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The Devil's Hammer


Morgan Blackthorne

Chapter 1

Another Day Another Dollar

It was 30 days since my last landfall. Cruising among the stars looking for salvage or precious deposits inside asteroid fields was not the glamorous life of the Republican Space Guild.

Despite the lack of adventure, which I welcomed, I enjoyed my times alone in space. Times where I could contemplate the meaning of thoughts and things while listening to the symphony of the silent music made by starlight.

I provided a good income for my wife and two sons back on earth. Like the sea dogs of old, she and I shared a common understanding. While I was out in the galaxy earning our keep, she would not ask me about ports of call and I would not ask her about visits to the local tavern.

Our love always kept us together when I was back on earth and it was till strong. We had what I guess you could call, an open relationship. Born more from necessity than desire however.

Lets face it, I spend three months on earth, then I am out in the galaxy for 12-14 months. Hopping from one outpost to another, always tuning the scanners looking for a relatively safe opportunity to earn a living.

I was on the outer rim of Republic space when I picked up the signs of a space battle. To far away to know what was going on, I decided to avoid it and wisely move along.

Some people in my position haunt the edge of space battles, hoping to pick the bones of the looser like vultures. I had no stomach for a carrion lifestyle, nor did I have the desire for the danger involved in such endeavors.

My ship is called the String Hammer. It is a sleek fast ship with a huge hold for whatever I might salvage. I had spent a long time working up to a point where I could afford the best and I finally had it. The String Hammer was the best of two worlds. It was able to outrun and outmaneuver almost any known ship and some of the largest cargo storage available.

I have large comfortable quarters and a gymnasium to keep my self in shape. There are a few staterooms for paying passengers, a small galley and a state of the art medical bay.

My favorite luxury is my hot tub mounted forward in a dome of clear force glass. From there, I can relax and think as I float among the stars.

I had been gone from earth for 9 months now and my hold was largely empty. No fares in site and no unclaimed deposits or salvage. It was looking like a slim run. I had these dry spells on occasion, but my business took these times into account. In other words, I had enough savings to weather such bouts.

I had decided to start a fast hop back to earth and surprise my wife and sons with an early arrival and a 5-6 month vacation. Some of my answers were forthcoming on this journey and I wanted more than anything to share some bonding time with the people I loved most and who contributed meaning to the life I had.

I feel compelled to describe myself. I am 6 feet 2 inches tall. My hair is blonde almost white, yet still golden and I have sapphire blue eyes. I have a build that is not quite body builder buff, but thoroughly defined muscle none the less.

Genetics of our age allowed people to pick their own qualities as they chose. I had opted for a nice soft matt of chest fur, muscular build with extra density compensation. (Muscles that were twice as strong as they appeared.) I had decided that a good thick 8 inch uncut penis with golf ball sized gonads in a low hairy sack were just the right size to please my partners, if used well.

I had spent a lifetime practicing my art, pumping and riding women across the galaxy. Always seeking to learn a new trick. Always learning a new way to pleasure them, to find ways to please them as no one ever had. My diligence had paid off and I was a courtesan level quality lover when all was said and done. My wife LOVED my studies and was thrilled with the benefits.

I was sitting in my hot tub, relaxing, considering a slow leisurely masturbation of my raging hard cock, when the computer interrupted my thoughts. We were passing back through the area of space where I had picked up the signs of a space battle 2 days back. Apparently there was a Terran distress signal coming from the area.

I would never ignore a soul in need, but you have to be aware that pirates and thieves lay traps and to answer a distress call in an unarmed ship was asking for trouble. Two things I will point out. It is against the law to ignore a Terran distress call. The second, I could never let anyone suffer if I had a chance to help.

The computer had adjusted course and I was fully dressed in my soft brown leathers. I had a mark 5 Antari Blaster on my hip and I knew how to use it. Approaching the battle, my hip gun yielded little comfort when I saw that capital ships had been fighting.

This was big, way beyond anything I had encountered before. A Republic Battle Cruiser lay split open like a ripe melon. There was a sea of wreckage and devastation before me. Slowly, I opened a channel to hail any survivors. There was no answer. After meticulously scanning the wreckage, I came to the sad conclusion that there were no survivors and the ship had gone down with all life pods intact.

Whatever happened here had been mammoth. Dread filled my soul as it dawned on me that there was no second ship in my readings. The attacker, whoever it might be, could still be out there.

I was torn between my desire to flee and my duty to retrieve the ships logs for transport back to earth. The thought of staying long enough to salvage the valuable portions of the dead hulk gave me a shudder.

Steeling myself, I made a decision to stay. I would gather up the dead for return to earth, the ships logs and whatever value I could from the dead ship.

I was not a carrion eater by trade, nor did I have a reputation for that kind of life. This however was however, a duty to the people who died, a duty to the government of the Republic and lastly, an opportunity to make more money than I had from my last 10 years combined.

I carefully scanned for the attacker and found none. When I was sure things were safe, I set my drones about the tasks of salvage. Stage one had 20% on my drones collecting and storing the human remains for return to earth. The other 80% were set upon the dead ship. First disabling the distress beacon lest we attract the attacker or a carrion fleet. Then to set about the task of identifying what was of value, prioritizing it and then selecting what to salvage that would fit in my holds.

There was a worthless asteroid field one day from here and I had decided to take all the best I could hold and then tow the space hulk to soft land on a large asteroid where I could then turn it in to the Republic for 50% of its remaining salvage value.

The computer estimated that it would take the salvage drones three days to cut away and load everything I had flagged for this salvage. It was on day two of the effort that I heard the sound.

My ships computer registered the brief harmonic disturbance that had penetrated my hull. Looking at the view screen I could see nothing. Moving to a porthole, I saw there in the silhouette of space, the blurry outline of a black shape and then it was gone.

Shouting out the recall codes for the salvage drones, I told the ship to prepare to break off salvage and institute evasive maneuvers program 4.

Just as we were about to break away, the harmonic burst happened again and there was the silhouette again. This time as I looked, I realized that it was just floating there. It was dead in space whatever it was. Then it blinked out again.

Scratching my head, I cast about the recesses of my mind for what I should do. The fear of staying in the vicinity of what was obviously an alien vessel, derelict or not was overwhelming. Certainly anything that could destroy a Republic Battle Cruiser was more than a match for my unarmed one man show.

Some instinct deep inside of me stayed my hand. I decided to wait and watch. It was not long in calculating the timing of the phasing of the alien vessel. Each time it came into view, I scanned it.

Finally, I sent out a probe, timed to it's next appearance. When it appeared, the probe went in and attached it's self to the hull. No readings or data was being picked up by the probe. A few keystrokes later and the probe began breaching the hull. It would insert a sensor into the ship while maintaining a seal on the hull in case it was still pressurized.

Data began flowing into my computers. It was indeed an alien vessel. Roughly half again the size of my own ship. Tiny by comparison to the Battle Cruiser it had defeated. No life signs were on board.

It seems crazy now, but the salvage of an alien vessel was just too lucrative. The technology contained within would probably buy 10 capitol class star ships. Enough money to only have to venture out into space if I wanted to, rather than when I had to.

I maneuvered the String Hammer along side the derelict ship and prepared to board her. Scans had revealed a pressure atmosphere and environment similar to that of Terran. No contaminants or bio hazards present. No life signs. I first sent a few drones in to see what was there.

After examining the ship for a few hours, I went in myself. Once I was sure it was safe, I removed my space suit. The air smelled vaguely of a scent like cloves, but very soft and subtle. Working my way through the ship, I was amazed to find out it was largely intact. It apparently had faired the best of the battle.

I came across the bodies of a few aliens, 3 in all. They appeared to be a biped race. Dark red skin that looked like blood on fire. They had horns on their heads and if you believed your ancient bible tales, you might think they were demons. No cloven hoofs, but demonic looking none the less. They filled me with an uneasy dread. Even dead they looked menacing.

Average height seemed to be 7 feet tall and they were densely muscular. Looking around, I realized that I understood nothing of the technology or glyphs of language on the ships instruments.

I started my ships computer on deciphering the language and was eventually able to at least accomplish the opening and closing of doors.

When I came to a locked door, I had to have the salvage drones cut it open. I had come across enough locked doors for it to become so common, that I no longer immediately covered the room with my blaster. It was upon the opening of yet one more door, after my guard was down and I was convinced I was alone, that my personal scanner started to go wild.

There was a life sign behind the door. Blaster drawn, I let a probe enter first. No heroics today, this was life and death. The probe indicated faint life signs and the video signal showed a devastated room with what had to be a command chair. Panning around, there on the floor, barely alive was what I had to assume was the commander of the vessel

Obviously, whatever made his ship impervious to scanning, also comprised a great deal of this room.

Back on The String Hammer, the computer had advised me against rendering medical attention to the alien. Initial scans and analysis indicated that were he to be revived, the alien would be more than a match for me physiologically and perhaps mentally.

I had decided to proceed with treatment after swapping out the normal medical restraints for some Telarium ones. If this thing could rip through bulkhead material, then nothing I could do would stop it.

I was not sure healing it was such a good idea, it was contrary to all common sense. Still, I have an overriding compassion for all life. Even the life of a possible enemy, I had to do what I could. With him laying on my medical table, clinging to the last threads of life, I had to do something. I felt it was worth the risk.

His clothes were in tatters and with a mental calm betrayed by my trembling hands, I cut away the remnants of his outfit so that the whole body could be properly treated.

I decided then that I was just going to call them devils for the time being. That is what his species looked like. No one in my family had been remotely religious for generations but I knew enough of the lore of ancient beliefs to put a label on what I was seeing.

He had shiny, beautiful black horns protruding from a head of raven black hair. He had a strong, handsome face, inside his mouth was an upper and bottom row of pure unblemished white teeth much like a humans save for a set of fangs on the upper incisors.

I looked into the eyes and was not prepared for the pools of green that I saw. Expecting something black or fire red, what I was looking at was something like soft glowing jewels of deepest emerald green.

His body was muscular, like a body builder, yet with a sleek panther like quality. The computer estimated that it's muscle density and capability was beyond human scope or engineering. I looked down its hard hairless chest, then lower to a smooth 10-pack stomach of muscle and then finally looking down to the black furry patch of pubic hair and the penis that lay in the middle of that massively thick bush.

The cock on him was unlike anything I had seen before. It was clearly uncircumcised if you could compare it to a human penis. It pulsed and rippled. Imagine a large bulge passing through a hose from root to tip, like a caterpillar moving along a branch. It had thick pulsing veins and was ringed with a fine spiral of hard black bumps starting at the base of the cock and stopping somewhere near the head which lay hidden in the foreskin.

The demon cock seemed to move of its own accord despite its owners medical condition and the computer confirmed the penis was prehensile.

The testicles of the demon were large and oval, ending in rounded points, like the balls on a big horn ram. They hung in a loose dark, almost brown reddish sack that seemed to stretch half way to his knees. They too were alive. It was almost unnerving and strangely fascinating to watch them swirling around in their large sack, like stalking caged animals.

Apparently the demon had an anus though I didn't turn him over for an examination.

The hands and feet were larger than a human's and ended in long black claws that looked razor sharp.

The computer estimated that when he woke, he would not be able to break free of the Telarium restraints I had installed. After I had seen enough,, I left my demon patient in the hands of the medical computer.

Upon studying and analyzing the alien, the computer came up with a course of treatments that it thought would have him revived within a week. I gave it the go ahead and spent my time piloting remote salvage drones through his ship, looking for signs of life and trying to figure out what to salvage.

It was far too dangerous in the open, so I decided on towing both ships to a large asteroid with some deep caverns. Shielded from prying eyes, I then could set about work on what to do with the bounty that had been placed before me.

Not knowing where to begin with the alien ship and seeing how it was intact, I decided to focus my efforts on the Republic Battle Cruiser. The rest I could come back for.

Into day three, the computer informed me that our patient was awakening and did I want to be there when he came to. It was with nervous trepidation that I made my way down to the medical bay.

The demon was now covered in a blanket and it seemed he was breathing easy. Slowly his eyes started flickering and then they opened. Scanning about, he tried to get up, but the restraints held him down. Alarmed at his state, he began exerting tremendous force on the bindings and only stopped when he noticed me in the room.

When he spoke, it sounded like a series of musical notes and pops, underlined with throaty growls and grunts. I remember thinking it was like listening to several instruments playing together.

The computer could not decipher his language and after trying to communicate for a few moments, the demon throated out the word Interpreter.

I was astounded to see that it knew even one word of Terran and through struggles and motions, he made it clear that there was a way we could communicate.

I put a draw pad and light pen in his clawed hand. He began to draw a device and indicated that I should retrieve it from his ship.

After searching his ship with the salvage drones, I found one of the devices and had one returned to the sick bay. It was a small disk that seemed to attach to the throat of the demon. I moved to place it on him and he nodded.

I was scared to tell the truth. It took courage not to shake as I had handed him the draw pad. Now I was close enough to him to place something on his neck. I dare not show him fear so with a steady hand, I placed it where he indicated.

He throated and sang out what sounded like a few commands and the device made a few ticking sounds. Then the demon looked at me and spoke. His words were strange, but the computer could now translate them.

We had been talking for over an hour and despite my best judgment, the manner and eloquence of the beast had managed to get me to lower my defenses somewhat.

There were words and terms that did not translate well into Terran, but he tried to make me understand. Apparently the device on his neck was making it possible for his throat and tongue to reproduce Terran sounds. The computer identified the demons new speech as a human dialect, long since dead called Coptic.

Apparently, his race had been among the stars longer than the human race had been in existence. They and other races had even visited earth in its early years and it was from those contacts that stories and beliefs were born.

I didn't believe him at first when he told me the Terran battle cruiser had opened fire first. Still, I listened and much of what he had to say led me to think that they were an intelligent race of beings who were not only far in advance of our own race, but were also quite different of the stories of old.

I apologized to him for keeping him restrained. He said he understood and would accept my decisions. He seemed very grateful for my saving his life and much of what he had to say in this area, eluded translation.

After checking the Cruisers logs, I found out that the Demon had been telling the truth. There on the screen was what each space farer had been taught as a basic first encounter gone wrong.

The toothy smile of the captain and his crew along with their demonic looks had immediately alarmed the captain of the Terran vessel. The translators were not conveying everything that the demons were saying and the captain panicked.

The battle had been hard and fast. Apparently the Demon ship could cloak and it was only the first salvo fired by the Republic Battle Cruiser while still in conversation that had given the humans any chance. When the battle was over, the cruiser was destroyed, but it had also managed to cripple the demons ship.

I reviewed the records several times and came to several conclusions. First, if the demons had been cloaked, the Terrans would have never stood a chance. Second, the Terrans were clearly the aggressors. I went back into the medical bay to speak with my patient.

We talked about the battle and he seemed clearly distraught at the loss of his crew. I informed him that all the humans had been killed. He seemed to accept this information not with a gloat of satisfaction, but with some semblance of what looked to me like reverence.

He explained to me that his people honored their enemies as they did their own. After a few days, I was convinced that he would not hurt me if I let him up.

The computer warned me not to. I had taken measures to hopefully save me if he turned on me. Then with trepidation, I unlocked him from the bed.

He smiled at me and moved to the edge, then slid onto the floor to stand towering over me. Stretching his arms, completely naked, he smiled at me and placed a clawed hand on my shoulder.

He told me his name was T'zgali. (T-zzzguhhaaallleeee) That is about as close as I could come to pronouncing it anyway. T'zgali said he owed me his life. He pledged to serve me in accordance with the customs and duties of his people.

We talked about this back and forth. I made it clear to him that I did not need him to serve me for the rest of his life. He made it clear that he was clearly now my Grrthich`a. (Grrrrrthiech-ah.)

When I asked him to translate, he tried to explain it, but the computer could not do so in any way that seemed to convey what he was saying. Finally, the computer and T'zgali settled on a combining of two words, slave and bitch.

We spent time together with him by my side helping me as I salvaged what I wanted from the Terran cruiser. I had decided that I wanted to see if we could fix T'zgali's ship and send him home.

If it seemed like I wanted to give too much away, consider that clearly there is no salvage on a ship with survivors and to further my point, the demon ship had not been the aggressor. This combined with the fact that my new demon friend was clearly a decent and kind fellow despite his appearance. It was simply the right thing to do.

He seemed excited by the prospect of repairing his ship, which apparently was not beyond repair. He kept referring to me as master and though I knew nothing of his technology, I was able to work as his assistant as he worked on his own ship.

We managed to make some use of the salvaged cruiser for some of the needed parts and were able to get most of his systems back on line as far as propulsion and environment were concerned.

Working next to this powerful man who had obviously been bred and evolved to conquer yet who had the most gentle nature and spirit was inspiring to say the least. Despite my best efforts however, I could not get him to stop calling me master.

It was also embarrassing when I had to continuously spurn his sexual advances. Clearly he wanted to service my manhood with his mouth and anus. He made it painfully clear on several occasions. This was, I came to understand, the, "bitch" part of what he felt was his duty to me.

It is not that I had any hang ups with same sexuality. I just liked women and I really had no desire to be another mans master, let alone treat him like a sexual bitch for my pleasure.

As time moved on, our relationship progressed and we were nearing completion of what repairs we could make on his ship. T'zgali was clearly frustrated at my seeming unwillingness to allow him to fulfill his duties to me.

He tried to explain to me his culture and people. Apparently there were no females of his species. The entire populous was male. When one male submitted to another, either by choice or through domination, he became the female. The words male and female were not an exact translation. Male and female were not terms used by the demonic tongue, yet they were the closest we had to work with.

I wasn't sure if it was a physical change or an emotional change that took place. The translations from Demon to Coptic to Terran were not that good. What I came to understand was that the strongest of his species were the warriors. They respected strength and integrity. Propagation of the species happened between a man and a woman. Despite his trying to explain it, I still wasn't clear on how a man bore children. They were clearly not hermaphroditic. I wondered if there was test tubes involved or if it was accomplished through surgery.

T'zgali tried to stress to me how important it was to repay a life debt in his culture. He said that though he was a captain and a leader, he could not ignore the life debt he owed to me. He said I must accept his service to me as a Grrthich`a.

My refusal to accept him as my slave and bitch weighed heavy on his mind. During the last days we were to spend together, T'zgali was clearly agitated and even seemed desperate for me to accept him.

He told me I didn't have to like him. T'zgali knelt before me, begging, he said that I could treat him like dirt or even think of him as nothing at all. He only asked that he be allowed to stay with me and serve me. I looked into his deep green eyes and saw true need there. I tried to explain to him one last time what it was like in my society and what my people believed. We didn't hold slaves and I didn't want a male bitch.

T'zgali seemed to become sad and despondent. We were finishing up repairs and he was spending more and more of his free time reading books from his own computer library.

Had I been more aware, I might have seen the desperation in him. I might have seen that he was not reading to sooth his mind as I had assumed, but was desperately combing his people's historical records for an answer to his dilemma.

I had learned much about my own civilization from his own tales of when his people and other races had once visited earth and spoke with human kind. He had laughed when I had described hell and how his people had been made out to be the embodiment of evil.

Apparently, this was a danger he had said. When dealing with primitive cultures. His people had long since abandoned trying to speak to primitive cultures, at least until they could leave their own solar system.

The day came when we were to part ways. Hopefully I wished, as good friends. T'zgali had been nothing be eloquent and wonderful our whole time together. I had come to think of him as one I wouldn't mind calling brother one day.

He called me over to his ship one last time. I had thought it was to say goodbye. He stood there in his best uniform, looking magnificent. Tall, proud and noble, he told me he had found an answer to his problem.

He explained to me that in his peoples history, it was unheard of for one man to refuse the life given to another. I had refused his life on many occasions though clearly, through saving him, he owed me his life.

T'zgali looked at me with a gleam in his eye that made me suddenly feel like a fawn in the sights of a hunter. He smiled, that reassuring smile of his, warm and deadly, full of fanged incisors and I remembered that if he were to turn on me, I would have no chance to fight him.

In my haste to get over here, I had not brought my blaster, nor would I have thought to bring it at the time had the notion occurred to me.

"Not to worry my friend," T'zgali said. "I have a solution for us both that will allow me to retain my honor and fulfill my duty to you."

I looked at him with curious apprehension. He simply stated that there was a rite, ancient and forgotten among his people that could solve the situation we found ourselves in. He would not go into it further, but he said my part of it was simple. He would ask me three times to accept him as my Grrthich`a. If I refused him three times in a row during the rite, he would be released from his obligation to serve me.

It sounded simple at the time. He looked at me. "Joseph Tanner, do you accept me as your Grrthich`a."

"No," I replied.

T'zgali repeated it two more times and each time, I said no. With that, T'zgali looked at me one last time as a friend and then that look faded from his eyes.

Before I knew what was happening, he had moved over to me and slapped me so hard that I flew across the room. Mind you, this was not a punch or a full force hit, it was merely one of his casual slaps that made me fly across the room with such force.

T'zgali stood over me. Three times I ask and three times you deny me. My life is now my own and your life now belongs to me. Accept this or prepare to battle me for your rights to remain your own man.

I was shocked. I looked up at T'zgali, a person who I was starting to think of as a brother. My face was scarlet on one side from the power of his blow and the shaming humiliation of being slapped across the room like a doll.

T'zgali looked deep into my eyes and said. "Joseph, look at me. Look closely Joseph. Submit!"

I could see he clearly wanted me to submit rather than fight, but I was not to have any of that. I had a wife I loved and two children waiting for me at home. I was not going to miss all that because of a misunderstanding between spieces.

"I choose fight!" I said. Standing to my feet ready to battle for my freedom.

T'zgali looked at me. "Know this," he said. "If you loose this fight, you will become my Grrthich`a!"

The fight didn't last very long. Even if I had been commando trained and my muscle mass pumped to the outer limits of human physiology, I could not have beaten T'zgali.

Battered and beaten on the floor, he raised me up over his head in triumph, as if to break my back over his massive shoulders. Then he lowered me and using his claws, shredded the clothing from my aching body.

Softly whispering in my ear, T'zgali said, "I am glad you fought me Joseph. From when we first met, I have yearned to join with you. I would have been proud to bear your children. Now you, Joseph, will bear mine." T'zgali said with an ominous finality.

He stood over me and began to disrobe. His body was truly a magnificent specimen of masculinity. His cock came into view once more and it repulsed and terrified me. With a life of it's own, it moved about his groin like a serpent. Thickening and lengthening it must have reached no less than 14 inches long and wrist thick circumference. His massive gonads, moved in their sack like pacing tigers. I smelled the odor of his smegma and knowing what was coming, I felt like I would vomit.

T'zgali walked over to my prone form and looked down into my eyes. He saw my defeat and terror. "Don't fear me my love," T'zgali said. "We are going to have a wonderful life together, I promise you and one day, if you wish, you will see your wife and children again."

He ordered me to open my mouth. I cannot fathom why I complied without further fighting, but I did. He gently placed the hooded head of his massive red cock on my tongue. It moved and slithered into my mouth like an erotic writhing serpent and I again thought I would throw up.

T'zgali started stroking my hair and whispering soothing words to me. Slowly, his mammoth cock slid and wiggled its way into my mouth. "Suck" T'zgali said, and with those words, I began to give my first blow job.

It is difficult to describe giving head to another man if you haven't done it before. It is nothing like I imagined. The texture of his cock, the marble hard firmness, yet silky softness of his male member, slowly, without knowing why, my tongue began to move around the shaft.

I think I just wanted to end all this as quickly as possible. Then when the demon cock started wiggling and snaking its way down my throat, I was repulsed and enthralled.

T'zgali's cock was raping my throat yet at the same time, it was massaging it. His cock wasn't rough or brutal, but rather it was pleasing and filling. I found myself becoming possessed by its thickness, its flavor and its movement.

All the while, T'zgali was stroking my head telling me what a good bitch I would be. T'zgali began to pump and piston his hips in and out of my throat and mouth. I gagged and had to learn how to breathe in between his strokes.

His penis was truly massive. Thicker than any cock I had seen or could imagine. The veins pulsed with throbbing blood and the spiral bumps enlarged and corkscrewed the pistoning cock into my gullet.

I knew there was no way to take such a massive cock in its entirety, but T'zgali kept pumping and thrusting into my mouth. His prehensile cock was wiggling and forcing it's self deeper and deeper with every stroke. My jaw felt like it was becoming unhinged and my throat felt like it was being stretched to twice its original width.

T'zgali looked down at me with half his cock embedded in my mouth and smiled. "You know, it is probably better this way my love. Clearly I am the superior male here and we both know it."

Something inside of me cracked and then broke and I began to weep at my fate. I was weaker. I was lesser. I had lost to this demon and he was now claiming me as his bitch.

T'zgali saw all this in my eyes and continued thrusting. "You must learn to take all of me, my pet. All of me, do you understand?"

Looking up at him, my white lips stretched around his flaming red cock, my mouth full of his manhood, I nodded my acquiescence to his will. Something inside of me, something base, almost animal was submitting to him. I knew on an instinctual level, by something encoded in our primal self, I must obey him to live life.

T'zgali was pumping my mouth and his cock was stretching my throat more and more. Then on an outstroke, he told me to clean the head with my tongue. Instantly, I obeyed. Using my lips to push back his foreskin, my mouth was flooded with a rich, thick, nutty flavor. It was strong enough to make me gag for a moment, yet it was layered. His cheese was thick and rich, even a hint of sweetness and salt. It was like the first time eating tort, or blue cheese though totally different in flavor from them. One had to become accustomed to the richness of it and the flavor.

Once I became accustomed to it. All thoughts of my life and family were gone from my feverish mind. His discharge was so delicious and wonderful, I just had to have more. Faster and with more force, my tongue scraped along his massive cock head. Cleaning it, lashing it with hungry need. Something in my mind pointed out to me that the ridge of the head of the penis had some kind of spines along it. They were not sharp however and were quite fun to work between for fleeting tastes of his essence.

T'zgali grabbed my ears and began fucking into my mouth. Gone was the gentle lover of a few moments ago who had let me slowly get accustomed to his cock.

He was now thrusting himself into my mouth and throat hard. His penis, once prodding and gentle, began to force its way into my throat. Like a corkscrew it began to wiggle and writhe its way into my throat and esophagus. Aided and pushed forward by the massive muscle of my demon lords hands on my head and the driving force of his pelvis.

T'zgali looked down at me just as I looked up at him in disbelief. My face partially obscured by his pubic hair, his massive ram gonads writhing against my chin, churning his fuck sauce into a hot meal.

I could feel my throat stretched beyond what should have been rationally possible. Fleeting images raced through my mind of how obscene I must look. My mouth stretched into an oval baboon like face, my throat, bloated and swelling with each throb of his mighty cock. My hands, unaware until that moment, were clutching his tight hard ass, pulling him as deep into my body as I could get him. He saw the raw, needy hunger in my eyes to be filled, my need to be possessed, my need to become his bitch.

Perhaps at that moment, I finally knew what the men of old once had learned. The devil can possess your soul.

T'zgali smiled at me and patted my head like a good dog. Then he began pulling and pushing my head on his mammoth cock. Forcing my esophagus to perform like a fuck toy, to throat his massive red cock over and over again.

My tongue was dancing around in my mouth trying to give it pleasure. The demon cocks' own nature moved it so that at times, it almost seemed to wrestle with my tongue or bitch slap it like a good whore.

I looked into his eyes and I gave him what he wanted. Pleadingly I begged him with all my soul for his cum. I wanted his demonic seed deep in my belly. My own cock was naked and hard. Throbbing against my belly untouched. Beating a tune that was completely in time with T'zgali's cock thrusting in my mouth.

"The time is come," T'zgali said. "You will drink me and this will start you on your path! Drink me Grrthich'a, drink me and thank me for the gift of my loins!"

Like an obedient cocksucker born to his station in life. I swallowed and lashed his red demonic cock. The first spurt of cum was molten, hot and burning, it hit the back of my throat with such force, that had T'zgali not been holding my head, I would have been blasted off his cock like a rocket.

T'zgali bellowed like an animal and thrust himself wholly into my throat for the next blast. Cum pounded my stomach. It made me cramp in pain and agony. Like some one sucker punching you in the gut before you can ready your abdominals for the blow.

I sucked and slurped his cock dutifully. My fate was in T'zgali's hands and I was going to see it to the end. His massive globs of semen were like peach pits, pelting my innards with forceful fury. Still, I continued my service to T'zgali. Still I continued to milk him and suck him.

I could actually feel his massive nuts beneath my chin. I thought I felt them battering the underside of my mouth with a pumping action. Those mighty gonads within the demons sack were alive and writhing, bringing further stimulation to my fevered soul. With each pulse of his nuts, came another gut punching squirt of demon seed.

T'zgali kept pumping my stomach full of cum. His roar and orgasm must have lasted for ten minutes or more. I am not sure about the time. I only remember gasping breathes of much needed air for my oxygen starved brain in between massive throat stretching thrusts from my masters cock. Its driving singular purpose seemed to exist so that it could deliver even more seed into my already bloated, sperm packed belly.

T'zgali Kept packing it in. My gut ached not only from the force of his ejaculation, but from the pain of being stretched so wide. It was a pain like being force-fed a gallon of water all at once while your throat was plugged so none of it could escape.

My mind shrieked in agony and my body whimpered in pain. T'zgali saw this and told me to give into the pain. To find my way through it to his pleasure.

Something physical snapped, like a breaking bone. I felt it. I thought I heard it somewhere in my sternum. I am not sure what happened, but at that moment, when I thought I would die, all I thought about was T'zgali and giving him pleasure.

In that moment, all the pain went away and my own cock, untouched the entire time began to hose and shoot ropes of cum 10 feet or more across the floor.

T'zgali pumped and pumped my bloated stomach full of cum. It felt like his sperm was packing my belly so full that it was literally squeezing my own seed out of my balls where it spurted uselessly on the floor in tribute to his masculinity.

When it was all over, I felt his mighty shaft soften and retract. Slowly, as it worked it's way out of my mouth, I felt it softly caress and stroke the inside of my throat. It was like his cock was telling me I had been a good boy. It was stroking and massaging my throat from the inside and the message was clear. I had served my master well.

Slowly, T'zgali pulled his shaft completely from my throat and I looked up at him in awe and wonder. My own cock was still hard and throbbing in obeisance to his power. I projected myself into his eyes and told him without words I would do anything he wanted.

I just knew, right then and there that I had found my place in the universe and it was at the feet of a demon named T'zgali.

Like a father speaking softly to a child that has done well, T'zgali complimented me on my giving myself to him.

He told me that my transition was almost complete. T'zgali said that when a day and night had passed, he would take me from the other end, breed my ass and make me into his woman.

I shuddered and sobbingly nodded my acceptance to his will and my fate.

T'zgali looked deep into my eyes and I saw genuine love reflected back at me. "Don't be afraid" he said. "You will love it and we will have many strong, beautiful children."

For 24 hours, I followed T'zgali around doing his bidding. I hung on his every word like a child. I can't explain what came over me, but I was in love with him like no one I had ever loved including my wife.

Slowly, my distended stomach digested the massive quantity of sperm that T'zgali had injected into me. It was once again resuming its flat, cut, muscled shape. Through out the 24 hour period, I kept begging T'zgali to fuck my throat again. My own cock was now hard all the time and had not gone down since our first encounter.

T'zgali told me that it was all normal and part of the process. He told me that I would always crave his seed. My cock would never go soft again. It was going to stay hard forever in ready supplication to his body.

I didn't understand the physical changes occurring in me. The how or why or when it would all happen. I expected to undergo some kind of sex change. T'zgali explained again to me that there were no females in their culture. Then, like some one opening a door or window and letting light in, it dawned on me.

My understanding of female was not what I thought. The demonic word that could not be translated was a term for a state of being in their culture, not a state of physical definition.He explained that though I would always be a man, I was now forever marked as a female according to his people and ways.

T'zgali patted my ass as he spoke. He told me that each Demonic male has within their sperm the source for life. When one man became a woman to another man in their culture, the male would pump his eggseed into the man and within that man, a baby would grow. Once the man had given birth to his first child, he was forever know from that point on as a woman and would assume the responsibilities for raising the child with the father.

There were some physiological changes that would occur within me, but they were mostly minor or internal and I would not notice them for the most part. Something contained within demon cum, when absorbed through the anal tissues, caused these changes in a man.

I wondered if there wasn't something else about demon cum, like whether or not it was addictive. If it was, it could explain a lot of my new outlook on life. T'zgali told me that it probably was. He told me that it was and is completely common among his people to pump each others bellies full of cum through the mouth. T'zgali said that when he couldn't drink cum, he went through cravings. The symptoms sounded like a smoker trying to quit without medication.

T'zgali smiled at me and told me that he was a bit worried about breeding me since I was a human, but he had done research and apparently when his people had visited earth, some men were able to bear Demonic babies.

Timing would be difficult and we would have to use the medical bay of his ship for the process. So though he was worried for my safety, he felt we could have a child together with reasonable assuredness that I would come through it fine.

T'zgali reached down and tussled my balls in his huge hand. "It's a pity you humans have such small testicles" he said. "Demonic women can bear 20 or 30 children. We will probably only be able to have 2 or 3 together."He said.

I did not understand it all and the damn translator was still missing an awful lot. What I was able to gather, was that the number of children the male body could give birth to was dependant on size of the testicles of the man.

My own testicles were quite large for a human, but next to T'zgali's, it was clear you could fit 4-6 of my balls inside just one of his oblong ram shaped nuts.

When I had digested all of T'zgali's seed, it was time for my breeding. Though I had never been fucked before, my hard cock throbbed in ache for my masters presence up my ass. I needed him to fill me in the worst way. The final possession if you will. I needed him to wipe away everything else and leave only my servitude to him.

T'zgali had stripped me and playfully slapped my face with his long thick cock. He smiled as I wantonly begged him for the favor of sucking him. "If I had of known you humans were such hot bitches," he said with a wink, "I would have went to earth years ago and snagged me a few."

I smiled at him and licked his cock head dutifully. I asked him if I could worship him with my mouth for a few moments and he nodded his head in agreement.

I looked at the massive penis in front of me in wonder. Slowly I pulled back the long red foreskin and saw the head of his manhood for the first time. It was a deep crimson and had spines all around the rim of the head, just like my tongue had felt. From each spine there was a row of small black bumps and they ran down the length of the head to the tip of the head, growing smaller and smaller towards the urethra. Each spine marked the start of a new row of tiny bumps down the head. It was like some one had laid careful beadwork down the head in thin rows of tiny black pearls.

The cock of my master was magnificent. From the meaty tip, with it's flexible spiny ridged head and its tiny rows of pearls, to the thick, massive shaft, with it's larger black pearls, in a spiral pattern from the root along the length of the shaft. It's prehensile ability to move in any direction it's owner desired spoke to me. I looked at my masters cock and understood what it was made for. This cock had been designed to provide the maximum amount of pleasure to whatever bitch it was fucked into. It was thick, heavy, meaty and solid, yet alive and moving with a will of its own.

I realized that my own ass was puckering with the thought of being pleasured by a cock so well designed. T'zgali not only had the most perfect cock I had ever seen for pleasing a partner, but he could also move his cock according to his will. It's prehensile qualities meant that he could search out the depths of any bitch and find every pleasure center.

Slowly a tear of precum formed at the head and I wantonly licked it off. "Oh master!" I begged, "fuck me now! Please, oh, please fuck me now!"

T'zgali smiled at me and told me to get on all fours like a dog. For his initial entry he would take me like an animal.

Obediently I assumed the all fours position and he knelt behind me. He drew out a tube of liquid. He said it was a sexual lubricant his people had developed for virgins.

T'zgali stroked my back and calmly told me that no matter how much lubricant he used, it was going to hurt initially. He told me that soon after, the pain would be replaced by pleasure.

I nodded my head, my body shook involuntarily and I said, "I am yours T'zgali, do with me what you will."

Slowly, he worked a lubricated talon into my ass, when it was up to the finger, he gently nudged my sphincter open and pushed inside.

The liquid lubricant, what ever it was, made my hole amazingly slick in almost no time. T'zgali chuckled and said I had a beautiful ass, made for fucking.

Slowly he inserted another clawed finger up my ass as he leaned forward and whispered in my ear. "Just think my little Joseph, this could have been you. Had you chosen to accept me, I would be under you right now quivering for your touch, begging for your cock."

I shuddered and shook my head. "No T'zgali, that was never meant to be. You and I, we both know now, this is how it had to be, how it was meant to be. You are my master now, I give myself to you body and soul. Use me, fill me, fuck me, take from me what you will. I am now yours to do with as you please. As it should be, as it was meant to be."

T'zgali smiled and nodded. "Consider that your wedding vow," he said. "You are now my property. Mine to use, mine to take when and how I please. I will ask and you will give without question or hesitation. I am your lord and master. I own you body and soul. I now take what is mine!"

With those words, T'zgali pushed his cock up against my virgin anal pucker. It refused to open and was far too small to admit such thickness. In a move faster than I had imagined, T'zgali placed his hands on my shoulders and then shoved forward hard, using his muscle to pull me backwards while his hips thrust forward. With one hard thrust, my ass was breached the massive bumpy head popped into me followed by the first 3 inches of his cock into my slick virginal asshole.

I shrieked in agony, I bit a hole in my lip and thrashed my head. Unlike any sane man would do, I refused to give into the instinct to flee and get that thing out of my ass. I held my ground and screamed as he took me. I would not shy away from my responsibility to my man. Even if it meant my death, he would have his will and my body would see it done.

On and on he stuffed a 14 inch cock as thick as a wrist up my once virgin, now ruined ass. My head swung from side to side and I gnashed my teeth. I howled and I screamed to god. I swore and I cursed. I pleaded for mercy and begged for damnation.

The ridges which I thought would bring pleasure, served to torture and shred my hole with mind numbing agony.

T'zgali kept stuffing himself into me. He would occasionally slap my face from behind to keep me rooted in the moment of the now. He wanted me conscious and fully aware when his final possession would be complete.

I felt him hit something deep inside of me and for a moment, his forward advance stopped. T'zgali grunted and using his inhuman strength, took hold of my hips while his penis began swishing around to probe out my rectum. Deep inside of me, I felt new pain as something deep inside of me gave way. My voice shrieked until it was hoarse and still I continued to shriek.

T'zgali kept pushing his cock deeper and deeper now. Apparently despite whatever kink in my guts he had run into, he had forced his way past it now and was deep into my belly.

The sweat from my head had by now formed a pool on the floor, my vision had dimmed to a tight tunnel and even T'zgali's slaps to my face were loosing their affect. My mind was slipping into the worst pain and torment of my life and it was then that I saw before me, the gates of hell.

There in the fire of my own mind and the turmoil of my body, my soul stood before the fiery gates. A deep voice boomed out demanding who dare stand before the gates of hell!

Unafraid, I stepped forward into the fire saying, "my name is Joseph Grrthich'a, servant and slave to my master T'zgali. Open and let me in!"

The gates of hell opened and at that moment, I was shown a garden of such beauty and delight that I knew my spirit had found its peace. In that same instant I was thrust back into my body with such force that the whole fiber of my being shook. I heard T'zgali telling me to "Open and let him in!"

My hole opened and the pain was gone. My body no longer was mine and now served one master, his name, T'zgali. I began to sing to my man in tongues that become more and more demonic with each passing moment.

I felt every ridge and pearl of his penis now and it made my anal ring sing with joy and my guts swoon with pleasure! Every spine, every vein was speaking to me, pleasuring me, showing me who I was and what I was meant to be.

I was a creature of pleasure and the cock of my master that was the well from which I drank. My hole was a tunnel of sensory delight and I pulled and milked my master with that tunnel. My bodies only desire now was to please the man who owned me.

T'zgali seemed to notice the change and began to ride me harder and harder. It felt like he was drawing my guts out with every outstroke and then packing them back in on every instroke. Each thrust was a lesson for my insides to learn his cock and accept it however it was put into me.

I backed up into my lord and swished my hips side to side. My penis, untouched, began to fountain sperm all over the room. My balls felt like they were being drained and pulled up into my cock.

T'zgali worked his shaft in and out of my ass, it was massaging and squeezing my prostate. Slowly, the base began to fill like a plug and then that even thicker, larger bulge forced itself along his shaft until it hit my anal ring.

Already stuffed and stretched beyond human capacity, I pushed out with all my might and the massive bulge forced its way into my ass, grinding my prostate and working my insides all the way to the head.

This pulsing, like a ball being forced through a hose kept on going. The shaft twisted and fucked inside of me. It forced my ass open and destroyed my insides. Nothing could survive the onslaught of anal pleasures being forced into my rectum.

I began to moan and sing without reason or words. My throat was making demonic sounds now and T'zgali looked down at me with shock and amazement. Over time, my tune and words formed demonic songs to his praise, telling him I loved him. Describing how beautiful our children would be. Begging him to use me for his pleasure.

In demonic, I pledged myself to him over and over again. I begged him to rut in me. To fuck me as hard and fast as he could. I wanted to be broken upon him so hard that I would never recover.

T'zgali, true to his nature, pounded my ass with furious abandon. He fucked me so hard and fast that the air was forced out of my lungs with each massive thrust. His cock was alive inside me, thrashing out of control like a wild beast, stretching and twisting my innards to its own mad dance.

I felt his pelvic bone crash against my own ass and felt the jarring of the sensations right to my own bones, deep in the marrow.

There was a cock in my ass that could never be replaced. It fucked me relentlessly and used me for the most base of urges. Passion was a thing of men and play. This fuck was something deeper. I was possessed by a primal rutting urge to mate, to breed, to procreate the species.

I was a vessel for that procreation now. Nothing more. I was a cock receptacle to be fucked and bred for my ability to bear the children of the master who my body and soul now served.

When my mind was gone and the primal rutting beast of the universe took its place, I became the hole. The receptacle for all. The never ending receiver of pain and pleasure. A hunger for cock that could never be filled. Needing more, always more.

The hole was there to be filled and then one day give birth. Only to be filled again. I touched the cosmos and felt the pain of one and the thrill of countless trillions.

T'zgali slapped me over and over and my animal self rode him harder. He began to slap my ass and face, urging me on like a stallion at full gallop trying to win a race. He smacked me and my body responded by giving him more.

My cock was still shooting cum. Where it was coming from, I have no idea. I didn't care. I was having anal orgasms that I never knew existed and the pleasure in my cock from its orgasm was almost nothing when compared to the thrilling ecstasy of rutting demonic cock in my ass.

Another hard slap and I felt my hip almost dislocate. Still my body urged him to use me harder. I wanted more cock in me! I wanted the universe to fuck me. I needed every creature with a cock to line up and pull a train on my ass until nothing of Joseph was left or existed. I wanted to be a hole that continued to get fucked and filled over and over again, for all time and eternity.

With a roar that I am sure must have been heard back on earth, T'zgali began to hose my guts with semen.

When he had fucked my mouth and throat, the pressure of each glob had been beyond belief. What was going on now was taking me to a new level. I can only describe it as if someone had shoved a fire hydrant up my ass and turned it on full bore. Nothing else could describe what it felt like.

My guts, amazingly enough were loving every minute of it. The demon god who's cock I now served was hosing and filling my guts with such intensity, quantity and ferocity, that I knew, any minute, demon sperm would be forced our of my mouth. It literally felt like I would explode as my body and spirit was saturated by his hosing demonic sperm.

Something was not right. His shaft had swollen at the base and was now forming some kind of plug. Nothing was coming out and I watched in freakish horror as my belly once again ballooned and distended into obscene round proportions.

T'zgali put a hand to my belly, massaging the sperm deeper and deeper as it hosed into me. The mere touch of his hand on the outer shell of my stomach was agony.

I was having trouble breathing and my breath was coming in short labored gasps. My mind was fogging over and yet I fought to remain with T'zgali. If I was to die, it would be in service to my master. I would not fail him by blacking out.

Willing myself from an oozing fucked out orgasmic stupor, I mentally commanded my anus to began to contract. T'zgali moaned at first in pleasure and then he groaned in agony. My anal muscles were doing the impossible. They were squeezing the shaft of my master and making him howl.

It was not malice, not revenge. T'zgali needed to know the pain. Needed to share this moment with me. He needed to feel the power of my fuck hole.

On and on my anus closed on him with inhuman strength. T'zgali's began to whimper and howl. In vain he tried to pull out as my ass squeezed and squeezed his cock.

Somewhere, my mind found his and the words came like water down a dry riverbed. "This is the hole of the universe. It is the chamber of all creation. You exist to fill me and serve me as I exist to be filled by you and to serve you." I don't understand how, but I knew T'zgali had heard the words and was now enslaved to their compact.

T'zgali began to shudder and his emerald eyes rolled back into his head. He nodded in tune with the pulsing squeezing of my anal embrace. His cock became his entire focus unlike any time he had rutted before in his life. He was nothing but a shaft of light to fill the hole.

We fucked back and forth through heaven and hell. T'zgali pumping his life essence into my body and my soul milking him for all he had to give. We were alive with orgasmic pulsing waves of universal energy and pleasure.

Slowly, I started to come around to my senses. I was in agonizing pain and I was still rooted to T'zgali's mighty cock.

I collapsed onto my forehead and slowly, my legs started to give way. T'zgali, who's body was draped over my back shook with afterglow pulses that brought yet one more small, tiny glob of demon seed into my obscenely stretched belly.

Gently, I lowered myself, bringing my lover down with me until I was laying down on my bloated belly with my demon lover on my back, still deep inside of me.

Slowly, T'zgali started to come around. He was woozy and uncertain of his own surroundings for a moment. His first words rang out in my soul and cemented my bond to him. "love, are you alright?"

I looked up into his eyes weakly and nodded, trying to smile, but only succeeding in baring my teeth and the two new fanged incisors inside my mouth. "Yes master, I am ok." I said and then nodded to the floor and into a deep sleep.

What happened to us, neither knows. There was nothing in the historical records of his people with any mention or reference of an experience like ours. Nor were there records of human beings taking on demonic traits like fangs or instantly being able to understand and speak demonic.

When I awoke, all I knew was my man was still up inside me. His cock was coiled around my prostate like a snake, gently milking it. T'zgali was bent almost in half, my cock in his mouth, suckling my seed, the seed his cock was forcing out of my nuts and prostate and into his hungry maw.

When he saw me stirring he smiled up at me and slowly pulled off my cock. "You have the most delicious seed." T'zgali said. "It has been a long time since I have tasted mothers milk."

I smiled at him and thanked him. "You fuck most divinely my lord." I smiled warmly as I said the words.

We both smiled and then kissed. T'zgali was stroking my body gently, with loving soft caresses. Slowly his cock began to slither out of my ass to flop onto the floor between our legs. Sore and tired, I none the less, moved myself down until his cock was at my mouth and I was nursing on it.

T'zgali looked down at my suckling mouth and shook his head in wonder. Then he said, "I have to urinate now my love" and started to pull his cock from my mouth.

I shook my head no and kept his cock in my mouth. Caressing it and thanking it for his fuck.

My master looked down at me and smiled. "You want everything my cock has to give now, don't you?" T'zgali said.

I nodded and told him with my eyes that everything his cock produced would now go directly into my belly.

T'zgali nodded and began to piss in my mouth. His urine was strong, slightly flavored and tangy. Greedily I gulped it all down, drawing spiritual nourishment from his golden offering.

When at last, when I thought my belly could hold no more, his flow finally slowed and then trickled to a halt.

I gently pulled off his cock after tenderly caressing it with my tongue and making sure I has cleaned and cared for it thoroughly. Without meaning to, just as I sat up, I let out a loud piss burp that had us both laughing so hard I almost lost his nectar and he almost pissed himself.

Later, as we were lounging in each others arms, I realized that I could not return home in my current state nor did I want to.

T'zgali had planted his seed in my belly and something had formed a plug in my guts to keep it all in. I was bloated like a pregnant woman at 9 months and this was only my first week of pregnancy.

My cock was still achingly hard and no matter what, would not go down. Over the course of a few days, I came to accept that clothes were simply too restrictive and it was painful to try and tuck my hard cock down a pant leg.

T'zgali said that most Grrthich'a simply walked around naked. Hard demonic cocks were more easy to deal with because demons could maneuver their cocks as they wished. It was easy to wear clothing if they chose or had need. "Most" he had said, just walked around naked, hard and proud of the master that had put them in that state. They were all warriors and none ever ceased to be a warrior despite the fact that an always hard cock which refused to ever go soft, indicated their status as Grrthich'a.

For whatever magic or force that had given me fangs, I could now speak demonic and our communication flowed between us like a great fountain of understanding. All that he had tried to explain to me before was now simple to understand.

I for instance understood now that whatever had transpired within me, my plumbing had been reworked some how. All my waste would be broken down and processed into a liquid form and come out in my urine. I would never shit again. Apparently my anus was now sacred ground where the future generations of our children would spring from.

Time moved on and I was brought up to speed on demon culture and etiquette. We stayed out in the deepness of space for the next 6 months. When our first child was born, it was difficult and the pain was enormous. You cannot know pain until your virgin ass has been fucked by a demon and then later you have given birth to his baby.

Demonic gestation periods are shorter and yet worse than human females. We start out with all the pains and symptoms of month 9 and yet have to carry our child in that state for 6 months.

Our first son was beautiful and had black nubs on his shoulder blades. T'zgali said it meant he would be a winged demon and those were rare. I was proud as can be.

He had some of my traits as well. Apparently while he grew in my belly, he had merged both parents DNA to form his new life. He had my face and white skin, his fathers hair, eyes, cock, horns and fangs.

T'zgali shook his head. "A white demon, no one is going to believe this when the see him" Proud father did not do T'zgali justice as he talked about his alabaster skinned son.

Feeding a demon infant is both a pleasure and a difficulty for the mother. I finally understood why testicle size mattered as to how many children I could bear.

A demon child nurses from his mothers cock and drinks semen. More than that, a key ingredient of the child's nourishment was derived directly from the tissue of the mothers testicles themselves.

Over the course of my feeding our son that first year, my testicles had diminished in size by about a third or so. The lost testicle mass had been consumed by our baby in my milky nourishing seed for his growth.

T'zgali told me that I could have children for as long as my balls held out. When my balls were gone and there was nothing left but an empty bag, my ass and belly would no longer form the plug that would keep his sperm in and allow a child to gestate and grow.

The shrinking testicles or lack there of in many cases made most mothers more docile and domestic. While still warriors and strong muscular men, they would achieve a level of softness and suppleness that was highly prized in demonic culture.

It was during my pregnancy that we had decided to sell my ship, the salvage from the battle cruiser and have T'zgali's ship completely overhauled and refitted at a demon star port. We renamed our ship "The Devils Hammer."

Our relationship is different from what I expected. Men of the Demon culture give their worldly possessions to their wives. So by becoming T'zgali's wife, I was given his ship and all his possessions. (If he had more than one wife, I would be given an equal share by the others, but for now, it is just the two of us.) We have a partnership that I find quite pleasing. I am actually the decision maker and captain. Yet always, he is my husband and master. The subtle complexities of such a relationship are exhaustive to tell in human terms.

My understanding is that wives seem to develop over time, more of a head for tactics and planning as well as long term strategy. I am in charge, yet I am subject to my husbands will. These are but a few of the complexities that are so very hard to explain adequately. As are gender roles. The terms man and woman for instance are really not descriptive of who we are, but the closest thing we can come to explain ourselves to outsiders.

We outfitted our ship with a new crew and I found myself in charge of three hunky demon men who had to obey me as captain.

I have decided not to visit my wife and children for now. I am not sure how to approach them or explain what has happened. With our cloak, it would be a simple thing to go to earth undetected and T'zgali has urged me to go there. Still, for the moment, I just don't know if it is better that they think I am dead than try to explain to them what I have become.

T'zgali says that I will have to visit at some point. If nothing else, to tell my wife it is over and give my other sons the opportunity to get to know me later in life when they have grown.

Demon children grow up so fast. By the end of our sons first year, he was as big as a 15 year old boy. He mostly ate solid food, but still nursed on my cock for nourishment once or twice a week.

We named him Braich't, a name he would keep until he is old enough to claim the name of an adult for himself. Braich't is a little small for his age, but his mind is brighter than his peers. His wings started to come in early as well. Beautiful black wing roots at the shoulders with each wing bone slowly turning fired red towards the tips. The webbing in between the wings, pure, pearlescent white. Braich't, our son is going to be something when he reaches adulthood at age 5.

After checking on the health issues involved and discovering there was no risk, I decided I needed to wean him early to save some of my testicles of our next son. You see, I want to give T'zgali as many sons as possible.

We are now setting course for his home world. T'zgali will officially register our union there and our son will have recognition. Braich't has been both popular and has also been teased during encounters with other demonic children of the same age. Yet his keen mind seems to always make up for his smaller size and alabaster skin which some find beautiful and others find revolting.

Where we go from here and what we do next is still up in the air. We could take on the role of Ambassadors to the Republic. There is a war going on with a race known as, "The host." We could become traders.

I am a slave to my husband, yet the decision for our course and future is my responsibility. I think I will try to get T'zgali to share his thoughts on what he would like the next time he is rooting up my manhole.


Copyright 2002 Morgan Blackthorne

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