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This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 17

'Last Minute'

Written by Adam

Suddenly Per realized that Erik hadn't said that thing about reincarnation but had in fact thought it and that was why it had sounded like a gasp at first but now that Per thought about it Erik's voice had in fact sounded perfectly normal, unusually normal for having a sword through his heart and left lung.

"I'm telepathic, that's how I contacted you before if you remember a strange dream where the two of us were in a strange misty landscape and kissed and I touched your cock" Erik thought.

"I know, I woke up when the contact was broken and it felt too real to be a dream" Per said with great difficulty, blood pouring from his mouth.

"No, don't talk, it'll only make it worse! Think it, I'll hear your thoughts. Try to remain alive as long as possible, help is on the way. Thomas and Peter is on their way. They got the other dragon to follow me to try to stop med from trying to rescue you" Erik said.

"How can they save us, we're as good as dead" Per said.

"NO! Don't you dare give up!" Erik said.

"I hear Thomas and Peter are on their way, well they won't be able to land on that court yard!" the Queens thoughts were heard in their heads and iron bars moved out of the walls under the roof crossing the court yard making it impossible for a dragon to land there.

"Hurry! We're dying! But get your sword first Thomas, you'll need the magical powers it will give you" Erik thought and Thomas and Peter heard it.

"How are we going to get your sword?" Peter shouted.

"I'm not sure! It's in a cave deep beneath the castle but we'd have to walk and crawl through narrow tunnels for hours before we get there! We don't have the time, they will be dead long before then!" Thomas shouted back.

"The dragon you're riding knows a quicker way. Take a deep breath, and hold onto the dragons neck as hard as you can, it's about to dive under water. Be prepared to take that deep breath.... NOW!" Erik thought to them and Thomas and Peter obeyed as the dragon suddenly dived into the water.

Per looked around him. He was back in that strange misty place where he'd med Erik once before. Erik was here now too. The big difference from reality was that they were both unimpaled.

"I hope this doesn't mean I've died" Per said.

"No, I've projected myself into your mind again... I realized this would be the best way to keep us both alive until help arrives" Erik said.

"There can't be any help! The Queen closed off the court yard so they can't land, remember?" Per said.

"They'll be coming from below" Erik said.

"Hold me!" Per said and Erik stepped forward and embraced Per.

"Don't you worry! I'm not gonna let you die in just your underwear" Erik said and then kissed Per.

Per parted his lips and let Erik's tongue in and meet his own tongue as he put his arms around Erik.

"You look real sexy with just those trousers and bare upper body" Per thought as they were kissing.

"Thanks! I'll get you a pair of such trousers too and I'm sure you'll look twice as hot!" Erik thought back.

"Feels a bit odd making out like this while I'm actually lying on the ground with a spear through my chest" Per thought.

"Don't think about that now! Just kiss!" Erik thought back.

"I wanna do more than just kiss!" Per thought.

"Yes, I can feel that! Go ahead!" Erik thought.

Per broke the kiss and got down on his knees. He untied the rope that held Erik's trousers up and pulled them down to his knees and started licking his hard cock.

"I can tell you want more too" Per thought as he took Erik's cock into his mouth.

The dragon climbed out of the water in the far corner of the cave and Peter and Thomas gasped for air.

"I didn't look into this part of the cave last time, I didn't notice the water, so how could you know it was here Erik?" Thomas said and thought.

"The dragons knew about it and I read his mind and instructed him to use that way in. Now get the sword and please don't disturb me, I'm doing my best to keep me and Per alive till you arrive... besides Per is doing something to me which it was quite a while since last time he did... with that mind projection technique I tried before in case you wonder" Erik's voice said in their head sounding a bit irritated and at the same time gasping with pleasure as though he was getting a real good blow job.

"Sorry" Thomas thought with a smile as he approached the cage.

"Great to know that they're together again at last... even though it's only in their minds" Peter said.

"I agree. Now to the business at hand, I can't reach the sword from here and I have no way of opening the cage but I have you and you're telekinetic, right?" Thomas said.

"I can't lift the cage, it's bolted to the floor of the cave... and the bars or at the top of the cage too so there's no point of lifting you... but..." Peter said.

"Why don't use the easy way and lift the sword?" Thomas said a bit too impatiently.

"I was getting to that" Peter said as the sword lifted from where it was hanging on the lectern and flew between the bars of the cage into Peter's hand.

Holding the sword with both hands he presented the sword to Thomas the same way that Thomas had presented both Erik and Peter with their respective swords. Thomas took the sword by it's handle and it started to glow the same way the other two had and the glow started to spread in the same way up Thomas' arm.

"Kewl! This wasn't so bad as I thought when I saw it happen to Erik and you. I get this great tingling sensation where the glow is" Thomas said.

"I know, it's great!" Peter said.

Now the glow covered Thomas completely and suddenly the glow grew to a spherical form with Thomas in the middle and continued to grow until it filled the cage but Peter felt nothing... as though the glow wasn't there but he thought nothing of it as he knew that it was only meant to affect Thomas. Then the sperical glow imploded into Thomas who did a backflip and landed on his feet but emediatly sank to his knees.

"Take it easy, don't get up too soon" Peter said as Thomas unsteadily got on his feet.

"There's no time! I'm fine. Let's get on the dragon" Thomas said and walked steadily to the dragon and climbed on.

"Shouldn't you catch your breath before we dive again?" Peter said.

"We're not going to dive, we'll fly straight up! We're just beneath the court yard where they are!" Thomas said.

"Er... you know, there's a lot of rock in between!" Peter said.

"My magical power is that I can manipulate matter in different ways so I can manipulate the rock and us so we pass through it up onto the courtyard even though there's a hundred meters of rock and then I can manipulate the matter of their flesh and heal their wounds" Thomas said as the dragon lifted off the ground and hovered hesitantly beneath the cave ceiling before it realised that Thomas had changed the nature of the rock and started flying straight upwards through it.

Per was pounding his pelvis into Erik's back and then in one final thrust he shot his load inside Erik who shot his own load onto the ground in this misty world. Then, before Per had time to withdraw from him the misty world had vanished and he was lying on the ground again with the Queen's sword through his heart but only for a short while longer. Erik saw that there now was two dragons in the courtyard and Thomas was kneeling beside him and behind him Peter was tending to Per. Thomas had his hands around the blade on either side of Erik's body and then suddenly pulled it sidways and it passed through Erik without harming him as though it was nothing but the coldness of the metal but not the matter of the metal. Then he felt Thomas hands press on either side of the wound and Erik felt a hot sensation and then the wound vanished without a trace as though it had never been there. Erik was breathing easily again. He got up on his feet.

"Per! Is he alive? ... He is alive! I can sense his thoughts from him! You must save him! I can't be separated from him again!" Erik said.

"I will save him! Calm down!" Thomas said as he kneeled by Per's side.

"Erik, come over here! Let's keep out of Thomas' way! He knows the two of you can't live without the other and you know he's a friend of both of you! He'll save him" Peter said as he took Erik by the arm and led him over to the dragons.

"Yes, I know! I'm sorry! But surely you'd get hysterical too in the same circumstances?" Erik said as he saw Thomas remove the spear from Per in the same was as he had removed the sword from Erik and then placed a hand on Per's chest!

"Probably" Peter said with a smile.

"Erik!" Per said and practically leaped off the ground and rushed over to Erik and embraced and kissed him.

"You're welcome!" Thomas said getting off the ground.

"Thank you Thomas for saving my life and my lover's life" Erik and Per said in chorus.

"Very sweet! But how do you intend to get out of here with the bars covering the courtyard being impervious to your matter changing magic and a hundred of my best archers surrounding you?" The Queen said as he stepped out on the courtyard followed by the archers running out and surrounding the four friends.

Erik looked at Thomas and read his mind and then they nodded at each other.

"Can you read this you evil bitch?" Erik thought but got no answer.

"Now!" Erik thought and he and Per quickly mounted one dragon with Erik in front and Peter got on the other with Thomas behind him and the dragons lifted and flew away at high speed while a hundred arrows merely bounced against the wall they passed through.

"Maybe you should have made the walls impervious too" Hans said, standing in the doorway with his arms crossed.

"SILENCE!" the Queen screamed and gave Hans a back hand slap which sent him flying to the other end of the corridor where he lost consciousness.

"Excuse me Erik, but did Peter just tie Thomas' hands?" Per said.

"Yes, he did. You see Thomas is sitting behind Peter with his arms around Peter and by tying his hands Peter has made sure that Thomas won't fall off the dragon when he falls asleep, as he just did. You need sleep too and I'm going to tie your hands together in a minute but first there's a book I need to talk to you about" Erik said.

"Bondage, kinky! Actually I've been interested in trying that with you" Per said.

"Knock it off, silly! Remember that time we played in the attic of your house?" Erik said.

"Excuse me for interrupting your intimate conversation lover birds but Per's father is here in this world banging on the door and demanding to speak to his son" Thomas' voice said in their heads.

"Oh shit!" Per said.

"There's something I need to ask Per about, something important" Erik said.

"Would it be faster if you did it telepathically?" Thomas' voice said.

"Yes." Erik said and started tying Per's hands together.

In Per's own mind he saw an image from Erik's memory. He saw himself through Erik's eyes. It was several years ago and they were just entering puberty but through Erik's eyes he could see himself looking at Erik in a way that indicated that he was just beginning to notice how good looking Erik was and having fantasies about him. The memory was of the time that Erik had started speaking of. They were playing in the attic of the house where they so recently had moved in. From below they could hear Per's parents argue wildly about wether they should take down "that horrible sword" that was hanging over the mantle piece. Erik and Per were running around a strange wooden construction... like a high table with a heavily slanted top on which lay a book bound in dark leather with light leather at the spine and corners. On the "front" of the lectern that Per now learned from Erik it was called was several metal things which seemed to have fastened something to it at one time. The image now changed to Per's point of view as Erik now accessed Per's memories of the event. They'd been playing tag, mostly running around the lectern and now Per caught up with Erik in front of the lectern and they wrestled for a while until Per won and was sitting astride Erik, holding down his hands. Both of them were laughing but Per now remembered that he was fighting the urge to kiss the beautiful boy he was sitting on top of though he was barely aware of the urge at the time it happened and now he regretted not doing it. Then Per looked up at the lectern again and saw that the wood was mostly faded where the sun had shone on it through a small window at the side of the house but there was a part that was less faded where an object had been fastened to the wood and thereby blocked the sun from fading the wood there. The less faded part of the lectern was the same size and form as the sword hanging above the mantle piece in the living room. Now they had stopped laughing and Erik had asked: 'What is it?' as Per climbed off him and walked round the lectern and taken the book. There was a slight jump in time as he now remembered having brought the book down from the attic and put it on the book shelf in his bedroom. Then there was another jump in time, several years in fact to where he had picked the book off the shelf the night that his parents went on holliday, one night before the party where his old friend Erik would be ofcourse and also a friend of Erik.... Now, the day before the party Per was flicking through the pages. It was mostly hand written text but also several illustrations and drawings, he realised of the castle where he'd just been almost killed. Then he had turned the pages back to the beginning and started reading it. Another time jump to just after Erik asking Per about this medalion he'd suddenly had found and then rode off on his bike and Per returned to his bedroom and started on the final chapter of the book. He remembered turning the page and started to read about three princes that would come and each would bear a medalion carved from bone in a symbol illustrated on the next page that was to be a fold out and they would have tattoos that were the same and find swords marked with the same symbol and then he'd turned the page and folded out the page and seen the same symbol that Erik had as a medalion and simply gaped at the image. Then he had left put the page marker there and put the book back on the shelf and left to meet Erik at the cafe where he knew Erik would be with two new friends because he'd read that in the book too. When Thomas and Peter had told him about the other world Per hadn't believed any of it in spite of the fact that he'd read in the book all that they told him because he was convinced it was a book of fiction and simply thought that they had a copy too that they had read and he was going to confront them with it on the beach the next day... but ofcourse they never went to the beach, that didn't feel right after the murder of Erik... which he'd read about too but as he still thought it was all fiction in the book and just a coincidence he did nothing to prevent it...

"You couldn't have prevented it, 'cause it was meant to be that way" Erik thought.

"Are you sure?" Per thought back.

"I never believed in fate before... I still don't believe in fate but I also know now that some events in my, Thomas' and Peter's lives are unavoidable, like our deaths in the other world... and I'm affraid yours may be as unavoidable too" Erik thought back.

"Then I will die in the quarry in a few hours, according to the book" Per thought.

"I don't think it's good for you to know too much... have you finished reading the book? Where is it now?" Erik thought.

Per remembered taking the book from the shelf again as he was packing his bag after Hans had left his house and was about to put it into the bag. 'Come on, hurry up!' Thomas had shouted from the kitchen and then Per had thrown the book on his bed and taken the bag into his fathers study and opened the gun locker.

"You've loaded the gun, haven't you?" Erik thought.

"I'll unload it when I wake up" Per thought.

"No, 'cause you're gonna need it in the quarry" Erik thought.

"I'm not going to the quarry and neither are Thomas or Peter, I'll make sure of that" Per thought.

"None of you intend to go there but that's where you'll end up when you get chased, I know that from what you read" Erik thought.

"In any case, the book got left on the bed" Per thought.

"Can you go to your place and pick it up? I think we may need it in this world" Erik thought.

"I could try. I'd better fall asleep here on the dragon so I can wake up over there" Per thought.

"You are asleep here. You're leaning your head against my back and snoring loudly ever since you started remember playing in the attic. I'll stop the telepathic communication now so you can wake up over there" Erik thought and the last sentence sounded distant as though Erik was moving away from Per.

Per woke up and saw Per sitting on the edge of the bed, smiling at him.

"I'm sorry it took so long before I woke up" Per said.

"What do you mean? You just fell asleep over there and woke up over here!" Thomas said.

"But Erik said... thought to me that I'd been asleep for a long time..." Per said.

"It may seem that way because we communicated such a lot of memories and thoughts in that time" Erik's voice said in their heads.

Thomas turned and looked into the bowl of water he had by the bed and Per looked to and saw the two dragons with their riders. Per could see himself sitting behind Erik on the dragon asleep with his head leaning against Erik's back. Beneath the dragon Erik was riding a large circle of the water was sort of traveling along and showing Thomas' bedroom with Per and Thomas looking in a bowl of water.

"Hey, how is that possible? Michele said you couldn't use the ocean, that it was too big and would take too much power!" Peter shouted.

"With his telepathic ability he's able to have the quite large of water show an image that he has and I'm using my power to controll matter from here to make it a that part of the water secluded from the rest of the ocean and that way it is possible for him to have a part of the ocean to look in. Nice co-operation, huh?" Thomas said.

"Will you let me see my son, you faggots!" Per's dad was heard shouting from outside the house.

"Damn" Per said.

"Erik turn off the image now! You'll fly in over the island any second now anyway" Thomas said and saw Erik turn off the image and then Thomas turned off the image in the bowl.

"I have a feeling my dad has found out I'm gay" Per said.

"Let's face him together" Thomas said and they went down the stairs to where Thomas' parents had opened the door for Per's father.

"I demand to my little git off a son!" Per's dad shouted.

"Don't call him that, he's a very sweet boy and he's suffered a great loss recently" Thomas' father said.

"Yes, the police told me about that. His faggot friend got killed after he'd seduced my poor innocent boy into kissing him in an open street! And now my son is staying with another faggot who'll corrupt him further!" Per's dad shouted.

"Erik didn't seduce me, it was more like I seduced him" Per said coming down the stairs.

"They've distorted your mind to think that son! But you can still be saved! Repent! Leave this homosexual life style and embrace Jesus!" Per's far said.

"It's not a life style that you can chose or not chose dad. I am this way and always has been. I've been more or less in love with Erik since that day that he and I played in the attic just after we moved in there" Per said.

"No! I know how faggots work! Erik seduced you and then he gave you this book to further twist your mind. He changed your memories somehow to think that you'd always felt for him but it's not true! Come to church with me today and tell the congregation how Erik and Satan tempted you but how you refused them! Hallelujah!" Per's father shouted.

"That's a load of bull, dad. I found that book in the attic that very same day and brought it down to my room and put in on the book shelf there" Per said.

"So it's this book that's poisoned my son. We must burn it! Come with me to church and we will burn this and other books of evil" Per's father said.

"No, give the book to me, it's mine! And I'm gay and there's nothing you can do to change that! How does it feel to be the baptist priest and have a son that's gay, you sad bastard!" Per said and after a short tug of war for the book Per won and got it.

Per's father was boiling with fury and stood there silent for well over a minute.

"Get out of my house!" Thomas' father said quietly.

"What?" Per's father said.

"Get out of my house! My son is gay too and I have no problem accepting that. He's a very nice boy who takes care of his friends in times of need. He takes much more loving care of Per than you've ever done, I'm sure. Now get out! Per is staying here!" Thomas' father said.

"I have no son! And you, little faggot will burn in hell with your faggot friends and soon too! Ah, and here comes the Aussie faggot also, stand still and let me take a picture of you, I'm sure Gustav will want to know what you look like!" Per's father said and brought out a polaroid camera and photographed Thomas and Peter where they stood on the stairs and then left before anyone could react.

"Did he say that he was taking a picture for Gustav?" Thomas said.

"Yes, they know each other pretty well. Gustav has been at our house quite a lot actually and he knows what I look like. I believe Gustav sometimes runs dirty errands for dad but the police has never been able to prove anything" Per said.

"You could witness against them" Peter said.

"I don't think so, I only know that Gustav does illegal business, for dad sometimes but I don't know anything specific. Not enough by far for the District attorney to raise charges. Besides, there's not enough time left." Per said.

"Don't say anything more in front of Thomas' parents" Erik's voice urged.

"Er, let's go back up to my room and get dressed, okay" Thomas said.

"That would be a good idea son. And Per, don't worry, we won't let anyone harm you!" Thomas' dad said.

"Not even Gustav!" Thomas' mom said.

"Thank you. I feel much safer knowing that" Per said meaning every word of it even though he knew they would be powerless to stop it.

"We'll be down for breakfast soon, mom. But you don't need to make anything for us I'll do that today" Thomas said.

"No, you go up and be with your friends and we'll make breakfast for you. You never know when it may be our last chance to do so..." Thomas dad said.

"You don't have to if you don't want to" Thomas said.

"We insist" Thomas' mom said.

"Right. I love you mom and you too dad" Thomas said.

"I know. Get dressed, son" Thomas' dad said.

"Tell Peter he can call his parents in Australia if he wants to" Thomas' mom said.

"Okay, I'll tell him that" Thomas said and went up the stairs.

When Thomas entered his room Per was asleep on the bed with his hands clasped to his chest and Peter sat by the computer as he was shutting down the programs that Thomas had started up earlier containing a map of the castle.

"Apparently that book had been on an identical lectern to the others but this one had been in the attic of Per's house also since before they moved in and the sword had been attached to the lectern originally just like it had been attached to the others only I suppose someone had removed it and hung over the mantlepiece by those who live there before Per's family" Peter said.

"That makes sense in a way, the books and the swords have been close to each other in all three worlds. But where's the book now?" Thomas said.

"Apparently Per has kept the book in his book shelf for years and has read most of it... actually all of it up to the point where it's writing itself about what's about to happen within the next day or so. He'd read about being impaled and almost dying with Erik before it happened and he also knows that our time in time in this world is almost up and that's why Erik felt that we should bring the book over now in case we can't be sure to carry it when we get killed here. Per volonteered to fall asleep with it here to try it out first hand as he put it" Peter said.

"So, it's only a few hours left, I guess that's why I have such a strange feeling of impending doom... even my parents seem to feel it. They said you should call your parents in Australia and I agree. Use the phone in dad's room and I'll wake up Per and we'll get dressed" Thomas said.

"I feel that too... and Per said that Erik was the same way on the day that he died, like he knew something was going to happen. But I don't think you should wake him just yet, let them have this moment" Peter said and pointed at the bowl of water showing Erik and Per naked on Erik's cot in the palace and kissing and holding each other's cocks.

"Yeah, we'll let them have this moment... but this shouldn't be used for peep shows" Thomas said and was about to move his hand over the water to turn the image off but Peter put a hand on Thomas arm and stopped him.

"They've got a bowl of water running there too, see and they're waiting for us to do this" Peter said and then kissed Thomas and started pulling down Thomas' briefs so his cock fell out to a horizontal position as it was getting hard from his having seen Erik and Per make out just now.

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