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A Different World, part 14

'The Sword Maker'

Written by Adam

Thomas woke up and opened his eyes and saw Erik and Peter standing at his bed. He sat up and gave Erik a long passionate kiss.

"That was from Per" Thomas said.

"Could I get one from you?" Peter said.

"Sure, if you promise me one thing" Thomas said.

"What?" Peter said.

"Never go to bed with a sword in your hand, it's great chance you might cut yourself... I guess I got lucky" Thomas said and lifted up the ornate sword that was lying beside him on the cot.

"Where did you get that sword?" Michele said angrilly as she came into the room and saw the sword.

"In the other world, it has been hanging over the mantelpiece in my boyfriends house for years" Erik said.

"So you haven't taken it from it's sacred place on this island?" Michele said suspiciously.

"No, apparently from what I've been told it's been hanging on the wall in Per's home since before his family moved in" Thomas said.

"Let me se the name inscribed on the handle" Michele said and Thomas showed her.

"See, this one is marked 'ERIK' while I believe the one you have is marked 'PETER', and then there should be one more on the mainland marked..." Thomas began getting out of bed and standing up.

"'THOMAS' so you really are the three princes like I suspected and that's also why I allowed you to come to us" Michele said.

"I believe this sword belongs to you, Your Majesty!" Thomas said and holding out the sword to Erik.

"Stop it, I'm not royalty" Erik said and stretched out and grabbed the handle of the sword.

It began as a low hum and then the sword started glowing with a bright white light without getting the least bit hot. Actually it got extremelly cold. The glow spread to Erik's hand as he watched in horror, unable to let go. The glow continued to spread up his arm and from the shoulder it continued spreading until his entire body was glowing and he was shaking like a leaf. Peter, Thomas and Michele backed away from Erik, not because they were affraid but simply did it without thinking about it. Finally the glow grew even brighter so the room was full of blinding white light so they had to squeeze their eyes shut and turn away. Then Erik was thrown backwards against the wall and the glow disappeared. The others walked up to Erik's unconscious form and as Thomas bent down to try to wake him up Erik's eye flew open.

"Wow!" Erik said.

"'Wow'?... that looked pretty scary, you know" Peter said.

"So how come you can't wait to see if the same thing will happen to you when you hold your sword?" Erik said.

"No, I don't" Peter said.

"Yes you do, and know I know why, 'cause you thought it looked pretty kewl! And now you're wondering how I can know this" Erik said getting up on his feet.

"Excuse me, are you..." Peter began.

"...reading your thoughts, yes I am. And Thomas is wondering if you forgot about that kiss you wanted from him" Erik said.

"This is perfectly alright, it says in the book that you each would gain different magical powers from your swords and I believe Erik's would be telepathy and some empathy too" Michele said.

"Yes, Sergio said something about that too. Peter's would be telekinesis, levitation, that sort of thing" Thomas said.

"But you can't seem to remember what your own would be" Erik said.

"No. Surely you can find better use for your telepathy than to read the minds of the people standing next to you?" Thomas said.

"Well, it's very new to me, hopefully I will be able to controll it better further on... and I know you hope so too... and now Michele wants to say something about Sergio" Erik said.

"You knew Sergio, didn't you? Weren't you even with him when he was killed?" Michele said.

"I more than knew him, I was in fact in love with him and I believe he was pretty fond of me too" Thomas said.

"We were all there when he was killed" Erik said.

"There was a child born here at the moment he died... I think it was that moment at least and I believe the new born boy is Sergio reincarnated. Please come with me to the nursery" Michele said and started walking towards the door.

"Wait, can we just get that kiss over with first, otherwise I'll just go crazy from hearing Thomas longing for it" Erik said.

"Sure, no rush, I'll wait outside" Michele said.

"Well, if you insist" Thomas said and kissed Peter.

Thomas and Peter wrapped their arms around each other and thier tongues danced around each other in their mouths. Erik looked on and sighed.

"You two are so sweet together" Erik said and smiled.

Thomas brought one hand around to the front of Peter and stuck it down Peter's trousers. At the same time Erik got an idea and closed his eyes and concentrated hard on Per and after a momentary head ache Erik found himself standing in a strange misty landscape face to face with Per who looked around himself in surprise and wonder.

"What's happening?" Per said.

"I got the power of telepathy from holding the sword and I thought I'd try to see if I could use it to project myself into your mind without the ring and it seems to be working in a way I didn't expect... I guess that if you're sleeping I may have projected myself into one of your dreams" Erik said.

"Er, okay. Do you think we can touch each other?" Per said.

"Let's try" Erik said and stretched out a hand and placed it on the bulge in Per's jeans.

"I can feel your hand trough the cloth" Per said and smiled.

"And I can feel something hard" Erik said and smiled.

"Let's kiss while we can" Per said.

Erik didn't answer in words but just stepped forward and putting his hands on the sides of Per's head pulled him close untill their open lips met and tongues started to entangle. Erik felt Per's arms embrace him and then suddenly both Per and the mist disappeared and he opened his eyes and saw Peter's, Thomas' and Michele's worried faces look down on him with the cieling in the background.

"How do you feel? You just closed your eyes and fell onto the floor" Thomas said.

"I feel great! I just kissed Per" Erik said with a big smile on his lips.

"He's dilerious!" Peter said.

"Maybe it's some after effect from what happened when he touched the sword?" Michele said.

"No, he can touch that without problem now, it even seems to weigh nothing to him, while it's just as heavy as any sword to everyone else" Thomas said.

"Could you please move out of the way so I can get up off the floor... and yes I still can read your thoughts, Peter it wasn't just a temporary effect that went away when I fell" Erik said getting up.

"Easy, you just fainted" Thomas said.

"No, I didn't. I tried to see if I could project myself inte Per's mind even though we're in different worlds or dimensions and I could... though I'm unsure about what exactly happened 'cause I didn't simply read his thought but... I think I may have somehow entered a dream of his where we stod face to face and could talk and touch and it seemed perfectly real... we were just starting to kiss when you woke me up and I can remember the feel of his lips against mine and my tongue against his..." Erik said.

"Were you in some kind of mist? It was like dark all around, right and mist everywhere but light where you were standing as if a spot light shone from above?" Michele said.

"Yes, how did you know that?" Erik said.

"Then it was no dream. Most people here with telepathic powers can make a link with someone in the other world like that and then both of you will appear in that misty place... actually it's only your minds that meet but you will see yourself and the other and feel them as you actually were there and can in a way make out or even have sex... but those who do this usually make sure to be lying down when they try it and try to make sure that the person on the other side is also lying down as neither can remain standing or conscious when meeting like that" Michele said.

"Okay, I'll make another try later before going to sleep, let's go to the nursery now" Erik said and the others nodded and they all started walking.

"The strange thing is that most people that develop telepathy needs months, even years of training before they're able to make but a momentary connection with someone in the other world and then they see each other as very transparent, ghostlike forms the first times and are unable to feel and touch each others and it's usually over in less than a second. You had full contact with Per for over a minute on your first attempt" Michel said as they left the palace and turned into a side street.

"Really? But it took no effort at all, I just knew I could do it and tried and succeeded. How can that be?" Erik said.

"It seems the sword made you almost fully learned straight away" Michele said.

"Weird" Erik said.

"No, it was probably meant to do that" Michele said calmly.

"When you saw the sword it seemed as you recognised it and think that it was the sword on this island that we had taken, so you have seen the other sword, right? Know where it is..." Peter said as they turned into another street.

"Yes, I'll take you to the library after we've been to the nursery" Michele said.

"The library? Why do you keep it there? Why would anyone keep a sword in a library?" Thomas said.

"'Cause the Queen would never think to look for it there, he hates books you know. And he's tried to find the swords to destroy them, as he knows that those swords could actually defeat and kill him in spite of his protective magic" Michele said.

"Okay, but he hasn't even found the sword that's supposed to be over there, has he?" Thomas said.

"No, he hasn't... but you've seen it, though you don't remember it" Erik said as they arrived at the nursery.

"What?" Thomas said.

"I just saw the image in your mind, sword and everything, even though you didn't seem to notice the sword there" Erik said.

"What image?" Thomas said.

"When Michele mentioned that the Queen don't like books you suddenly remembered that book in the cage far beneath the castle over there, which you told the two of us about once and that was in the form of the image of the book on a lectern inside a large metal cage in a large cave with a dead man lying by the door with a small crossbow bolt in his chest... the man who told you what the book was. What you don't seem to notice is that on the lectern there is a sword attached, which at the time you only thought was something only meant for decoration of the lectern and not a sword at all... and that's why my sword seemed familiar to you when you saw it at Per's place" Erik said.

"Now, that you're saying it I remember seeing it myself... that power of yours doesn't seem to be as irritating any more!" Thomas said and hugged Erik.

"Thanks" Erik said.

"Er, excuse me, was that book supposed to be the history of this word, inluding the name of it?" Michele said.

"Yes" Thomas said.

"But we were told that our copy was the only one." Michele said.

"Now I see an image from your mind of a identical book on an identical lectern with an almost identical sword on it except for the inscription 'PETER' on it instead of 'THOMAS' on the sword in the cave. This lectern is in a library though and now I see you remember a man giving the whole thing to you about three hundred years ago, and it's the same man who was lying dead in the cave" Erik said.

"And he told me that that was the only copy in the cave. So he was lying then" Thomas said.

"Maybe for a good reason. So, if the Queen would find one of the books and swords and someone nearby to tell him that it was the only copy of the book without knowing any better 'cause that's what you'd been told then the Queen wouldn look for the other one" Erik said.

"That makes sense" Peter said.

"Yes it does" Thomas said.

"But I didn't know that man was the same as you saw in the cave or that the books were identical" Michele said and led the others through the nursery to a small crib with a small, dark haired boy in it that seemed only a few days old.

"Yes, but the images from your memory were as clear as the ones from Thomas' memory and from seeing those images in your minds I noticed those things that were identical" Erik said.

"Incredible, no telepath can see images in somebody elses mind that clearly" Michele said.

"Is this the boy that was born when Sergio died?" Thomas said.

"Yes. Pick him up." Michele said.

Thomas did pick him up and held him and when he did the boy stopped crying which it had done since before they came into the room, and instead the boy smiled at Thomas.

"He recognises you. He's remembering things from his previous life. In his mind I see the the place where he lived and worked... where we were a couple of days ago. He remembers you specifically and the ... things you did" Erik said.

"People who die here and gets emediatly reincarnated here in this world often remember their previous life. But when they are this small and haven't learned to talk yet they're unable to tell anybody who they were and since we never met Sergio or saw his house neither of our telepaths could tell for sure who he was. They could only suspect it was him from all the swords they saw" Michele said.

"Yeah, this is sergio alright. But I feel related to him in more ways than that..." Thomas said.

"Yes. Remember when you were here last time, then only for a few days to make sure you could seek refuge here when the time came?" Michele said.

"Yes..." Thomas said.

"That was about nine months ago, and then you agree to donate some sperm to us, which you did and so nine months later, just a few days ago your son was born" Michele said.

"Oh my God! I completely forgot about that! And you're saying that this is my son I'm holding now?" Thomas said.

"Yes. I hope you don't object! You seem so shocked!" Michele said.

"No, no, no, it's alright... I just... didn't expect to become a father at this young age... and while still alive in the other world I guess... and then I'm not half as shocked as my parents would be if I told them that they actually became grand parents after all, but couldn't see their grand son... they kind of gave up the thoughts of grand children when they learned I was gay and sort of settled on knowing 'I was a nice boy anyway' sort of thing..." Thomas said.

"Oh, okay, but I don't think you should tell your parents, they probably wouldn't understand" Michele said.

"No, they would never even believe this world existed... they would have much harder believing it than Per did so I'm affraid I will have to keep you secret from your grand parents little one... Have you given him a name?" Thomas said.

"His mother has an idea, but we wanted to know for sure first if he was that person in his former life and then only if you approved would we name him..." Michele said.

"...Sergio." Thomas said and held the boy above his head which made the boy laugh.

"Yes, so you do approve?" Michele said.

"Yes, as far as I'm concerned his name now is Sergio, after his father's best fu... friend ever... and after the great man he was in his former life." Thomas said.

"As long as you're on the island you may spend as much time with your son as you like, but when the three of you go to fight the Queen..." Michele started.

"Then my son stays here so he doesn't get hurt. And you two stop crying right now!" Thomas said.

"They're tears of joy. You look so sweet with your son, it's so touching I can't help it" Erik sobbed.

"Same here" Peter sobbed.

"Would it help if I let you hold him?" Thomas said.

"It might" Erik said, and held out his hands and Thomas gave the baby to him.

"He's so cute! And I'm getting another memory from him now... it's like he knows I can read his mind and that he's using it to tell me this story..." Erik said.

"What's he remembering?" Thomas said.

"He remembers a man coming to him to ask him to make three magic swords ... and this is again the same man who gave you the sword and the book and told you it was the only copy, Michele and also the same man who was lying dead in the cave, Thomas" Erik said.

"That actually makes sense somehow... the pieces of the puzzle is finally beginning to come together in a sensible pattern" Thomas said.

"Go on, keep reading his mind" Peter urged.

"The young man who asked this of Sergio didn't wish his identity to be known but Sergio recognized him anyway as the son of the King that had just been murdered by Queen Katatonia and this boy was actually then the real heir to the throne, though when he had gone to the sourcerer to ask him about how he could kill the evil Queen to take back the throne and title that was rightfully his the sourcerer told him that he would never be able to, but that three princes would come to overthrow the Queen and finally kill this monster boy that had terrorised the world with his tyrany in intervalls for thousands of years. Only these three princes named Erik, Peter and Thomas could overthrow the Queen but they'd need powerful magical swords to do it, swords that also endow them with the magical powers they would need and that the heir to the throne should go to the greatest sword maker to have these swords made, with the name of the person it belonged to on the handle and the symbol shared by these three princes engraved on the knob on the end of the handle. The sourcerer gave the prince three medalions carved from bone and told him to make sure they would be placed in the other dimension... our world... to be found by the princes and these medalions were the symbol to be engraved on the knobs that were supposed to be removable so scrolls of paper could be stored inside the handle, revealing the locations of the other swords and the seven magical rings that the sword maker also would be asked to make... rings that would make it possible for the bearer to see into the other world that he was not in at the moment" Eric said.

"These rings?" Thomas said and held up his hand with the ring on it and his son emediatly laughed and pointed at the ring.

"He remembers making that ring" Erik said.

"Seven rings you say? Let's see; you had four rings Michele, right?" Peter said.

"Yes, one of my own and three that I was to give to you" Michele said.

"And the Queen has two that we know of, one of his own and one that he gave to... his 'fiancé'..." Peter said.

"Wait a minute! The Queen has chosen someone to marry him? A prince?" Michele said.

"Hans is no prince... I'm no prince either, but he's certainly less prince than I am... he's the fucking ass hole who murdered me!" Erik said.

"He became a prince by the Queen's wanting to marry him... but that also mean that your time to overthrow her has come... acording to what ... the last king's son told me when he gave me the book and the sword the Queen would be finally overthrown and killed on her wedding night." Michele said.

"Maybe we should hurry up then, because I got the impression that the wedding would be tomorrow" Thomas said.

"I'll take care of my son now, if you don't mind, he needs rest now after you read his mind" a dark haired woman said who had approached them from behind.

"That's Rebecca, the mother of Sergio, but I believe you've already met her when we told you that she was the one made pregnant by your sperm" Michele said to Thomas.

"Can I jus hold him a bit more before we go to the library?" Thomas said.

"Ofcourse, you may hold your son as much as you like" Rebecca said.

"He just fell asleep" Thomas said after holding Sergio again for a few moments.

"Yes, I think she was right, having his mind read by me made him exhausted" Erik said.

"I'll take care of him now, you go to the library" Rebecca said as Thomas gave her the baby.

"See you later my son" Thomas said touching his son's nose lightly with his index finger.

Then they left to collect the second sword from the library.

"But four rings on the island and two rings over there only makes six rings, where's the seventh?" Peter said on the way.

"Maybe the Queen has that one too?" Thomas said.

"No, it hasn't been found yet" Michele said.

"Are you sure?" Thomas said.

"Yes. Only three rings were left in this world, one for each ruler on each side, that is one for me and for some reason one for the Queen and one for his prince for some even more inexplicable reason and the four remaining were brought to the other world and hidden so three of them would be found by female dreamers and brought here shortly before your arrival and one of them was actually found by Rebecca back there, and then there's the fourth one that somehow is supposed to..." Michele said.

"Be found by or given to Per so he will keep it!" Erik said reading her mind.

"Well, since it's said that it's for the boyfriend of the prince that dies first in the other world your technically right, even though his name is never mentioned" Michele said as they entered the library.

"There's my sword" Peter said as they approached the lectern which was standing in an open space at the center of the library looking exactly as Erik had seen in Michele's mind.

"I'll get it for you" Erik said and was about to grab it when Thomas pulled his hand away and took the sword himself.

"No, it worried the hell out of me when you started glowing and got thrown against the wall this morning and I don't want that to happen again" Thomas said and handed the sword to Peter who took it.

"Yes dad" Erik said with a broad smile on his face.

"Don't call me that!" Thomas said.

"Yes, but you didn't need to worry about the same thing happening to me again. Nothing would have happened 'cause it's not my sword, it's Peter's and he's the one glowing right now... but don't worry, it's alright, it's supposed to be that way... dad" Erik said.

Thomas turned his head and saw that Peter's sword was glowing as was his right arm and the glow was spreading across his body. Peter showed no pain or fear, only excitment as he had seen it happen to Erik and knew there was nothing to worry about. And then when his entire body was glowing he didn't start to shake like Erik had done but instead he slowly lifted from the floor and rose high up in the air, almost to the ceiling of the twelve story library. As there was a round opening in each floor here in the centre of the building with guard rails along the edges it was posible for him to rise this high and women and girls standing on the upper levels watched with amazement. High above the floor Peter revolved three times and then the glow disappeared and he fell.

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