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A Different World, part 12

'Instant Messenger'

Written by Adam

"Hello beautiful" Erik said, looking down into the bowl and he saw Per move from a rather gloomy look to shining like a sun.

Erik was sitting in the same room as earlier in the palace and looking into the bowl where he saw Per, Thomas and Peter sitting on a lawn with some stones in rows visible in the grass marking out where walls had been in a building that had been there several centuries ago.

"Don't talk to yourself like that, say hello to me instead" Per said.

"I did say it to you? Whaddaya mean 'talk to myself'?" Erik said.

"Well you used the word beautiful and that only applies to you not to me" Per said and Peter and Thomas smiled.

"No, you're beautiful. I've said that you are and therefore it's true" Erik said.

"No, I'm just ordinary looking, you're the beautiful one" Per said.

"Are you denying a dead man his last wish?" Erik said.

"A last wish has to be made before you die so in this world it's too late and over there... it's hopefully a long time before you die" Per said.

"Er, whatever. Say what you will, to me you'll always be the beautiful one" Erik said.

"And you'll always be the beautiful one to me" Per said.

"So what have you been up to today? Did you go to the cafe, like I told you to?" Erik said.

"Yeah, we stayed there for a couple of hours, until you parents called my cell phone so we went over there to comfort them and help them with the funeral arrangements" Per said.

"Funeral arrangements? Who died?" Erik said getting worried it was his grand mother or something.

"You did" Per said sounding a bit hurt.

"Oh my God! Oh yes ofcourse! I cant believe I'm actually beginning to forget I've died. How are my parents taking it?" Erik said.

"They can hardly stop crying like I couldn't before this morning. When we got to your place your mother started screaming at me and even hitting me and blaming for your death 'cause I kissed you" Per said.

"Hey, we kissed each other" Erik said.

"Yeah, and that's what I said to her, and I pointed out that Gustav's gang saw both of us and probably recognized me as well so I'm at risk of being killed next by them and then she saw my point and apologized and your father asked me to forgive her and that she couldn't help it 'cause she was so upset about losing you and that when she's upset she can lash out at anyone like that and then regret it the next moment" Per said.

"Yeah, that's my mother, she's probably cursing me and then regretting it over and over too" Erik said sadly.

"Yeah, she did that a couple of times" Thomas said.

"And the next minute after lashing out at me she wanted to adopt me to replace you" Per said.

"Sounds like something my mom might say too" Erik said and smiled to himself knowing how hysterical his mother could be at times.

"Your father said, that they wouldn't adopt me but that I would be welcome there any time, and that they would be like a second set of parents if my dad gives me a hard time about being gay" Per said.

"I didn't quite understand that, how can they now your father would give you a hard time about being gay even though he doesn't know that yet" Peter said.

"His father is a minister in the baptist church in town and his views about gay people is well known in town" Erik said.

"Oh my God, is that your father?! I'm so sorry!" Thomas said knowing exactly who Erik meant.

"Yeah, me too" Per said.

"So, don't tell him your gay" Peter said.

"I don't intend to but there's a chance he might find out anyway, from the police or the news or that I go to your funeral which will be held by Church of Sweden and give your eulogy... your parents talked me into that" Per said.

"You're going to do the eulogy? I would love that... tell me when the funeral is so I can listen in" Erik said.

"Watching you're own funeral, wouldn't that feel kinda weird?" Per said.

"Probably, but I'd like to hear your eulogy for me" Erik said starting to sob.

"Don't start crying or you'll get me going too" Per said.

"Sorry. Did you stay at my parents' long?" Erik said.

"A couple of hours, they made us all dinner which we ate there and then you're mom made a picnic basket for us when we said we would be going to the Monastery Park to improve our tans and show mister exchange student here the ruins" Thomas said.

"Yeah, they told me that we're sitting on the ruins of a Fransiscan monastery that was here centuries ago until this king, called Gustav Vasa, I think, tore it down to use the stones to build fortresses instead or something like that" Peter said.

"Sounds about right. I believe he was making the Swedish Church Lutheran instead of Catholic so he wouldn't have to share the power with the Pope at the time too" Erik said.

Erik saw Per fake falling asleep and snoring with his head in Thomas lap which made Erik, Peter and Thomas laugh.

"I think we should change the subject now" Erik laughed.

"Good, we've been talking about that damned ruin all afternoon here, it was getting kinda boring and besides Thomas' lap was getting uncomfortable as there was something getting long and hard while I was lying there" Per said raising up.

"Thomas, shame on you!" Erik said mocking anger.

"That's only 'cause he nibbled and licked the bulge in my jeans" Thomas said.

"Per!" Erik said.

"Guilty!" Per said.

"I can't blame you. I can't expect you to be celibate until you die and join me here" Erik said.

"What if I want to be celibate?" Per said.

"Sure if you want to, but if you feel you can't bear it you're free to do so... and I hope you'd let me do the same" Erik said.

"Just a fling while waiting for each other would be okay, and as long as it's with someone we both know and trust not to take the other away, like Thomas or Peter" Per said.

"Yeah, providing they want to do it with us" Erik said.

"We'll be there for the two of you as long as possible" Peter said.

"But remember that we may depart this world as suddenly as Erik" Thomas reminded.

"Yeah, but didn't that Michele say that you can see me from there and I can here you 'cause I'm gonna start coming to that world soon?" Per said.

"Yes, but as far as I understood we can see you for up to 10 years before you even start coming here" Peter said.

"Excuse me, can we talk about something else?" Erik's voice said and they could here he was beginning to cry.

"Yes, let's talk about something else. What have you been up to?" Per said.

"Sleeping for about eight hours I think... Michele gave me some new clothes so I don't have to wear that same jeans and t-shirt I was killed in... and also blend in a bit more in this world... basically a pair of trousers with a rope as belt like you're wearing here, Thomas so now you're not the only one flashing your muscular upper body to everyone" Erik said.

"Good thing you're on an island of lesbians right now 'cause if you were in a world full of gay guys they wouldn't be able to keep their hands off you" Per said smiling.

"If anybody but the three of you tries to touch me I'll cut their arms off" Erik said.

"Good" Per said and they all laughed.

"Also Michele said there's some hot springs at the outskirts of town where I could go bathing, apparently it's supposed to be very soothing and she said I really needed a bath which maybe right, 'cause I've never had one in this world... I arrived hung over and slightly dirty and then I've been imprisoned, nearly decapitated and spent the rest of the time on the run until now" Erik said.

"What? Nearly decapitated? When was this? I don't want to lose you in both worlds so be careful over there, okay!" Per said.

"That was the first night I came to this world, the Queen ordered me executed and it came frighteningly close but Thomas rescued both me and Peter who was to be executed with me and that's how we came to know each other and meet in the world you're in and shortly after you came to the cafe and joined us, remember" Erik said and Per looked at Peter who nodded to confirm what Erik was telling.

"Okay, but don't you ever get sentenced to death by the Queen again" Per said sternly.

"Aye sir... she'd have to catch me first and I'm not going to let her do that even" Erik said.

"Neither are we" said Thomas and Peter.

"Good" Per said.

"It's getting late, and the sun is below the tree tops so there's just shadow here now so maybe we should be getting home and watch some TV before bedtime" Thomas said.

"That hot spring sounded nice to me so I think I'll go to bed early, blame it on jet lag or something, and join Erik in the other world" Peter said.

"Okay, I'll wait for you to wake up here" Erik said.

"I need to go back to my house to pick up some stuff before I go back to Thomas' house" Per said.

"I don't you to go there alone, I'll join you" Thomas said.

"I agree, take Thomas with you" Erik said.

"I think I might need the company, it's to close to where it happened" Per said.

"You go on there, I'll find my way on my own by now" Peter said.

"If we hurry we can get back to my place in time for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno... I like to see his opening monologue and I believe it's Headlines today" Thomas said while they were walking back to their bikes.

"How long till that's on? I'd like to see it too, I could use the ring to see it" Erik's voice said.

"Isn't that kind of like abusing the ring for the wrong purposes?" Peter said getting on his bike.

"Probably, but it's okay... I won't tell and the magic never drains from these rings so... go ahead" Michele's voice said.

"I didn't know you were there, Michele" Thomas said.

"I just came in and I'm just leaving. They're your rings, use them as you see fit... but preferably wisely" Michele said with a smile.

"When you wake up there, give Erik this kiss for me" Per said and kissed Peter.

"I will" Peter said and was about to go.

"Have sex with him for me too" Per said.

"Okay, I will" Peter said with a big smile.

"And you have sex with Per for me then before you go to sleep, Thomas" Erik's voice said.

"Okay, I will. The Tonight Show starts about three hours from now, I think." Thomas said.

"See ya then beautiful!" Erik said.

"Yeah, see ya more beautiful than me" Per said.

And then the background sound of waves in the three boys' heads stopped indicating that the spell had been broken. And Peter rode his bike in one direction and Thomas and Per rode theirs in another.

Hans ran up to his room and changed into a clean set of clothes as soon as he came home from the hospital in Uppsala. Then he came down again and was about to leave again saying he had to take a walk but then let his parents persuade him to have dinner first as he was admittedly hungry having had to live on hospital food. Then he went for a walk and kept his promise to his parents to go nowhere near the quarry. He had no intention of going there either, instead he brought some flowers and went to the spot where he'd been last night. There were already flowers and candles which people had put on the spot where Erik had died last night. 'Oh my God, what have I done' he thought to himself and a tear started running down his cheek.

"You gave that little shit a death he deserved so don't shed any tears for him and be glad for what you did and prepare yourself for some more killing... and if you put those flowers down there with the others I'll kill you!" the voice of Psycho Boy said in his head.

Hans bent down and put his flowers on the pile in spite and heard a scream of anger in his head and sudden pain in his chest as though someone had punched him there and he knew that was just what Psycho Boy had done in the other world.

"So kill me then, I don't care!" Hans said.

"No, I need you to continue your mission for me. First of all, this is not part of your mission but as you're there I want you to desecrate the spot where he died! Kick away the flowers and candles and spit on the ground!"

"I won't!" Hans said and felt another punch from the other world but this time he was prepared and clamped his teeth together against the pain.

"Okay, forget it, there are more important matters for you to tend to right now, look up and you'll see your primary target and the ex boyfriend of the deceased entering the house where I believe you went to a party a couple of nights ago" the boy's voice said.

Hans looked up and saw Per and Thomas who had just arrived outside Per's house and was walking the path to the front door while looking in Hans' direction. Per raised an arm and waved at him thinking he was someone feeling sympathy and or even mourning Erik. Hans raised his arm and waved back. Then he saw Per unlock the door and he and Thomas went into the house.

"Go over there and ring the door bell" the boy's voice commanded.

"I can't kill him right away, I don't have any weapon for starters and what if Per recognizes me" Hans said.

"No, you're not supposed to kill him now, I want you to become their friend, mentioning that you were a friend of Erik and miss him even though you don't" the boy's voice said.

"Well I didn't miss him last night. Eight times I didn't miss him with my gun. But, like I said before, what if Per recognizes me?" Hans said.

"He will recognize you, but not as the guy who murdered Erik, I made sure of that. He will recognize you as Erik's friend who was at his party in that house a couple of nights ago" the boy's voice said.

"What the hell are you looking at?" Hans said angrily to a man who came walking by and looking at this strange boy who stood by the spot where Erik had been killed apparently talking to himself. The man started minding his own business.

"Good. Now go up to the house and ring the door bell" the boy said and Hans started walking towards Per's house.

Michele showed Erik and peter to the hot springs which were a lot of small ponds in cratershaped formations at the foot of the mountain in some of them there were women bathing. They went to an empty one.

"We won't mind if you bath naked, we don't get turned on by male anatomy and we won't be offended if you fuck each other either, it's not uncommon that people have sex here. And if you feel like using the ring it won't work on the water if you are sitting in the water so use this pail here" Michele said and then left.

"Let's get undressed and into the water before looking in on Per and Thomas" Peter suggested.

"Okay" Erik said and removed his trousers and stepped naked into the warm pool.

"No underwear, huh?" Peter said while removing his clothes.

"Will you hurry up and get in the water!" Erik teased.

"Right here I come!" Peter said as he naked jumped up, pulled up his legs against his chest and his arms around his knees plunged into the water making a big splash, drenching Erik's head.

"How dare you drench me like that! I'm affraid I'm going to have to punish you with a kiss now!" Erik said and kissed Peter.

"Very nice!" Per's voice said in Erik's and Peter's heads.

"I filled the kitchen sink at Per's house and used the ring Peter gave me to tune in and see if we could catch you in the act" Thomas' voice said.

"Good timing, we were just getting started" Erik said.

"I can see that. Nice jump by the way, Peter" Per's voice said.

"Thank you" Peter said.

"Wait, there's someone at the door. I'll answer it don't go away" Per's voice said.

"Hi! Remember me? I was at your party the other night. I'm a friend of Erik and understand that you're his friend too. I miss him so. Can I come in and talk?" a quite good looking boy said that Per indeed remembered from his party.

"Yeah, I remember you from the party, come on in" Per said and Hans smiled and stepped inside.

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