Part 6

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Desmond walked into the dealership and surveyed the people there; three customers, and twice that number of salesmen. Those who weren’t busy looked at him and one of the older men walked in his direction. Desmond ignored him, walking past to go to one of the partitioned desk; when the young man there had looked over it and seen him Desmond had ‘felt’ something.

“Hi,” Desmond said, leaning on the wall, “any chance you can help me?”

The man fumbled his pen in surprise and looked up, “uh, hi, well, I’m not, I mean.” He stopped talking and took a deep breath, and extended a hand, “Hi, I’m Robert, and I’ll be happy to help you.”

Even before their hands touched Desmond realized what it was that he was feeling; Robert was being turned on by him. When they shook hands there was no denying the heat coming off him. Desmond smiles, if he could pick out those who were attracted to him it could be fun. “Hi, I’m Desmond.”

Robert stepped out from his cubicle and walked by the older man, who glared at him, “Since you’re here I’ll take it you’re in the market for a new car, anything specific?”

Desmond shrugged as he looked at the cars. “I hadn’t really thought about it. I just want to get rid of my old pickup.”

Robert nodded, “alright, then what are you planning on doing with the car?”

Desmond looked through the window of the car nearest to him; leather interior electronic display, electric mirror, lock and sun roof; it looked very nice. “Mostly city driving, some highway, I live about an hour out.”

“In the mountain?”


“How about family?”

Desmond chuckles, “I have my two kids.”

“How old are they?


Robert chuckled, “and how important are appearances to them?”

Desmond went to say something and then stopped, thinking back on the month since Martin and Jason had moved in with him; how Martin could go over everything he had, twice, looking for the perfect match in clothing, and how Jason would take an hour in the bathroom making sure he was presentable. “Alright,” he admitted, “it’s important to them, but this car’s for me, not them, so while I’d like to get something comfortable an which looks nice,” he tapped the price listed on the window, “there’s no way I’m paying that for it.”

“I can understand that,” Robert hesitated a moment and then place an arm over Desmond’s shoulders, “and to tell you the truth this car isn’t worth the money. Now, I have the car I’m pretty sure you’ll like,” he guided him to a more modest car, “now this is going to be the car for you; four doors, plenty of space in the back seat for your kids or their stuff. The trunk can easily hold what ever sports gear they are involved in. Simulated leather seats, the display come in either classic or electronic for he same price. It comes with ABS brakes, and traction control. You can get a four or six cylinder engine; I’d recommend the six cylinder since you’re in the mountains, more power especially when it’s fully loaded. The basic model is manual, comes with AC and a cd/mp3 player, the power package adds power locks, mirror and windows. You can get the luxury edition and get the sun roof, multi changer cd player full surround sound, but I get the feeling that isn’t for you. What do you think?”

“I think you memorized the speech pretty well,” Desmond said with a smile as he looked inside the car, it was indeed pretty nice. “You’re right, I don’t want a sunroof, I’d hate for a trucker to look down through it and see what I’m doing,” looked at Robert with wicked smile, making him blush. “If I take this model can I get the seat with fabric instead?”

“Certainly,” Robert said once he’d regained his composure.

“And does it come in black? Red really isn’t my colour.”

“Yes, that won’t be a problem.”

Desmond stood, “I’ve got to say I’m interested,” he said, having already made up his mind, “any chance I can take it out for a test drive?”

“Of course, we have one outside, just follow me.” Robert took a set of keys and a license plate and led him through the lot. He hung the plate out the truck on a forest green model and handed Desmond the keys, “Unfortunately the luxury model is the one we have available for test drive,” he said as he sat in it.

Desmond sat down and started it, adjusting the seat and mirrors. He looked up and opened the sunroof. “I guess that means I’m going to have to be careful what I do in here,” he said, smiling at Robert and patting his leg.

They left the lot and drove around the block while Robert commented on the car’s safety rating and fuel economy. “And with the luxury model,” he continued, “you can have it memorize your settings so that if someone else drives it, let’s say your eighteen year old, you don’t have to spend time resetting everything, one button and everything’s back the way you like it.”

Desmond smiled at him, “if you’re trying to convince me you’re doing a great job. How long do I have for the drive? I’d like to see what it’s like on the highway.”

Robert laughed, “tell you want, you promise me you’ll buy a car from me and you can take the whole day if you want.”

Desmond started following the signs heading to the interstate. “This sale means that much to you?”

Robert nodded, “I’m pretty new, so normally I only get a customer if everyone else’s busy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone just walk past the older reps to come to the desks.”

“That old guy? He wasn’t my type; I could tell you’d be much more interesting to drive around with.” He merged on the highway, heading north, “and you’re much better looking than he is.”

As Robert blushed Desmond sped up and quickly reached the speed limit. He passed cars and Robert went through the specs and the safety awards the cars had won. Thirty minutes later they were off the interstates and driving up a small dirt road, coming to a stop in a quiet clearing.

Desmond turned it off and got out, stretching. “It handles pretty well.”

“Yeah,” Robert said as he closed the door and stretched too, “I wouldn’t take it completely off road, but it’ll handle pretty much anything the road throws at it.” He looked around, “this is pretty nice, peaceful too.”

Desmond moved behind him and nuzzled the back of his neck, “and secluded.” Robert jumped and turned around looking at him his eyes wide. Desmond leaned back against the car and chuckled, “not interested?”

Robert stammered incoherently for a few seconds before being able to say, “I, I wasn’t expecting this,”

Desmond laughed, “are you telling me that the guy back there don’t go on about all the girls they’ve nailed? That this isn’t one of the best perks of your job?”

“Yeah, they do,” He answered, turning red, “but I didn’t think, I mean what are the odd that I’d get a hot guy for a customer and that he’d be interested in me?”

“Considering where we are right now, I’d say they’re pretty good.”

Robert’s eyes were even wider, “you’re serious?” Desmond nodded, “here, now? What if someone drives up?”

“This place’s pretty much off the beaten path, we won’t be disturbed. So did you want to take advantage of this perk, or should I drive us back to the dealership so I can buy my car?”

Robert only took a second to get over his surprise, then he was taking off his tie and kissing Desmond, taking off his jacket and throwing it on top of the car. They rubbed each other’s chests, Robert’s hands slipping under Desmond’s Tee while Desmond did his best not to just rip the other man’s shirt open. He didn’t take long for the shirts to join the jacket and for Desmond to get Robert to suck on his nipples.

Desmond ran his finger through the man’s dirty blond hair, encouraging him to suck harder. He’d realized within a few days of returning home that his entire body had become more sexualized, areas, like his nipples, which had felt nice before now felt wonderful. He pulled him back up for another deep kiss, turning so Robert was now the one leaning against the car.

While they were kissing Desmond undid the man’s pants and pushed them down, pressing a hand against his hard cock through his underwear and squeezed. Robert gasped and Desmond moved back so he could watch him getting out of his pants. Robert slowly pulled them down; looking around as the cool wind reminded him he was outside.

Seeing his hesitation Desmond kicked off his shoes and got out of his jean; he didn’t have to worry about underwear since he’d been free balling since he was twenty. He stood and Robert looked at him slack jaw. Desmond couldn’t tell if it was because of he dared to bare it all, or he was impressed with his body. He’d started working out and had lost some of his belly fat while gaining muscle definition. And then there was his eight inch cock, at attention and leaking.

Robert picked up his jaw and dropped his underwear, standing there, slightly self conscious. Desmond watched him; his uncut six incher hard and glistening. He took a step forward and Robert tentatively reached out and grabbed his cock. Desmond shuddered at the sensation as a small jet of precum jumped from his cock, it was much stronger than it had been a month ago, fortunately his self control had also increased; otherwise he would be a hair trigger.

He stroked Robert’s cock for a moment before getting him to turn around and bend over the hood of the car. Desmond kneeled behind him, spread his cheeks and plunged in, licking his ass hole with abandon. Robert writhed at the attention, slowly stoking his cock. Desmond liked rimming guys, not only did he like how they reacted, but it allowed him to lube them up. With that and the way he precumed now he didn’t have to carry lube to fuck guys.

He pushed his tongue as deep as he could and then stood, rubbing his cock in the crack, making it slicker with each thrust, until he could effortlessly slip in deeper and press against Robert’s ring.

Robert was already panting from the tongue action and now he gasped as Desmond pressed in slightly, taking it slow, pulling out and then in only a little deeper, so his could spread his precum all over his inside. It still wasn’t too long that he was completely buried inside his ass, also panting.

He took a moment to rest and then reached in front and took Robert’s cock away from him. He pulled back slowly, savoring Robert’s tight ass and then pushed back in. While he thrust in and out and stroked Robert’s shaft, using the foreskin since he didn’t have lube.

Robert was rather vocal, moaning loudly and something even screaming loud enough to scare the birds. Desmond for his part was quieter, a habit from his teenage years living in a home with paper thin walls, as he picked up speed, plowing the ass with less tenderness.

He felt Robert reaching the edge of his orgasm and pulled him up, forcing his cock deeper inside the man’s ass, making him moan and his cock jump as he came all over the hood of the car.

Desmond gave him some time to get his breath back and then took hold of his hips. He was gentle at first, moving in and out of Robert’s ass at a good speed, but without too much strength. Desmond’s head was in the air, mouth open in pure bliss as the intensity built inside him. When he looked down at Robert’s back again there was a fierceness in his eyes that might have scared his partner if he could have seen them and began fucking the man with enough ferocity that he had to put his hands on he hood to hold on.

Robert was moaning again, but Desmond wasn’t hearing him; all he could hear was the blood pumping through his body and the call of his orgasm demanding he empty his ball inside the delicious ass wrapped around his cock. He didn’t take long to answer, pushing himself deep enough that Robert winced, and then he was flooding him with a series of grunts.

When his cock stopped jerking inside Robert and he could breath again Desmond rested his head on the man’s back. “Sorry about that, you ok?” he asked finally.

Robert chuckled, “what are you apologizing for? I think that was the most intense sex I’ve ever had.” Desmond carefully pulls out and then leaned back against the car. Robert didn’t move, his legs were still wobbly. Robert looked at him, “if you promise we can meet again and that you’re going to fuck me this hard, I’m going to fucking give you a car.”

Desmond laughed, “I’m not going to make that promise, and I’m going to pay for my car thank you very much.

* * * * *

Two week later Desmond drove the car home, driving up the dirt road, past the spot where he and Robert had had sex and into his driveway. Robert had knocked off fifteen hundred dollars and added a bunch of stuff Desmond had expressed an interest in, but decided he couldn’t afford, like the CD player with six CD changer.

Martin was the first one to notice him and came running out the door; Jason wasn’t far behind him. Where Martin was ecstatic, Jason was a little more cautious.

“Can you really afford it dad? You’re not working anymore.”

Desmond warmed up inside at hearing Jason call him dad, it was something he’d started doing on his own, Martin only called him Des, but he didn’t doubt that both loved him equally. He kissed the top of his head. “Don’t worry about it; I still have plenty in the bank. I never had to pay a mortgage, or even rent. With being on the road all the time the money went directly in the bank. Even with both your college tuition it’ll be a while before I have to worry about money.” He lifted Jason’s head and kissed him passionately. One of the things he’d realized he liked about where he lived was that the house was surrounded by acres of uninhabited land, so he had complete privacy so do things like this.

He broke the kiss to find Martin close by, looking expectant. He pulled him close and kissed him too. “So,” he said when he released him, “how do the two of you feel about going for a ride?”

“Can I drive?” Martin asked.

“Hell no!” Desmond answered laughing

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