underwear. “How big are you?”

“Eight inch,” Desmond replied as he started working on Martin’s pants.

“Fuck no. this is way bigger.”

Desmond’s chuckles turned into a moan as he felt Jason wrap his hand around it and pull it out.

Martin turned to look and had a similar reaction. “Wow, I think he’s bigger than Bruce.”

“Bruce Jackson? When did you see his cock?”

“I had Phys Ed with him last year; he wasn’t shy about showing it to everyone in the locker room.”

Desmond was amused at their reaction; he’d seen plenty of guys who were much bigger than he was. “Kids, get off of me and let’s get out of our clothes.” They didn’t need to be told twice. Before he had managed to sit Martin was already naked, his shirt thrown on the passenger seat, his pants on the floor and his underwear hooked on the corner of the storage cabinet. Jason was as quick, but he folded his clothes neatly instead of throwing them around. Desmond just let them fall on the ground.

They were then silent, busy watching each other’s bodies. Jason forgot Desmond existed and his hand roamed over Martin’s defined muscle. Martin was looking back at Jason with desire in his eyes. When Jason noticed this he grew self conscious, looking down and covering his cock with his hands. Martin wouldn’t have any of that, he moved the hands out of the way and drank in his best friends’ body. He then moved in, pushed Jason against the wall and kissed him passionately.

Desmond watched them, getting the feeling that they were seeing each other in a way they hadn’t before. And he had to admit it was pretty hot. He moved behind Martin and reached between them for their cocks and began stroking them. They moaned and kissed harder, Martin pushing his ass back against Desmond’s cock.

When they finally broke the kiss they were sweaty, panting and Desmond’s hands were wet with precum.

“Fuck,” Martin said under his breath, “Fuck this his hot.” He looked at Jason, “you’re one hell of a kisser.”

Jason simply blushed. He had never really kissed anyone before now.

Martin turned his head and asked Desmond, “there’s more than this, right?”

“What do you mean?” Desmond replied, licking the precum off his hand.

“I mean guys to more than just kiss and jerk off, right? There’s got to be real sex.”

Desmond smiled, “yes, there is more than this,” he ran a hand down Martin’s back and cup his ass. “Guys have sex almost of the same way with other guys as they do with women.” He slipped a finger between his cheeks and rubbed the ring.

The reaction was almost instantaneous; Martin moaned and then started grunting. Surprising all three of them he started shooting cum all over Jason. “Fuck that was intense” Martin finally said when his breath was back.

Jason looked at him in amazement and then gave some of the cum on his check a taste and then cleaned off his chest that way, finding he like the taste. Desmond took some and offered it to Martin, who licked it and also enjoyed it.

“You’ve got to try it.” Martin told Jason.

Jason looked at Desmond, wordlessly asking if it was ok.

“I’ll only do it of you want me to.” Desmond replied.

Jason wasn’t sure, but the look of ecstasy it had given martin was something he wanted to experience, so he nodded.

Desmond had him move to the edge of the bed while Martin took his place against the wall. He held Jason close to him and moved a finger along his ass crack. Jason kept going from tensing to relaxing as he tried to decide if he enjoyed it. When Desmond’s finger touched his ring and tensed, the finger just rubbed it so he relaxed again.

“How does that feel?” Desmond asked after a few moments.

“It feels nice,” Jason answered.

“Why hasn’t he cum?” martin asked.

“Different guys have different triggers,” he told him and then turned to Jason again, “do you want to try more?”

Jason nodded without hesitation.

Desmond grabbed a bottle of lube from his bag and smeared a good amount on Jason’s hole. He rubbed it again and then started pushing his finger in. Jason gasped and grabbed onto Desmond’s arm.

“Are you ok?” Desmond asked him.

“It hurts a little,” Jason answered shamefully.

Desmond kissed his ear and slowly removed his finger. “I don’t think this is going to be one of your triggers, but don’t worry, I know one that’s universal among guys.” He added when he saw his disappointed look. “And Martin’s going to get to enjoy it to.”

“I am?”

Desmond nodded as he lubed up Jason’s cock. Jason moaned as a result. “Yeah, Jason’s going to fuck you.”

It took a moment for it to sink in and then Martin’s eyes went wide. “That? in me?”

Desmond nodded again and Martin started panting. Desmond motioned him on all four and lubed up his ass, a simple touch of Martin’s hole and he was moaning. He then has Jason kneel behind him, positions his cock against Martin’s hole and pushed him just forward enough that he entered him.

The reaction was instant. Martin’s arms gave out and his head was in the mattress moaning loud enough to be head outside the truck.

Jason groans and then let out a series of expletives and made even Desmond’s ears burn as he plunged deeply in Martin’s ass.

“Take your time Jason, go nice and slow for as long as you can, the longer you stretch it, the better it’s going to be for you.” Jason nodded and did as he was told.

Desmond kneeled in front of Martin and lifted him “Come on, you have to use your arms to support yourself.” Martin obeyed, his eyes glazed over in bliss. When he was steady, or at least steadier, Desmond put his cock in front of the teen’s mouth. Martin didn’t even question it and wrapped his mouth around it.

Desmond’s body shuddered as the pleasure course through it, It had never felt this good to have a mouth around his cock before. He held martin’s head in place and started face fucking him slowly, not pushing his cock fully in since he didn’t want to deal with martin’s gag reflex, although he had a suspicion he didn’t have much of one.

For about an hour Desmond and Jason fucked Martin from both side. During that time Martin had enough orgasms that in the end they were dry. When Jason started speeding up Desmond matched his rhythm, known that he was getting close and deciding to try and cum as the same time. And they did. With a grunt Jason buried himself deep inside Martin’s ass and filled him up while Desmond had to use all his willpower not to burry his cock as deep as it would go in his mouth and when he came it was like never before. He was able to remain silent, but his entire body orgasmed. Martin couldn’t swallow all the cum Desmond fed him, and when the teen finally collapsed there was a pool of cum by his head almost as large as the one under his cock.

Desmond leaned on the cabinet to hold himself up while Jason collapsed on top of Martin. Once he’d caught his breath he had the teens moved so they were spooning in the back of the bed. Desmond spooned them and closed his eyes.

Sleep didn’t come quickly, for a while he listened to martin and Jason whisper. Part of Desmond was embarrassed to be listening in on the intimate things there were saying to each other, but another was strangely proud of having helped them come together.

Eventually, the whispering lost cohesion and sleep claimed him.

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