Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 19


Written by Adam

"Enter" Erik said and the person who had knocked opened the door.

"I asked Michele if I could stay here and ... 'greet' the others when they awake and she thought it would be a good idea. But she also said that it depended on if it was okay with you" Agneta said still standing in the door.

"Sure, come in and take a seat. A couple of moments ago Thomas and Peter shook voilently in their sleep, I think it may have been when they got shot and then just now Per shook once in a similar manner but like he only got hit with one bullet... but they're still alive apparently so I'm affraid they're in pain... at least Per probably is, I think Thomas and Peter probably can't feel most of their bodies at this time, I know this from my own experience" Erik said.

"Don't think too much about it" Agneta said.

"You should listen to her" Michele said.

"I can't help it. I love him, I don't want him to be in pain" Erik said choking back tears.

"May we join you too?" Michele said indicating herself and Rebecca who was holding Sergio.

"I don't know, I don't think there should be too many people here when they wake up, it's traumatic for them as it is" Erik said.

"I understand, we'll wait just outside instead and then you can just call for us if Thomas wants to see his son" Michele said.

"I'll ask him when he wakes up" Erik said and then Michele closed the door leaving the five of them alone.

Per was feeling pain in his chest and he was loosing a lot of blood coloring the water red. He looked about him and then saw Thomas and Peter on the bottom and swam down towards them. As he came closer he noticed Thomas had his hand on Peter's chest healing one of the wounds and then was about to move his hand to another wound but Peter took Thomas' hand and placed it on Thomas' own chest trying to get him to heal one of his own wounds instead but Thomas shook his head and then opened his mouth and some blood and most of all a couple of bubbles came out and his eyes became empty. There was a woosh sound in the water and Per knew it as the sound when something large and heavy drops into the water, like when a person dives in and he knew that would be Hans looking to finish his business. Per waved his hand in front of Thomas' eyes even though he knew that he had probably already woke up in the other world never to return to this one. Peter was still alive but apparently unable to move on his own anymore and Per grabbed him under the armpits and swam to the surface dragging Peter along.

Thomas sat up on his cot suddenly and took a deep breath. Then he looked down at his body to see that it wasn't perforated.

"Don't die underwater in that world, while you're still alive in this one you'll wake up short on breath here" Thomas said.

"Maybe we should use the ring to tell Per and Peter to get out of the water" Erik said.

"Okay, I guess it can't be that much harm for you to watch the end after all" Thomas said as Erik was already moving his hand over the bowl of water.

"Apparently Per has already dragged Peter out of the water" Erik said as he saw Per laying Peter down on his back on the ground just by the water filled part of the Quarry.

"What's that burning there at the edge of the image?" Agneta said.

"Must be Gustav's car. It came over the edge as we were falling into the water and apparently exploded a few moments after it landed, I saw a brief yellow light and a sharp noice while in the water" Thomas said as Erik changed the perspective so the burning car came visible and they could see two dark figures in the front seat.

"Apparently Gustav and Jonas didn't get out" Agneta said.

"I'm sorry, I forgot I promissed Rebecca to ask you if you want to see your son" Erik said suddenly.

"Yeah, that would be nice" Thomas said.

"They're just outside the room" Erik said and Thomas went and opened the door.

"Come in" Thomas said and both Rebecca and Michele did. Rebecca let Thomas take and hold Sergio.

"Somebody else is coming out of the water" Agneta said.

"That's Hans... who seems to have been shot too and his dragging someone out of the water also..." Erik said.

"It's my corpse" Thomas said and then Sergio started crying as he too saw the image in the water.

"No, no, no! I'm alright! I'm not dead, see! I'm holding you know ain't I? I assure you that you're not going to lose your father... ever!" Thomas said walking into a far corner of the room away from the bowl of water.

"Why's he taking Thomas' corpse out of the water for?" Erik said.

"I wouldn't want to be found dead in that water like somebody murdered me and dumped me in the water... Gustav tried to do that to me and luckily it didn't work... and I don't think either of you would like to be found that way either" Hans said to Per.

"But you still intend to kill me, don't you?" Per said.

"I will kill you but not 'cause I want to but... I don't know... for some reason that's the way things are supposed to turn out and will turn out and I can't change it no matter how much I want to... and you're still supposed to avenge Erik, shooting me as many times as he did and you've got seven bullets left to fire... but before you do..." Hans said and removed the ring from his finger and handed it to Per who took it hesitantly.

"Why? We're all about to die! None of us need the rings any more because there won't be anyone in this world that we will need to watch" Per said.

"Maybe, let's do it anyway, some sort of symbolic defiance on my part against Psycho Boy... er... I mean the Queen... put it on your finger and then sit by your friends side his last moments before we settle our differences" Hans said.

Per put the ring on his finger so he now had two rings there. And then sat down by Peter.

"Hold my hand, I won't be long, just a minute or two and then I'll be waiting for you on the other side" Peter said.

Per took Peters hand and squeezed it but Peter didn't squeeze back.

"I can see you holding my hand but I don't feel it... in fact I feel nothing below my neck, except somehow my heart beats getting slower and slower...didn't you just have a gun wound by your heart, now there's just a hole in your t-shirt" Peter said.

Thomas was kneeling by Per's cot and holding a hand over Per's heart region.

"Why heal him if he's about to die anyway?" Agneta asked.

"It was too serious a wound, he was losing too much blood and wouldn't last long enough to take care of Hans" Thomas said.

"I heard that, you're watching me too, right?" Hans said.

"Got a problem with that?" Erik said.

"No, I probably would do the same" Hans said.

"And now my heart stopped..." Peter said and took a few more breaths before he let the last one out.

"Maybe you should leave for now, I'll come visit my son later" Thomas said giving Sergio back to Rebecca who nodded and left the room with Michele following her.

Peter sat up in bed suddenly.

"It's alright. I'm here. It's over now" Thomas said as he sat down and hugged Peter.

"Damn, why did it have to take so long to die?" Peter said.

"You're alive here and now, let's not think of that world anymore!" Thomas said.

"Behind you!" Erik shouted at the bowl but too late as Hans had already fired a bullet at Per's back.

"Shooting me in the back are you?" Per said turning around.

"I think we'd better hurry up and kill each other before those police cars and ambulances and fire trucks gets here" Hans said and as Per listened he could hear sirens getting closer.

"I don't really have to shoot you anymore. I shot you in the stomach, so you'll be dead soon enough anyway" Per said.

"It takes too long time, the ambulance may get here and take me to hospital and save me" Hans said and shot Per.

Per was flung on his back by the impact and where the first bullet hitting him in the back on the edge of the ravine had only scraped his heart this one went straight through. Hans walked over to where Per was lying slightly leaning against Peter's tomach and stood at Per's feet and aimed the revolver at Per once more. But Per raised his gun and fired two more bullets into Hans who fired his gun twice also. Per squeezed off three more rounds as Hans standing unsteadily squeezed the trigger again out of reflex more than anything else and the bullet hit Per in the left shoulder. Per screamed out of pain and fired the last two bullets and Hans was falling backwards practically dead already but his finger twitched and the last bullet in the revolver hit Per in the belly as he saw two police cars drive into the quarry at the edge of his vision.

"Okay, it's over now. Let go of that world and come to me!" Erik said crying.

"Aye sir" Per said as a the face of a paramedic appeared in front of his eyes, blocking out the sun.

"Hey! This one's alive!" Per could faintly hear the paramedic call to his collegues.

"Isn't the one we found crying by the side of the other boy who got shot a couple of days ago?" he heard another paramedic say.

"Yeah. Stay with me son! Were gonna save y..." and then everything went black and silent and Per woke up in the other world.

"Damn, we lost him!" he heard the paramedic say from the bowl of water as he and Erik embraced each other.

"Hey, there were two rings on his finger here and they just disappeared in fr..." the other paramedic was heard saying but the sound ended abruptly as when you turn off a radio set.

"The image just disappeared, it's just clear water now" Agneta said.

"Yeah, I think the rings can only watch people who are alive in the world you're watching... they may be asleep and 'dreaming' of this world but if you watch them from this world and they die in the other contact is broken" Thomas said.

"Oh, I wanted to make sure I didn't look too beat up where I lay, but then that's not posible?" Agneta said.

"No, I've tried to see how I look but I haven't managed to... but now having seen the three of you lie there all bloody as well as Hans I don't think I would have liked to have seen myself" Erik said.

"I didn't like seeing myself like that so I don't think you would have liked it either" Thomas said.

"Let's not dwell on what has just happened but think ahead instead, I understand the three of you have things to do. Tyrants to overthrow and so on" Per said.

"You're right!" Erik said.

"Yeah, I think we should take the loss of contact with the other world as a sign that we should move on in this world" Peter said.

"Good idea" Thomas said.

"Yes, it was nice meeting you, but now I'd like to return to my girlfriends side. I visited her as soon as I woke up before I came to you, I wanted her to come meet you too but she prefered to stay and wait for the result of the pregnancy test... but I have a feeling I'll be seeing you around" Agneta said and walked towards the door which opened and Michele entered with another girl. Rebecca followed with Sergio on her arm.

"I understand I missed all the action" the girl said.

"Yes, but it's alright. I was just on my way to you Anna" Agneta said.

"But we came here instead, 'cause we wanted Erik to meet Anna here who's going to be mother of his twins in about nine months" Michele said.

"Twins?" Erik said shaking Anna's hand.

"A boy and a girl" Anna said.

"It all fits, one of the princes is supposed to get twins and the girl will be leader of this island at about the same time as her brother take over the throne over there" Michele said.

"Yeah, I read that too" Per said.

"Where did you read that?" Michele said surprised.

"In the book I found in the attic one time when Erik and I played there three or four years ago and then I kept the book in my room untill I found it again about a week ago and started reading it" Per said.

"You found a book in your world about this one?" Michele said.

"Why do you sound so surprised? My sword was in his home, remember? In this world the sword was close to a copy of the book containing the history of this world, and apparently the same was true in the other world as well... at least they were in the same house even though the sword wasn't attached to the lectern and Per had put the book in his room instead... I guess each book and sword belong together somehow... and the books are magical too and that way they could be brought between worlds" Erik said.

"Oh. Alright. Where's the book now? It didn't get left behind in the other world did it?" Michele said.

"No, we thought we might need it and we weren't sure if we would be able to bring it along and keep it close enough to get it over when we died so I brought it over in the morning on the day we died... and then I helped Erik cum so he could donate his seed also" Per said and blushed a bit while he picked the book off the floor and handed to Michele.

"Apparently the books are magic then, but I don't see how" Michele said.

"Look on the last page" Per said.

Michele opened the book and looked at the page where new words were appearing all the time as though the book was writing itself. When the page was full a new one appeared and started filling up.

"Okay, it's magical alright... but it's talking about a lot of dead dragons and ... Erik projecting his mind into that of a hurt dragon..." Michele said reading from the page.

"That reminds me, we should go to the dragon's breeding grounds tomorrow and try to find dragons for Peter and Per so we'll have a dragon each" Thomas said.

"Apparently the book predicts the future in quite some detail appart from the 'prophecies' about the three princes which I read a day or two before I noticed that the book was writing itself... but it only predicts about 24 hours into the future" Per said.

"There's something embossed on the front cover" Michele said when she closed the book.

"Yeah, but I haven't been able to see what it actually is" Per said.

"So, we're only going to find one live dragon there, and that one will be hurt?" Thomas said, suddenly.

"Not necessarily, but I think we shouldn't know too much about the future so let's just see when we get there" Erik said.

"Agneta, please bring that candle over here" Michele said and when she got the candle she held it close to the book and at level with the front cover.

"You're not going to burn the book are you?" Per said with a worried tone.

"No, only the Queen is barbaric enough to burn books. I'm trying to get the light to cast shadows so it's possible to see what's embossed in the leather here" Michele said.

"Why didn't I think of doing that at home?" Per wondered to himself.

"In my experience modern people who's just arrived from the other world with it's electric lights and all aren't always that used to thinking along those lines... no offence." Michele said.

"None taken... but wouldn't have been easier to say 'the youth of today'?" Per said with a smile and Michele smiled too while shaking her head.

"So, what is it that's embossed there?" Erik said.

"It's the symbol on your medalion and your tattoo" Michele said.

"Why am I not surprised" Thomas said.

"And then there's something more... there's letters... 'The history of...' and then a word is missing like it was never embossed and then there's more, it says; '... and Erik's story'..." Michele said.

"The last part of the book was actually largelly told from Erik's point of view" Per said.

"But you knew about us ending up in the quarry" Peter said.

"Yes, but not what would happen on the way there or how we would get there, I only knew it would be there from what I read that Erik saw when he started watching us with the ring again, which was as I dragged Peter out of the water" Per said.

Michele took a piece of paper and dipped a feather pen in ink and wrote something on it and then gave it to Agneta.

"Go get the book in the library, you know which one I mean and if anyone wonders why then just show them that piece of paper and say I sent you" Michele said and Agneta rushed off.

"I was just going to ask you to get that book here" Erik said.

"I figured one of you might, but I'm also curious if it tells the story from Peter's point of view" Michele said.

"We may have to return to the cave and get the third book" Thomas said.

"There's plenty of time to do that. According to the book it's still about nine months before the final battle with the Queen" Per said.

"Really? But it was supposed to be on the Queen's wedding night and he intended to marry Hans as soon as he died in the other world" Peter said.

"Yes, but he watched me and Erik have sex this morning and the we talked... you must have heard our end of the conversation at least... Hans said then that he didn't want to marry the Queen whom he seems to hate as much as we do and that he intended to try to 'escape', or maybe 'elope' is a more fitting word...and that fits with what the 'prophecy' in the book says. According to that he escapes, gets captured by the resistance and held prisoner by them untill he wins their confidence and actually joins them untill an infiltrator betrays the resistance cell and recaptures Hans and brings him back to the Queen about the time three women goes into the labour on the island giving birth to two of the princes' children and the son of the boyfriend to one prince" Per said.

"In other words; you're going to be a father too" Thomas said.

"Me? Actually, that's a nice thought... though I can't get used to the thought of Erik being a prince... to anyone but me ofcourse!" Per said and hugged Erik.

"That's alright, I don't feel very royal either... in fact the only prince I know is the one hugging me now" Erik said and then Erik and Per kissed.

"Finally were together again for good and not shifting between worlds any more" Per said.

"Agreed" Erik said and kissed Peter some more.

Agneta entered the room with the book and gave it to Michele who looked at it while holding the candle close as before.

"I believe this belongs to you" Michele said and gave the book to Peter.

"I'll read it later, right now I think we should leave Erik and Per alone. Besides, I think it's time for me to make my contribution to society" Peter said and noticed that no one knew what he meant. "Make my donation" Peter clarified and then the coin dropped for the others.

"I'd be willing to help you like Per helped Erik" Thomas said.

"I'd appreciate that, thanks" Peter said.

"You can be in the room next door, and I'll just get something for you to put it in" Michele said.

"Michele. Er... since it said in the book that I would become a father too... and I like the idea, and also since Erik and I are going to have sex now anyway..." Per said.

"Yes, ofcourse, I'll arrange it" Michele said.

Everybody but Erik and Per left the room. Per started to untie the rope that held Erik's trousers up and pushed them down and put his hand on Erik's already hard dick.

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