Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 15

'The Sword Maker, part 2'

Written by Adam

As was customary the King never controlled his age and grew old naturally since his husband's death. And now he knew he didn't have long to live before dying of natural causes and was actually looking forward to it so he could be reincarnated as a commoner and lead a normal life for a change. He'd been a fair and just king for the most part during his 100 year reign but he never liked the obligations and strain of leading an such a public life. The only thing he did like was the many boys who volonteered to be the king's servants for a few years at a time. He didn't keep slaves and neither had his father who had overthrown the evil Queen Katatonia about 300 years ago. That had been before the King's birth but as he'd been told the former King had fought long and hard against the Queen until he'd finally managed to kill him by a lucky kick in the Queen's stomach which sent her flying through the window and was then seen plummeting towards the jagged rocks at the foot of the castle. However the Queen's body was never positively identified but simply assumed to be one of the many corpses lying there. Apparently the Queen had had a habit of pushing her love slaves through that same window when she got bored with them and that's what he'd been trying to do to the current King's father when he managed to get the Queen to fall out instead. The people had been extatic and made the boy King. To ensure the royal line that boy had travelled to the island and had a child concieved - the current King. But when this King's husband had died in mysterious circumstances the King had become so sad that he'd decided to finally let his son, the Prince take over and let himself go. But first there was one more matter to attend to, the Prince was about to let his father meet the boy he intended to marry before he, the Prince left for the island to make a donation.

"Father, this is Carlos, he's the boy I love and the one I will marry" the Prince said.

"Carlos huh? You're Spanish then?" the King said looking at this rather good looking young man.

"Yes, does your Majesty have a problem with that?" Carlos said.

"No, just interested. And please, don't call me Majesty, 'cause if you're going to marry my son you might as well call me 'dad'!" the King said.

"That is not a propper way to adress royalty, your Majesty" Carlos said.

"Does he talk to you that way too" the King said.

"Ever since he learned I was the Prince, Father. Though I'm trying to get him to stop" the Prince said.

"Very well. Have you been here in this world long, Carlos? Have you died in the other world yet or are you still a dreamer" the King said.

"Why are you interrogating me, your Majesty?" Carlos said.

"No, no, no. This isn't any interrogation. But if you're going to marry my son... assuming that's what you want, we don't want you to do anything against your will... I'd like to know all about you" the King said.

"I was born in Barcelona, eighteen years ago. I've been in service to the Spanish king since I was eight. I started dreaming in to this world a month ago when I learned I was gay. I got seduced by the King back there a few days later and he forced me to have sex with him on a regular basis. Being gay I don't mind having sex with another man, but me, a simple servant boy... it's not right for me to have sex with someone above my stature... besides the King was quite repulsive... but that was him, not you or your son" Carlos said.

"Well, if you marry my son then you will become a prince and it won't be 'above your stature'. But I must ask you if that's what YOU want. Do you want to marry my son? He obviously wants to marry you" the King said.

"Yes, I want to marry him, your Majesty" Carlos said after some hesitation.

"So, the King over there is still forcing himself upon you?" the King said.

"No, the priests found out and had me garrotted for 'seducing the king' your Majesty" Carlos said.

"I'm sorry. That is, I'm sorry that you got killed in such a way, but glad that you no longer is forced to have sex with someone you don't want to have sex with" the King said.

"Thank you, your Majesty" Carlos said.

"Now. It's time for my son to leave for the island, he'll be back tonight hopefully, and tomorrow you will be married after which I will abdicate in favour of my son and then get my final rest" the King said.

"Yes father. A kiss before I go?" the Prince said the last bit to Carlos.

"I'm not yet married to you so it wouldn't be proper as I'm not yet a prince" Carlos said.

"But we kissed a lot before you knew I was the Prince" the Prince said.

"Go ahead and kiss your future husband, Carlos I can see that you want to" the King said.

And Carlos and the Prince kissed for a long time. The King sighed happily as he watched the two lovers.

"I have to go now love, but I will be back before dark" the Prince said and left.

"Come and sit here with me and tell me more about you. Oh, don't worry, I would never make any advances on my sons' boyfriend" the King said.

Carlos hesitated before he went over and sat down on the edge of the pile of pillows and cussions the King was lying on.

"So, tell me all about.... Barcelona" the King said.

"I can't. I've never been there. It hadn't been founded yet when I died in the real world about 2700 years ago" Carlos said.

"But you said that the Spanish king..." the King began.

"No, that wasn't really the Spanish king, he's probably as straight as... I don't know what. It was the young and rather good looking Pharao at the time that seduced me and I didn't mind at all. The Egyptian priests didn't have me garrotted but simply stabbed me a couple of hundred times... it was quite painful, you know" the boy who had presented himself as Carlos said.

"But Carlos..." the King said.

"No, my name isn't Carlos it's... Katatonia and you're no King... you're just a pretender to the throne and I'm the rightful Queen that your father pushed out of that window 300 years ago and now I will have my revenge!... But for educational purposes I will not throw you out of the window but will instead show you where the priests stabbed me" the Queen said and brought out a dagger.

"Help!" the King screamed and got up and moved towards the door as fast as he could but the Queen just laughed and stepped in front of him.

"You know, they first stabbed me here... and then here, and here, and here..." the Queen said stabbing the King.

"And when my father was dead this horrible person called for a friend of his that he'd appointed 'captain of the guard' and ordered me captured and killed before I could reach the island so I stopped listening from behind the drape and ran for it and actually managed to make it out of the castle without meeting any of the Queen's men and made my way to the sorcerer I told you about earlier who told me to ask you to make these three swords for me" the Prince said to Sergio.

"Three large magical swords for three princes?" Sergio asked.

"The knob at the end of the handle needs to have this symbol on it so they will recognize it from these medalions that they will have found by that time" the Prince said and held up a medalion carved from bone.

"And the handle would be hollow you say? And on each a name inscribed?" Sergio said.

"Yes, these three names" the Prince said and gave Sergio a piece of paper on which the names 'Erik', 'Peter' and 'Thomas' were written.

"Strange names" Sergio said.

"Keep the paper if it makes it easier for you to remember the names and spell them right on the swords" the Prince said.

"I will. And now, for my payment..." Sergio said.

"I thought you'd never ask" the Prince said and smiled as he rolled over on top of Sergio who pulled the Prince's head down till their lips met and their tongues entangled.

"At least you really are who you say you are and not using me to get into power" the Prince said.

"The only power I want at the moment is the power down there between your legs" Sergio said and grabbed the former Prince' erect cock.

"Nice! I'm beginning to understand why you insisted on carrying out the business negotiations in bed" the former Prince said and then kissed Sergio again.

Sergio motioned for the former Prince to move up and stand on his knees over Sergio's chest and Sergio started to lick the shaft of the boy's cock and then played around with the tip of his tongue on the glans before his mouth engulfed the entire cock and started to suck on it. The former Prince gasped with pleasure for a few moments and then turned around and stood on all fours and started to lick Sergios cock and then put it in his own mouth and started sucking. After a while Michael, the former Prince felt and increadible pleasure spread from his pelvic region and upwards to his head and when it reached the head Sergio's mouth was filled with Michel's hot cum which caused Sergio to shoot his load into Michals mouth.

"I carry out all my business negotiations in bed" Sergio said.

"But surely that can't be enough to pay for three swords?" Michael said.

"No, it's not. If you stay here and sleep with me every night untill the swords and the rings are finished then they will be payed for" Sergio said.

"Sounds like a fair deal" Michael said.

"It is. But for now I just want you to fuck me" Sergio said.

Michael sat on his knees between Sergio's legs which he lifted onto his shoulders. Then Michael licked his index finger and stuck it into Sergio's ass and started to move it in and out for a while before he removed it and pressed the glans against the hole which soon gave away and let his cock slide inside Sergio who threw his head back with pleasure.

"Great! Your cock feels so great inside me! You're the best cock I've had in me for hundreds of years" Sergio said as Michael started pumping his cock in and out of Sergio.

"Yours is a great ass to fuck" Michael said.

"More! Faster!" Sergio said and Micheal obeyed untill that warm, tingling feeling spread through his body again.

Sergio felt the same thing about the same time and started shooting a white stream from his cock which stenched both himself and Michael who was filling Sergio's ass with his seemen. They remained in the same position for a few moments before Michael withdrew and lay on the bed beside Sergio.

"The time until the swords are finished will be the best time in my life with sex like that" Michael said.

"Fuck me like that every night and I will make you the best three swords ever made!" Sergio proclaimed.

Three hundred years later Hans was sitting on a park bench outside a large abandoned factory building on the outskirts of town where he knew Gustav's gang used to hang out. He'd been sitting here for more than an hour since he'd left Per's house, waiting for Gustav and now finally the old Ford that always seemed about to fall to pieces came round to corner at high speed and Gustav stepped on the brake so the car skidded for several meters and blew up a lot of dust before it stopped on the loose gravel. Gustav looked out of the side window and recognized Hans.

"Aren't you dead yet?!" Gustav shouted and before Hans could answer Gustav was driving the car towards him gaining speed the whole time.

Hans stood up on the bench and at the last second threw himself off to the side so the car only hit the bench and continued into the drainage ditch beyond.

"You ruined my car! Now you're gonna die for sure!" Gustav yelled and started climbing out of the car.

"Yes, but before you kill me I'd like to show you where you can find some more faggots to kill. I can even kill one or them for you if you can trust me enough to give me another gun" Hans wimpered as Gustav grabbed him by the neck and started to squeeze but stopped when Hans finished talking.

"I'll give you a gun but only if you promise to use it on yourself after you've killed the other faggots, faggot!" Gustav said.

"I will, I promise!" Hans said.

"But this time we will come with you and help you kill them and you too if you don't keep that promise" Gustav said.

"Deal! Now, give me a gun, please!" Hans said.

"Idiot!" Gustav said and slapped Hans.

"Sorry?" Hans said.

"You should be! I don't have any guns with me now, I've just been released from jail as I'm no longer the prime suspect for killing your boyfriend Erik. I told them you did it and then stabbed and kicked yourself in the head before jumping into the water at the quarry" Gustav said.

"Fine, just make sure they find me there after we've killed the other fags" Hans said.

"I will! Now, show me where those fags live and how many there are" Gustav said and let go of Hans.

"Hey Gustav, your car is okay, we only have to get it out of the ditch" Jonas called.

"Right! Hans, you will help us lift the car out of the ditch and then rid with us and show us where the fags live" Gustav said.

They did manage to lift the front end of the car so they could push the car back onto flat ground and then they drove off.

"There's two of them. Thomas whose house I'm about to show you and Peter, an Australian exchange student who's staying at Thomas' house and probably shares bed with him too and there they live" Hans said and pointed Thomas' house out to the others as they drove past.

Per woke up soaked in sweat and with his cock standing to full attention and the clear memory of the feeling Erik's hand pressing against his crotch and Erik's lips pressed against his own and Erik's tongue dancing with his own tongue.

"That was no dream! That was real!" Per said to himself.

He then got an idea to try to use one of the rings to see what was happening over there, 'cause clearly something was happening. He started looking for the rings on Thomas' and Peter's hands but there were no rings there.

"Ofcourse, they disappear just as the sword did. Damn. Well, I'll have to ask them in the morning instead" Per said to himself.

He then got out of bed and pulled on some underwear and then walked down to the kitchen where he got a glass and opened the fridge where he took the opened carton of milk and filled the glass. As he was drinking he heard a familiar noice from outside; the deep growl of Gustav's car as it drove by. Per looked out the window and saw the infamous car disappear round the corner at the end of the block. And he could also just hear yells of "Faggots!" and "Queers!" from the car.

"Shit! They know!" Per said and rushed up the stairs and into Thomas' room and there he just sat down, not knowing what to do for a few moments.

"The best would be if I get them before they get Thomas and Peter and at the same time avenge Erik" Per said to himself after a while.

Per brought out his bag that he had packed at home and brought along when they left with the sword just a few hours ago. While Thomas had been downstairs in the kitchen and Per upstairs in his room packing clothes he had also gone into his father's study and opened the weapons locker for his father's hunting weapons and there taken a box of amunition, checked it was the right calibre and then put it at the bottom of the bag under the clothes. He no longer intended to commit suicide however, now that he knew who had kille Erik in this world he was going to make sure Hans suffered the same fate and then would have to spend an eternity being raped by the Queen. Now Per took out the box and easily removed the clip from the gun as his father had taught him and started loading it. When the gun was fully loaded he put the box and the gun into the bottom of the bag and climbed back into bed between Peter and Thomas and fell asleep. And emediatly opened his eyes again as noticed that he was lying in only his underwear on cold cobble stones in a street somewhere and then he noticed something flying over him which he realized was a dragon.

"Oh my God! I'm here! I've crossed over into the other world! Shit! I'm gonna die in the real world" Per said.

"Yes, you are gonna die there. And you have finally arrived here. When you loaded that gun you sealed your fate and with some simple magic I could foretell where in this world you would appear and be here to greet you, my dear boy!" the Queen said climbing out of his carriage which four dragons had set down in the circle of armed guards which surrounded them both.

"What do you want with me? You've already got Hans to fuck as much as you want to" Per said and the Queen threw back his head and laughed.

"You, my dear, is my bait to capture and kill your lover and then when he's dead they're one prince short and they can't overthrow me and then it will be an easy matter to kill the remaining two!" the Queen said as he gently played around, drawing patterns with the tip of one of his silver claws on Per's chest, scraching it ocasionally. Per couldn't run away as two guards held his arms.

"That won't work, 'cause when I wake up in the other world I'll tell Thomas and Peter and I'll be rescued here in no time" Per said and the Queen laughed even more.

"Good! That's exactly what I'm counting on. And don't forget to tell them that I intend to kill you here so Erik will be the one to see you die before his eyes this time and this time you won't simply be separated into different worlds but you'll be separated for all time when I kill you here! ... so on second thought I'll think I'll make sure to keep Erik alive to increase the torture on him" the Queen laughed.

"Bastard!" Per screamed and knowing the guards were holding him firmly, almost lifting him up he lifted both his legs and managed to kick the Queen once with each foot before the guards dragged him back out of the Queens way.

The Queen pulled out her dagger, raised it high above his head and then brought it down but stopped when the tip of the blade almost scratched the skin over Per's heart.

"No! I must wait untill I can do it in front of Erik's eyes. Put him in chains and take him to the castle where you'll chain him to the wall opposite the giant crossbow in the yard" the Queen said and stepped back into his carriage which was lifted and flown away.

The guards put shackles round Per's arms and then put into a small metal cage, just large enough for one person to stand in where the chain between the shackles was fasten to the top of the inside of the cage and the little gate closed. Then the cage was lifted by a dragon and carried high above the roof tops towards the castle.

"Noooo!" Thomas and Erik screamed as they saw Peter fall twelve stories from the ceiling of the library towards the floor where they were standing.

But about a meter above the floor Peter suddenly stopped falling and bobbed in the air for a moment. Then he moved upwards a bit and then sideways in both directions and forwards and backwards and turned around 180 degrees and then slowly descended onto the floor.

"Levitation! Kewl!" Peter said when he'd landed.

"Don't you ever scare us like that again! You could have died from a fall like that!" Erik yelled.

"I was scared too as I fell untill I realized I could brake the fall" Peter said.

"I've noticed that I can read several minds at once, can you lift more than one person or object at the same time" Erik said and suddenly all three boys lifted several meters off the ground.

"Gee, I'm not sure" Peter said as they all hung in the air.

"Funny guy" Thomas said.

"Okay. You know, it's getting late and I'm getting tired from all this mind reading so why don't we go back to bed now?... walk back to bed on the ground, Peter" Erik said.

"Oops, sorry!" Peter said and stopped them floating towards the exit and set them down on the ground.

"Besides, I want to try to make longer contact with Per before I sleep" Erik said.

"I'm sure you do" Thomas said.

"I'll be staying in the library for a while to read, you go ahead without me. But before you go I want to ask one thing of Erik and Peter..." Michele said.

"I'll gladly be a father like Thomas is... I'm actually a bit jelous of him" Erik said.

"You almost read my thoughts faster than I can think them" Michele said with a smile.

"I wouldn't mind a son... or daughter either" Peter said.

"Good. Let's deal with that in the morning, though" Michele said and then the boys left for the palace.

Gustav's car screeched to a stop on the narrow road through the woods and the gang climbed out and took som shovels out of the trunk and started digging by a a dead tree. Soon they found a wood box which they got out of the ground and opened. In it Hans saw a number of hand guns and even a submachine gun.

"You can have this crappy gun, cause it doesn't matter if you loose this one" Gustav said and tossed a .38 revolver to Hans.

"Here's some ammo for it" Jonas said and took a small transparent plastic bag full of ammunition out of the box and gave to Hans.

Gustav picked up one of the submachine guns and loaded it.

"I hear faggots are in season now, let's go hunting!" Gustav said.

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