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A Different World, part 11

'Psycho Boy'

Written by Adam

Hans was tied, hands and feet to the bed posts, lying face down on the Queens bed and once more being fucked by this psycho boy who appart from fucking Hans liked to walk about in dresses and having people decapitated. But thing that Hans hated the most was that he was beginning to like the sensation of another guy's cock moving in and out of his ass, he was beginning to feel pleasure from it and he felt he wouldn't mind actually letting someone do it to him in the real world... and not just in this nightmare world. He felt the pleasure spread through his body and suddenly he could feel something sticky between his belly and the bed spread. He had felt so good he had cum and now hated himself for it. He didn't want to be a faggot. He didn't want to be different. He didn't want to feel pleasure from being fucked by another guy but he knew that he certainly would feel pleasure from being fucked by another guy than psycho boy here. For as long as he'd remembered he'd felt that he was different than other boys.

Upon entering puberty he'd noticed he was attracted by other boys, that he was looking at their bodies in the showers after gym class and that he even fantisized about them and he hated himself for it, and had been taught by his parents that it was a sin and that 'Jesus hates faggots' by his parents since long before he even knew what the word meant. He wanted to be normal and like girls, but when he looked at them he felt nothing. He'd stolen porno magazines and looked at the pictures of nude women and watched porno movies on cable TV and didn't even get an erection except for one time when he'd watched it with a couple of his friends and then he only got an erection from watching the other boys having erections and jacking off to the movie. He'd felt an urge to reach over and touch their cocks and hated himself for feeling that so he'd looked back at the TV so he'd get turned off and not feel that urge any more.

He was affraid that if he ever met someone who was gay he'd be unable to resist being seduced by him so to protect himself he turned his disgust with himself into hatred of other gay people. Then he'd met Jonas, a member of Gustav's gang of nazis and Jonas had promissed on behalf of Gustav that Hans could join them if he'd perform a rite of initiation which in his case would be to kill a faggot. And now he'd killed Erik who had turned out to be a faggot and he felt glad he had done it because Erik was a really good looking guy and the one guy Hans had fantisized most about while jacking off alone and if Erik had tried to seduce him he'd been completly unable to resist so now that threat was out of the way but at the same time Hans hated himself for having killed Erik because it was a horrible murder he'd commited and he'd been taught by his parents that "murder was almost as bad as homosexuality", and also Erik had been Hans' best friend in school, the one guy he'd been most comfortable being around, 'cause Erik had always been so friendly, good humored, charming and beautiful, and come to think of it Hans had been in love with Erik though he would never had admitted that to himself even, until now.

The boy that was the Queen let out a long groan and then pulled his dick out of Hans' ass. Then he picked upp the dagger lying on the bed and cut the ropes that tied Hans to the bed.

"I'm free to go?" Hans said rubbing his wrists.

"You can go anywhere you like, you're my prince remember. There are just a couple of formalities that we'll take care of tomorrow and then it's official" the boy said.

"What formalities are those?" Hans said suspiciously.

"First we'll marry and then you'll be crowned" the boy said.

"Marry? As in 'with this ring I thee wedd'?" Hans said.

"Yes... no... well there are rings involved, magical rings in fact, that allows you to gaze from one world into another but appart from that the actual wedding ritual is quite different" the boy said.

"I'm not going to marry another guy, magical rings or not!" Hans said.

"Would you rather I cut your throat?" the boy said and once more held the dagger att Hans' throat.

"If you put it like that I find your proposal hard to refuse. Very well, I'll marry you" Hans said desperatly.

"Good. But I need you to keep working for me now, even though you're not officially my prince yet" the boy said.

"I guess I'd better get back on the bed then" Hans sighed and started taking of his jeans that he'd been putting on.

"What? No, silly! Having sex with me is not your job, you'll be doing that 'cause you like it soon enough, no I want you to finish the work you started so nicely by killing that fucking little bitch Erik in the real world so I only have to find him here and then be rid of him" the boy said.

"What? How can you know about that unless you're some halucination or dream produced by my own brain" Hans said.

"No, I'm most real, but you were working for me when you did killed him even though you weren't aware of it at the time, and now there's only two more to go" the boy said.

"You want me to kill two more? I feel bad enough about killing Erik" Hans said.

"You shouldn't! He was a prick, kicked me in the groin the first thing when he got to this world so he deserved every one of those eight bullets you put through him" the boy said.

"So if I do as you say, who are the two you want me to kill? Well, the guy he was kissing gotta be one of them I guess, I was at a party at his house the other day, Per I think his name is" Hans said trying to buy time.

"Who? No, not him, he'll have committed suicide by now and won't be coming here, or else I would have been able to see him with my ring and I made sure he would find the gun I made you drop into the bushes so he would use it to kill himself over the loss of his loved one" the boy said and laughed.

"Whatever, so who are those other two then?" Hans said.

"I'll show you and demonstrate your weddingring at the same time, come here" the boy said putting on a small loincloth and walked over to a wash stand with a bowl of water on it and picked up a ring that was lying by the bowl and put it on Hans finger.

"Shouldn't that wait until the wedding tomorrow?" Hans said.

"Yes, I'm only letting you try it on for now. Now, repeat after me" the boy said and moved Hans' hand, palm down over the water while saying strange words that Hans repeated and an image apperared.

In the water Hans saw Thomas, Peter and Per sitting outdoors at a cafe, drinking coffee, talking and laughing but he couldn't hear anything they said except as weak whisper. The boy that was the Queen reacted strongly to seeing Per alive.

"What the fuck! He was supposed to have commited suicide by now!" the boy said.

"Apparently he didn't, maybe you shouldn't have made me fire all eight bullets into Erik but leave at least one for him to commit suicide with" Hans said and the boy answered by giving Hans a very angry look but then calmed down.

"You're right, but you can't really blame me, I know nothing about guns. Guns hadn't been invented when I lived in your world three thousand years ago" the boy said.

"You don't look that old" Hans said and the boy smiled at him as if he hadn't been flattered in 3000 years.

"Anyway, it's the other two at that table that I want you to kill first, I'll have to check a few things before I ask you to kill that Per fellow" the boy said.

"So who are they? I think I have seen that dark haired boy around town, but I've never seen the small blond one" Hans said.

"The dark haired one is Thomas, he's the most dangerous one to me. Like five minutes after he appeared in this world he'd become leader of the anarchist terrorists that want me, their rightful ruler off the throne. The blond one is Peter. I believe he's from some place called Austria or Australia or something and he's apparently staying with Thomas as an ... exchange student I think it's called" the boy said.

"And he's an anarchist terrorist too?" Hans said.

"No, he was a member of my harem before but he started refusing to fake pleasure when I was fucking him so I decided to have him executed but Thomas rescued him and Erik right in front of my eyes. Thomas I have ordered killed on sight, by the way" the boy said.

"So, since you couldn't kill them before, you want me to do it for you now?" Hans said.

"No, like I said before I want you to kill them in your world so they will be trapped in this one and then you'll use this wedding ring of yours in your world to see where they are in this world and then I can send my army against them" the boy said.

"Why don't you just use your rings to watch what they are doing in this world right now?" Hans asked.

"Stupid boy!" the boy who was Queen said and slapped Hans.

"What did I say now?" Hans said.

"These rings can only see what's happening in the other world, from the rings' point of view. If it was where they were here then I would have rounded them up and killed them long ago, then I wouldn't need you and could just stab you like this!" the boy said and stuck the dagger into Hans' chest.

"And how am I supposed to help you if you kill me?" Hans said gasped as he felt life oozing out of him.

"I'm not killing you, I never stabbed you, I just put the idea in your mind that I did, because if I had stabbed you you would be dead now in both worlds" the boy said and no longer appeared to be sticking a dagger in Hans chest and the wound was gone.

"Alright, but I'm new here, so it was a little hard for me to know that the rings couldn't see this world" Hans said, looking down at the place where there just appeared to have been dagger sticking out of him.

"Oh... I forgot... sorry" the boy said.

"So how do I get there to my own world so I can carry out my... mission?" Hans said.

"It's easy, you just fall asleep here, and then you'll wake up there and can get out of that damned hospital" the boy said.

"Get of the hospital... ofcourse, but what if i haven't healed properly yet?" Hans said.

"You're well enough, the doctors stitched up that stabwound Gustav put in you pretty well and it's healing well... though it probably started bleeding again just now" the boy said and moved his hand over the water and the image of Hans asleep in a hospital bed appeared and indeed there was a red stain on the bandage over his stab wound wich coincided with were the boy had appeared to stab him.

"Oh my God, there I am... and my parents are sitting there too" Hans said.

"Give me a good night kiss and then I'll put you to sleep" the boy said.

Hans looked at the boy and thought 'after haveing been forced to suck his cock and being fucked by him I guess a kiss can't be that bad'. Hans stepped forward and embraced the boy and pressed his lips against the boys and would have ended it there but the boy opened his lips and stuck his tongue out and forced it between Hans' lips till it med Hans' tongue and then he gave in and let his tongue tangle with the boy's tongue for a while and found it wasn't too bad as long as he closed his eyes and imagined Erik kissing him instead. Then the boy broke the kiss and slapped Hans again.

"That's for imagining kissing Erik" the boy said.

"What?" Hans said.

"I'm telepathic, stupid. Now get to bed and sleep!" the boy said and pointed.

Hans started to walk towards bed but only got halfway before the boy picked up a metal pot and banged it into the back of Hans' head so he was knocked out cold.

"Sweet dreams my prince" the boy said and then picked up Hans and put him to bed and left the room.

"Are you alright there?" Hans' dad said.

"What happened?" Hans said holding the back of his head which was hurting and started getting up from the floor.

"You fell out of bed and hit your head" Hans' mom said.

"Oh, yeah, I had this weird dream..." Hans said and as his dad helped him back into bed he looked around the room and it looked exactly like he had seen in that bowl of water.

"Well, you've had high fever for a while, that might explain the weird dreams" Hans's dad said.

"Right" Hans agreed as he was unwilling to tell them about Psycho Boy who had raped him, proposed to marry him and asked him to kill more people.

"By the way, where did you get that ring? It's a very nice looking ring and expensive looking too" Hans' mom said.

Hans brought his hand up and looked at the ring that Psycho Boy had put on his finger in the dream. 'It was a dream wasn't it?' Hans thought to himself.

"Uh, I don't remember, mom... I've been having trouble remembering things since they beat me up... I think I may have found it somewhere... digging for worms to go fishing and thought it was nice so I cleaned it off... yeah, that was it" Hans said.

"If you were stupid enough to go fishing in the quarry I can understand they beat you up, there isn't any fish there" Hans' dad said.

"I know that, and I didn't go there to fish I went down to the Monastery Park by the stream to fish a day or two before I was beat up... Then I was just going for a walk passing by the quarry and I guess they just didn't like the way I looked or they were doing something illegal and thought I saw it" Hans said.

"Well, just lie back and rest for a while more, and the doctor will take a look at the stab wound" Hans' dad said.

"The doctors says you have healed up remarkably well appart from the stab wound that started bleeding again" Hans' mom said.

"It's the food, they deliberatly make it really terrible so you'll want to get well and out of here as soon as possible" Hans said which made his parents laugh.

"I see we've got another satisfied customer of the hospital kitchen, I'll tell them how much you like it so they'll give you a double helping for dinner" the doctor said coming into the room.

"But the thing that's kept me alive is this guy's wonderful sense of humor" Hans said indicating the doctor.

"Now, let's take a look at this bleeding wound of yours" the doctor said and carefully removed the bandage.

"Great bandage doc, it's removed the wound completly" Hans said as he looked down on his unharmed body.

"What the f... excuse me, but this is really strange" the doctor said feeling the spot where the wound had been with his fingers. Now there wasn't as much as a scar even, just smooth skin and some traces of dried blood.

"Can I go home now" Hans said.

"Well, I'll be damned... er... I mean... er... how do you feel?" the doctor said.

"I'm still a bit sore where they kicked me but otherwise I'm fine" Hans said.

"I want to get an x-ray to see if your ribs are still broken before I let you go" the doctor said.

"Fine by me" Hans said, knowing that the ribs would have healed just as incredibly as the stab wound.

"But by the way you look and your mood I'd say you'll be out of here in a few hours" the doctor said and left the room.

The Queen looked in the bowl of water and smiled. He started to put away the magical items he had used to make Hans well thinking that this was probably the first time he had used them to heal someone besides himself in at least 2000 years 'cause ordinarily when he didn't use them on himself he usually used them to hurt people or even kill them in the other world so they would be brought here prematurelly by giving them heart attacks or strokes... but he wouldn't have been able to use that on Erik, that would have been to suspicious, too easy and not cruel enough.

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