Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 16

'The End Is Near'

Written by Adam

After they picked up the guns in the woods Gustav's gang drove around aimlessly in town for a while and Hans started getting extremelly sleepy. Jonas who was constantly smoking lit up a new cigarette which Gustav reached over and took from Jonas' lips and threw out of the window.

"Will you stop smoking those? They are gonna be the death of you some day!" Gustav said as Hans' eyelids shut themselves and he fell asleep.

"Hey the little fag who wants to join us just fell asleep" they guy sitting next to Hans in the back seat said.

"Doesn't he live just over there? Let's just dump him on the lawn" Jonas said.

"No, I'm not stopping in front of his house, we dump him right here!" Gustav said and stopped the car. The others pushed Hans out of the car onto the curb where he was left sleeping as the others drove off.

Hans sat up with a start in the Queens' bed. He was alone in the room. He got out of bed and walked naked over to a closet where there were some leather trousers and a loose white shirt was on a hanger with a note pinned to the shirt with "For Hans, I believe this should be the right size for you my prince" and signed "Katatonia". 'Well, better than go around naked, I suppose' Hans thought and put them on as well as the leather boots that stood there too. Then he noticed there was something written on the back of the note as well: "Why don't you take a walk round the castle and acquaint yourself with the surroundings.... P.S. The wedding has been postponed till you've died in the other world, sorry!... It will only be a few day's delay, so don't you worry!" Hans wasn't the least bit sorry about the wedding being postponed, but more than a little worried about the mentioning of him dying in the other world and especially the claim that it would only be a matter of days! But he decided that the best way to get these worrying thoughts off his mind would be to take that walk around the castle and went for the elevator that he'd been brought up here in several days before, but the door to it was locked with another note stuck to it with the dagger that he'd had to his throat so many times, or at least one that looked very much like it. The note said: "Take the stairs. Door is on other side of room. Yes, this is your dagger, keep it... I'm protected by magic so you can't harm me with it". Hans took the dagger and found a sheath for it which he attached to his belt and put the dagger in it and then left through the door on the other side of the room.

Thomas returned to the nursery and sat down by his sleeping son and just looked at him sleeping by his mother, Rebecca who was yet awake.

"He's asleep, maybe you should return tomorrow" Rebecca said.

"I'd like to stay just for a moment and watch him sleep, if I may. He looks so peaceful" Thomas said.

"Yes, he does. Okay, stay for a little while then. Could I see that ring there on your finger?" Rebecca said.

"This one?" Thomas said and stretched his hand out to her.

"Yes and like I thought it's the very same one I found in the other world" Rebecca said.

"How can you tell, they're identical... or so I thought" Thomas said.

"This one's a bit chipped here and also it's got what looks like an inscription here" Rebecca said and pointed.

"I thought it was just scratched a bit there" Thomas said.

"So did I at first but now I see clearly that it's the letter 'T'... T for Thomas" Rebecca said.

"Yeah right!" Thomas said.

"Well, it is a 'T' in any case" Rebecca said.

"Granted" Thomas said.

"And then there's this weird marking that appeared on our son's arm after you left... look, it's barely visible but it looks like your tattoo" Rebecca said and pointed.

"That wasn't there before! But how can this be? Mine's a tattoo and you don't inherit tattoos. On the other hand, his looks like a birth mark almost, but birth marks appear at birth, don't they? They don't suddenly appear out of thin air days after" Thomas said.

"Perhaps it means he will inherit the throne from his father?" Rebecca said.

"From me? But I don't have any throne for him to inherit. I'm no royalty." Thomas said.

"You're as reluctant as your friend to consider yourself royal and yet you tease him about it" Rebecca laughed.

"Well, he called me 'dad' so we're even!" Thomas said with a smile.

"You're so sweet! If I weren't lesbian there's a good chance I could fall in love with you" Rebecca said.

"Really, but what if I were still gay, then it would be very unhappy love indeed" Thomas said with a big yawn.

"You, silly boy! Go to bed, I think maybe your friends wants you to be awake in the other world" Rebecca said.

"I think you're right! Take care of our son. Good night my boy" Thomas said and kissed Sergio on the forehead and then took several steps towards the door before he just fell over asleep on the floor.

"Will you wake up!" Per shouted, shaking Thomas.

"Okay, I'm awake, I'm awake!" Thomas said.

"We're in trouble! I think Hans has told Gustav where you live! And then there's another thing that I will only tell you if you promise not to say anything to Erik" Per said.

"How do you know Hans has told Gustav where I live?"

"We'll I know that Hans was working for Gustav when he killed Erik and I think it was he that spotted and recognized us from Gustav's car as it drove past us when we kissed earlier that evening. Well, earlier tonight Gustav's car drove past with the entire gang in it and Hans riding shotgun and he pointed this house out to them and I heard shouts of 'faggots' and so on... so there's a good chance that Gustav only knows where the house is but not what you look like" Per said.

"Why didn't you wake up and tell us?" Peter said who was sitting on the chair by Thomas' desk.

"I was going to, but then I suddenly got very sleepy and I fell asleep here and emediatly woke up in the other world" Per said.

"Where in the other world? Somewhere in the city? We could pick you up and bring you to the island where we are!" Thomas said.

"Promise you won't tell Erik that I'm there!" Per said.

"Why? He'll be delighted... or do you want it to be a surprise?" Peter said.

"Yeah, some surprise! Promise me and I'll tell you why!" Per said.

"Fine, we promise!" Thomas said.

"I woke up at the Queen's feet and surrounded by her guards, 'cause apparently she'd anticipated my arrival and where I would wake up the first time so she easily captured me and had me sent back to the castle and chained to the wall there and a giant siege crossbow armed with a spear aimed at my heart from across the court yard" Per said.

"Okay, so we'll get Erik and come and rescue you" Thomas said.

Erik moved his hand over the bowl of water and the image disappeared and then he took his sword and rushed out of the room and through many corididors to the eastern tower and up the spiral staircase to the top where Thomas' dragon sat perched and mounted it, took the reigns and flew off towards the flickering lights of the city, with the setting sun behind his back and Michele shouting after to know where he was going.

"NO! That's exactly what the Queen wants! She... he... it said that ... he would kill me in that world in front of Erik's eyes so I would pass into oblivion and he would be separated from me again which would destroy him so he would be easy to kill or... well it would stop this prophecy thingy that the three of you would overthrow the Queen" Per said.

"Sounds like one of his evil schemes alright!" Peter said.

"So, we don't tell Erik... we'll leave him on the island and come and rescue you, just the two of us and then bring you back to the island as a surprise to Erik" Thomas said.

"It's worth an attempt" Per said.

Thomas got out of bed and started up his computer. When it was finally up an running after a torturesly long start up sequence he started up AutoCad and opened a file which turned out to be a very detailed map of the castle that he'd been doing.

"That couryard, would it be this inner courtyard here?" Thomas said and pointed at the screen.

"Yes, I believe that's where the dragon set down the cage I was carried in, I got a pretty good view from up there" Per said.

"Okay, we'll go to sleep at once... in fact I believe someone is trying to wake me up where I fell asleep on the floor in the nursery, come to think of it" Thomas said, yawning.

"I think I'm being woken up too" Peter said.

"Strange coincidence, I think someone in the courtyard is waking me up" Per said and they all fell asleep where they were.

"Come on! Wake up now! It's important!" Michel said shaking Thomas.

"Whazzup?" Thomas said sleepily.

"Erik took your dragon and flew away towards the city" Michele said urgently.

"Why would he do that?" Thomas said.

"I don't know. When I looked in on him earlier he was getting ready for bed and watching you, Peter and Per talking in ... I believe your bedroom" Michele said.

"Oh my God! You've sent someone to wake up Peter too, right?" Thomas said getting up out of the bed where he'd been put by the women and looking around him he saw Rebecca standing holding their son and looking worried.

"Don't worry about me, I'm worried enough about my son's father. Go get your friend" Rebecca said.

"Yes, I sent someone to wake Peter up too, and tell him to meet you by the dragon's perches on the eastern tower. Go now, hurry" Michele said and Thomas ran.

"Hey! Wake up!" Hans was saying slapping Per's face.

"I'm awake now!" Per said.

"What the fuck are you doing here? The Queen wanted me to plan to kill you but I deliberatly didn't so you wouldn't have to come here. I heard his plans for you and they were rather unpleasant" Hans said.

"What do you care?" Per said.

"I feel bad enough about killing Erik. I don't want to do any more killings... so I let Gustav know where Thomas lives hoping that he would take care of those killings for me... sorry..." Hans said, looking very ashamed of himself.

"If you must know, the Queen said that 'loading the gun sealed my fate' or something like that" Per said.

"Oh my God! The gun I shot Erik with? Well, unload it then!" Hans said.

"No! I intend to use it to avenge Erik's death upon you!" Per sneered.

"So, it was true. There, was a note from the Queen saying that the wedding had been postponed untill I died in the real world and it would only be a matter of days... and now I'm finally beginning to understand how it all works... you start to 'dream' of this world if you're gay and about to die from being gay or something like that and when you do die in the real world you go on living here as I believe Erik is doing right now... he seems pretty mad at me anyway... and here you can live for thousands of years and never look a day older than when you die, right? But if you die here... you pass into oblivion totally and I'm affraid that's what the Queen intends for you..." Hans said.

"I guess that'll make you happy!" Per sneered.

"No, it doesn't. Don't you see? You're going to kill me in the real world... well that's you're intention anyway, we can't be sure what really kills me untill it happens and you will probably be killed very soon as well, possibly as you try to kill me... but when I die over there I will be trapped with Psycho Boy here... I mean the Queen... forever, unless I foil the Queens plan to kill you in front of Erik's eyes so he'll remain strong and united with Thomas and Peter and the three of them can defeat the Queen like they were meant to... and/or I allow you to avenge Erik here... kill me here and then I'll be out of the Queen's grasp forever! I've gotta get you out of these chains" Hans said and looked around him.

"The keys are hanging on the far wall" Per said getting curious to see if Hans actually meant to set him free.

Hans ran over to the other wall and got a ring of keys with which he returned and unlocked the shackles around Per's arms and legs. Then Hans took a dagger from it's sheath.

"It would've been much easier to stab me while I was still chained to the wall" Per said.

"I guess, but it would've been much harder for you to stab me. Here, take this and stab me in the heart. Don't worry I've been stabbed before and I'm getting used to it, just make sure it kills me this time" Hans said and took the blade in his hand and held the handle towards Per.

"No. I want you to suffer, having the Queen fuck you against your will as long as possible, I'll settle for putting eight bullets through you, like you did to Erik in the other world" Per said.

"If you don't stab me, I'll chain you to the wall again" Hans said.

"No, you don't! Stand still where you are, murderer! Per, when I land the dragon get on it as quickly as posible!" Erik shouted from the dragon as it slowly descended onto the courtyard.

"Good, my friend. You kept your head until now in spite of my efforts and you come just in time to see your boyfriend die!" the Queen said as he stepped out from the shadows in the corner close to where the keys were.

"You've seen the whole thing?! Well, you see now that you can't trust me! You'd better kill me here and now!" Hans said and stepped in between the giant crossbow and Per.

Just as Erik's dragon landed the Queen triggered the crossbow. A large spear flew across the courtyard passing first through Hans' body and then through Per's and stopped as the head hit the stone wall about a meter behind Per. Per fell over on the ground with the spear still through his body.

"Nooooooo!" Erik screamed as he rushed up to Per's seemingly lifeless body.

Behind him the Queen bent down beside Hans' body. Hans coughed some blood. And then the Queen placed a hand on Hans' chest where the wound was and there was a momentary glow before the wound was gone.

"Thomas and Peter promised not to tell you, why did they break the promise" Per spluttered.

"They didn't! I was watchin you with the ring. Don't die! Please!" Erik said.

"This was why I didn't want you to come. The Queen wanted to kill me before your eyes and if you wouldn't come then she wouldn't kill me!" Per said.

"You're not going to die! Do you hear? You're not! Not in this world!" Erik said.

"Behind you!" Per said.

Erik brought up the sword over his head without looking behind him and blocked the Queens attempt at beheading Erik. Erik then rolled over on his back and stuck his legs out, one between the Queen's feet and with the other he kicked hard on the back of the Queen's knee so it buckled and the Queen fell over. As the Queen was on the ground Erik got on his feet and walked over to the Queen to drive his sword through him but the Queen suddenly wasn't there. Erik realised the Queen had used some illusion on him to appear to be in another place than he really was and Erik shut his eyes and tried to find the Queen's mind and suddenly felt a blow to his back and something cold, flat and sharp pass through him. He opened his eyes and looked down at the bloodied blade of the Queen's sword protruding from his chest.

"You're telepathic powers are strong, my little friend, but nothing compared to mine that I've been honing for three thousand years. I automatically block all other telepaths from trying to read my mind or simply locate me by it. If only I could block the rings as well" the Queen said and laughed as Erik fell down beside Per.

"At least we'll pass into oblivion together" Per said.

"No, we don't pass into oblivion we'll reincarnate in this world or the other... or possibly as dragons" Erik gasped.

"I did it! I killed the little shit, finally and stopped the prophecy! Thomas and Peter won't have a chance to stop me now without the third prince. Hans my love, come and let me give you a celebratory fuck!" the Queen said as he and Hans left the two dying boys in the court yard.

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