Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, you're society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

A Different World, part 2

Don't lose your head

Written by Adam

Thomas landed his dragon on one of the wooden poles outside the inn, dismounted and walked towards the door. Far off he could see the boy his dragon had almost hit with it's dung. Thomas had found the boy quite good looking. The white t-shirt the boy was wearing was rather thight on him, more or less revealing an athletic set of muscles underneath. The boy also had blonde hair, which stood in all directions as though he'd just gotten up after a night's sleep, and probably quite a party before he went to sleep, which would've explained the boy's pale complexion. However, his pale face had made the green eyes stand out more in contrast than it probably did normally. From what the boy had looked now, Thomas figured, he must be drop dead gogeous if he got a chance to clean himself up and comb his hair, and that's why Thomas had invited the boy to come to the inn. But now something happened down there which made Thomas cuss under his breath. A palace guard had approached the boy, grabbed his arm and was now leading him down the street towards the palace. "Damn, let's just hope the Queen doesn't take a fancy to him" said Thomas to himself and went inside.

"Thomas, nice to see you again" said the guy behind the bar.

"Nice to see you too, Andrew" said Thomas.

"But you must be either very brave or very stupid to come here, you know the Queen has ordered you killed on sight if you ever showed your face in the city again" said Andrew.

"She's ordered me killed on sight, period. But I'm not worried, I'm a better swordsman than any of the Queens men" said Thomas taking a sip from the glass he'd been given by Andrew.

"I know you're not just bragging so I'll let you get away with that remark this time" said Andrew and smiled.

"Thanks" said Thomas.

"I heard there was a new arrival, a lot of people has seen him sleeping in the street and then walking about, wonder if he's died already in our dimension or just a dreamer. Anyway I sent some people out to find him before the Queens men do" said Andrew.

"Too late, I saw him get caught down in the street just now. I'd spoken to him just before that, pursuading him to come here so we could give him some clothes so he'd blend in and don't get caught. Unfortunatelly he didn't make it" said Thomas "I think he's a dreamer, he looked hung over rather than recently dead."

"If you saw him get caught, why didn't you help him?" said Andrew with some irritation in his voice.

"If I'd rescued him and let the guard live, then the guard would've told the Queen I'm in town, and if I'd killed the guard the body would be found or he'd be missed if he the body wasn't found and in either case the Queen would order her guards to search the city and then they would surely come here and I need to have a few hours of rest here before they start hunting me again, I'll rescue him later" said Thomas.

"Fair enough" said Andrew.

Thomas drank on in silence and Andrew got on with wiping his glasses with a dirty rag. After a while there was a whoosh soung and a small bell ring as a metal cylinder came out of a tube and landed in a basket behind the bar. Andrew took the cylinder, opened it and withdrew a note which he read.

"Shit! The Queen has ordered the new boy, who apparently is called Erik, executed in the morning, 'cause he kicked her ... the groin! Way to go Erik! The citizens of Katatonia are ordered to attend the execution of both Erik and the former love slave Peter in the palace court yard at dawn tomorrow" said Andrew reading from the note.

"Damn! Well, I know where I'll be tomorrow at dawn" said Thomas.

"On your dragon, flying out of town I bet, you yellow bastard" said a drunken guy in the far corner.

"No, I think you must have mistaken me for yourself, I'll be in palace court yard resqueing to guys before they lose their heads" said Thomas calmly.

"Oh, so then there'll be three executions then, the slave boy, the newbie and you" said the guy.

"No, again you must have mistaken me for yourself, I'm not an alcolic loser like you are" said Tomas and smirked.

"Here, take that back!" said the drunkard an brought out his sword, barelly able to hold it up as drunk as he was.

"I'm not gonna fight you" said Thomas.

"Defend yourself, or are you a chicken?" said the guy.

Thomas drew his sword and with one swift movement caused the drunkard's sword to fly out of his hands and then Thomas sheathed his sword again.

"What are you waiting for? Kill me if you dare" said the drunkard.

"I don't kill unarmed men" said Thomas.

"Coward!" shouted the guy and fell flat on his face asleep on the floor.

"Excuse me" said Andrew, looking very pale as the drunkards sword had gotten stuck in the wall behind the bar just missing Andrew's head.

"Oh, sorry" said Thomas and pulled the sword free from the wall and handed it to Andrew. "Put this someplace safe" he asked the barman.

"No, you keep it, use it to train this Erik boy to use it after you save him tomorrow" said Andrew and signalled to a couple of other guests who picked the sleeping drunkard from the floor and carried him upstairs to his room.

"Good idea, I wonder if he gets to share cell with Peter" said Thomas.

"If he is then Peter probably is seducing him right now" said Andrew.

"Yeah, lucky bastard" said Thomas.

"Lucky? They'll be executed tomorrow!" said Andrew.

"No, they won't if I have anything to do with it, I'll rescue them both" said Thomas and picked up his pack and brought it and the drunkard's sword with him to his room for a night's sleep.

Meanwhile Erik didn't get any sleep, in fact he wasn't sleepy at all but wide awake and aroused as Peter had just removed his t-shirt and now was unbuttoning his fly. In the darkness of the cell he could just make out Peter's hand as it stroke the bulge in his underwear but he didn't need to see because the most important sensation was to feel another guy's hand stroke his hard eight inches for the first time. Erik reached over and pulled off Peter's shirt and put his hands on his bare skin, and teasing his niples lightly. Peter reached over and kissed Erik again and their tongues explored each other. He could feel Peter's hand take hold of his Levi's and tried to pull so Erik put his hands and feet down so he could lift his hip off the mattress enough for Peter to pull the trousers and Calvins off and as he sat down again Peter took off Erik his trousers, Calvins and his shoes so he now was completelly naked. Peter disappeared in the darkness for a while as he was down by Erik's feet but then he could see the boy's blonde hair and feel a warm tongue lick the shaft of his cock. Erik just laid back on the cot as he felt the tip of Peter's tongue play around on his glans for a moment before he felt the warm embrace of the boy's mouth taking all eight inches of his cock all the way to his balls. Peter started to move up and down his cock slowly, sucking and licking and Erik bit his lower lip moaning with pleasure as he also felt Peter's hand stroking the underside of his balls.

"Oh God, I'm coming!" Erik said and Peter could feel his mouth fill up with Erik's cum and he swalloved as much as he could.

Peter then moved to sit on his knees astride Erik's chest and let Erik pull his trousers down so his own 7" inch cock stood straight out. Erik then put his hand on Peter's cock and caressed it and started jacking a little before he gave in to the urge to lick the shaft as Peter had done to him and then as he found that he actually liked the taste of cock he greedilly took Peter's cock in his mouth and started to suck.

"If I didn't know any better I would say that you've done this before" moaned Peter.

Erik didn't say anything 'cause he didn't want to stop sucking cock untill he could feel cum in his mouth. He started to stroke Peter's balls, just as Peter had done to him and this soon cause Peter's hip to shelve and Erik got his reward, a mouth full of Peter's cum, which he swalloved.

"I haven't been with a guy before, but for some reason sucking cock came as natural to me as... breathing almost" said Erik "I guess maybe I am gay after all".

"See, I told you. Wanna fuck?" said Peter as Erik pulled his Peter's trousers off so both boys now where naked.

Erik had never even considered the idea of having another guy's cock inside his ass, the though just hadn't occured to him, but when Peter asked that Erik felt a sudden longing for feeling this boy's cock inside him.

"Yeah, if this is my last night I want you take my anal virginity... actually I'd want you to fuck me even if it wasn't my last night alive" said Erik.

"Oh, you want me to fuck you, sure I'll do that if I can have that great cock of yours inside me first" said Peter.

Peter took Erik's hand and sucked on his index finger for a moment before he moved Erik's hand down to his anus and Erik automatically stuck his finger into the hole and fingerfucked Peter for a bit. Then Peter had Erik remove his finger and moved backwards slightly, lifted Erik's cock so his glans touched the rim and then sat down so he felt Erik's huge cock slide into him. Peter started moving up and down with his hip as Erik beat his hip into him in opposite movement and Erik grabbed Peter's cock and started Jacking him off as well. Peter moaned with pleasure as he felt Erik's 8 inches rubbing against his prostate and soon his eyes rolled up as white cum shot out of his cock and landed across Erik's stomach and chest and he felt his anus filling up with Erik's cum. Peter sat there a few moments before he climbed off and laid down beside Erik.

"Let's rest for a bit befor I do you" said Peter.

"Sure, but while we rest can you tell me a few things about where I am" said Erik.

"You're in a jail cell, awaiting your execution" said Peter.

"That really brightened up my mood, no I meant more like this entire world. Did I die and this is the afterlife for gay guys or something?" said Erik.

"No, not necessarilly, I mean this is some kind of afterlife world for gays and lesbians... the dykes end up on that island I mentioned... put most people dream about this place for sometimes years before they die and come here permanently" said Peter.

"This can't be a dream, having sex with you felt too real. If this was a dream I wouldn't feel your body against mine like I do now" said Erik.

"Well, that's because it's not exactly a dream either, it's like you now have two identical bodies, one in this world and one in the world we come from and when you're asleep there you're awake here and vise versa, and since there's like two bodies somehow you're always fully rested when you wake up in either world and then time seems to be out of sync between the worlds so you may sometimes be awake like 24 hours in one world and only sleep eight hours or less in the other and then only be up for a few hours in one world and sleep for twelve hours in the other, it's just that you shift worlds when falling asleep and waking up" explained Peter.

"So if I fall asleep now, I wake up back home and everything will be back to normal?" asked Erik.

"Not, everything you'll remember this like a dream and after what we did you'll probably know that you're gay" said Peter.

"Okay, and then when I go back to sleep again there I will wake up in this world again, but will I be in this cell then?" asked Erik.

"Unfortunatelly, yes. You'll wake up right where you fell asleep in either world, otherwise I would have escaped this cell easily, 'cause I'm a dreamer too" said Peter.

"I see, and then when I die in our world I will come here for good?" asked Erik.

"Yes" said Peter.

"But where do I go if I die here, like it seems I'm gonna do in an hour or two? Do I go back to and stay in the normal world?" asked Erik.

"No, if you die here you die back home too, it's like that Matrix movie, in that aspect but I have no idea where we end up when we die here, some say we get reincarnated in this world. There are a few in this world who are born here. The women on the island apparently raise children out there and when the boys reach sexual maturity there's some kind of agreement that they give sperm for insemination, before they are sent over here on a boat" explained Peter.

"That sounds nice" said Erik a bit sarcastically.

"Well apparently it's completelly consentual, the boys jack of into some vial which is given to some woman och girl who really do want a baby" said Peter.

"Okay, well I think I understand most of it now and I'm finished resting" said Erik.

"So am I. Roll over" said Peter.

Erik rolled over on his stomach and then got up on all four. Soon he felt Peters finger sliding into his and then a second finger moving in and out for a bit before they disappeared and he felt Peter's cock press into his anus and began to slide into him. Erik gasped at the sensation, a slight touch of pain at first but then simply pleasure as Peter started slamming into his back over and over. Erik couldn't believe he had never thought of trying this before, and decided that if he by some miracle excapted execution tomorrow he would make sure to try this again. He felt Peter's hand grasp his cock and begin to jack him off while he was moving his cock in and out of Erik's anus. Erik bit his lower lip as he felt the pleasure build up to an orgasm and he shot another load onto the matress and also he could feel Peter's cock pumping out a large load inside him. After a few moments Peter extracted his cock and they both lay down on the bed again.

"Wow, we've gotta do that again some time!" sighed Erik.

"I'd love to, but unfortunatelly not very likely" said Peter as he noticed the first few sunrays of dawn come through the window.

There was a rattle as the door was unlocked and a couple of guards came in with a tray each.

"Stop fucking and get dressed boys, it's time for your last meal" said one of them as they put the trays down on a little wooden table and then left and locked the door again.

"Here, I want you to have this to keep in case you manage to escape or be rescued" Peter said as they were getting dressed and gave Erik a quite large circular figure that appeared to be carved from some kind of bone or somthing, it was tied to a leather string to hang around the neck.

"What is it?" said Erik taking it and looking at it.

"I got it from my ex boy friend in the real world, it's one of the few objects that moves with it's bearer between both worlds, I wan't you to keep it as a remembrance of last night even though the memory won't last longer than mine" said Peter.

"Thanks" said Erik and kissed Peter as they sat down at the table.

"It needs to be around your neck for it to pass between worlds but don't put it there now, because you'll drop it if you lose your head" said Peter.

"Okay" said Erik and put it in his pocket instead.

They ate in silence, but occasionally looked at each other and smiled.

After they finished the breakfast they stood up, embraced and kissed, a long tongue kiss. Then the door was opened and the guards came back and ordered them to put their arms behind there backs which they did and while the guards tied their hands they kissed again and also kissed away tears they saw rolling down each others cheeks. The guards led them through corridors and up stairs into the court yard which was full of people except for a clear path from the door to a dais in the middle with two wood blocks on and a large wicker basket by each block and on the far end of the court yard the Queen was sitting on her throne, which was standing at the top of the palace steps. They were led up onto the dais and as the guards was about to make them get down on their knees and place their heads on the blocks the Queen did something uncharacteristically generous.

"Wait! I understand they've fallen in love more or less so let them kiss one last time first" said the Queen.

They took this opportunity and engaged in one passionate kiss that seemed to go on forever though with a bitter taste of sadness and desperation to it.

"That's enough! Now off with their heads!" said the Queen much too soon for Erik and Peter.

The boys were cruelly torn apart by the guards and led to a block each where they were half forced down and half got down on their own just to get it over with and both bent over and put their heads on the blocks facing the Queen but looking at each other. Ropes were put over their necks and tightened so they couldn't move but not enough to choke them. The executioners in their leather hoods raised their axes and their shadows on the ground in front of the boys started to swing their shadow axes towards the shadow heads. But then another, larger shadow covered the executioners shadow and Erik could no longer tell where the axe was.

Leaving you with a bit of a cliffhanger there again....sorry... though I hope I don't ruin it for you by saying that Erik is one of the main characters who will remain to be that to the very end of the story which will be far more than two parts... If you have any comments or suggestions, then write me at my_evil_twin47@yahoo.com I will start to write part three as soon as possible.