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Destiny of Time

Chapter 2 Dreaming in Riddles

"Hi," Caleb croaked groggily. His eyes locked on Demitris' face searching for answers; answers he couldn't readily find. Slowly the odd dream slipped from his memory. He peered around the small sparsely decorated hotel room, a worried look spread across his brow. "Where am I?" he asked in a daze as he glanced down his nearly naked body. It was then he noticed the leather straps binding him to the bed.

Instantly his muscles tensed against the restraints and his heartbeat increased with a surge of adrenaline. Demitri watched as the boy writhed on the bed and struggled against the straps momentarily before he gave up in frustration. Caleb's' head came to rest on the pillow facing away from his captor. His chest rose and fell steadily as he breathed heavily from the exertion.

He remained silent for what seemed, to Demitri, an eternity. The boy was being silent and he knew that the fear was rapidly morphing into sheer anger. As Caleb lay bound, bits and pieces of the previous day or days -- he couldn't tell how long he had been out -- ran through his mind. The image of a needle flashed through his mind, followed by the thud of the hard ground. Then he was surrounded by weightlessness before everything went black. After that he remembered a door and finally the sensation of cold rain as he leaned against a warm object. Or was it holding him up? He couldn't remember and the broken images offered no answer.

The odd dream he had awoken from sped through his mind followed by the odd feeling that it was, perhaps, no dream. Caleb squeezed his eyes shut, willing away the experience. The images faded slowly and the smiling face of his brother replaced them. His breathing rapidly increased and he became aware of his failed suicide attempt. His face darkened with the painful memory of the cemetery.

Finally, when Demitri thought he could take no more, Caleb's head snapped around and he threw a hateful shot at him. His muted green eyes were alive with fire, his jaw locked in a tight grimace. Demitri sat there feeling the eyes burn through his being. He had tampered with the boys' plans, the look made that evident. He slowly slumped further into his seat with a remorseful look, but the boy's green eyes held him. He tried shifting his body away from the glare but he still felt the eyes boring down on him.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?!" Caleb spat venomously at Demitri as his clenched hands fought against the bindings. "Who asked you to do what you did? Why didn't you just leave me there?," he continued in rapid succession as his face contorted and his voice became a pleading cry of rage.Tears of frustration streamed down Caleb's face as he fought against the memory of his brother, his idol. "Why did you steal him from me again?" He sobbed, control over his emotions broken. "Damn you," his body shook with the powerful tears and he spoke in a hoarse cry. "I wanted to die, I-I wanted to be with my brother." Caleb whispered, no longer able to scream.

Demitri watched the boy's rage through a river of agony filled tears. He remembered his own conflict in saving the teen. The stern voice that had said `leave him go.' But he had ignored it, refusing to let something so perfect slip the bonds of earth. Demitri had seen many days and with each one the loss of such perfection. He had been witness to its slow extinction and wouldn't let another piece go.

"I'm sorry," he whispered as he moved to the bed. His hands' shaking as they pried the twisted knots of the bindings that held Caleb prone. As soon as the teen was free he curled up into a tight ball on the bed as he continued to weep. Demitri watched remorsefully for a few minutes before he joined the agonizing teen on the bed. He wrapped his arms around the boy and held him tight as Caleb cried himself to sleep.

As he slipped off into the dark void again Demitri spoke softly to him as he slowly rocked his body to and fro.

"Put to rest, the troubles of the past." He said as his own tears dried "Ahead of you lays the long, winding road of the future and through everything I will be there. No matter what." His words elicited a soft grunt of acceptance from the now placid boy. He only feared the torment that raged under the peaceful exterior. Demitri slowly let his eyes close, relaxing in the rhythm of Caleb's breathing. Soon he too was lost to the blank void of sleep, but it wouldn't be long before his own tormentor rose to destroy the peace.

The sun shone brightly as the two old, battered bikes made their way down the serene suburban streets. Kids could be heard off in distance laughing and having fun. A portly old woman stood watering the grass in her yard and offered a friendly wave to the pair of bikes as they rode by. Other than that the heat seemed to have run everyone indoors to the comfort and mechanical hum of air-conditioning. Sweat gleamed on the broad backs of the two teenage boys as they made their way through the muggy delta air.

"Damn this sucks!" One of them shouted ditching the bike and wiping his brow with his shirt. "Why did mom have to take the truck?" he continued as he shoved the worn white shirt back in his rear pocket as his face gazed high at the burnt blue sky.

"Relax Cale, It's a beautiful day!" Seith said as he rode up and slid to a stop near his brother. He glanced at Caleb then gave him an enthusiastic smile before he wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his forearm.

"Sure it's a great day Seith!" Caleb said mocking his brother's exuberance. "But the truck has air conditioning, and I could really use it right about now" the teen mentioned as he bent down and began to retrieve his bike, and as he dipped toward the bike a thin tan line from his shorts appeared.

"Yeah, but the sun will do some good on your pale ass boy!" Seith shouted as he pulled the top of Caleb's shorts down exposing the top of his pale white cheeks, eliciting a yelp from Caleb. Seith gave his brother a sexy whistle before laughing as he rode slowly away.

"Dammit Seith," Caleb groaned, his cheeks flushing as he pulled his shorts up to a respectable height. He checked around the area to see if anyone had seen anything before he quickly scooped up his bike and continued after his brother.

"You're a dick you know that?" he hissed as he caught up to his brother. His eyes wandered from his brother's form to the surrounding scenery.

"Yeah bro," Seith said easily. Once again grabbing Caleb's attention. "The only dick you can love" he added with a sly smile causing his brothers cheeks to redden.

The friendly banter continued between the two, often causing Caleb frustration, much to the delight of his older brother. They were only separated by 13 months, but this closeness in age played over to their bond as brothers. They were often accused of being twins who couldn't agree to come out together.

The shade from the cypress trees offered a reprieve from the glaring sun. The thick, humid air, however, would offer no such easy retreat. Seith was the first to dump his bike and shed the useless pieces of clothing he wore. He did so quickly, shoes and socks thrown easily on the fertile soil of the bank. His small pile grew as he added his denim shorts. Seith stood there proudly in nearly all his glory. Only a thin sheet of worn, pinstriped cotton separated him from the world. He stood there dominant; his arms perched triumphantly on his bare hips.

He watched Caleb slowly pull off his shorts and add them to the pile, eliciting yet another playful whistle, causing not only Caleb's cheeks to flush but his upper chest as well. Seith chuckled in the face of his younger brother's modesty. They had seen each other bare many times, but the whistle always brought the same reaction. Seith loved it and used it sparingly.

"Man Cale, Anyone tell ya, ya take a long time to get shit done?" As he spoke Seith grabbed his younger brother by the arm and twisted it around behind his back. The sudden movement caused Caleb's knees to buckle forcing his upper body towards the soft earth.

Caleb sat there with his legs spread, the spongy soil feeling cool through the thin material covering his rear. His legs were spread slightly causing the fly of his boxers to spread open slightly. He sat there for a moment quiet as he watched Seith saunter away.

"Man whatya do that for?" Caleb sat there looking up at his brothers' impressive build. It wasn't bulky by any sense of the word just lean and toned.

"Well?" he said as his elbows rested on his spread knees.

"For this!" Seith shouted excitedly as he ran and scooped his brother up in his arms. Caleb hollered and giggled as he was plucked from the ground like a ripe vegetable. It

was all he could do to wrap his arms around his brother's neck as Seith dashed towards the edge of the sediment-filled water.

The sticky, warm feeling of his brother's chest was gone as quickly as it came. The sensation of flight snatched him away from his brother's grasp. He began to fall and soon his back stung with the slap of the cool water. As Caleb sank down in the murky water he let his limbs go numb, relishing in the reprieve from the humid air.

As his lungs began to burn and strain for air he heard Seith's body break the waters surface, no doubt after some crazy, aerial maneuver. Caleb surfaced and wiped the water out his eyes, all his attention on the point where the water was disturbed. As soon as his brother broke the surface Caleb jumped on him, driving him back under the water. Caleb floated there, laughing briefly; but his triumph was short lived as his body once again flew through the air backwards.

The two boys continued to cavort in the muddy water for what seemed like hours. Longer then Caleb remembered any day being, far past the slow procession of twilight. It extended right into that peaceful time when the lightning bugs slowly swarmed in dizzying circles under the long cascades of Spanish moss. It was in this presence of magic that Seith slowly pulled Caleb into a tight hug.

"Cale," he murmured in a whisper that was almost drowned out by the serenade of the crickets. "I want you to know I'll always be here for you lil' bro. Nothing and no one can steal us away." With these words he pulled his younger brother tight against his chest. His head slowly slid down to the nape of Caleb's neck.

Caleb was lost in the dream and the feeling of having his brother close by. The body pressed tight against him felt alive and real. He thought he could feel the dull throb of a heart as he grasped the smooth flesh. He gasped as he felt a slight, stabbing pain at the side of his neck that ripped him from the safe confines of Seith's arms and out of the dream.

Caleb's eyes snapped open in surprise. He found himself enclosed in Demitri's arms. In much the same fashion that Seith had held him in the dream. A tingling, warm sensation spread from the side of his neck, causing his eyes to flutter in the fuzzy plane between dreams and awake. Demitri's lips slowly danced along the side of his neck, massaging it gently.

A small groan escape Caleb and his eyes fixed on the pale, blue shafts of light that innocently crept into the room. His body pressed even closer to Demitri trying desperately for the feeling of completion that had eluded it for so long. The muscles in his arms rippled as he clung to the flesh before him.

Caleb rolled onto his back pulling Demitri on top of him. Demitri ground his pelvis down into Caleb as he broke the suction on his neck. He slowly extended his arms to support his torso and pushed himself away from Caleb. The boy's arms fell limply to the bed exposing his chest to Demitri.

Demitri held the position momentarily, gazing into the face beneath him It was still smooth and rounded but possessed a rugged quality that accentuated the sage, green eyes. They weren't brightest green eyes Demitri had ever seen, yet they enclosed a stormy quality that drew him further into them.

Absently he began to grind his pelvis in a slow, deliberate motion. Caleb looked intently at the crimson-stained lips and the sapphire eyes that blazed with an aspect he had never seen before. It was a stunning mix of power and temperance that had held him locked in a trance, like a deer caught in a pair of headlights.

He found solace in this alien situation, the same comfort he had felt only moments ago in a world where his brother held him tightly and said that he would always be there. His eyes slowly slid closed as he gripped the sheets of the bed tightly in his fists, relaxing as the melting sensation spread through his pelvis. Slowly his head fell to the side, the muscles in his jaw flexing as he came down from his high.

Demitri looked on with a content smile at the top quarter of Caleb's blushing body. He slowly ran a finger along Caleb's jaw line before he lifted off of him, and lay next to him on the bed.

"Forever?" Caleb asked as he rested on the bed about a foot from where Demitri came to rest. "You'll never leave?" Caleb questioned, his voice tight with emotion.

"No. Just like the sun never leaves the dawn, we'll go through this life together." Demitri said in a dream-like drawl. He was pleasantly surprised when Caleb grabbed him and hugged him tightly before letting go. In the morning he would fancy it a dream but for now it was perfection.

The moon was the only witness to the events in room 304 at La Petite Orleans that night, but her gaze held witness to another, less charming, scene. Susan Marsh sat at the cluttered desk nervously tapping a lighter against a half-empty pack of cigarettes. She stared intently at the photocopied image of Caleb Matthews. Though the worn piece of paper held her attention, her mind rationalized that it was no longer her concern. Yet there was something in the black & white face that captured her attention. This troubled kid was begging to be rescued from a private hell.

Her eyes slowly shifted to the hazel eyes on the face of her toddler. She just couldn't shake the troubling thought of her own son's disappearance. Trying to derail the agonizing thought, she picked up the Matthews' case file. She slowly read over the cover log, which detailed every time CFDS social workers had visited the family. She scanned the case notes of the most recent entry looking for something, anything she might have missed.

The pages were a blur of technical names and chemical breakdowns that were of little help. Then something in a missing persons report caught her eye. A man driving his car down Ponchartrain Avenue had seen a boy fitting Caleb's general description being carried across the intersection by another adolescent. The man who gave the report claimed he almost hit the pair and most likely would have if it weren't for his new brakes.

The driver claimed the unknown man was about 6' to 6'1" in height and had blonde hair and blue eyes. He had claimed to get a good look at the youth as he asked him if he needed help with his friend. Det. Marsh's heart began to race and she continued to read the notes. She was disappointed that the report had not been followed up.

As her eyes continued to scan the manila-bound document, her hand groped the small landfill she referred to as her desk. Her fingers grazed across the hard plastic object she was searching for and yanked it from its hiding place. She quickly dialed the number of the gentleman named in the report and listened intently as the phone rang several times.

"Hello," answered male voice, sounding as if he had been interrupted during a meal.

"Hello, Mr. Kinsey." Susan paused briefly. "I'm Detective Marsh of the New Orleans Police Department." She paused again to let the information set in. "I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about the events you saw outside St. Louis number one the other day." She quickly grabbed a pen & paper to take notes.

"Why sure Ma'am, Like I told the officer I reckoned they was just a coupla kids messin' about ya know, That was up to the point when I got out the car and noticed the brown-haired boy lookn' all dead and such. His limbs was a flailin' all about, like a rag doll or sumthin'." The man sounded positively eager to retell the story, just as the Detective was to hear it.

"Sir do you think its possible we could meet for a short while tomorrow? I have a picture I would like you to see," she asked.

"Aww It ain't no body is it? I can't be lookin' at no bodies" he inquired fear and disappointment deepening his voice.

"No, nothing like that at all," she said her voice soothing as she worked to ease his worries and convince him to meet her.

"I'm at the market until three tomorrow, but after that I'm free," he said.

"Thanks Mr. Kinsey, I'll see you then." They said their goodbye's and she dropped the headset onto the receiver. Marsh closed the file and slid it deftly into her courier bag. Scooping up her coat she switched off her monitor and walked away from the jumbled desk.