Part 4

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Desmond opened his eyes and checked his watch; he’d only slept for four hours. He closed his eyes and tried to go back to sleep. After an hour he decided that for some reason sleep wouldn’t come and he was content to just lie there, listening to his kids sleep.

Then he got the feeling someone was watching him. He tried to ignore it, but found that he kept looking over his shoulder to the front of the truck to see if someone was there. After a while he gave up and decided that a walk would probably help.

He silently got dressed and left the truck, making sure the top light didn’t come on when he opened the door. The rest area was almost full of truck, but it was silent, the air cool enough that no one needed to keep their trucks running to be comfortable. Since he was out he decided to start with taking a piss.

When he left the men’s room he still had the sensation someone was watching him. He looked around but didn’t see anyone, then as he was turning to head back to the truck he noticed someone sitting at one of the picnic tables out of the corner of his eye. He turned to check, but there wasn’t anyone. He still walked to the table, unable to shake the feeling there was someone there.

The table was deserted, but the feeling he was being watched was even stronger. “This’ gone on long enough,” he said looking around, “you better come out now cause if I have to look for you I’m going to make you regret it.” He looked around again, and then he saw someone at the table next to him. There was little light making it to where they were, but he could definitely see a man sitting there, watching him. Desmond to a step toward him, “ok, what do you want?”

The man stood in surprise at being addressed and backed up a little. “Are you talking to me?”

“Yes, I’m talking to you, you’re the one who’s been following me, right?” Now that he was closer he could make out some details. The man was about his height, more muscular and there seemed to be something wrong with his face. “What are you?” the question escaped his lips before he could think better of it.

Now the man took a step forward. “You can see *through* this?”

Desmond didn’t what “through what” the man meant, but now he was close enough to see there definitely was something wrong with his face, and that he was naked. “Have we met before?” He couldn’t shake the feeling he’d seen him before, but at the same time realized it was stupid, he would have remembered seeing someone like him, the horns made him quite memorable.

The man? Circled him and ignored his question. “You can see through illusions, you are going to be such an asset.” He ran a hand along Desmond’s chest.

Desmond remembered that touch, and he didn’t like it. He grabbed the ‘thing’s’ wrist and pulled it off his chest “Don’t touch me.” He told him, not letting go of him. “Who are you and why do I know you.”

“Let go of me,” the thing told him.

“Not until you give me answer,” Desmond replied, tightening his hold as the thing tried to pull away.

“I told you to let me go!”

“You’re wasting your breath.”

The thing’s eyes went wide in realization. “You’re not obeying me.”

“Why the hell should I be obeying you?” Desmond asked getting annoyed with this game.

“I woke you, by doing that I should have power over you.”

As the words washed over him a window opened in Desmond’s memory. “The truck stop, you did something to me. I mean you fucked me, but you also did something else to me. What?”

The thing had calmed down and was looking at him with appreciation. “Could you let go of me?” It asked.

“Why should I?”

“I’m not going to run, I’m not going to do anything to you, I’m going to answer all your questions, and you’re kind of hurting my wrist.”

Desmond considered it for a moment and then released him.

“You father must be really powerful for you to have been able to resist my command.” He said, rubbing his wrist as he sat down.

“What does my dad have to do with this? He’s just an accountant. Do you have a name?”

“Robust will do as a name, and I didn’t mean the human. I’m talking about your demon father.”

Desmond hadn’t figured out how he’d managed to remain calm through all this, or why it was this bit of news that did it, but he sat down as he felt his legs weaken. “What are you talking about, demons aren’t real.”

Robust gave a hearty chuckle “was that blowjob you gave me imaginary?”

Desmond winced at the memory, as enjoyable as part of it had been it literally left a bitter taste in his mouth. “Why me then?”

“’cause your mother happened to handy when your father wanted to fuck?”


“Look, you got to forget what Angels say, there is no great scheme, no destiny, thing happen ‘cause they happen.”

“Why did you do what you did to me then?” Desmond asked, still trying to wrap his mind around all of this, and wondering why he wasn’t actually freaking out.

“I wanted you as a soldier.” Robust answered simply.

Desmond frowned, “why?”

“There’s a war coming, I’m going to be ready for it.”

“What? When?” Desmond stood, that had shaken him.

“I don’t know for sure, soon I think, a millennia or two at he most.”

Desmond sighed in relief. “I though you mean a lot sooner than that.” Now that he was calm again he though things through, “you know you’re not getting me as a soldier.”

Robust nodded, “I figured as much when I couldn’t control you.”

“You don’t seem too bothered by that.”

The demon shrugged, “Win some, lose some. I have more important thing to worry about than one half blood I can’t control.”

Desmond sat down again, “so what happens to me now?”

“What’d you mean?”

“You just told me I was part demon, so what should I be expecting, fire and brimstone?”

Robust smiled. “No. I definitely don’t think you’re the fire and brimstone kind. The reason half breeds are sought after is that your humanity shapes your demon side far more than the demon does your humanity.” He nodded in the direction of the trucks, “what you’ll be able to do will be dictated by who you are at your core.”

Desmond looked behind him to see his truck rocking back and forth and he realized what Robust meant. “I did that to them?”

The demon nodded, “Probably with a touch. Very few half breed can affect others at a distance. You can undo it if you feel guilty about it, you can turn them back to who they were and make them forget everything you showed them tonight.”

Desmond though about it and then shook his head. “It was an accident, but I think they found something deeper because of it. It wouldn’t be fair to take that away from them.”

Robust smiled, “That’s your humanity speaking, a demon wouldn’t care, he’d do what ever benefited him.” He stood and presented his hand to Desmond. “I think I’ve answered all your questions, so I’ll get going. I have plans to make.”

Desmond felt strangely grateful as he shook the demon’s hand “am I going to see you again?”

“Doubtful, I don’t keep track of errand half breeds, but let me warn you, there are other demons out there, and they will try to conscript you, both because of what you are and how powerful you are. Don’t let them force you and don’t be afraid to kill them if it’s needed.”

Desmond raised an eyebrow “And you care because?”

“Because in time you might change your mind and join my army.” Robust replied with an honest smile, before his form turned to ash and crumbled, to be carried away by the wind.

Desmond walked back to the gently rocking truck, trying to decide how he felt about what he’d learn. He didn’t feel any different, even knowing he could turn guys gay, he didn’t feel a need to do so. By the time he opened the door he decided that in the end, he hadn’t really changed. And that he was ok with being half demon.

He was hard before the door was closed, the smell of sex permeated the truck. Martin was on his back, Jason between his legs slowly fucking him.

“Come fuck me,” Jason told Desmond without looking up from his lover’s face.

Desmond didn’t need more prompting. He was out of his clothes with his cock lubed and pressed between the teen’s cheeks before either realized it. He had Jason remain still, buried deep inside Martin as he slowly pushed himself in. He took it slow, Jason wasn’t the bottom Martin was, and on top of that a virgin, but during the entire time it took him to enter him completely both the teens were moaning.

He waited a few second before proceeding to slowly fuck Jason’s tight ass. he provided the rhythm to which they had sex, as he pulled out of Jason he would pull out of Martin and then he would push him back inside. The hour he spent having sex with his kids didn’t register as kinky to Desmond; it was just about love and pleasure.

When they were done they spooned together again and slept the rest of the night peacefully.

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