Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

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This part contains some non concentual sex, this is not to condone such sex but unfortunatly necessary for the story. Now on with the story.

A Different World, part 13

'Snake in the Grass'

Written by Adam

Peter kissed Erik who let Peter's tongue into his mouth and entangle with his own. but after a couple of minutes he pushed Peter away.

"Sorry, I miss Per too much right now" Erik said.

"I understand, and I'd probably feel the same way in your position" Peter said.

"Besides, I wanna know who it was at the door" Erik said.

"I'll go and have a look too" Thomas' voice said in their heads.

Thomas came out of the kitchen and saw Per letting a tall, rather good looking blonde boy into the house. The boy was the same age as Thomas and the others and Thomas recognized him from having seen him around town and in school. The boy had a nice athletic build which showed quite well through the white t-shirt the boy was wearing.

"Hi, Thomas! I was just telling Per how much I miss Erik... I knew him quite well... actually I must confess I had a bit of a crush on him. Is Peter here too?" the boy said and suddenly shut his eyes and wrinkled up his face as though someone was screaming at him, telling him off.

"Oh, how nice, well any friend of Erik's is a friend of mine. But you seem to have me at a disadvantage. For some reason you seem to know my name but I don't know yours" Thomas said as he shook Hans' hand.

"Sorry, where's my manners? I'm Hans" the boy said.

"Hans? Funny, I believe I can remember Erik mentioned that name once, but I don't remember in what context. Surelly it can't be that you had a crush on him, 'cause Erik knew only of Per's love for him and loved Per back" Thomas said.

"I would have been surprised if he'd told you about me having a crush on him because he didn't know as I never had the chance to tell him, as far as he knew we were just buddies in school" Hans said.

"I believe he mentioned you to me too... besides you being at my party, that is" Per said.

"Oh my God, what are you doing? Don't let HIM in your house! He's the guy that killed me! Make him leave... now!" Erik's voice said.

"Are you alright? You, just shivered there for a moment!" Hans said putting a hand on Thomas' shoulder.

"Er... it was my cell phone... I've got it set to vibrate instead of making a sound when there's a call and I have it in the front pocket of my jeans so when there's a call it tends to vibrate against my.... er... private parts, give's me a thrill every time... sorry, gotta take the call. Per, why don't you come into the kitchen with me and make Hans some coffee. Hans, make yourself at home in the livingroom in the meantime!" Thomas said, dragging Per into the kitchen and closed the door after them.

"We, can't let him stay, he's a murderer! Erik told us to make him leave!" Per said walking over to the waterfilled sink that was showing Erik's and Peter's faces looking back up.

"That's exactly what I said, what are you doing Thomas?" Erik's voice said.

"I agree with Erik and Per, make him leave" Peter's voice said.

"Keep your voice down, Per! I have a better idea, we'll call the cops and keep him here untill they arrive. I think it'll be safe if we pretend to believe his story of just being a friend of Erik's and never be alone with, but always keep the other be there too. I don't think he dare try anything if we outnumber him, 'cause I don't think he's been able to get a new gun this fast" Thomas said, standing at the sink.

"It's worth a shot, I'll call the cops" Per said.

"And I'll make the coffee... no wait, I've gotta check something first, excuse me Erik, but I need the sink to see someone else at the moment" Thomas said and moved his ringed hand over the water and the image changed.

"It's alright, we can still see from here and we can also see what you see in the sink, though the picture is small, what are we seeing?" Erik's voice said.

"Per, I don't think there's any point in calling the cops, 'cause Hans will probably die before he has a chance to stand trial" Thomas said and Per walked over to the sink, looked down and started laughing.

"Serves that bastard right!" Per said and hung up just as the operator on the other end answered.

"Come on tell us! We only see some guys fucking!" Erik said.

"I know that bed, and bedroom, I've been there, it's the Queen's bedroom" Peter said.

"Yes, and I think the dark skinned boy is the Queen out of drag, fucking Hans while he's sleeping" Thomas said.

"Should we be talking? Won't the Queen hear us, like we hear Peter and Erik?" Per said.

"No, if you remember, you couldn't hear Erik at first last night 'cause the ring wasn't watching you. Only the people who are watched can hear the voices of the people watching in their head and right now the ring is watching Hans who's asleep anyway" Thomas said.

"But isn't that Queen dude watching a bowl of water by the bed while he's fucking Hans?" Per said.

"I'll see if I can zoom in somehow" Thomas said and concentrated hard while looking at the water and indeed the image zoomed in on the water that the Queen was watching.

"Who's he watching?" Peter's voice said.

"He's watching Hans in this world, I think the Queen may have forced Hans to come here to your house. It could very well be that the Queen manipulated Hans into killing Erik and intends to make him do more murders" Thomas said.

"Hey, Hans just wen't into my bathroom, rubbing his ass as if he's sore there" Per said.

"Ofcourse, that's because the Queen is fucking him" Thomas laughed.

"He's filling the wash stand and... hey! He's got a ring too and now he's watching... who?" Per said.

"He's seeing my sleeping form in the other world. Erik, I'll get the ring to watch you again and then you'll get yours to watch Hans, okay?" Thomas said.

"Sure" Erik said and moved his hand over the bucket of water and the image changed to see Hans from above in Per's bathroom looking down at a waterfilled crater in wich two boys sat and Erik and Peter emediatly recognized themselves.

Then the image changed to show Hans face looking up at them and a surprised expression cross his face as he realized that he, the watcher was being watched by the one's he was watching.

"Murderer!" Erik's voice screamed in Hans' head.

Erik pulled back his right fist and then smashed the image of Hans in the bucket.

Per went into the livingroom and picked down the large broad sword with a strangely ornate handle that hung above the mantelpiece, left behind by the people who had lived there before Per's family moved in seven years ago. At first they had all wanted to get rid of it but for some reason it had felt wrong to remove it so they had left it there and now Per was glad that they had. He took the sword holding it with both hands to the bathroom where, when he arrived water suddenly cascaded up out of the wash stand and drenched Hans.

"Get the fuck out of my house, murderer" Per said.

"Shit!" Thomas could hear the Queen's voice in his head and he emediatly moved his hand across the water once more and saw the Queen's face looking back at him.

"Hit the water with your fist, I did that for Hans, and the water over there leapt up and drenched him" Erik's voice said and Thomas obeyed.

The water in the Queen's pot leapt up and drenched his face, and as it was his pot there was an unpleasant touch of urine to it.

"What? Why do you call me 'murderer'? Put that sword away!" Hans said, playing on innocence.

"They have rings too, and we've been watching each other. You did see Erik face to face in the water just before he made it splash up on you, remember! He surelly will have told the others that you're the one who murdered him so I suggest you do as Per says and get out of there before they do anything drastic" the Queen's voice said in Hans', Per's and Thomas' heads.

"So you're watching me now?" Per said.

"Only so you'd hear what I just said. Now, please let my fiancé leave peacefully!" the Queen's voice said.

"'Fiancé'?" Per and Thomas said barely able to keep from laughing.

"If I don't marry him, he'll cut my throat... or kill me in some even more painfull way" Hans said sadly.

"Exactly! Now, get out of there!" the Queens voice commanded and Hans left.

"Where did you get that sword?" Thomas said.

"It's been hanging over the mantlepiece since before my family moved in" Per said.

"There's something strangely familiar about this sword even though I've never seen it before" Thomas said.

"Well, there's a funny thing I noticed just now; look at this symbol on the knob here at the end of the handle, it's the same as your medalions and tattoos" Per said.

"I must have looked at that sword a thousand times when visiting you, but I never noticed that before. I never watched it very closely though" Erik's voice said.

"Neither did I until today" Per said.

"Turn it over, please" Thomas said and Per did.

"What are you looking for?" Per said.

"This sign here on the other side of the knob, it's the mark of Sergio to show that he made this sword" Thomas said and pointed.

"The one we met here, the other day? But didn't he become fully learned sword maker after he died 600 years ago in the so he couldn't have made that sword while he was alive there, could he? So how can the sword be there?" Erik said.

"It must be magical, 'cause magical objects can be brought between worlds by a dreamer. So maybe Sergio made it and had a dreamer bring it into our world and placed it there for some reason?" Peter's voice said.

"Is that a name inscribed on the handle?" Erik's voice said.

"Yeah, on the side of the handle that has always been facing the wall, there's a name inscribed but I can't make it out in this light" Per said.

"I just remember something that Sergio told me once when he learned my name..." Thomas said.

"I think the first letter is an 'F'..." Per said.

"He told me that three hundred years ago, when the Queen had just grabbed power again, a strange man had come and asked him to make three special swords with a special symbol on the handle and each marked with a different name and made magical. These swords would be the only thing that would be able to kill this maniac on the throne and then only if used by three princes that would appear, bearing the same symbols in three hundred years from then... at the beginning of the new millenium here..." Thomas said, trying to remember.

"That would be now" Peter said.

"The second looks like a 'P'..." Per said.

"Each sword was to be marked with the name of each prince... some of them strange and unfamiliar names to Sergio or at least strange spelling... so each prince would know which sword was his... and then when the swords were finished the man payed Sergio in the traditional way of that world and took the swords with him, saying that they would be hidden in three separate places untill the princes arrive... one on the island of the women... one on the main land where the men live and one to be brought to this world by a dreamer..." Thomas said.

"Why did he tell you that?" Erik's voice said.

"The next might be a ... 'T' I think..." Per said, not paying any attention to Thomas and the others at all.

"He remembered it when I told him my name was Thomas 'cause that was the name on one of the swords" Thomas said.

"So, what were the other two names?" Peter said.

"And if the fourth letter is a ... 'C'? it all reads out as... 'FPTC'???" Per said.

"If this is one of the swords Thomas is telling about it's supposed to be a name of a person, not just a collection of letters" Peter said.

"Well, at the time it sounded like a funny anecdote, which I believe Sergio meant it as, but now after having met the two of you over there in the other world it sounds as weird as the medalions and tattoos... actually it's like putting down one more piece of a jiggsaw puzzle and to find it even harder to see what the picture is..." Thomas said.

"Go on! Tell us the names!" Erik's voice begged.

"Wait, that's not an 'F'! ... it's an 'E' and that's an 'R', not a 'P'..." Per said.

"The names on the swords were 'THOMAS' on the one to be hidden in the men's part of the other world and 'PETER' on the one hidden on the women's island and on the one hidden in our world there would be the name..." Thomas said.

"'ERIK'!!! it actually says Erik on this sword!" Per suddenly exclaimed, interrupting Thomas.

"Yeah, that's the third name... funny it being here of all places... no, wait! I remember now that the sword marked 'ERIK' would be found in a warm place in the home of that person's lover" Thomas said.

"That's not funny!" Erik's voice said grumpily.

"It's not a joke, it's actually what Sergio told me over a year before I met either of you, and he got the assignment to make the swords and fulfilled it 300 years ago!" Thomas said.

"I'm no prince" Erik said.

"To me you are" Per said.

"Well, that's different... I surely can't be a someone that was foretold to overthrow som crazy tyrant and take his place, I'm just any ordinary boy, not meant for any such greatness... except for in the eyes of Per possibly" Erik said.

"So this sword, that has been here since before we moved in belongs to my boyfriend? But it must have all gone wrong, he can't get it now that he's dead in this world" Per said.

"Yes he can, like Peter said if it's magical I can simply hold on to it when I fall asleep and it will disappear here and appear in my hands in the other world as I wake up there" Thomas said.

"Okay, let's go back to your place and go to sleep. I'm too tired to watch the Tonight Show anyway" Per said.

"Yeah, me too. Why don't you get out of that pool now and meet me when I wake up in half an hour or so?" Thomas said.

"Right! See you then. Kiss, my love!" Erik's voice said.

"I'll have Thomas deliver a kiss for you when he wakes up" Per said and in the other world Erik smiled and moved his hand over the water once more to turn off the vision.

Thomas and Per wrapped the sword in a blanket and went back to Thomas' place where they quickly undressed and went to bed. Per stayed awake and watched the sword in Thomas' hands dematerialize before he too fell asleep.

Hans was walking home again when he once more heard the Queen's voice in his head.

"Shit, they've found one of the swords! We may have to speed things up! Seek out Gustav, you're gonna need his help to kill off Thomas, Peter and Per as soon as possible" the Queen said.

"I thought you said I only had to kill Thomas and Peter!" Hans said.

"Change of plans, my dear. Just by planning to kill Per he will 'dream in' to this world and here I can capture him and threaten to kill him in this world and when Erik finds out he will come to try to stop me and then I can kill Erik... but only after he's watched Per die in front of his very eyes" the Queen said and started laughing.

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