Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 20

'All the Time in the World'

Written by Adam

Hans awoke with a gasp. He sat up and looked around him and became even more disoriented than he was before. He remembered falling asleep in a really nice and soft bed in Andrews... or wasn't his name really André? ... in a bed at the inn. Then he'd come awake in the other world for the last time eaten one last breakfast and told his mother he loved her before he rode his bike into town and seen the three boys sit at the cafe and talk to some girl there. In his head he'd heard the voice of Psycho Boy to get over there and kill them in where they sat but he'd refused knowing that it wasn't the way it was supposed to happen. Psycho Boy had also nagged him to tell where he was in Psycho Boy World and why he'd run away.

"The resistance knows you're mine and will never trust you" the voice of Psycho Boy had said in his head.

"Shut up! I don't care!" Hans had said.

Then Gustav and Jonas had appeared and crashed the cafe tables with the car and started the chase that had ended in the quarry. He remembered that he'd provoked Per into shooting him with hopes of getting killed with one shot but he'd only been shot in the stomach and had lived the rest of his life in pain in that world. He remembered shooting Per in the back a couple of minutes later so Per had been pushed over the edge into the water and Hans had jumped after to finish the jobb but it took him some time to try to see anyone under the water and the one person he'd found had been Thomas who'd been dead already but Hans had dragged his body out of the water and put it on the ground anyway and then waited for the Peter boy to die and let Per watch by his side before he'd shot him in the back again as he'd seen the wound disappear and learned that Thomas had healed it on the other side. He was confused by that, since he thought only Psycho Boy had the power to heal. Then Per had turned around and shot Hans again and again and they had both emptied their respective guns into each other and as the last bullets hit him the world had tilted over and his vision had been filled with sky for a moment before it all went dark and then he saw his own dead body from above and it was not a pretty sight. He also remembered what it felt to have eight holes in him and those holes had been put there by the same gun he'd used to put as many holes into Erik and then he realised that this was what Erik must had felt like and Hans regretted more than ever what he'd done to Erik. The one thing Hans did not remember was this cave he was in. It was the same bed or at least a very similar bed to the one that he'd fallen asleep in at the inn only it was in a huge cave, in a corner of the cave actually and metal bars closed it off from the rest of the cave making it a prison cell. Hans looked down and even lifted the covers to find that he was naked but there were no holes in his stomach or chest as there had been a few seconds ago in the quarry. There were a pair of brown trousers hanging over the head board and Hans recognised them as the kind he'd seen Thomas and Erik wear when looking at them with the ring from the real... the no longer so real world, in fact; from now on this was the real world to Hans and the world he'd lived in for the past 15 years were merely a nice dream.

"Are you okay? You seemed a bit distressed when you woke up!" a voice said from Hans right.

"I guess I'm okay now, but I wasn't then as I woke up from having eight bullet holes in me and realising that I'm no longer a 'dreamer' or whatever it's called" Hans said as he looked over to see that there was a second bed in the cell and on it sat Andrew.

"Oh, I see. My condoleanses I guess. I could hold you if you like, some people need to have someone to hold when they've just died in the other world" Andrew said.

"I guess. If you don't mind. Andrew isn't it? Though I have a sense it's really supposed to be André, or possibly Andrei" Hans said as Andrew went over and hugged him, sitting on the edge of Hans' bed.

"So you do remember even though you've been reincarnated in the other world?" Andrew said.

"What do you mean? By the way, I have a good idea why I'm here, being the so called prince of the so called Queen no one else in this world trusts me, but why are you here?" Hans said.

"Okay, I guess I should explain. In this world I'm usually called Andrew, though my name in the other world, when I lived there was really André, but enough people here has started to pronounce it Andrew so I answer to that more frequently than to 'André'. You may know gay people come here when they die in the other world but if they die here they become reincarnated either as a child in this world and then they actually remember most of their previous life which those that also are reincarnated as dragons do but then a few get's reincarnated into the other world and then they don't remember anything mostly, maybe some fragment of memory on some occasions. Some are able to get a few of the memories back in this world however. Either with the help of a telepath or by meeting someone that they were intimate with in the previous life. So, even if you don't remember anything now, being with me may bring those memories back" Andrew said.

"You're saying we've met and been intimate in a previous life?" Hans said.

"Yes, well a previous life to you because you died first in the other world and then in this one while I only died in the other world and lived on in this one" Andrew said.

"And how many centuries ago was this?" Hans said.

"No centuries at all, I died in a gas chamber in a German death camp in Poland in 1944 and you were there too and then you died again in this world about 16 years ago at the hands of one of the Queen's guards" Andrew said.

"Er, okay. We were jews then?" Hans said.

"No, the Germans killed more than jews in their death camps actually, like for instance gyspsies and mentally handicapped persons. And then there was also the group of people we belonged to that was forced to wear a pink triangle on our clothes" Andrew said.

"Homosexuals" Hans said.

"Yes" Andrew said.

"Okay. I'd like to hear more about that later but for now, you still haven't told me why you're looked up in here with me" Hans said.

"I could say that the resistance looked me up here for giving you a bed to sleep in" Andrew said.

"Since the resistance considers me the enemy I can understand that" Hans said.

"But then I'd be lying. I asked to be put in here with you" Andrew said.

"What? Why?" Hans said.

"To test your loyalty and see if you'd have consentual sex with another guy, me that is" Andrew said.

"Isn't that taking a great risk? What if I kill you instead?" Hans said.

"It's a risk I'm willing to take. I know that treachery is in your nature, it was your treachery which sent me to the concentration camp. But regret is also in your nature and I've heard you regret killing Erik in the other world, and furthermore after you'd died in the same gas chamber as me you realised that the nazis had merely been using you and always intended to kill you so then we became lovers once more, since I was the one guy that you'd actually liked doing it with and we did run that inn together right up untill you got killed" Andrew said.

"I thought that inn looked familiar... and you too" Hans said looking deep into Andrews brown eyes.

"I had a feeling you actually meant it when you said you wouldn't mind having sex with me...?" Andrew said, looking back into Hans' deep blue eyes.

"I was surprised at myself when I said it. Not surprised that I said it but that I actually meant it and that I seemed to feel love for you, ancient love... not just since the 1940's but ... millenia" Hans said.

"It's posible" Andrew said.

"And then there's this moment right now where I look deep into your eyes like this I feel an unresistable urge to kiss those beautiful lips of yours that just seem made for kissing" Hans said.

"It can't be unresistable, 'cause you seem to be resisting it just fine" Andrew said.

"No, I'm not. I've been trying to resist it, but I can't hold out much longer and I'll probably give in any second now" Hans said and then pressed his lips against Andrew's.

Andrew opened his lips and thereby forced open Hans' lips too, which was easy as Hans didn't resist at all but actually stuck his tongue into Andrews mouth and met Andrew's tongue there. Hans started pulled off Andrew his shirt and started feeling and caressing his abs and pecs and ended up flicking and pinching his niples. Then Hans moved one hand down to Andrew's crotch and felt a hard bulge through the cloth of Andrew's trousers. Andrew pulled back the sheet that Hans had over him and put his hand round Hans cock which was standing on attention and a wide smile spread across Andrew's face.

"What is it?" Hans asked.

"One good thing about meeting a former lover that's been reincarnated is that sometimes he's been lucky enough to be reborn into a more well hung body and that's my luck too" Andrew said.

"I've never considered myself as well hung... even though some in my gymclass appeared to be in awe of it's size..." Hans said.

"Well it's at least two inches longer than the one you had in your previous life which was 7" I seem to remember" Andrew said.

"So that is different from my previous life, what else is different?" Hans said.

"Everything but your soul... well, the colour of your hair and eyes is the same but that's just a coincidence" Andrew said.

"Well, you appear to be well hung too... I'd like to hold it like you hold mine, but I'm unsure how to get to it" Hans stroking the bulge in Andrews trousers.

"Just untie the knot" Andrew said and then kissed Hans who soon mastered the art of untying knots while kissing and without looking at the knot.

"Strange, I have a feeling I've done that many times before with you" Hans said when they broke the kiss and he pulled down Andrew's trousers and grasped his cock.

"You have" Andrew said.

"Yes, that must be it" Hans said.

Hans removed Andrew's pants and both boys were now naked. Then Hans bent over and licked the shaft of Andrew's cock from the balls out to the glans and then took the entire cock into his mouth and started sucking.

"Wow! I thought you might not want to do that so soon after the Queen forced you to do it to him!" Andrew said.

Hans took Andrew's cock out of his mouth.

"Nobody in their right mind wants to have sex with that sicko! While I've been longing to blow you ever since I stepped into the inn" Hans said.

"So you don't mind doing it with me even though the Queen raped you?" Andrew said.

"Yes, I even want you to fuck me... like you used to fuck me before!" Hans said.

"You remember?" Andrew said.

"Not everything, but I remember more and more all the time. But let's not wast time talking now!" Hans said and then dived down and started sucking Andrew again.

Then Andrew climbed round and stood on all fours over Hans and took Hans' cock into his own mouth and they 69:ed each other until Hans felt a twitching in his balls which turned into a feeling of pleasure spreading through his body and then suddenly as he started shooting his load into Andrews mouth he felt his own mouth filling with Andrews cum and he loved it. He'd felt sick every time the Queen had forced him to take a load in his mouth but this was somehow very different and he gladly swallowed it all.

"Game for more?" Andrew asked.

"Not yet, I wanna rest first if you don't mind. But we have a lot of time, don't we? It's like that song from that James Bond movie, 'We Have All the Time in the World'" Hans said.

"Okay, let's rest for now. But remember one thing..." Andrew said.

"What?" Hans said.

"I died in 1944, and they hadn't made any James Bond movies then. I've heard others tell me about them, but I don't remember any of them being called what you just said" Andrew said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot. But 'We Have All the Time in the World' is only the name of the song, which was sung by Louis Armstrong, while the movie was called 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'" Hans said.

"Okay" Andrew said and got out of bed.

"Where are you going?" Hans said.

"Back to my bed, you said you wanted to rest before we have more sex" Andrew said.

"Yes, but I was hoping you'd want to lie here with me and rest and we could hold each other" Hans said.

"Really? I'd thought you wouldn't want to share a bed with another so soon after the Queen..." Andrew started.

"I do. I'm greatful that you let me decide how far I want to go, but I can assure you that I do want to go far" Hans said.

"Even as far as fucking me for a change, I'd love to have that huge thing of yours inside me" Andrew said getting back into bed with Hans and putting his arms around him.

"I guess I might go that far yes... but only if you fuck me first" Hans said feigning reluctance at first.

"Deal" Andrew said.

The Queen sat up in bed with a start. He felt his body and found it clammy from a cold sweat he'd apparently had from a bad dream that was now dissipating fast so he couldn't remember a thing about what it was about. But there was something seriously wrong here. Much worse than his prince not being here in fact. The thing that was so wrong was that there was a presence in the room which shouldn't be there.

"Prince Michael?" the Queen said as he recognized the presence.

"Yes, you murdering bastard!" the voice of Michael echoed in the Queens head.

"Where are you? How can this be? I had you killed and it was only a couple of months ago so you couldn't have these kind of telepathic powers already. Actually, no human can get past my protective spells this easily" the Queen said.

"I'm not human. Not everyone who dies in this world get reincarnated as humans, there are other intelligent species in this world with far greater magical powers than humans and who gain cognitive reasoning much faster than a human child" Michael's voice said.

"Dragons!" the Queen snapped.

"Yes!" Michael said.

"But still you'd need to be very close to get through my protective spells in order to get this level of communication" the Queen said and looked around the room as he got out of bed.

"I'm very close indeed. Why don't you come out here on the balcony?" Michael said.

"So that's where you are! You don't think it might have been a mistake telling me this?" the Queen said as he stepped out on the balcony and looked around but saw no dragon.

"I can do far greater harm to you right now than you can do to me!" Michael said.

"What do you want anyway? Why have you revealed your identity as a dragon to me?" the Queen said and turned around and looked up to where Michael sat perched on the roof above the Queen's bedroom.

"I just want you to know that you've only got about nine months left before your tyranny in this world is finally ended and I've only got nine months left as a dragon before I will get killed and reborn as a human son of the prince's boyfriend Per and then when I grow up I'll be reunited with my soulmate... the one you made disappear 300 years ago to take his place under the name of 'Carlos' if you remember and then killed and killed over and over again and each time took as a love slave for a while untill he'd start refusing and you'd have him decapitated again untill one day... when he got rescued together with another prince by a third prince" Michael said.

"GUARDS!" the Queen screamed.

"Don't bother! There's nothing you can do to change what's to be!" Michael said.

"I will try! With every ounce of my being I will try! Wouldn't you if you were in my position?" the Queen said.

"I would never be in your position! I'm not that twisted and evil as you've become with the madness of 3000 years of imortality... no, wait it's not imortality that has made you into what you are but power. Absolute power has corrupted you absolutely! I guess you were probably a good ruler once... three thousand years ago when you were a simpel slave boy who became a reluctant king and then as the years wore on you became less inclined to step down every ten years to let the other two kings rule their ten years and finally you murdered them just to stay in power" Michael said.

"Shut up! Shut up!" the Queen screamed as he fell to his knees covering his ears.

"What's the point in covering your ears, my voice is inside your head!" Michal said.

"How can you know that? How can you know what happened three thousand years ago?" the Queen cried.

"I was the very first person you murdered. I was the King who took the throne after you'd served ten years to be relieved ten years later by... the person who now goes by the name of Erik whom you murdered too along with his husband... Per, I believe... but not even I remembered all this... not after having died and lived in the other world so many times... but you remember and I'm telepathic... I took it from your own memories!" Michael said.

"Noooooo!" the Queen cried.

"But I believe I've outstayed my welcome... as you have on the throne..." Michael said as guards armed with longbows rushed onto the balcony and Michael unfolded his wings and pushed away with his legs, gliding away from the tower.

Then Michael suddenly turned and flew back towards the towers and as the archers were about to let go of the arrows Michael breathed a long stream of fire onto the balcony turning the archers to charcoal and the stones turned black except for a round spot in the middle where the Queen sat in a bubble he created to protect himself against the fire which instead streamed into the royal bedroom and set fire to curtains, sheets and all the Queen's dresses. Then Michael turned around and flew straight towards dragon land.

"Erik, have you been working out since you died?" Per asked suddenly and Erik burst out laughing.

They were lying in bed and had just awoken without either of them slipping into another world for the first time since they became a pair.

"What's so funny?" Per asked.

"I'm sorry, but it sounded so odd; 'have you been working out since you died' like I'd been really dead and still been pumping iron sort of... I'm sorry, I would never make fun of you intentionally, you know that!" Erik said.

"Yes I know that and now that you mention it, that sounded like a silly thing to say. But you do appear to be... well maybe a bit more muscular and certainly more defined muscels than.... well when you were alive... over there in the other world I mean!" Per said.

"Yes, I know what you mean. No, I haven't worked out since I died. I haven't needed to. Once I died my body in this world was no longe bound to my body in the other world where it was dependent on the laws of physics and other things as far as looks and physical age is concerned so now I can change my physical age and build with a thought and either become, say a scrawny 6 year old" Erik said and turned younger and mostly skin and bones.

"What?" Per said who didn't really like the idea of sharing a bed with someone so young.

"Or and extremely muscular 90 year old" Erik said and turned into that.

"Amazing! But please turn back now! So that is part of your telepathic powers?" Per said as Erik turned into his favorite shape of an 18 year old Erik with athletic build.

"No, everyone can do it, and usually does it too when they notice their bonds to the body on Earth has been severed by their death there. You can do it too! Just concentrate!" Erik said.

Per closed his eyes and concentrated. Suddenly his muscles all over his body started groving.

"Actually, I did that too at first and then stood in front of a mirror and tried to speak English with an Austrian accent saying things like 'I'll be back' and 'Hasta la vista, baby' but then I decided that the steroid freak look really wasn't me so I went back to a more normal, athletic build" Erik said with a giggle.

Per opened his eyes and looked down on his body and didn't like what he saw at all and then all the muscles disappeared. Then the muscles returned and stopped at a slightly more muscular and more defined level than he'd had before and then he decided to match Erik's 18 year old look and started to age himself and in a second or two he looked 118 years old.

"Sorry, I'm not into older men" Erik teased.

"Knock it off, this is really difficult!" Per growled as he de-aged himself to become 4 years old and then he finally hit the 18 level.

"Yes, I know, I had the same troubles too at first... it's much easier while looking in a mirror" Erik said as there was a knock at the door.

"Enter" both Erik and Per said in chorus.

The door opened and a slightly familiar looking man about 25 years old stepped through holding the infant Sergio on his arm and a small toddler walking behind him.

"Thomas, is that you?" Erik said.

"Sorry!" Thomas said and quickly returned to his 16 year old look but then as he saw that Erik and Per was looking slightly older than usual he changed his age again to match theirs.

"Er, Thomas you seem to have been followed here by one of the kids from the nursery, some friend of Sergio I guess" Per said.

Thomas looked down at the toddler.

"Oh grow up!" Thomas exclaimed and the toddler did grow up into Peter at about 18 years of age just like the others.

"I knew that was you!" Erik said.

"Oh, so you let me make a fool of myself!" Per said.

"No, I didn't know you didn't recognise him and was about to point it out to you, only they beat me to it with that little comedy routine of theirs. I practiced on that before you came in here didn't you? 'Grow up!'? Oh please!" Erik said.

"Yes, sorry about that! And yes, we did practice it several times so I would hit the right age at once when I grew up" Peter said.

"Oh, so it was you and not Erik who let me make a fool of myself, then I like Erik much better after all!" Per said and then blew raspberry at Peter and Thomas before he kissed Erik.

"It's about time we went to dragon country to see if we can find a dragon each for Peter and Per" Thomas said.

"I'm not sure I want to, I'd much rather stay in bed all day with my boyfriend" Per said, hugging Erik.

"Yes, but you said yourself yesterday that we would be in dragon country 24 hours from then and that means we have to leave in a couple of hours if we use two dragons riding to persons on each" Thomas said.

"Good point. And I guess Erik and me can fuck as much as we want anyway from now on, as we have all the time in the world" Per said.

"You do change your mind quickly" Erik said.

"Maybe... but before we get dressed... pull those trousers on that is... give me a good long French kiss" Per said and kissed Erik.

While Hans and Andrew lay in bed in the cell holding each other they drifted off to sleep and shared a dream that was also shared memories. Hans was an 18 year old German boy who incidently was named Hans who'd had a very brief career as a rent boy before he'd been arrested while giving a blow job. The customer had been shot on sight but Hans had been taken in for interrogation. The Gestapo had seen the boy could be of use. Hans had what is known as gaydar and a very accurate such and was the Gestapo realised was that they could use him to point out other homosexuals for them that they never would have known about otherwise. But not only that, 'cause Hans tended to set off the gaydar of other gay people very easily and he was a very atractive boy indeed. So Hans was given a new identity as a junior officer in the SS and then sent into bars all over Germany at first where he'd find at least one gay person and sometimes several and not seldom he'd manage to get even the most careful closet cases to become careless enough to come with him and then after he was done with them he'd be arrested along with them and then simply disappear to another place and he carefully kept himself oblivious about what happened to the men he met afterwards and tried to concentrate on how lucky he was that they let him live and have as much gay sex as he wanted. Then the SS, who was oblivious to the fact that he was actually working for the Gestapo, decided to station him in a small village in ocupied France instead and the Gestapo didn't object but just sent along their officers and had Hans run the same scam there instead. And so Hans walked into a small bar one night where a 19 year old French boy named André worked. André and his two sister had been standing behind the bar serving the German officers while their father had been meeting with a representative of the resistance in a secret location and once more agreeing to hide RAF officers untill they could be smuggled back to England. André had known a long time that he was gay and knew that it was extremely dangerous times for homosexuals but still he'd occasionally had a few tender moments, sometimes even with SS officers as he also knew they wouldn't dare grass on him as they too would be found out. But when this beautiful young, blonde officer stepped in he forgot all sense and reason. He saw that Hans was gay right away and emediatly wanted nothing else than have sex with this God. André also felt like he'd known Hans forever even though they had never seen each other before. It was quite simply love at first sight for both André and Hans who had the same sensation of having known André from before.

"So, where can a young officer like me find some fun in a small town like this?" Hans had asked his standard question.

"There's nothing more than this bar untill it closes in ten minutes... so if you should decide to go to the lavatory over there make sure you don't stay to long or you'll be locked in when the bar closes" André had said, pointing at the small lavatory.

"I do need a pressing need to go after drinking so much wine so I guess I'd better hurry" Hans said and faked an unsteady walk to the lavatory even though he was perfectly sober.

Fifteen minutes later there was a knock at the door to the lavatory and Hand opened it and there stood André and motioned him to follow which he did. They went up the stairs as quietly as they could in order not to let his sisters know what he was doing thinking that they were the only ones he had to worry about finding him out. He was a bit worried himself about his father who was supposed to have been home by now, though he would find out later that Germans had followed his father who now lay dead in a barn outside of town together with several resistance men. André failed to realise that there was someone from the Gestapo watching as they kissed before climbing the stairs.

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