Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, you're society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

A Different World, part 1


Written by Adam

As Erik rolled over in his sleep he suddenly came wide awake from feeling that the mattres was unusually lumpy, or rather stone hard, cold and damp. He opened his eyes and saw that he was lying on cobble stones that were mostly dry, only with a touch of morning dew on them. He also saw feet walking by, all in rather old fasioned, hand made shoes, not a sneaker to be seen. He hoisted himself up on his feet still slightly groggy and disoriented from having been asleep and also rather hung over. But he didn't get this drunk at that party last night, did he? He did remember, vaguelly, entering his house, sneeking past his parents room as silently as he could and falling over onto his bed, asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. He was certain he didn't just fall over and sleep in the gutter, especially not this gutter, because this was not on his way back from his bud's house to his own, in fact this was nowhere in Enköping, the city in Sweden where he had been born and grown up to be 16 years old. He looked about him. This was nowhere he recognized. This looked like some city that might have been built in the 16th century or something like that, like the Old Town part of Stockhom or the city of Visby on the island Gotland, which he'd visited last summer. But this wasn't the Old Town in Stockholm or Visby, he knew those places and he knew that although the houses there were old, people wore modern clothing, not... what looked to him like he figured 16th century clothing might have looked like. But at this point there was something more urgent calling on his attention, a feeling of something rising from his stomach up and filling his mouth. He bent over and barfed.

"Damn, I shouldn't have eaten that spicy sausage last night!" he said he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and then wiped the back of his hand against his Levi's jeans.

He walked to the nearest window and watched his own reflection and regretted it immediatly. "I look like I've died and come back", he thought as he saw the pale apparition in the window pulled his fingers through his greasy hair which was stood in all directions looking like a toothbrush that have been used to sweep a gravel garage drive the size of a soccer field. He started to walk down the street only stopping to barf some more a couple of times, but then he didn't have any more to barf up and he was beginning to feel a little better. He noticed that quite a few people that he met walking down the street were staring at him as though he was some kind of freak. He didn't blame them, having seen his mirror image and suspecting that they had probably never seen clothes like his, judging from what they wore.

"Hi!" he said to some of them.

They just stared back. He came to an intersection where he could get a view of a large part of the city, which seemed to be built more or less a on a cliff face, in a bit of a bay. Most streets were in the same direction, along the side of the cliff face with houses on the cliff side and an iron railing on the sea side. Far down there was a harbour with a few sail ships in it, but of a design that Erik never had seen, even in history books. Just by the harbour was a castle, or rather a fortress built on a rock of it's own. A large shadow passed him and he looked up to see what have caused it and saw something that looked like a dragon, at about ten feet from head to tail and a wing span that was slightly bigger. He also saw that there were someone riding it, sitting in some kind of saddle on it's long neck. As he looked around him he noticed that the sky was full of such dragons with riders. He also noticed something coming out of the dragon just passing above him, he reacted immediatly and ran away as fast as he could and the huge dragon turd missed him by inches as it landed just where he'd been standing.

"Watch out, below! You don't wanna get hit by that!" the rider of the dragon that had shat at him shouted.

"No kidding?" Erik shouted back.

Erik climbed on the railing to get past the turd to a flight of stone steps leading down towards the harbour. A few moments later the dragon that had almost hit him came down to fly along side Erik.

"I'm so sorry about that, I hope you didn't get hit!" said the dragon rider.

"No, but it was a close call" said Erik.

"I'd like to make it up to you anyway" said the rider.

Erik looked over at the guy on the dragon. He looked like he was about the same age as Erik, and wore a pair of trousers made from some kind of fabric that Erik didn't recognize and a pair of sandals. The boy's chest was bare, and boasted an athletic swimmers build and quite a tan. He had brown eyes and dark hair, cut short and looked blow dried which seemed strange as this seemed like a city where electricity wouldn't be invented for a few hundred years. There was a leather string across the boys chest holding the sword sheath hanging on his back, with a broadsword in it, the jewelled hilt of which could be seen over the boys left shoulder. The boy on the dragon was wery good looking Erik found himself thinking, and was surprised at this because he considered himself heterosexual, and would never admit that he often looked at other guys. The boy on the dragon smiled slightly and raised an eyebrow as he had the dragon hovering beside Erik.

"Hello? Houston calling!" said the boy on the dragon.

"What?" said Erik.

"I'd like to make it up to you, come meet me at the inn over there" said the boy and pointed to a place in the distance where Erik could see a large number of dragons sitting perched on wooden poles sticking out of the rock face.

"This doesn't seem like any place where anyone except me would now about a place called Houston" said Erik.

"That's because I, like many others here come from the same place as you" said the boy.

"And that is?" said Erik cautiously.

"A different dimension than where we are now, but I'll explain more when you get to the inn, the dragon can't hover for very long" said the boy and then flew off towards the inn that he had pointed at.

Erik started to walk in the direction of the inn, that the boy had pointed out to him. As he walked he looke out over the ocean towards the horizon where the sun was setting. Erik stopped walking. "How long did I sleep? I only just woke up and the sun is setting now" Erik thought. Erik shrugged and walked on down the steps to where they ended on the side of a street and was crossing the street to a wooden walkway that hade been constructed on the cliff face, and only led to the inn when somebody called out to him.

"Here, boy, stop where you are!" commanded the voice.

Erik stopped and turned around and saw a man, much older than him, wearing what seemed to be som strange kind of uniform, because it couldn't really be anything else.

"Yes?" said Erik.

"You're new here, aren't you?" said the officer.

"Yes, I am, why?" said Erik.

"Have you paid your respects to the Queen yet?" asked the officer.

"Er, no" said Erik.

"Well, you'd better get it over with right away, she always wants to meet the new boys to see if she wants them for love slaves" said the officer and grabbed Eriks arm with an iron grip that would leave bruises for days and walked off down the street dragging Erik along.

"Thank you, but there's someone waiting for me" said Erik, trying to resist the officers dragging him along.

"He can wait, the Queen can't" said the officer who didn't even get slowed down by Erik's attempts.

"But, what if I don't want to be a love slave to the Queen" complained Erik.

"It's not up to you, She decides. If She chooses you, you won't see your friend again, if She doesn't choose you.... well, then maybe you will see him"

Erik stopped struggling and walked along willingly, hoping for the best. The officer took him along a few more winding streets until they reache a draw bridge leading over to the fortress. The officer crossed the bridge, still dragging Erik along, across the quad and into the castle inside, through several corridors into the throne room. It was a large room, with a high ceiling in the middle, stone walls and pillars on three sides of the room except the far side where the throne was. A red carpet led up to the throne, which was on a small dais. In the throne, the Queen sat, dark skinned and wearing a black and gold 18th century dress which looked odd as almost everything else looked 16th century, but on the other hand, this wasn't the world Erik knew so centurys probably had a different meaning here. The Queen also wore a large gold crown with lots of jewels in it and on here fingers was something silvery which Erik couldn't see if it was supposed to be fake nails or claws.

"Kneel for the Queen" said the officer that had brought Erik and placed a hand on Erik's shoulder forcing him down on his knees before he walked off to one side and kneeled there with the rest of the court.

"Well, well, well, what have we here? A new boy from the other dimension, they do come here a lot nowadays" said the Queen with a deep mighty bass voice.

"Hey, you're no woman! Why do they call you 'queen' if you're a man?!" Erik shouted.

The Queen walked stepped down from the dais and slapped Erik so hard that he was flung to the ground and also gave him a slight scratch with one of the fake claws.

"My my, he needs manners!" said the Queen.

Erik started getting up on his feet again but the Queen put a hand on his shoulder and pressed him down on his knees again.

"Yes, I am a man... in drag, in fact I'm a drag queen, and I am the ruler of the male part of our world so I am the Queen even though I am a man" said the Queen, still with the hand on Erik's shoulder.

"Come to think of it, I don't I've seen any woman since I came here" said Erik, thinking aloud.

"That's because all the women live on the island you might have seen if you looked out to sea, they keep to themselves mostly" said the Queen.

"I saw it" said Erik.

"Good. Now, from now on you will only speak when spoken to" roared the Queen.

"But.." began Erik but got cut off by another bitch slap from the Queen just as hard as the first one.

"I think I'll keep him as a love slave after all, it's been so lonely here since I decided to execute the last one, and I think I can teach this one some manners" said the Queen and walked back to her throne and sat down.

Erik sat on the floor, affraid to do anything at the moment.

"I think I'll begin teaching him at once, come over here, boy and suck my cock" commanded the Queen.

Erik didn't do anything, he just sat still, sobbing now. The Queen gave a signal to the officer that had brought Erik who walked over to where Erik sat, picked him up and pushed him in front of himself up to the throne and tried to push Erik down on his knees again. The Queen pulled her skirts up revealing no underwear but a huge, erect cock. Erik freaked and started struggling even more against the officer's attempts to get him on his knees between the Queen's legs and tried to kick the officer behind him. Erik didn't manage to hit the officer but he did accidentally kick the Queen right in the most tender place and the Queen doubled up immediatly as everyone else in the room gasped!

"Sorry!" said Erik.

"'Sorry'? No, you're not sorry now, not as sorry as you will be tomorrow when you get decapitated! I wan't his head on the block tomorrow at dawn!" shouted the Queen.

"Don't you think you're overreacting a bit? I didn't mean to kick you there!" wailed Erik.

"Throw him in jail and execute him tomorrow!" shrieked the Queen.

Another officer joined the one that was holding Erik and holding an arm each they dragged Erik down to the dungeons where they flung him into a cell. Erik got up from the floor and crawled up on the cot that stood in one corner and stopped when he noticed he put his hand on somebody's leg. He looked up and as his eyes got used to the darkness he saw that a boy at his own age was sitting there.

"So you're the one who kicked the Queens nuts" said the boy in the cell.

"How can you know that already?" asked Erik

"The grape wine works quick here" said the boy.

"And you are?" said Erik.

"I'm the Queen's last love slave, though I'm to be executed tomorrow too, just before you I guess" said the boy.

"Oh, sorry to hear that, but why does he... she... it want to execute you?" said Erik.

"She noticed that I stopped faking enjoyment when She fucked me, I don't mind 'cause I rather have sex with guys my own age than that bitch so if I can't do that I might as well die" said the boy.

"I wish I could help you get it with someone your age one last time, but I'm not gay" said Erik.

"Yes, you are, otherwise you wouldn't be here in this strange world, everyone here is gay" said the boy.

"I'm not, so there must have been some mistake or you're wrong and not everyone is gay here" said Erik.

"I didn't know I was gay when I came here... but then I did it with a guy for the first time... that was before I ended up as a love slave for the Queen... and having done that I knew I was gay" said the boy and moved closer to where Erik sat and put a hand on Erik's thigh.

Erik looked at the boy. He was blonde, and had dark eyes he was quite dirty and greasy haired though, probably from having been in this cell for a while. He also seem to have some muscles, even if he wasn't as well built as Erik.The boy looked at Erik a moment for approval but after a while he moved the hand away from Erik's leg and started to feel Erik's pecs though his t-shirt. Erik admitted to himself that he had actually fantisized about doing it with guys occasionally, often he fantisized about doing it with some of his buddies but he usually denied it to himself. But if he was going to be dead in the morning and no one at home probably never would see him again or know what had happened to him, he might as well try gay sex just this once. He noticed he had been looking inte the boy's eyes while he had been thinking this and the boy had stopped his caresses and simly looked back, probably wondering what he was thinking. Suddenly Erik leaned over and kissed the boy on his lips as though a tractor beam in the boy's eyes had drawn his head closer 'til their lips met. The boy opened up his lips and their tongues met and entangled. After quite a long while the boy disengaged himself from Erik.

"So I guess you're granting a condemned guy his last wish?" said the boy.

"Yeah, I thought 'what the heck, no one at home is ever gonna know about it anyway'" said Erik and smiled.

"Wow, you really have a way with words" said the boy.

"I'd like to know who I'm doing it with however, I'm Erik" said Erik.

"I'm Peter, I'm from Australia in our dimension" said Peter.

"I'm from Sweden, but we appear to be speaking the same language and it isn't Swedish or English" said Erik.

"Take's to long to explain, and if we're both gonna die tomorrow then it doesn't really matter" said Peter and started kissing Erik again.

Erik felt Peter's hand on his thigh, moving along the inside of his leg up toward his groin.

Leaving you with a bit of a cliffhanger there.... though I hope I don't ruin it for you by saying that Erik is one of the main characters who will remain to be that to the very end of the story which will be far more than two parts... If you have any comments or suggestions, then write me at my_evil_twin47@yahoo.com I will start to write part two as soon as I see that part 1 has been accepted and published.