Part 7

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“Hey Kids, I’m home,” Desmond said loudly as he closed the door. He’d spent the morning in the city looking at job prospects. He didn’t need to get work just yet, but with Martin and Jason’s application to the local college almost processed he wasn’t sure he wanted to spend his days alone in the house.

He frowned when neither of them materialized; normally it didn’t take long for at least one of them to come greet him when he got home. He walked down the hallway and looked into the kitchen; there they were, sitting at the breakfast table. Jason looked up at him, and then back down. The motion didn’t take long, but it was enough for Desmond to see he had been crying. Martin simply looked at him with worry.

“What’s wrong?” he asked joining them at he table.

Martin pulled Jason into a hug, “I’ll tell him,” he said softly.

“No,” Jason replied, “I will.” He looked up at Desmond and dried his eyes, “I can’t go to college.”

“What? Why?” he asked in surprise. He’d spoken with the administration, gotten all the forms needed filled, they’d assured him both of them would be accepted for the fall semester.

“I lied to you,” Jason said, closing his eyes and flinching away from Desmond, who simply sat there, uncertain what to make of the reaction. After a few second Jason opened his eyes and visibly relaxed.

“I told you he wouldn’t do anything.” Martin admonished.

Desmond looked from one to the other trying to understand what the exchanged was about, not getting it he decided to start with Jason’s admission. “What did you lie about?”

“I’m seventeen,” He said softly.

Desmond nodded, “ok, I’d figured as much; and that has something to do with your college admission?”

Jason nodded, “because of my age I have to get one of my parents to sign the form.”

“Ok, then we’ll just ask your folks to sign it.”

Jason shook his head, “he’ll never sign it.”

“Why not?”

“I ran away from home,” he admitted with shame.

“We ran away,” Martin said placing a hand over Jason’s.

Jason snorted, “yeah, like *you* can’t go home if you want to.”

Desmond again looked from Martin to Jason, “alright, how about one of you explain what’s going on? Why did you run away?”

Jason didn’t say anything so Martin looked at Desmond. “Jason’s dad’s a drunk. He used to beat his mom. When she died a few years ago he started drinking even more and he began hitting Jason. After the last beating I convinced him we should run off before his dad killed him. We hiked to the truck stop, and you picked us up.”

Desmond’s blood started boiling as he listened; someone had hurt Jason, HIS Jason. The first though that crossed his mind was that he was going to find that son of a bitch and dismember him, but as pleasing as that image was he pushed it aside, he had to think about Jason, not his desire for revenge.

“Is it true?” Desmond asked softly, Jason nodded. “did anyone know about it?” Jason shrugged.

“The hospital had to at least suspect,” Martin said, “considering how often Jason ended up there in the last two years.”

Desmond nodded and went next to Jason, crouching, “Do you want to go to college?” he asked him and Jason nodded. “ok, then we’re going to go see your father and get him to sign the application.”

“No!” Jason exclaimed, “you can’t. If we go there he’ll . . .”

Desmond silenced him with a finger. “He’s not going to do anything, to you, Martin or me. I won’t let him alright? No one hurts one of my kids when I’m around.”

Jason looked uncertain for a moment and then wrapped his arms around Desmond’s neck. “Thanks dad,” he whispered. Desmond kissed his forehead and sent him to his room to pack.

“How about your folks? How are they going to react when we show up?” he asked Martin when Jason was out of earshot.

Martin shrugged, “they know where I am, I called my dad a few days after we got here, and I’ve been emailing him regularly. He promised not to tell Jason’s father where we were.”

“Does he know about Jason being abused?”

“Probably, otherwise he would have put up a fuss.”

“Ok, then call him and see if you can get him to find other who can corroborate what’s been done to him. It might give us an edge in getting his father to agree to at least signing the application.”

He left Martin to make the call and went to check on Jason, who he found sitting on his bed, shaking. He sat next to him and put an arm over his shoulders, pulling him close. “It’s going to be ok, you’ll see.”

“I know, but every time I think about being in the same room as him. . . .” He lifted his shaking hand as a demonstration.

“I promise, you won’t be alone with him at any time. I’ll be there, so will Martin.” He tightened his embrace, “now, finish packing and we’ll get going.”

* * * * *

Within the hour they were on the road. Desmond didn’t hurry; Martin had told his father it would be a couple of days before they arrived, so he decided to treat this as a family outing. He stopped at a road side restaurant for food and they ate it an hour later on the side of the road, Jason giving both of them a quick blowjob before they went back in the car.

That evening they parked at a small rest area to eat dinner, and afterward Martin got to experience rest area sex, with first Jason fucking him while Desmond kept watch, and then switching places; Martin was always an eager bottom. After that he found a small motel where they spent the night holding Jason. As soon as he’d calmed down he remembered where he was heading and he started shaking again. They slept with Jason held tightly between them.

The next day Jason was a ball of energy. He woke Desmond up by slowly fucking him, the motion woke Martin so he moved to the other side and lied down so he and Desmond could suck each other off.

Once the three of them were sated and showered they grabbed a quick breakfast and went back on the road. Desmond was happy that he’s decided to wear loose shorts and get the windows tinted. Not long after the car was moving Martin managed to get Jason out of his pants, not so difficult a feat, and then found a way to straddle his hip so he could bounce on his cock, which did lead to his head hitting the roof of the car a couple of times, but he didn’t complain. Desmond had his cock out the pants leg and was stroking it the whole time.

Lunch consisted of a fuck sandwich, with Martin on the bottom as usual, Jason on top of him and Desmond on top of both. They used the car as a makeshift screen between them and the road, and they weren’t disturbed; not that any of them had cared if someone would have showed up at the point.

The afternoon drive was a little more peaceful, Jason sitting in the passenger seat; bend over the stick shift sucking Desmond off while Martin jerked off in the back seat. The evening at a motel was spent pleasuring Jason until he fell asleep.

They woke up the next morning and squeezed in the shower to have sex under the falling water, Desmond fucking Martin while being fucked by Jason. That session seemed to exhaust their sexual energy; the rest of the driving was spent in pleasant relaxation, and with clothes remaining on. Or maybe it was simply that they were nervous at the knowledge they were getting close.

It was almost noon when they entered Jason’s home town.

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