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A Different World, part 10

'Guns and Ammo'

Written by Adam

"Here! Drink this!" Michele said and gave Thomas a small vial containing a clear liquid.

"What's this?" Thomas said and looked suspiciously at the vial.

"A sleeping potion which works practicly instantly, now hurry if you wanna save Erik's boyfriend" Michele said.

"Please!" Erik begged.

Thomas looked at Erik's pleading eyes and then emptied the vial. Thomas felt his eyelids get heavy and then fell asleep on the chair. The others looked into the bowl of water and saw Thomas wake up and raise to a sitting position and then turned to Per who was sitting in the chair by the computer, holding a gun with the barrel in his mouth.

"Please, don't do it!" Thomas exclaimed.

Per squeezed the trigger and there was a loud 'click' and nothing more. He took the gun out of his mouth and looked at it with surprise.

"Please, put the gun away" Thomas pleaded as he climbed over Peter's sleeping form onto the floor causing the bed to bob and Peter to stirr in his sleep while the awake Peter looking at it all from the other world yawned.

"Don't come any closer!" Per said, voice cracked from crying, and pointed the gun at Thomas and doing so accidentally squeezed the trigger again.

The gun went 'click' once more. Thomas stopped and jerked back a bit out of reflex thinking he'd been shot and looked down at his stomach where Per had been pointing the gun but he didn't see any bleeding or feel any pain and then he realized the gun had never fired. Per looked pale as a ghost with the shock of nearly having shot Thomas.

"I'm sorry!" Per said and put the gun to the side of the head and squeezed the trigger once more and once more it went 'click'

"The gun is not loaded" Erik said in the other world.

"The gun is not loaded" Thomas said having heard Erik's voice in his head.

"That gun only loads eight bullets and Hans shot me eight times" Erik said, remembering the scene.

"The gun only loads eight bullets and Hans shot me... Erik eight times" Thomas repeated and corrected himself.

"What?" Per said.

"The person who is being watched by the ring can hear the voices of the people watching him in his head" Michele said.

"Erik just told me that from the other world, he and Peter are watching this from there and anything they say while watching me, I can hear in my head" Thomas translated.

"Stop talking about that damned other world! It doesn't exist! It's just something you've made up and tricked Erik and Peter into believing and now Erik's dead because of it!" Per screamed and pointed the gun at Thomas again and deliberatly squeezed the trigger twice more and the gun went 'click, click'.

"Stop doing that!" Thomas yelled angrily and took the gun out of Per's hand and managed to remove the clip with some effort as he had never handled a gun before.

"See! It's empty!" Thomas said showing Per the empty clip.

"I'm sorry!" Per said quietly, the tears streaming down his cheeks and then embraced Thomas.

"Oh my God, I wish I could be there to hold him" Erik said.

"Erik just said he wishes he could hold you now" Thomas said.

"I wish I was holding him instead of you, 'cause he wouldn't go on about some fantasy world which doesn't exist" Per said.

"Didn't you just apologize for saying those things?" Thomas said.

"No, I apologized for pointing the gun at you and trying to shoot you" Per said.

"Apology accepted" Thomas said.

"You shouldn't say those things about Thomas, he's a good guy and this world is real and I'm here with Peter, watching over you" Erik said.

"I can't say that, he'll just think it's me saying that" Thomas said.

"What? What are you talking about? Who are you talking to? What can't you say?" Per said.

"Erik tried to say something to you, I think he forgot that you can't hear him" Thomas said.

"Oh God, I miss him so" Per said.

"That's exactly what he said about you this morning" Thomas said.

"Oh, so you didn't hear his voice saying that in your head just now?" Per said slightly sarcastically.

"No, he said that this morning before we left for this island we're on now" Thomas said.

"I still miss you, but it feels a bit better now that I can see you and talk to you" Erik said and on the other side Thomas repeated his words.

"I don't want to be alive here any more! I want to die and join him over there if that world really exists... and if it doesn't I'll be gone anyway and won't have to feel so much pain from missing him! Get me a bullet for the gun or a knife so I can kill myself!" Per cried angrilly.

"No! You will not commit suicide! If you do you won't join him in the other world and then he will be even more sad over there for he will have lost you forever. You have to wait for your time to die and then you will join him" Thomas said.

"But you said gay people who commit suicide do go there!" Per cried.

"Yes, those who kill themselve 'cause they can't accept their own homosexuality or 'cause they're surrounded by intollerant people who can't accept them for who they are... but you're at peace with who you are and got people who love you for who you are so suicide isn't an option for you" Thomas said.

"Why should I believe you?" Per cried.

"Because I tell the truth, you just have to trust me on this" Thomas said.

"No! I don't believe in this world of yours I'm gonna kill myself now!" Per said and got up and walked towards the door of the room.

Thomas rushed forward and positioned himself between Per and the door, leaning his back against the door.

"No, I won't let you commit suicide!" Thomas said.

"Do you have any more of that sleeping potion?" Peter asked and Michele nodded and handed him another vial.

"What are you going to do?" Thomas said.

"I'm gonna kill myself, move aside!" Per said.

"No you're not, but I wasn't talking to you!" Thomas said.

"Really? You where talking to Erik again I suppose?" Per said angrilly.

"No, I was talking to Peter, he's ready to drink the same sleeping potion as I did so he'll fall asleep over there and wake up over here" Thomas said.

"Sleeping potion?" Per said.

"Yes, when we saw you bring out that gun and put it into your mouth I took a sleeping potion so I could wake up here and stop you" Thomas explained.

"But the gun wasn't loaded" Per said.

"I only remembered how many time's I'd been shot when the gun clicked the first time, and besides we didn't know you hadn't reloaded it... and you didn't seem to realize it wasn't loaded either" Erik said and Thomas repeated his words adding that Erik had said it.

"Okay, I guess I could buy that...." Per said, getting intrigued.

"So, will you finally believe in the other world if Peter came awake on demand and spoke to you as if he'd been awake all the time and.... wait a second... what are you doing over there boys? ... oh... and delivered a return kiss to the one I delivered to Erik before?" Thomas asked.

"I would believe you if Peter came awake right now and delivered the kiss right away and then spoke to me as though he'd been awake the whole time" Per said.

"Did you get that?" Thomas asked looking up "Okay, he's comming" he then said to Per.

Peter suddenly came awake, got out of bed and walked over and put his hands on the sides of Per's head and then gave him a long passionate tongue kiss.

"That certainly was one of Erik's kisses" Per said.

"Have you gone off the idea of killing yourself yet?" Peter said.

"At the moment. But I'm still not entirelly convinced of this other world, can you hear Erik's voice in your head too?" Per said.

"Yes, apparently the ring that makes it possible to see this world from the other is watching both of us and therefore I can hear everything that is said over there" Peter said listening to Michele's voice in his head.

"Er, right, some kind of magical ring I suppose" Per said.

"Yes, and like all magical objects they can be transported between worlds if they are worn or held onto when we dreamers fall asleep, like these medalions" Peter said, pointing to his own medalion hanging round his neck.

"They're magical? They don't seem very magical to me" Thomas said looking at his own medalion.

"Apparently they are. Anyway, Michele has given us a ring each, she had three extra which she since long suspected were meant for us and I put mine on before going to sleep. We need some water in a bowl." Peter said and showed the gold ring on his right hand finger that hadn't been there before he woke up.

"We could use the wash basin in the bath room" Thomas said.

"Good, come along Per, you're gonna see Erik" Peter said and they all marched out of the room towards the bath room.

"While they're going, let me try something" Michele said and moved her ringed hand over the bowl once more.

"What are you doing?" Erik asked as the image of the three boys walking in line only flickered for a moment and suddenly he saw Per stop walking so Peter who was behind him walked into him.

"I heard Erik's voice in my head, he said; 'What are you doing?'" Per said.

"You heard that too?" Thomas said.

"I think Michele made it so the ring is showing all of you now, and that's why Per can hear me too" Eriks voice said.

"Who's this Michele you keep mentioning, I thought there were only gay people in that world of yours" Per said.

"There are lesbians there too, they live on this island that we've gone to in the other world, 'cause the Queen can't reach us there. Michele is the elected ruler of the island" Thomas said as they continued into the bathroom.

"But the ring couldn't show Per alone before, it had to show us instead" Peter said as Thomas put the plug in the wash basin and turned on the cold water tap.

"Turn on the hot water as well, it works better with warm water" a womans voice said in the three boy's heads and Thomas turned on the hot water tap as well.

"You must be Michele. How do you do!" Per said.

"How do you do. I guess you must have decided not to commit suicide, which would mean that you've entered the path that eventually will bring you to this world and that's why the ring can see you" Michele said.

Thomas turned off the taps as the basin was full.

"If she could hear what I said then Erik must hear this too?" Per said.

"Yes I can hear you, love" Erik's voice said cracking a bit from crying.

"Now Peter, concentrate to think of Erik and move your ringed hand over the water like you've seen me do and quietly say the mantra I taught you" Michele's voice instructed and Peter obeyed.

The water went dark as it showed the dark room in which Erik and Michele sat. At first they saw the room from above and Peter and Thomas could see that they were no longer at the table but lying on a cot each in the corner of the room. Then they saw Erik move his head closer to the bowl of water on the table and the image changed to a close up of his face from in front as though Per was in the same room watching the reflection of each other's face on the water. Or even more like they were looking at each other's face directly and both boys started to cry. Per stretched out his hand and touched the water and ripples went across Erik's face. Erik reached out his hand to where the image of Per's hand was so as to touch each other but they could only feel the warm water. Thomas and Peter moved aside discreetly to let Erik and Peter be alone with each other and in the other world Michele did the same.

"Michele had a girl move a cot into the room and I helped put you onto it to make it more comfortable for you, apparently she must have had the same done for me" Peter said to Thomas outside the bathroom.

"I love you" Per said.

"Love you too" Erik said and yawned.

"Hey, sleepy head!" Per said.

"I've been awake in this world since about five in the morning when I woke up here just after having been shot and now it's well past midnight, so naturally I'm tired" Erik said.

"But I want to talk some more with you" Per complained.

"We will. I have a ring of my own and can watch over you whenever I want to and when I speak you'll hear my voice in your head and if you're alone or with Thomas and Peter who knows you can speak back and I'm sure they'll let you see me from time to time using their rings" Erik said.

"Ofcourse we will" Thomas said, having returned into the bathroom with Peter who merely nodded to indicate that he too would help.

"Now, go and get dressed you hunk, there's a new day ahead of you and I will get some sleep now, and I promise to dream of you" Erik said with a weak smile from a face marked by crying.

"Aye sir" Per said echoing the words Erik had said to him so often when Per wanted something of him and the tears started streaming again down two sets of cheeks in two worlds.

"Love you" Erik said.

"Love you too" Per said.

"What's going on here?" Thomas' dad said having awoken from the talking in the bathroom and as he entered the spell broke and the only reflection on the water was of Per's face.

"Nothing, dad, Per is just having a tough time right now, been crying all morning but he's alright now" Thomas said.

"Okay, sorry. Didn't mean to disturb you. Are you okay?" Thomas' dad said and Per nodded and bent over and washed his face with it.

Erik smiled again as he watched Per bend over the basin and put water on his face and then dried himself with a towel.

"Yeah, you're going to be just fine, and we'll keep in touch through the rings. Good night, or in your case it's good morning. Get dressed and stay with Thomas and Peter today, they'll take care of you. Go to that cafe where I introduced you to them the other day... and enjoy yourselves and don't think too much of the murder but think of me alive and well here. Love you" Erik said.

"Yeah, I'll be just fine, Thomas and Peter are going to take me out on the town, right?" Per said.

"Sure, how about we go to some cafe?" Thomas said and smiled knowingly.

"Great idea, I'm sure Erik would have wanted us to do that" Peter said.

"Er good... you guys aren't telepathic or something? You all went strangely quiet for a while as though you were thinking the same things or listening to some inner voice or something" Thomas' dad said.

The boys could hear Erik laugh at this and they all smiled with him, seeing the joke which escaped Thomas' dad.

"Yeah, we're all telepathic aliens who have replaced your son and his friends" Thomas said.

"Very funny, keep that up and I won't let you watch any more 'Star Trek' reruns" Thomas' dad said.

"Live long and prosper" Peter said, making the Vulcan salute.

"Qapla'!" Per said.

"Now you're definatly not going to watch any more 'Star Trek'" Thomas' dad said.

"Okay dad" Thomas said.

"One more thing; put some clothes on, Earthlings don't go to cafes in their underwear" Thomas' dad said and returned to his and his wifes' bedroom.

The boys could hear Erik laughing in their heads and when Thomas' dad closed the bedroom door they laughed too and returned to Thomas' room where they put their clothes on.

"Good night love, sleep well. Kiss" Per said and made a kissing sound as he pulled his pants on.

"Good night love, kiss kiss" Erik said and also made kissing sounds.

"Now get to bed and get some sleep, young man" Michele said and moved her hand over the water and the image of Peter, Per and Thomas disappeared.

"One more thing, Erik... Erik?... Erik?" Thomas said.

"I think Michele broke the contact and put Erik to bed" Peter said.

"Yeah. Are you okay, mate?" Thomas said.

"Yes, now that I know that he's there and alive, I'm okay" Per said.

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