Part 9

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Desmond walked up to the old brick building. It was past midnight so he didn’t pay attention to the fabrics being displayed in the store’s large window, or its door, with the artistically written ‘closed’ sign on it. Instead he went to the nondescript door on the opposite side of the window, with an old faded sign over it saying ‘Terryl’s Bent’.

Behind the door was a set of stairs heading straight up, unlike a lot of bars there weren’t any posters on the walls. Terryl’s bar wasn’t a place for loud music or for bands to be discovered. It was a place for a guy to grab a beer and enjoy the company of like minded guys. In fact it was only recently that Desmond had managed to convince him to let him have a special party after closing time.

The stairs led to another door, which was open. It always was, except for the rare occasion where the bar had already reached capacity. As he climbed them he could hear the sound of conversation and soft music.

He hugged the man on the other side of the door. Bill was the bouncer. He was there, well, because he was Terryl’s friend. Bill was big and strong, a really nice guy, but not all that smart. He’d tried doing warehouse work, but the employers always ended up taking advantage of his good nature, so Terryl paid him to sit by the door and give second thought to anyone who’d come here to cause trouble.

Desmond also suspected the two were lovers. He hadn’t asked, but he’d caught Terryl looking at Bill when he thought no one was paying attention to him. He wasn’t going to ask; both of them were really good in bed, and Bill was *hung*, that was more than enough for him.

The bar took about half the floor space over the store, the other half was Terryl’s apartment. He strongly suspected Terryl owned the whole building, but Desmond hadn’t been able to get him to admit to it. The space was simple, the counter took the entire far wall, the one dividing the building in two. All the stools were occupied. The other three walls were linned with a banquette and twenty tables lined it, most of which were also occupied. Terryl had more tables and chairs in the back if he needed them, but at the moment half a dozen guys were using the center of the room as a dance floor, dancing to a ballad Desmond didn’t recognize coming from the jukebox.

The jukebox was an antique from sometime in the late fifties. It had been restored by one of Terryl’s friends, who still did the maintenance on it, but it hadn’t been upgraded. It still used vinyl records, out of Terryl’s collection, not CDs.

Desmond waved to the guys he knew as he crossed to room toward the bar, noting two newcomers sitting at a corner table. They sat close to each other, but were still and didn’t touch; definitely straight. He could guess why they were here.

Desmond got Terryl’s attention with a wave as he found an open space at the counter. The stools weren’t bolted so they tended to get clustered. Terryl wiped his hands with the towel he always had with him and then put the towel over his shoulder, extending a hand when he got within Desmond’s reach. Desmond took the hand and pulled him close, placing his other hand behind the man’s head and holding him so they could kiss passionately.

“You’re feeling good,” Terryl said. The man was in his mid forties, his brown hair was starting to get some gray in it and his belly was slowly increasing.

“Always am, you know that.” Desmond replied, “I’ll have what ever you have on tap.”

Terryl filled a glass and handed it to him, “How are your kids doing?”

“They’re good,” he answered as he paid, “they’re settling into their classes pretty well. Jason’s already thinking about University.”

“Good, how about you? Found a job yet?”

“Yeah, I’m going to be doing city deliveries starting Monday.”

“No more over the road?”

Desmond took a long swallow, “no. My old boss pretty much screwed my chances of that happening and anyway, with Jason and Martin in my life now I don’t really want to be away for weeks at a time.”

Terryl grinned, “I take you’re here to celebrate then.”

“Yep,” Desmond answered before drinking half his beer.

Terryl lost his smile, “you’re going to want to be careful in setting it up, we have two cops here tonight.”

Desmond didn’t turn around, “the two stiffs? Yeah, I saw them. What’s their story?”

“They’ve been coming for about a week now. I think someone’s been talking about the party you threw and they’re hoping to make a few arrests. They nurse a couple of beers through the night and are the last ones to leave. They’re so straight it would be funny, if they couldn’t shut me down.”

Desmond raised an eyebrow, “you think they’re straight?”

“Don’t you?”

Desmond shook his head, “no. I can’t imagine any straight cops volunteering to go under cover in a gay bar. My guess is that they’re just not comfortable showing it yet; separating their badge from their private life.”

Terryl took a good look at Desmond, “my gaydar might not be a hundred percent accurate, but I can spot a straight guy in a gay crowd. I’m telling you they’re straight.”

Desmond gave him a confident smile, “I guess we’re going to find out when I go talk with them, Won’t we? In the mean time, let the regulars know I’ll be hosting a party tonight.”

“What about them?” Terryl asked.

“Oh, they’ll be enjoying the party too,” Desmond replied with confidence.

“I still say they’re straight,” was Terryl’s final comment before heading to serve another patron.

They won’t be by the time I’m done with them, Desmond thought to himself as he turned and leaned back against the bar, discreetly watching them.

Every time someone he knew walked by he would pull them in a hug, they would talk for a few moments and he’s ask them to sit at one of the empty tables, and within half an hour every seat in the room was taken, even the two chairs at the cops table had been borrowed. The only space left was on each side of them. Now all he had to do was wait for one of them to vacate their seat and he’d be able to move in.

It only took fifteen minutes before the shorter one of the two went to the bathroom. Desmond was moving to their table even before the door had closed.

“You mind if I seat with you?” he asked indicating the empty spot with his half full glass. “I’m tired of standing and there isn’t any place else.”

“Well,” the man stammered, “I don’t know.”

“I’m sure you boyfriend won’t mind,” he said offering his hand, “name’s Desmond by the way.”

The man hesitated a moment before taking it, “I’m David.”

As soon as their hands touched Desmond was making changes in David’s personality, nothing major, he made him a little more trusting, comfortable, interested in sexual pleasures, and of course attracted to men. He didn’t make the attraction overpowering, and he didn’t cancel whatever attraction to women he might have. He didn’t want the changes to be so obvious they would get him in trouble with his superior, but he gave him a distinct interest in his partner. It didn’t even take him a second to make the changes, and David didn’t even realize he’d done anything. Since accidentally making Martin and Jason gay, Desmond had had months of practice.

“It’s nice to meet you David,” he said as he sat close to him, “what do you do for a living?”

David didn’t react to the closeness; he was completely at ease with it. “I’m a stock broker for the Willem firm.”

Desmond didn’t force him to break his cover; he didn’t want those two replaced any time soon. “Is the money there as good as the story we hear?”

David chuckled, “depends how good you are. I make a decent living. What about you?”

“Truck driving.”

David looked at him again, looked him over with a new appreciation, even licking his lips. “You don’t look like the stereotypical trucker. You do the highway?”

“Had to work to get rid of this,” Desmond answered patting his belly, “I do city driving now so I can look after my kids.”

“You have kids?” David asked eyes wide in surprise.

Desmond nodded, “two sons.”

David started to ask something but he was interrupted by someone clearing his throat loudly. David looked at who it was, a mechanical smile on his face, which warmed up considerable when he saw it was his partner. “Mike,” he said with warmth.

“Dave,” Mike replied in a slightly disinterested tone.

Desmond was amused at Mike’s reaction, he could tell they weren’t used to actually interacting with anyone here because Mike took a moment to formulate his reaction.

Desmond pretended not to notice, as he bumped his hip against David’s. “Move over,” he said playfully, “lets give your boyfriend room to sit next to me.” From the corner of his eye he saw Mike open his mouth, probably as a reflex protest, and then close it.

When Desmond looked back to Mike and patted the space next to him Mike actually had a slightly warm smile on his face.

“Who’s your friend?” Mike asked.

David beamed, “Mike, this is Desmond, Desmond, Mike.”

Mike extended his hand to Desmond, “pleasure to meet you.”

Desmond shook his hand firmly, and gave him the same treatment as David, “likewise.” He then pulled him around the table, “now come sit down, no need to be strangers here.”

Mike sat down and Desmond placed an arm around his shoulders, and the other one around David’s, pulling them both close. At first neither seemed sure how to react, but then the simply leaned in against Desmond and they talked. Desmond almost rolled his eyes when Mike said he was a real estate agent. Two successful gay men living together, who ever had come up with their covers really lacked imagination; at least there weren’t interior decorators, there were already too many of those on TV. He and David had been together for two years, but only now were starting to have time to go out.

Desmond regaled them with stories from the road, mostly true, unless sex was involved, those he had to make up. While he talked he would put a hand on a thigh, the first time he did it he got a shocked reaction, but it didn’t last long.

Terryl announced the last call, and the bar slowly lost almost two thirds of its occupants. Desmond didn’t have any problem convincing his new friends to stay so they could enjoy the after hour party.

When Bill locked the doors Desmond stood, bringing David and Mike to the unofficial dance floor. At this point everyone knew about the two cops, and no one wanted to start anything for fear of getting arrested. Desmond pointed to the jukebox and Terryl had it play something slow.

Desmond got the two of them to hold each other and dance. They were stiff and uncomfortable, trying to keep some distance between their bodies, even though their faces were starting to show signs of desire.

Desmond moved behind David, reached between his arms and grabbed Mike, pulling him tight. They resisted for a moment, but then gave in and the three of them moved to the music.

“It feels nice, doesn’t it?” he said in David’s ear, but loud enough that Mike could hear it too, “to hold him tightly against you.”

David nodded and Mike looked up at him.

“Have you two kissed before?”

“No,” Mike said, slightly breathless. No thought was given to their cover stories.

“Why don’t you do it now?”

David hesitated for a moment and then bent down to press his lips against Mike’s. At first it was timid, but then Mike took hold of David’s head and the kiss became sizzling. When they broke it they were panting. They continued dancing and kissing; and others joined them on the dance floor.

Desmond’s hands started roaming on David’s chest, and not to be outdone Mike joined in, which lead to David rubbing Mike in return. He let them explore their own chests and moved his hands lower, rubbing first David and then Mike’s crotch; both were hard, and both gasped at the touch and looked down.

“Have you ever seen it Mike?” Desmond asked as he went back to slowly rubbing up and down the front of David’s pants. Mike slowly shook his head. “Do you want to?”

Mike gulped and looked at David, who was leaning back against Desmond; his eyes closed obviously enjoying the treatment, the three of them still moving to the music.

“Y, yes,” Mike finally said.

Desmond slowly pulled the zipper down and inserted a hand in, searching for the opening in his underwear. When he found it he guided David’s cock out. He looked down at it as he stroked it. It was around six inches, uncut, the foreskin hugged the head as he pulled it down and then up. “What do you think?” he asked Mike as David let escaped a moan.

“It’s perfect,” Mike replied softly, a trembling hand reaching for it. Desmond released it to him and went back to rubbing David’s chest, watching Mike as he pumped the cock, tentatively at first, and then with more confidence.

Desmond let him do that for a few moments and then asked, “have you tasted it before?”

Mike looked up at him, worry and a bit of fear in his eyes, “no.”

“You should,” Desmond told him, “lovers should know what the other tastes like.”

Mike was about to protest, but David looked at him, “please,” he whispered.

Mike looked into David’s eyes, and then caressed his cheek before going down on his knees.

Desmond watched him smell the cock and then taste the precum, before tentatively wrapping his lips around the head. David gave a gasp of pleasure and then started encouraging Mike to take more, until he had swallowed it all. After that he moved up and down on the cock without being prompted.

Desmond smiled and undid David’s belt and then the button, which was the only thing preventing the pants from falling to the ground. He went on his knees and lowered his briefs, exposing a firm ass. He massaged it for a moment before pulling the cheeks apart and burying his face in the crack, licking the ring of muscle there.

It wasn’t long after that David started thrusting in Mike’s face, exclaiming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” And the next one dissolved in a guttural groan as he fed him his cum.

Desmond stood and watched as David was still holding Mike’s head buried in his crotch. The policeman’s orgasm announced the official start of the party and everyone got out of their clothes. Even if they were still interested in performing arrests, they were now willing participants. And if it became needed the security tapes of the evening would still be available for as long as they had doubts they could be trusted.

Desmond smiled as he looked at Terryl, lying on the bar with Bill sucking him off. Bill’s cock was semi hard and already fourteen inches long. Desmond was one of the few who wasn’t intimidated by it, and he would get to it later in the evening if no one else had, but for now he still had work to do.

He helped Mike up and removed his pants while he was still dazed. His cock was around seven inches, cut and thin; it would be perfect for David’s first time. He moved Mike behind David. Desmond slathered plenty of his spit on the cock and then placed it between David’s cheeks. The sensation brought Mike back to reality and without even realizing it he was moving his shaft along the crack, and David soon responded by pushing back.

Desmond moved to face David and kissed him deeply, muffling his scream as Mike entered him. Desmond made sure the pain was only in passing and that the pleasure intense.

After the night, Mike and David were regulars at Terry’s bar, and Desmond’s parties.

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