Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 18

'Ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man'
(Romeo and Juliet act 3, scene 1)

Written by Adam

Hans woke up and noticed he was lying on a lawn. He got up and looked about him and noticed he was at his own street and walked the last bit home, climbed the stairs and lay on the bed. But he couldn't sleep. He knew he couldn't have slept as much as an hour even but he felt well rested. He also knew that although he'd only slept for about 45 minutes he'd been awake for hours in the other world. But now it was full daylight in his bedroom and he never could fall asleep in a daylit room. But the worst thing of all, that kept him awake was this foreboding that he was going to get killed in a matter of hours but that he would go on living in the other world and there that insane drag queen intended to marry him as soon as he had died here.

"Shit! I've gotta get out of that damned castle!" Hans said.

Hans got off the bed and went into the bathroom. There he opened the medicine cabinet and first took one of the pain killers the doctor had given him before he left the hospital and then he noticed another jar. His moms sleeping pills. He took one and swallowed that too. Then he filled the wash stand with water and moved his hand over it once, thinking of Erik accidentally and was about to do it again and think of himself when he noticed that Erik wasn't alone... well, he wasn't surpriced as he had seen the events in the courtyard. But he hadn't expected to see Erik doing the 69 with Per. At first he felt disgusted as he thought of his own experiences with Psycho Boy but then he realised the difference that while he didn't enjoy what Psycho Boy did to him these two seemed to enjoy it a lot and suddenly he knew that he would like it too if he did it with someone he liked and who liked doing it with him... he wished that someone could be Erik but knew that could never be since he murdered Erik. He noticed he was getting hard. He pulled the bathroom door closed and locked it and then he unbuttoned his fly and pulled out his hardening cock and started jacking it while he looked at Erik and Per blowing each other. Then he saw that they were changing positions even though none of them had come. Erik stood on all fours and Per stood on his knees behind him and was about to stick his cock in when he got an odd look on his face and looked down on a bowl of water.

"What is it?" Erik said.

"I got the sensation somebody was touching me and I noticed that someone was. Thomas and Peter moved me to the side of the bed closest to the wall in the other world so they would have room to do what we're about to do" Per said.

"You don't seem to mind?" Erik said looking into the bowl where he saw Peter laying down on his belly on the bed and Thomas getting on top of him.

"Ofcourse not, I'm getting mine here with you" Per said and put the glans of his cock against the rim of Erik's hole.

Per pushed and Erik groaned for a moment but with a big smile on his lips which told Hans that he was enjoying it. Then Per's cock slid into Erik and Per started moving his hips backwards and forwards while Erik moaned with pleasure. Hans started beating his meat faster as he watched the image on the surface of the water. Erik raised his upper body so he was standing on his knees too and Per reached an arm round and started jacking off Erik's cock while he fucked him from behind. Per's movements got faster and faster until he suddenly bent back his head looking at the ceiling and let out a long sigh as he stopped moving his hips. Erik too let out a long sigh and his cock started shooting cum too, into a glass that he was holding in front of his cock. Hans too came and shot a load of cum which flew over the water and landed on the bar of soap there but some of it landed in the water too and the image flickered for a moment. Then, when Erik had finished cumming Per took his cock out of him and Erik got upp off the cot and walked over to the door and opened it giving the glass to someone unseen on the other side.

"I didn't know you wanted to be a father" Per said.

"I didn't untill I saw Thomas' son yesterday" Erik said.

"Thomas has a son?!" Hans said.

"Shit! Hans has been watching us!" Erik said.

"Those damned rings are proving to be a bit of a curse in a way" Per said and then looked down at the bowl beside the cot and nodded.

"Yeah, I wish I'd thought of that when I threatened him with the sword at my place" Per said.

"It may be posible yet. If he gets hurt but not killed before any of you, you can take it off his finger before he dies and put it on your own" Erik said.

"I'm still here listening and even though I didn't hear what Thomas or Peter said I could still understand what's it all about... but don't worry! I don't care much for the Queen and if you're lucky I might even give the ring to you before you kill me or I kill you whichever happens first" Hans said.

"So now you know that Thomas has a son and I have just donated sperm to become a father, what are you going to do with that information?" Erik said.

"I'll keep it to myself! I know for a fact that the Queen isn't watching me at the moment because if he did he would have hit or kicked me over there as punishment and I would have felt it here. And I intend to try to get out of this castle because the Queen intends to marry me as soon as I'm dead in this world and I don't want to marry that psycho so I'd better escape soon since I have a feeling my death here is in a few hours. I'm turning off the ring now... see you in the quarry, Per... and tell that too Thomas and Peter... no hard feelings I'm just fulfilling my... destiny for want of a better word" Hans said and then moved the ring over the water again and saw his own sleeping form lying in the corridor where it had landed when the Queen had hit him before.

"And the same goes for me Hans... Hans?... Hans?... he's turned it off" Per said.

"Good. I think you should wake up in the other world now and get dressed and I'll see you again when it's all over in that world and then we'll have all the time in the world... this world that is" Erik said.

"Yes, but I believe it's easier if someone actually wakes me up on the other side, so Thomas if you don't mind... I trust you and Peter are finished over there?" Per said.

"Yes, we came at the same time as you actually... probably from hearing your gasps and moans in our heads" Thomas said.

"Your gasps and moans worked the same way for us" Erik said.

"A kiss for good luck?... and a good night kiss?" Per said and Erik kissed him but before the kiss was over Per had fallen asleep.

"You couldn't have waited a little longer?" Per said.

"Sorry! I had already started waking you up when you decided to kiss... I wasn't thinking properly, I should have known you'd want to kiss" Thomas said looking slightly ashamed of himself.

"Good night love and hope you'll have a quicker and more painless death than me" Erik said after he'd turned off the ring watching and then lay down on the cot beside Per with his arms around him and put a blanket over them and fell asleep too.

Hans felt the sleeping pill he had taken started to work and he turned off the ring and pulled the plug on the wash stand and finally buttoned his fly again. Then he unlocked the bathroom door and opened it as he fell backwards and hit the back of his head on the bathtub.

Hans opened his eyes and got up off the floor. Then he straightened his clothes and started walking after about an hour he finally found his way onto the outer court yard which still had the platform where the Queen had tried to execute Peter and Erik at one time though Hans didn't know this. Instead he noticed the two headless corpses with their hands tied behind there backs lying on the platform and their respective heads in a basket each by the blocks. Hans felt his stomach turned but he wouldn't be able to puke because his stomach was empty as he hadn't eaten in this world. He noticed from the boys clothing that they had been among the boys he'd seen being led in chains from the boat in the harbour to the castle on the day he arrived.

"Sorry that your lives had to be so short and sad boys... though mine isn't going to be much better in the real world" Hans said quietly and then walked on out through the main gates and across the draw bridge into the city.

Hans was a bit surprised that no one tried to stop him... in fact the guards he'd met in the castle and later on the streets all saluted him. After a long walk and asking a lot of boys for the way he found his way to Andrew's inn, which was carved into the side of the cliff and Hans had to walk a narrow wooden plank to get there by foot. And then he entered the inn.

"Right, here's that picture of Thomas and Peter that you wanted" Per's father said as he put down the photograph on the table that he's taken.

"Did you get your son out of there, reverend? I don't want that nice boy to be seduced by those fags or hurt when we kill them" Gustav said as he picked up the polaroid picture and looked at it.

"I don't have any son. By the way I wan't you to kill that little fag that's been living in my home for the last fifteen years... the one whose boyfriend you sent to hell a couple of days ago" Per's dad said.

"Are you talking about Per?" Gustav said.

"Yes, the sickening little fag called Per! Kill him too" Per's dad said.

"He's no fag, is he?" Gustav said.

"Yes, he's the one that Erik or whatever his name was was kissing a few hours before Hans shot him" Jonas said.

"If you say so! And will you put out that damned cigarette! I have a bad feeling they're gonna kill more people than you some day!" Gustav said as he took the cigarette from Jonas mouth and crushed it in the ashtray.

"Will you get rid of him or not?!" Per's father.

"If you insist but I don't feel good about killing the reverend's son" Gustav said.

"I insist. And I told you before: I don't have any son!" Per's father said.

Okay let's start looking for them.The game's afoot" Gustav said as he and Jonas left the pub.

"So what are we going to do today? Or rather what shall we do untill we bump into Hans and Gustav's gang?" Peter said as he put on a white t-shirt and thereby finished dressing.

"I suggest we have fun... let's make the most of the time we have left... but first, weren't you about to call your parents in Australia?" Per said as he finished dressing too.

"Yeah, I'll go do that now" Peter said and left the room.

"Make the most of the time we have left! Where did you get that idea?" Thomas said and sat on the bed beside Per. Thomas had gotten dressed before he woke up Per.

"That was Erik's way of dealing with it... on the morning of the day he died here he talked about living every day as though it was his last and have as much fun as possible in the time he had left and I believe he did... even when we spent most of that day training with wooden swords and ... well he did certainly enjoy bathing in your pool at the back" Per said with a smile.

"Let's honor his memory in this world then by following his example. Let's have fun and make the most of the time we have left" Thomas said and put an arm around Per.

"Aye sir!" Per said.

"My parents were a bit mad at me for calling them in the middle of the night just to say I love them but they told me they love me too, though they seemed a bit concerned about my wellbeing and almost sounded like they knew they were never going to see me again" Peter said as he came back.

"I'm sorry!" Per said and got up and hugged Peter and Thomas did the same.

"I'm fine now. I heard something about making the most of the time we have left?" Peter said.

"Yes lets have fun, be happy today... Yeah, let's be happy, jolly and... gay today... and with gay I mean both happy and... well, what we are! And then 'ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man'!" Per said.

"What? That last bit sounded familiar, but I don't know where I've heard it before" Thomas said.

"'Romeo and Juliet', act 3 scene 1" Peter said.

"Really? How come you're so well versed in litterature suddenly?" Thomas said.

"It comes from being a Trekker I guess. Captain Picard likes Shakespeare and that was enough for me to start reading some of his plays and I found that I liked them" Per said.

"Same here. When we were forced to study Shakespeare and perform his plays in school I always hated it but then I saw 'The Next Generation' and Picard who liked Shakespeare and also Data who played it on the holodeck to become more human and that made me start to discover Shakespeare on my own" Peter said.

"I knew Picard liked Shakespeare and I've had the intention to read his plays because of that but always put it off and now I guess there isn't any time left... unless there's some of his works in that library where Peter found his sword... I must have missed the episode where Data performs Shakespeare on the holodeck though" Thomas said.

"There's two episodes where he does that" Per corrected.

"Yeah, now I remember one where he played some kind of sorceror or something and then the Orient Express appeared in the middle of it all and almost ran over Data and Picard" Thomas said.

"Yeah, he played Prospero in 'The Tempest'... though the Orient Express isn't really in Shakespeares play, that was just a computer glitch on the holodeck... probably another Microsoft bug" Peter said.

"Breakfast's been ready for half an hour now! It's getting cold!" Thomas' dad shouted from downstairs.

"Let's go down and have breakfast" Thomas said still laughing a bit at what Peter said about Microsoft and they all went down and had breakfast.

"I've picked out some dark suits of mine that I thought Peter and Per could wear at Erik's funeral tomorrow, I was wondering if you could try them on tonight?" Thomas' dad said.

"That's tomorrow? I almost forgot about that!" Peter said.

"Yeah, it's tomorrow" Per said gloomily.

"But we're not going to make..." Peter started.

"I appreciate that, well try them on tonight" Per said and Peter let out an 'Ouch' as Thomas kicked his leg.

"I trust all three of you want to go to your friend's — boyfriend's in you case — funeral?" Thomas' dad said.

"Ofcourse we're going" Peter said as he'd now remembered himself but to himself; 'yeah, well be at the funeral in caskets of our own.'

"Now, let's drop this sad subject and talk of something else shall we? We, don't want to make Per all depressed again, do we?" Thomas dad said.

"Hear hear" all three boys said.

"Oh dear! Isn't that the Queen's little prince that just came in the door?" Andrew said as he stood polishing glasses behind the bar.

"Don't call me that! I have no intention of marrying that sick fuck if I can avoid it! I've heard that this is one of the few places in this city where I could spend the night without the Queen being able to find me and I do need to sleep" Hans said as he walked up to the bar.

"Sure, I could give you a room... but how do you intend to pay for it? It ain't for free" Andrew said.

"I've understood consentual sex is the normal payment for everything in this world" Hans said.

"Yes it is, but as far as I've heard you don't like giving blow jobs or getting fucked... you don't seem to like gay sex at all in fact even though you're clearly gay... in fact you strike me as a homophobe!" Andrew said.

"I was a homophobe but I don't think I would mind having gay sex with someone I liked. I don't like doing it with the Queen, 'cause he's a real psycho case and never asks if I wants to, he simply rapes me. On the other hand I wouldn't mind at all doing it with you if you want to do it with me!" Hans said.

"Okay, you've got yourself a bed 'cause I wouldn't mind doing it with you... but I'm busy at the moment as I still have customers in the bar as you can see" Andrew said.

"I'm too tired to have sex right now, so if you don't mind I'd like to get some sleep first anyway" Hans said.

"Deal! Here's your key!" Andrew said and gave Hans a key which Hans took and climbed the stairs.

Erik woke up and he knew he wouldn't be able to get any more sleep so he took a small stool and sat on by Per's side and moved his hand over the bowl of water that stood there and it showed an image of Hans lying on his bathroom floor. Then he saw Hans wake up and apparently look around himself in surprise as he felt the back of his head which had a large bump. Then Hans noticed his mother standing by the door looking at him. She bent over and helped him up and they went down to the kitchen and Hans had breakfast before he went out and got his bike out of the garage and rode away on it. Erik moved his hand over the bowl again and now he saw Thomas, Peter and Per riding their bikes across the main square past the fountain portraying the four elements... no fifth element Erik mused to himself and regretted it as he was going to miss not being able to see that movie any more as it was one of his favorites. Thomas, Peter and Per parked their bikes and went into the same cafe as usual and got a cup of coffee each and ice cream cones.

"Seems like a nice, warm summer's day" Erik said.

"It is. What are you doing up? Shouldn't you be sleeping?" Thomas said.

"I can't sleep. And I felt I needed to check on the three of you. And warn you that Hans is on the move, but he isn't with Gustav's gang at least" Erik said.

"Maybe we shouldn't know too much" Peter said.

"Yeah, maybe you're right" Erik said.

"We're trying to make the most of the time we have left like you wanted to do that day, and that won't work if we know that they may be coming" Per said.

"Yes, I'm sorry. So you do listen to what I say after all?" Erik said.

"You're my boyfriend, I listen to everything you say. Don't you listen to everything I say for the same reason?" Per said.

"Aye sir, I do" Erik said.

"Excuse me. You're talking to Erik, right?" a girl at the next table said suddenly.

"What?" Thomas said.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone! Yes, Erik who rushed off on a dragon last night and almost got killed and you're Thomas right? I heard you healed him and that other boy you brought back with you... that's you isn't it? And then there's Peter who I saw howering in the library yesterday" the girl said.

"You're a dreamer" Peter said.

"Yes, I'm Agneta" Agneta said.

"Hello Agneta! I think I've seen you here on the island!" Erik said.

"Er... Hello Erik, you did something with that ring so I can hear you too, didn't you?" Agneta said.

"Yes" Erik said.

"I think I recognise you from the island too" Thomas said.

"I thought you looked kind of familiar, but I thought I'd seen you here in this world around this town" Peter said.

"I've only seen you here in this world... but that's because I was asleep when I came to the island" Per said.

"I know, I helped Erik carry you down to the room where you're staying in the palace" Agneta said.

"Ah, that's where I recognized you from" Erik said.

"Yes. Well, speaking of the rings that you use to see and speak to each other, I found this as I was digging in my garden the other day, and Michele told me to give it to you Per" Michele said and gave a ring to Per who held it up and looked at it.

Per put the ring on and moved it over his coffee cup and the image of Erik appeared. They smiled at each other.

"I thought him the spell for making the ring work" Thomas said.

"Thank you!" Erik and Per said.

"And thank you" Per said to Agneta.

"So it was one of those rings, as I suspected! You're welcome cutie... and don't worry, I'm in the other world which means I'm a lesbian and not at all interested in you in that way" Agneta said.

"Yes, I know" Per said.

"But there's something here... a sense of doom looming over you even though you're trying to enjoy yourselves as much as possible, it's like... like all three of you are going to die in this world today just like me... and it's like less than an hour left!" Agneta said.

"What do you mean? Are you saying that you're going to die too?" Thomas said.

"Yes, there's this guy in Gustav's gang that's always smoking, I think his name's Jonas, he was making moves on me and I made the mistake of telling him that I prefer women, as I didn't know then that he was part of Gustav's gang... well he said he would kill me and now I have a feeling he will do that today as they will find me while looking for you and I believe they're heavily armed as they intend to kill you" Agneta said.

"How do you know this?" Per said.

"I don't know it, it's just a feeling I have which grew stronger now that I bumped into you 'cause as I said they find me while looking for or even as they find you"

"And then you will run along with us as they chase us but you will get yours in the woods..." Thomas said.

"While we continue fleeing untill we reach the edge of the quarry" Per said.

"Didn't you say less than an hour?" Peter said.

"Yes, and I believe I just saw Gustav's car drive by on the opposite side of the square" Per said.

"Did you bring the gun with you?" Erik said.

"Not the gun Hans used by any chance? But what's the point? It isn't loaded, remember?" Thomas said.

"Per loaded it the other night and that apparently sealed his fate so he became a dreamer, and now it's gone so far as he might as well keep it, 'cause he needs it to use on Hans to lock him in this world to be raped by the Queen untill we overthrow her... it's too late to change any of that" Erik said.

"Yes, I've got the gun" Per said.

"Let's see it!" Peter said.

"Not here!" Per said.

"No, not here, he's right" Thomas said.

"Er, Gustav has turned the car around and just drove onto the square, heading straight for us, so they must have seen us!" Agneta said pointing at Gustav's car that was indeed coming straight for them people leaping desperatly to get out of it's way.

"Erik, stop watching now! I suspect things will get ugly from here on and I don't want you to have to see me get killed like I had to see you" Per said as he and the others were getting up and then ran up the stone steps nearby just as Gustav's car crushed the tables where they had sat.

"It's alright, 'cause I know that you'll come out alright in this world" Erik said.

"No, turn off the ring now!" Thomas said.

"Alright!" Erik said and turned off the ring and lay down on the cot beside Per who appeared to have a troubled sleep at tha moment.

Gustav's car had been stopped by the stone wall of the building in the wreck of tables and chairs. Jonas stepped out of the car and looked at the four people that stood at the top of the stairs. They only stood there for a fraction of a second before they started running for the boy's bikes but it seemed like an eternity where Jonas had time to recognise Agneta.

"There's that dyke who turned me down the other night! Let's get her too!" Jonas shouted and brought out a sub machine gun and started shooting at the boys and the girl as they were getting on the bikes.

"Don't shoot here! There's too many witnesses, stupid! Get in the car! We'll chase them to the quarry!" Gustav yelled and Jonas got into the car which started backing and turning to follow Thomas and the others who had fled by now.

"Please, let me come too!" Hans said who had been watching from a distance and just now approached Gustav's car.

"Not in the car! But where you ride your bike is none of my business" Gustav said which meant Hans could follow them which he did when they drove off.

"Shit! I've been hit already!" Peter shouted as they pedaled their bikes as fast as possible.

"Yes, he's bleeding heavily from the side here!" Agneta said who was riding behind Peter whose bike was the only one with a package holder you could give someone a ride on.

"Okay, let's stop for a moment!" Thomas said and they did and then Thomas placed a hand on Peter's side and the wound disappeared.

"Thanks!" Peter said.

"So you it's true, you do have the ability to heal serious wounds... what happened to the bullet? Isn't it still in there? I know it didn't go through him" Agneta said.

"Don't mention it Peter, I feel we should stay healthy and most of all together as long as possible! Now, let's get going again, they're following us" Thomas said as Gustav's car came round the corner and behind him Hans on his bicycle Per noticed.

"His ability is to manipulate matter and that means that he somehow can transform matter into other types of matter so I believe he probably turned the bullet into flesh... into a part of me..." Peter shouted to Agneta.

"Neat!" Agneta said.

"Let's see if we can shake them off in the woods here! ... I can't believe I said that, I know we can't and I know where we'll end up going through this wood" Thomas shouted as they turned and rode the bikes onto a narrow dirt road into the woods.

"Yes, everythin seems so damned inevitable" Per shouted.

"I agree... but the three of you need to get to the quarry together and I'm slowing Peter down, so I'll get off here and try to delay them for a bit" Agneta said and got off the bike.

"Agneta, no!" Thomas shouted.

"It's what I have to do, it's inevitable" Agneta shouted after them and then turned and saw Gustav's car coming high speed at her just a second before it hit her.

Gustav saw Agneta bounce over the hood and wind shield and then heard her bounce on the roof of the car before he saw her land behind it through the rear view mirror. Gustav stepped on the brake and the car skidded to a halt and both he and Jonas got out of the car and walked up to her. Hans came riding along on his bike and stopped when he saw Agneta lying on the ground, almost every bone in her body broken and multiple lacerations from which she were bleeding as she was still alive.

"Keep going, follow them so we don't lose them!" Gustav said and Hans continued on his bike.

"Go ahead, Jonas! Kill the dyke that turned you down" Agneta teased and Jonas just nodded and pointed the Uzi at her.

Thomas, Peter and Per stopped and looked around. They heard a short burst of gunfire from where Agneta had gotten of the bike. They looked at each other for a moment.

"We'll see her on the island soon" Peter said.

Thomas and Per nodded and then they continued and shortly after heard Gustav's car revving and they also heard another bike closing on them and they knew it would be Hans. They turned into a narrow path where they knw they could ride the bikes and was a short cut to the quarry while Gustav wouldn't be able to drive his car there. There was a gun shot and Thomas felt a sharp pain in his right thigh and looked down to see it bleeding. The bullet had barely touched his leg but ripped the flesh. He put his hand on the wound and felt warmth as it healed and then he held it there for a second longer and the jeans were whole as well. Suddenly the front wheel of Per's bike hit a root and Per sommersaulted forwards.

"Keep going, I'll catch up with you unharmed! I know I won't be hurt untill I get to the quarry!" Per said as the other two had stopped and looked at him.

"No, we must keep together" Peter said.

"No, he's right, we'll go ahead and try to trick Gustav into driving his car over the edge into the quarry while Per deals with Hans" Thomas said.

"Go on!" Per urged and Peter reluctantly followed Thomas.

Per turned around and saw Hans coming round a bend on the path and stopped when he saw Per who was reaching behind his back bringing out the gun.

"You'll be shooting me the first time now, but I won't die" Hans said.

"I don't want to shoot anyone! I'm no killer!" Per said.

"Very well, then I'll shoot you!" Hans said and raised the gun to point it at Per.

Per shot Hans out of reflex and Hans fell backwards off the bike as the bullet entered his stomach and exited through his back. Per swore and raised his bike and got on it and started pedalling along the path. Far behind him Hans got up on his feet, feeling pain in his stomach and looked down to see a large patch of blood on his white t-shirt. He held his stomach for a while and then bent over and raised his bike and got on it and tried to ride it. He couldn't pedal as fast now with the pain in his stomach. Several hundred metres further on Per had stopped some ten metres before the path rejoined the dirt road and watched Gustav's car drive past and hoping they didn't see him while cursing the fact that they now where between him and Thomas and Peter.

The dirt road ended at the very edge of the quarry with a shear drop. There were cement blocks out where the road began to prevent people from driving their car onto this road by mistake but Gustav had gotten the car around those before as this was a popular spot for chicken races. And there was going to be one today. Peter and Thomas had gotten off and dropped the bikes by the side of the road where they were standing on the road at the very edge. Gustav came around the last turn in the road that was going downhill from there to the edge and the spot was famous for the fact that it was very difficult to stop a car in time before going over the edge. Jonas reached out through the side window pointing the uzi at Thomas.

"Don't shoot until they jump.... and I'm sure gonna make them jump!" Gustav said as he reached an uzi of his own through the window and then stepped on the gas pedal and released the clutch and the car started moving forward at high speed.

"You've gotta brake now or we'll go over the edge!" Jonas shouted.

"I brake when they jump!" Gustav shouted back.

Per came round the turn and stopped at the crest of the hill and saw Gustav's car speeding towards Thomas and Peter.

"Oh no!" Per said to himself.

"Jump!" Thomas shouted and he and Peter took each other's hand and turned and jumped off the cliff knowing the water was below them so if they didn't get shot they would make it.

"Now!" Gustav shouted and stepped on the brake as both he and Jonas pressed the triggers of the guns.

Both Thomas and Peter felt a dozen horses each hit kick them all over their backs and a dark red cloud spread in front of them as their bodies got perforated. Then they dropped into the water as Gustav's car sped over the edge and landed on the rock beyond the water and rolled over several times before it came still lying on the roof. Per got off his bike and ran to the edge with his feet skidding to a stop just before he was about to fall over the edge. He looked down to see the water getting redder. And he also noticed the car's gas tank had ruptured.

"I told you that you should have braked earlier!" Jonas said as he unthinkingly lit up another cigarette.

"Noooo!" Gustav shouted smelling the leaking gasoline and tried to rip the cigarette from Jonas but then the car exploaded.

"That takes care of that shit!" Per said to himself and there was a loud bang behind him and he felt something hit him hard in the back and just by his heart a part of his chest exploaded as Hans bullet exited there and he fell forward toward the water.

Hans ran down to the edge and dived.

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