by Jason Finigan

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. This story may contain scenes which involve sexual situations between young males. If this type of material is offensive to you, or it is not legal for you to be reading this type of material, please do not read any further. This story is copyright © 2007 by Jason Finigan, all rights reserved. Please do not copy this story for distribution or post on any online server without the author's permission. Please send all your comments to: .

From the last chapter:

"What... what happened? Kiyel?" she asked, looking up at Kiyel.

"We crashed. Most of the crew was knocked unconscious. But we need to get out of here. Mikkel, Janice and Taaj are still out. Jev has a concussion, and is extremely weak," Kiyel told her.

"Help me up," she told him, which he did, holding her steady until she was able to move about on her own. "Where's my pack?" she asked.

"Here it is," Kiyel said, locating it underneath some more tubing and hanging wires. He picked it up and handed it to her, after which she immediately set about examining the remainder of the crew. She gave each of them a stimulant, which quickly allowed Mikkel, Janice, and Taaj to regain consciousness. She checked over Jev, and bandaged up the cut on his head. When she saw Oshi, she shook her head and put everything back in her pack.

"Alright, that'll do for now until we can find some place quiet for me to look at these injuries," she said. "Are we taking him with us?" indicating Oshi's lifeless body.

"No. There isn't time. I have said a prayer for him, and when we leave here, I will destroy the ship, and burn everything in it," Kel answered.

"I understand," Tiela said. "I'm very sorry."

"He's at peace now, that's all I could hope for," Kel said. He picked up one of the remaining weapons, and checked it's power supply. Satisfied that there was enough power in the cell, he activated the weapon's self-destruct mechanism and set it down beside Oshi. "Okay, people. Let's move it," Kel said, leading his crew through the rear hatch which had broken open during the crash.

Together they left the wreckage, and hurried to a safe distance, turning back just as the ship exploded.

"Good bye my friend; my brother," Kel whispered.

Chapter 17

"We need to find shelter, immediately," Kel said.

"We're not far from the caves we were in before, Caption," Mikkel said, looking around.

"How far?"

"About a day's walk," Mikkel replied.

"We have no choice," Kel said, not looking forward to that option. "We can't stay here, and the T'Kri will be swarming this place any minute now."

"Captain, the forest should give us enough cover until we reach the valley," Mikkel pointed out, indicating the forest that was just ahead of them.

"Alright people, let's get moving," Kel said, and with that, they made their way across the open field, and disappeared into the forest.

* * *

Janette Pelletier was sitting at her desk, going over some of the paperwork that had been piling up for weeks. Before, she used to enjoy filling out the paperwork, approving laws that were voted on by the council, reading the minutes of the latest town meeting. But lately, none of that held any interest for her. As head of Haven's elected council, she spent most of her days in her office, staring out the window and watching the T'Kri as they marched through the streets, almost laughing at her as they pushed around, or assaulted some of the townsfolk who were just going about their business right outside her office's window.

Today was different however, for when she arrived at Landing's Council Hall, she noticed an eerie silence permiating the streets. Not a single T'Kri soldier could be seen, and many of the townsfolk were standing outside their homes or businesses. Some were just standing there, looking around, while others were hundled in groups, chatting quietly amongst themselves. It was as if overnight the entire T'Kri population had disappeared, and no one knew what to make of it.

"Tannis!" Janette called out through the door, looking up from her desk.

"Yes, Janette?" Tannis answered, walking into her office. Tannis Rowe was her assistant. He was pretty much the one person she relied on the most to keep her up to date on the happenings on Haven.

"Any word yet from the rebel forces as to what's going on with the T'Kri?" she asked him.

"Not a word. In fact, virtually all our communications with the rebels have been cut off. Sam has attempted numerous times, and he's getting the same response; nothing."

"Damn, just what the hell is going on out there?" Janette asked rhetorically.

"There's the probability that the rebel forces have stepped up."

"If they have, it would explain the absence of the T'Kri in Landing," she suggested.

"Possibly, however I think it more likely that had the rebel forces have been causing them more trouble, they'd more likely be rounding up our people and executing them as punishment for the rebel's actions."

"You're probably right," Janette sighed. "I hate not knowing."

A sudden loud explosion rocked the building. Rushing to the window, Janette and Tannis looked out to see a cloud of thick billowy smoke rising from the forest in the east, near the mountains where the T'Kri base lay.

"Just what the hell is going on?" Janette yelled before rushing out of her office with Tannis following close behind her.

Running down the stairs, she made her way to the front door of the Council Hall, running into several other council members who had been working at the time.

"I told you. I told you those rebels were going to cause shit!" Jeff yelled at Janette, pointing to the smoke that was still rising into the air.

"Get a grip on yourself, Jeff. We don't know for sure what happened."

"You should have let me arrest them when we had the chance," Jeff continued, pointedly ignoring Janette's order.

"Bob, do you have anything at all?" she asked one of the other councilors that was standing with her.

"Not a thing. What should we do?" Bob asked.

"For now, we need to keep the people calm," Janette said, looking back to the growing number of people who were now staring at the smoke.

"Fat chance of that happening. If that was one of the T'Kri being taken down by the rebel forces, I guarantee you they'll be wanting to get in on some of the action themselves."

"I hope you're wrong about that, Bob," Janette said, though she could tell by the excited looks on some of their faces that he was most likely correct in his assessment.

"I just hope that Captain Harris knows what he's doing, if this is indeed his doing," Janette said, more to herself than anyone else.

* * *

"Gregori!" Captain Johnathan Harris yelled out from his quarters.

"Aye, Captain?" Lieutenant Gregori answered, knocking on the door before walking in.

"What the hell was that explosion I heard?" he asked, pulling on his uniform jacket.

"I don't know, Sir."

"Well find someone who does know. I want a team ready to fly to investigate that explosion, stat!"

"Aye, Captain," Gregori answered before saluting and rushing out of the Captain's quarters.

'If that was Mikkel and his new Caitaran friends...' Johnathan thought before following the Lieutenant out the door. Walking into the rebel base's war room, one of his communications officers approached him.

"Captain," she said. "we have a location on that explosion. It hit just South-East of here near the forest outside of Landing.

"Damn, that's half way between there and the T'Kri base!" Johnathan exclaimed.

"Aye, Sir. Several of the men on patrol have also reported seeing three T'Kri ships fighting one another. It appears as though two ships were attacking on which was heading away from the T'Kri base. Whoever was piloting that ship though must have been one hell of a pilot," she said.

"Explain," Johnathan ordered.

"Well, Sir, somehow the pilot managed to shoot down both of the other T'Kri vessels, one which crashed and exploded, and the other one exploded in mid air. A couple minutes afterward though they heard and felt another explosion."

"Very good, Ensign Kim," he said.

"Captain, it's possible it could have been Mikkel and the other aliens he stayed behind with," Gregori suggested.

"I was thinking the same thing, Lieutenant. In which case, it makes it even more important that we get out there to investigate the explosion. If it is Mikkel, I want him taken into custody, as well as the Seargant. And I'll be the one leading the team, Gregori."

"I understand, Sir," Gregori said, and rushed off to assemble the team Johnathan had ordered.

"Oh yeah, Mikkel. You have a lot to answer for," Johnathan said to himself.

* * *

"We'll rest here," Kel said, looking around at the fairly open area in the forest.

"Don't you think we need to find some place with a little more cover, Captain?" Jaffey suggested.

"No. If the T'Kri are following us, which I get the feeling they are, then I want to make sure they can't surprise us and corner us. I want to be able to see them coming," Kel replied.

"Ah," Jaffey said, nodding his head in agreement with Kel's rational.

"Taaj, give me some good news. Tell me the signal you sent was successful," Kel said.

"Aye, Caption, it was. I sent the signal a second time just in case the T'Kri have jamming technology. I gave them a sit-rep report, as well as our current location and the frequency to the emergency locator which I have in my pocket," Taaj answered, tapping the side pocket on his jacket.

"Very good, Taaj. Then all we need to do is avoid any confrontation with the T'Kri until they get here."

"How soon can we expect the Cetani to get here, Captain?" Kiyel asked.

"No more than a day. It was patrolling the planets nearby when our ship was shot down, and it has some of the fastest engines our engineers could design," Kel answered.

"God, I'm bushed," Jev said wearily, letting himself collapse against the side of a tree.

"Save your strength, Jev. I've never seen anyone do what you did back there on the mountainside," Tiela said, sitting down beside him.

"I did it before, but only with Mikkel. I never tried that with so many at one time before," Jev said.

"Well, little brother, it looks like you're just full of surprises," Mikkel said, joining them.

"Here, Jev," Kiyel said, holding out some of the food they had brought with them to his Laij.

"Thanks, Kiyel. I'm so hungry," Jev said, accepting the food offered to him, and biting into it as if it was the first meal he'd had in days.

Suddenly a cry rang out in Jev's mind. A cry so sharp, and so filled with pain, that it caused Jev to gasp and grab his head, pressing his hands up against his ears in a vain attempt to block out the cry.

'What, Jev? What is it?' Kiyel sent, also hearing the cry, and grimacing at the pain his Laij felt.

"Oh God, we've got to go," Jev said, suddenly getting up onto his feet.

"Go? Go where?" Kiyel asked, picking up flashes in his mind of images that Jev had seen.

"Landing. We need to get to Landing. Now!" Jev almost screamed, still trying to block out the cries assaulting his mind.

"What is it, Jev?" Kel asked, concerned by how panicked Jev seemed to him.

"Captain, Kiyel and I have to get to Landing, now," Jev answered, shaking his head. "There's so little time."

"Kiyel?" Kel questioned, looking at him with a confused look on his face.

"No time to explain, Captain. If what Jev has seen is happening now, we may already be too late to save him," Kiyel answered.

"Too late? Save who?" Kel asked, now beginning to get frustrated.

"Sir, we need to go now. I can't explain right now. We'll rendezvous with you at the caves." Kiyel answered.

"Very well, Kiyel. I don't like this one bit. Jev isn't in any condition to travel right now," Kel said, seeing the urgency that was in Kiyel's eyes.

"We'll manage, Captain. We won't be long," Kiyel said, before he and Jev took off into the forest. As exhausted as Jev was, Kel was surprised at the speed at which he ran, both he and Kiyel dropping to all fours to run even faster.

"Captain, I don't like this. Not one bit," Jaffey said to him.

"I know, Jaffey. And I've never seen that look in either of their eyes before. Whatever it is, I know we'll find out soon enough."

"I hope Jev knows what he's doing," Jaffey commented.

"So do I, my friend. So do I. Gather everything up. We need to get moving," Kel ordered.

"Aye, Sir," Jaffey said, and set about to gather up what little they had managed to salvage from the wreckage.

* * *

'We have to get there, Kiyel,' Jev sent as he ran beside his Laij.

'We will, Jev. Are you certain of what you saw?' Kiyel asked.

'You saw it as well,' Jev answered.

'I know. I just cannot believe it,' Kiyel sent.

'Neither can I, even though I know my people's history and what some people are capable of,' Jev replied.

Together the two of them ran through the forest, only slowing down when they had to get past an obstacle, until they reached the edge of the forest, and the town of Landing.

'We need to strip,' Jev sent. 'We can't go in Landing clothed.'

'I know,' Kiyel replied, and together they removed what clothing they wore. Under any other circumstances, Kiyel would have taken the time to appreciate his Laij's body. With all the changes that Jev had gone through, he could still see the human in him, which made Jev all the more special in Kiyel's eyes.

In seconds, the two of them lept from the cover of the forest and sped across the clearing towards the town. Several people could be seen walking about, but they ignored them. As they came closer to the town, several people noticed their approach and started to scream, running off into their homes or businesses. Jev and Kiyel paid them no mind, determined at all costs to reach their destination before it was too late.

'This is it,' Jev said, stopping before a doorway to a rather plain looking home.

'Are you certain?' Kiyel asked him.

'Yes, I can feel him inside, but something is odd,' Jev sent, confused by what he sensed inside the home. He reached out with his mind, attempting to ascertain what was going on in the room. And then the cries began again, and he was hit with a stabbing pain that assaulted his senses. 'Now!' Jev sent, and stood up, slamming against the door with all of his might. The flimbsy wooden door had no chance against Jev's powerful Caitaran muscles, and together they entered the home.

'I hear something, in the back room,' Kiyel sent, standing up, and making his way quietly to where he heard the noises.

Just outside a closed door, Jev and Kiyel could clearly hear the cries of a child followed by the sound of someone slapping another person. Without waiting another second, they burst into the room, practically disintegrating the door into tiny fragments as they did and came face to face with a scene that Jev new would give him nightmares for a long time.

On a bed, naked, and bleeding, sobbed a five year old boy, over him was a large rather obese man, who was also naked and smelled of alcohol. He had the appearance and feel of someone who hadn't bathed in days. The fear and pain eminating from the young boy was almost overwhemling to Jev, and he knew without a doubt that this man, who he figured to be the father was in the act of raping his own son.

Rage filled Jev's and Kiyel's minds as they reached out and read what the man had planned. The man could only look back at them with shock and fear etched on his face, screaming in horror at the site of two pissed off Caitarans bearing down on him.

Faster than they thought possible, the man climbed off the boy, who they could now see was tied down to the bed by his wrists. Without hesitation, Kiyel rushed at the man and slammed him up against the wall, his screams echoing through the room as he was lifted up off the ground by his neck.

'Take him outside, Kiyel. I will see to the young boy,' Jev sent.

'I will show this... person... the error of his ways, my Laij,' Kiyel sent, and still holding the terrified man up in the air, carried him out of the room.

While Kiyel dealt with the man, Jev cautiously walked towards the bed, looking down at the young boy who was watching Jev with fear in his eyes. Reaching out with his mind, Jev tried to calm the boy, trying to show that he was not going to hurt him. The boy continued to look up at Jev with fear, and soon began to cry out, and struggle against the bonds that held him down. As Jev reached the bed, and sat down beside the boy, he reached out to one of the boy's hands, which caused the boy to flinch from Jev's touch. Using a nail which he had extended, he cut the ropes on both his wrists, freeing the boy. With the final bond cut, the boy attempted to flee, but Jev was quicker, gathering the kicking and screaming young boy up into his arms, holding him to his chest, until tired and exhausted, the boy's cries and kicking ceased.

'It is okay, little one. No one is going to harm you, I promise,' Jev sent to the boy. The boy looked up at Jev in shock, but did not attempt to escape Jev's grasp any more. 'I won't let anyone ever hurt you again.'

At that moment, Kiyel came back into the room, causing the little boy to jump in his arms.

'Is the boy alright?' Kiyel asked.

'He is hurt pretty badly, Kiyel, and he is terrified,' Jev replied. 'Kiyel... he has a talent.'

'I know. I can sense it, Jev.'

The boy, who's curiosity obviously was stronger than his fear, reached up with his hand, and touched the side of Jev's face, feeling the hair that covered it.

"Kitty!" the boy exclaimed suddenly.

'Well it seems he knows what a cat is,' Jev sent, smiling up at Kiyel.

'We cannot stay here long, Jev. The people in this town have seen us, and where we went.'

'I know. But we cannot leave this boy alone,' Jev replied.

'We will have to take him with us then,' Kiyel sent.

'I agree, Babe. I want to see if he will join us willingly though. I would rather not be forced to carry him through town.'

"Big kitty," the boy said.

"Yes, big kitty," Jev said, looking back at the boy.

"Daddy hurt me," the boy said.

"We know, little one. We made sure he won't hurt you again," Jev answered.

"Kitties don't talk," the boy said softly, still regarding Jev with shock, though it was easy to tell that the boy was beginning to feel comfortable in Jev's arms.

"We're special kitties," Jev replied, smiling at the child in his arms, making sure none of his teeth were showing. The last thing he wanted to do was frighten the child any more than he was. All of a sudden the boy began to shiver. His eyes closed, and his breathing became more rapid, as did his heart rate.

"Jev, he's going into shock. He needs medical treatment now," Kiyel said.

"I know. Tiela is too far away. There's only one other person that can help. And we need to get moving," Jev answered.

"You're thinking of Sam O'Riley."

"Yes. He was my doctor, and he did a good job of patching you up," Jev replied.

"Then if we're going to go, we need to go now."

"Can you grab me that blanket there, Kiyel? We need to keep him warm." Kiyel did as Jev asked wrapping both Jev and the boy up in the blanket before heading out of the room.

"It's a good thing the boy's unconscious right now," Kiyel said, as they walked past what was left of the man who used to be the boy's father. In Kiyel's anger, he had literally shredded the man's skin. Blood was covering virtually every surface of the room.

"He deserved more for what he did to this little one," Jev said, looking away from the scene before him.

"I agree," Kiyel said as the two of them left the home. There was a small gathering of people coming towards them. Running as fast as they could, they managed to find a way around the people who just watched in dismay as two forest cats ran past them on two legs, one of whom looked to be carrying a small child.

* * *

"Janette, I think we've got another problem," Tannis said, walking into her office without knocking first, causing Janette to jump in her chair.

"Damnit, Tannis. Don't you knock first?" she demanded to know.

"I'm sorry, Janette, but this is something you definitely need to hear."

"Is it about that explosion we heard earlier?" she asked him.

"No. This is Paul Goodman. I think you're going to want to hear what he has to say," Tannis said, beckoning a young man behind him to come into the room.

"Well Mr. Goodman, I understand you needed to tell me something," Janette said.

"First Councilor Pelletier, myself and several others witnessed something that we've never seen before. Two forest cats, larger than any we've ever heard of, ran right into town," Paul said.

"Mr. Goodman, I'm sure you are aware that the forest cats on this world shy away from humans, and especially the T'Kri."

"I'm aware of that, Ma'am," Paul continued. "however it's the truth. They ran right to a home at the far end of town, one that belonged to Luke Mills and his son, Jordan."

"You're telling me that these cats ran purposfully into town, in the middle of broad daylight, and headed right for a specific house?" Janette asked incredulously.

"Yes, that's exactly what happened," Paul said.

"Very well, what then? I'm presuming that's not all," Janette said.

"No. A short time later we heard screams coming from the home, and soon afterwards, those same two cats ran out of the house with what appeared to be a child wrapped in a blanket."

"Hold on a second," Janette said, now completely confused. "Are you saying these cats attacked this Luke Mills and kidnapped his son?"

"Well, yeah. But what was really odd was that when the cats came out of the house with the child, they weren't running on all fours like they were when they came into town. Instead, they were running just like a human does, on their two hind legs."

"What?!" Janette exclaimed, getting up off her seat. "Tell me you're joking. Cats do not run on their hind legs only. That's physically impossible."

"That's precisely what they were doing Ma'am. And one of them was actually carrying the child in his arms... I mean front legs... I mean..." Paul tried to explain, but was stopped by Janette raising her hand in front of her.

"Tannis, did anyone go into the house?" She asked him.

"Yes. One of our security officials went into the house and found an adult male literally slashed open like he was mauled by a large animal. In one of the back rooms we found a bed with freshly cut ropes attached to it, and blood stains on the sheets."

"My God!" Janette exclaimed. "Who do we have in security?"

"Right now, no one. Most of them are out investigating that explosion and won't be back until tomorrow. The ones we have in town are actually with Doctor Sam O'Riley, due to wounds they suffered at the hands of the T'Kri.

"Great. Just great," Janette sighed, sitting back down in her chair.

"Umm, well. There was one other thing that I did see," Paul said, speaking up.

"And?" Janette asked, looking up at him.

"Well, I can't be sure, but it looked as though they were headed in the general direction of where Doc O'Riley lives," he said.

"Tannis I want you to get word out to Doc O'Riley. If any of our security personal are able to, I want them to attempt to capture these cats. Thank you Mr. Goodman. If you'll excuse me, I have some calls to make of my own."

"Righ away, Janette," Tannis said, and left the room, followed by Paul, who closed the door after he left.

* * *

"We're almost there, Kiyel," Jev said, leading them along the path he knew would take them to Doc O'Riley's house.

"You know he's not going to be happy to see us, especially with how we look," Kiyel said.

"I know. For a short time we're going to have to risk another illusion."

"Jev, you're exhausted enough as it is, do you think you're up to that?" Kiyel asked.

"For this little guy, I have to be," Jev answered.

"Very well," Kiyel said, reluctantly accepting Jev's decision. Turning around a corner, they ran into a couple more people who jumped away from them in fright.

"There are going to be so many people who will have questions about all of this," Jev said.

"I expect they will, Kiyel. We'll deal with that when the time comes. Lets just hope that the doc's at home right now." Finally they came up upon a rather cozy looking home. It had three floors, and was quite large, however Jev knew from the times he visited Sam O'Riley that most of the home was reserved for patients recovering from injuries or illnesses. Sam mostly slept and lived on the main floor, which for him was ample room considering he was still single.

"Are you ready for this, love?" Kiyel asked softly as they approached the door.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Jev said, trying to catch his breath from the amount of running they did. Getting his breathing back under control, Jev closed his eyes and concentrated on the illusion that he and Kiyel had prepared the first time. He could feel the familiar tingling sensation as he felt Kiyel's energy added to his own. Opening his eyes, he looked down at himself and saw that he looked as he did on the day he left with Kiyel; clothes and all.

"Glad you remembered to think about clothes as well," Kiyel said wryly.

"It's not as if he hasn't seen me naked before, Kiyel, but yeah. It wouldn't be good to be seen naked on his doorstep," Jev agreed. Kiyel knocked on the door, then reverted back to his four legged posture, looking just like the forest cat Jev thought he rescued many days ago.

The door slowly opened, and Jev saw Sam's face peering from the crack in the door.

"Jev?" Sam said suddenly, opening the door wide. "You're alive? I thought you died with your father in the inn! How the hell are you, lad?"

"Hi, Doc," Jev said, smiling at him. "Yeah, I was out with Kiyel at the time." Sam looked down to see Kiyel beside him.

"You mean he's still with you?" Sam asked.

"Yeah. Listen, can we come in, this is an emergency," Jev said, indicating the child he had in his arms, still wrapped up in a blanket.

"Of course," Sam said, all business now.

Once they were inside, Sam carefully unwrapped the blanket from the child. It was covered in blood and sweat, and he could see the child shivering from the cool air.

"Jev, just what the hell happened?" Sam asked.

"It's a long story, but I need you to check this little guy out. He's just gone through a very traumatic experience and we have to help him."

"Oh my God! What happened to this poor guy? Jev I need some more blankets, and warm water. You know where to get it. And Kiyel has to stay away from the child."

"Kiyel's not going to harm the boy, Doc," Jev said, already gathering up the blankets that Sam needed.

"I wish I had your confidence in him, he's still a wild animal," Sam replied, laying the young boy down onto an exam table, and carefully unwrapping the blanket from his tiny body. "Jesus, Mary and Josephine!" Sam exclaimed, looking at the condition of this young boy's body. "Jev, do you realize I got a call from Tannis, Janette's personal assistant, about this boy?"

"No, I didn't. All I know is what I saw when Kiyel and I went to that house. Doc, just be glad you weren't there, because what happened to that man I think is nothing compared to what you would have done to him," Jev said, filling up large pot with warm water.

"You're going to have to tell me all about it later on, Jev. Right now I need to fix this little one up. It looks like he's lost quite a bit of blood." Sam looked more closely over the boy's nude body. Most of the blood seemed to be around his posterior, so he carefully lifted the young boy's legs and saw blood seeping out of a large wound in the young boy's anus. "Good God!" Sam exclaimed, suddenly feeling nauseated.

Jev brought over the things that Sam had asked for, while the Sam began to work on the young boy's injuries. He was thankful the boy was unconscious, as the repairs that needed to be done would have been very painful had the child been awake. It took Sam several hours to complete the repairs, but to Jev, he still seemed unsettled

"That's as good as I can get, I'm afraid," Sam said, taking off the gloves he had put on.

"Will he be okay?" Jev asked.

"That's yet to be seen. I've managed to stop the bleeding, and stitched up the wounds. But that is one major tear in this little boy's rectum. I cannot guarantee that some type of infection hasn't set in already. Now would you mind telling me just what the hell happened to this boy to cause these injuries. I can tell he's been raped, but I want to know who the sorry son of a bitch is who did this to him," Sam said, his face flushed with anger and disgust.

"When Kiyel and I went into that home, we found the boy here tied up on the bed, and his father over top of him. I could read from his mind what he was doing, and what he planned to do with the boy, and Kiyel picked it up from me. I guess if you had a call from Tannis that he told you what they found at the home," Jev explained.

"Yes. He said they found a man's body shredded to pieces and the room covered in blood. They also found the bed with ropes attached to it and some blood on the sheets."

"Kiyel took care of the man who was attacking the boy. We found out that that man was this boy's father, and he planned to rape his son until his son was dead, then once he discarded the body, he was planning on finding another child, girl or boy didn't matter to him, and do the same things to that child."

"I'll say he took care of that bastard. The house looked more like a bloodbath, than a home from what Tannis told me," Sam said.

"We just wish we could have done more to him. I can't believe he did that to this boy," Jev said, suddenly losing what little control he had left over his emotions and collapsed onto the floor, sobbing.

"It's okay, Jev. He's gone, and the boy is safe. You did good. You and Kiyel did real good," Sam said, consoling him.

"What's going to happen to him now?" Jev asked, once he was able to stop crying.

"Hopefully he has other family who can take him in," Sam said. "Jev, I need to ask you something. When you were at the house, did you see two forest cats there?" Sam asked.

"I knew you were going to ask that," Jev said, sighing out loud. Same helped him back up onto his feet, and settled him into a chair.

"I take it you did then," Sam said.

"Not exactly. You see, the two forest cats... well, one of them was Kiyel," Jev said.

"I see. And the other one? Does Kiyel have a mate who came into town with him?" Sam asked. That question actually got Jev to laugh a bit, and looking over at Kiyel, who was sitting on the floor, patiently looking up at him, caused him to laugh even harder.

"You could say that," Jev said, when he was able to stop laughing.

"I'm glad you find this so humorous," Sam said seriously.

"Sorry, Doc, it's just that when you asked me that, I just couldn't help myself." Looking back over at Kiyel he said, "You might as well come over and have a seat, Kiyel."

Sam watched with amazement as Kiyel, stood up, and not on four legs as he expected, but rather on two, and took a seat next to Jev. "Umm, okay, do you mind telling me just what the hell is going on here?" Sam asked trying to recover from the shock of seeing Kiyel walking on two legs.

"Kiyel's not native to this planet, Doc," Jev answered.

"He's an alien?" Sam asked, still looking at Kiyel.

"Yes, I am, at least to your world," Kiyel replied for himself, completely startling Sam.

"Um... well. Holy Shit!" Sam exclaimed, standing up.

"It's okay, Doc," Jev said reassuringly. "He wouldn't hurt you or anyone else."

"Except for that man you mean," Sam said.

"That man was going to kill that boy. Kiyel did what he had to to punish him for his actions. And trust me, had I the strength, I probably would have done the same thing," Jev answered.

"I can see your point," Sam said.

"Kiyel's people crashed on this world because of the T'Kri. Many years ago, they sent a probe down to this planet to gather information as to its suitability for colonization. The problem is, for reasons they weren't able to fathom, the probe stopped transmitting and Kiyel's team was sent to investigate. The T'Kri spotted their ship, shot them down, and the survivors hid in some caves. All except Kiyel, who you saw at the inn.

"So that metal fragment..." Sam began.

"Was actually a piece from our ship, yes," Kiyel answered. "The reason that I was able to find Jev in time was because I am a telepath."

"I figured that, or at least that you were empathic in some fashion for Jev to be picking up your feelings," Sam said.

"Well, what you might not know is that Jev is also a telepath, and that's how he learned my true nature."

"Kiyel showed me things that I had only ever dreamed of, or seen in those old sci-fi shows on TV back on Earth. The more time we spent together, the closer I felt to him, and a bond formed between us. First emotional, and then telepathically."

"Wait a minute, you're saying..." Sam tried again.

"That I'm gay, and that Kiyel and I are mates, yes," Jev answered.

"Oh wow!" Sam exclaimed. "This is a whole lot to take in!"

"I know. And I wish we had more time to explain things to you," Jev said.

"But what about this other cat then?" Sam asked.

"The other cat was me," Jev answered.

"I don't get it," Sam said.

"Doc, have you ever heard of werewolves?"

"Of course. But those are just legends used in horror movies and books," Sam said.

"Well, I've changed. Partly because of the link I share with Kiyel, and partly because of latent abilities I never knew I had." With that, Jev closed his eyes, and with Kiyel's help allowed the illusion they were projecting to fade, revealing Jev's true appearance.

"Jeeeezuz!" Sam gasped. "Jev?"

"It's me, Doc. I'm the first Human, Caitaran hybrid."

"But that's... that's impossible."

"Not for one who has telekinetic and telepathic abilities like Jev has apparently," Kiyel said. "To any other person, I'd agree with you. It's never happened before, and I've never heard of any other species changing like Jev changed."

"This is just too much to take in," Sam said, sitting back down.

"I know. And I apolgize," Jev said. "If we had more time, I'd explain it further. But we have to get going. And we need to take little Jordan with us," Jev said.

"Jordan? That's the boy's name?" Sam asked.

"Yes. We need to take him back to the rest of the crew who are waiting for us. Tiela, the ship's chief medical officer should probably be able to do more for him there."

"Your medical officer has the equipment necessary to help the body fight off infections?" Sam asked Kiyel.

"And speed up the healing process, yes," Kiyel replied. "We also know from treating Jev before he changed that our chemistry is very similar. At least, Jev didn't show any signs of rejecting the medication.

"Still this is a five year old child, and Jev is almost a full adult. I want this little guy to have the best chance of healing, so if your medic has medicines that can help, I best be there in case he doesn't react well to your meds."

"You want to come with us? But what about the rest of your patients here?" Jev asked.

"Jev, there are several people here who are fully qualified to handle an emergency. I may be the colony's main doctor, but I'm not the only one by far. I never did like being in charge of everything anyways. Too much paperwork," Sam said, smiling over at Jev. "And you know something, you don't look half bad like that. I definitely want to look you over though."

"Oh God, not you too!" Jev said, rolling his eyes at Sam. "I swear examinations are you medical people's hobby or something."

"Hey. Just because you've changed as you have, doesn't mean I'm not your doctor any more. Besides, you were always more like a son to me than a patient," Sam said.

"You... you mean that?" Jev asked.

"Would I say it if I didn't?" Sam asked in return.

"No," Jev answered, with a huge smile on his face. "Does that mean I get to call you dad then?"

"I would be honored to be your dad, Jev. If that's what you want," Sam said.

"Oh yes!" Jev exclaimed and wrapped his arms around his new father, crying lightly on his shoulders. Sam looked up at Kiyel, who was now standing and looking at them with tears in his own eyes.

'Never alone, Jev, my Laij,' Kiyel sent to Jev.

'Never alone,' Jev replied back.

"We need to get going, then," Jev said, letting Sam go.

"I will get some supplies I'll need then for Jordan here and we'll be on our way," Sam said, and hurried into the other room in.

'And you, Kiyel. I love you so very much. I am very lucky to have found you,' Jev sent.

'As I am lucky to have found you, Jev. I could never want a better mate than you,' Kiyel replied, rubbing his hand up against the side of Jev's cheek.

"Alright, we're all set, I think," Sam said slinging a pack over his shoulder.

"I'll get Jordan," Jev said, walking over to the sleeping child. Carefully picking him up, he made sure the blankets were wrapped securely around him and carried him over to the door where Kiyel and Sam was waiting for him.

Editor's Notes:

Well, I must admit that it didn't take nearly as long as I expected to get another chapter of Destiny in my grubby little hands. This was very special. I think Jordan might just have some of the same gifts that Jev has. I hope they can take him with them. I suppose we will find out soon enough, once we see the next chapter. I hope they all can get out of there without being captured or killed. I am glad they were able to tell the Doc what was going on and that he was okay with it. I wonder if he will decide to go with them when they leave. I think he would enjoy being able to help sick and hurting people instead of having to do all the darn paper work.

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