Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

I'm affraid that I'm going to disapoint those who were hoping for a continuation of Hans' and André's back story during WWII. It strays a bit too far from the current story line. If there are people interested in knowing more about them I might be persuaded to write a spinn off story telling about their adventures in greater detail.

This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 21

'Dragon Land'

Written by Adam

Two dragons with two riders each flew a few meters over the surface of the water towards the far shore which was known as the dragons breeding ground. The place was off limits to humans during mating season but in between they didn't mind visitors who came to negotiate for a dragon to ride. The dragons were intelligent animals and didn't look kindly on people coming to capture them against their will and those who tried tended to get severe skin problems like a really, really dark tan. So most people negotiated and came to an agreement with a dragon to let the human ride on the dragon's neck. Usually there were a very special reason for the dragon to agree which would be that the dragon was in love with the human in question since a previous life, though not always. Not all dragons mated here either, there was a small minority of dragons that had been humans in the Queen's service for a long time often and then even remained loyal to the Queen as dragons so they served as riding animals for the Queen's guard and then there were the four very select dragons whom the Queen had chosen to lift the Royal carriage. The Queen's dragons were not welcome in Dragon Land and those that were born there and revealed themselves to be such dragons were quickly expelled, even if they hadn't learned to fly yet. So those dragons were forced to breed in a small stable in the castle. On the other hand, non loyal dragons that were born in the castle became enslaved and forced to become the guards riding animals until they managed to be alone with their rider outside the city where the rider might be thrown or turn up rather crispy or in quite a lot of cases neither of them liked the Queen and they'd desert together.

Finally they reached land and the dragon with Peter and Thomas set down first while Per took a little longer listening to Erik's instructions in the art of flying a dragon.

"Keep your seatbelt on and no smoking until we reach the terminal" Per said as he finally set down.

"Yeah, I thought the air line comments were funny too and kept them up for a long while. I was beginning to drive Thomas and Peter crazy with them actually" Erik said as they climbed off.

"Shit! They really did it! They killed all the dragons! Look!" Thomas said and pointed and indeed there were slain dragons everywhere.

Some dead dragons had arrows or spears in them and some were badly burned and most where both. A few of the burned dragons had burned humans on them who wore the uniforms of the Queen's guard.

"It seems they managed to take some of the attackers down, though! But why would the Queen want to wipe out the dragons?" Peter said.

"To get to me!" a voice thought in their heads.

"Who was that?" Per said.

"One of the two or three remaining dragons" Erik said.

"Last time I was human my name was Michael" Michaels voice said.

"Where are you Michael? Are you hurt? Do you need help?" Thomas said.

"I'm right in front of you! Yes I'm hurt and yes I need help, I need your healing powers, Thomas!" Michael said and appeared right in front of them like a Romulan Warbird decloaking on 'Star Trek' or the alien in the 'Predator' movies.

"Whoa, kewl!" Per said.

"You know my name?" Thomas said.

"Yes, partly because I'm telepathic like Erik but mostly because... no, I'll let Erik use his telepathic powers to find out who I am" Michael said with some difficulty where he was laying imobile and bleeding from several wounds.

"Well, from what I can tell you've met Thomas once before..." Erik said.

"Erik, you're concentrating too hard! Calm down. Sit down on the ground and breath calmly and close your eyes and then it will be much easier. Even easier if you get into the lotus position if you can.... er... apparently you can't" Michael said.

"Right. Now, you met Thomas once before in a cave where you were telling him about this book that was in this cage and... oh, that was you?... but, then you deliberatly didn't tell him that the book actually was about him and that the sword there belonged to Thomas too even though you knew precisely even then that Thomas was a prince...but if you had then Thomas would have been killed too along with you in that cave there... but Michael, if you're that man in the cave then you're the son of the last king, the one that got stabbed so many times by the Queen... while you were hiding outside the room and heard everything and couldn't do anything... I'm sorry, Michael... and you regretted being so helpless that you weren't able to take a sword and help your father, and you went to a sourceror to get him to tell you have you could learn to use weapons and how to take the power back and he told you that you couldn't but that three princes would come with three swords and overthrow the Queen once and for all... and he told you that one of the princes would be your soulmate, who had disappeared under mysterious circumstances shortly before this boy calling himself Carlos had appeared and taken the place as your fiancé... Carlos was actually the Queen and your soulmate is... now called Peter" Erik said.

"I love you Peter!" Michael said.

"I thought there was something familiar about you..." Peter said.

"Whatever happened to you those three hundred years ago?" Michael said.

"I don't remember that... you lose a lot of memories from previous lives..." Peter said.

"When you're reborn in the other world, yes I know... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to press on about that so soon" Michael said.

"No, it's alright, I'm curious about what happened too... but being with you my memories are coming back to me so maybe I'll remember that too soon enough, and if I don't we can ask Erik to help me" Peter said.

"You don't have to ask, I'll do it gladly" Erik said.

"So, you remember me? You remember us?" Michael said.

"I'm remembering more and more, especially the good times. Yes, I remember us" Peter said.

"I love you. But you don't have to love me back, and even if you do love you I won't mind you having a human boyfriend... I understand you and Thomas are quite intimate... no, wait, Thomas loves that Spanish sword maker, Sergio!" Michael said.

"I do love you too... and, yes Thomas and I are a bit intimate occasionally... though Thomas loves Sergio he can't really have an affair with him..." Peter said.

"...since Sergio now has been reborn as Thomas' son!" Michael finished.

"Hold on! A human and a dragon are in love with each other?! Does that mean you're going to start having sex with each other now?" Per said.

"No, that's impossible I'm affraid. The bodily fluids of a dragon are... rather corosive to a human. We couldn't kiss to begin with since appart from our mouths being different sizes my saliva wouldn't leave very much of his head left and if I were to cum in him it would have disastrous effects since the sperm isn't just corosive but the force of my shooting a load would cause him to expload and finally; there was once, I've heard, a man who tried to fuck a dragon but once he stuck his dick in the dragon's ass... well that guy has been a woman ever since" Michael said.

"Gross!" Per said.

"Yes, it is so I could never have sex with Peter as long as I'm a dragon. And the corosiveness goes for my blood too, so now that you start to heal my wounds you have to be careful and use some of your healing power to protect yourself from being hurt so it will take much longer than healing a human... but you've got to start now or I might die" Michael said.

"I don't have to touch any of your wounds" Thomas said and walked around Michael's head and placed both hands on Michael's forehead.

"But you intend to be Peter's dragon, don't you?" Erik said.

"'Peter's Dragon' isn't that an old Walt Disney movie?" Per said.

"Yes, I do intend to be Peter's dragon" Michael said.

"I'm sorry about Per but he means well" Erik said.

"Don't apologise for him, he's a good lad and I'm sure he'll be a good father for me" Michael said.

"What?" Per said.

"I believe that woman you met before you died and who got killed shortly before you, is pregnant with your child Per. Thank you Thomas, I'm fine now" Michael said.

"You're welcome!" Thomas said.

"So, if you're going to be reborn as my son why did we save you now?" Per said.

"So I can die at the right moment just before the child is born which will be in about nine months, I believe the Queen will fix that with impeccable timing without knowing it" Michael said.

"Okay, so the soul travels to a new body at birth? But what happened to all the dragons and people who died here today? Posibly one baby was born on the island but that's all. Maybe one or two dragons hatched in the castle dragon stables that Peter and Thomas told me and Erik about but what about the rest?" Per said.

"Most of them were probably born back on Earth and will grow up there until one day when they become dreamers again" Erik said.

"And then there were the eggs that the Queen's guards didn't find" Michael said.

"You're saying that there were eggs that they didn't find and that hatched recently, unlike those in every nest as far as the eye can see?" Peter said.

"Peter get on my neck and the rest of you follow me on the other dragons" Michael said and the boys did as he said.

They flew for at least ten minutes seeing dead dragons everywhere and the occasional dead guard before they reached the cave mouth high on a cliff face hidden in a deep canyon. They all flew inside and through a mile of tunnels at high speed so the boys had to cling closely to the dragons necks in order not to hit their heads on the ceiling. Then, finally they reached a large cavern and in a corner there was a nest with about a dozen hatched eggs and sitting and running all over the place were small baby dragons. The boys dismounted and walked a bit closer.

"Behold my children" Michael said.

"Don't call us that plea... no, wait, sorry. These baby dragons are your children, right? But aren't you a male dragon?" Per said.

"Yes, but dragon's can change sex spontaneously if it's necessary to propagate the species... like some other lizards I believe..." Michael said.

"You must be very proud" Erik said.

"I am" Michael said.

"But they can't take care of themselves, can they? I mean, don't you have to stay here and take care of them?" Per said.

"No, Edward has promised to take care of them for me, he has to stay and take care of his dragons when they hatch anyway" Michael said.

"Is Edward alive then, he didn't get killed with the others?" Thomas said.

"I had a feeling there was another fully grown dragon in here, I could sense him" Erik said.

"But you couldn't read his thoughts, right? That's because he's blocking his mind against telepathic communication with humans... he doesn't like humans very much since what happened today" Michael said.

"But it was the Queen who ordered it and we don't like the Queen either, we even intend to overthrow him" Peter said.

Just beside Michael another dragon appeared before their eyes just as Michael had before and lowered his head to so he could look at Peter closely.

"Yes, they are the three princes, Edward... and I know there are four of them, the one over there is the boyfriend of the one called Erik" Michael said to Edward.

"How do you do" Edward said.

"How do you do" the boys answered.

"Very polite dragon!" Per said.

"English aristocracy in a previous life" Edward said.

"I guess we'll be going then. Please, take well care of my children, Edward" Michael said.

"Don't you need a dragon for the boyfriend there? Alfred is wounded but alive. He crawled into that tunnel about an hour ago. I think he wouldn't mind having that handsome boy ride him" Edward said.

"But that tunnel only leads to the End" Michael said.

"Yes, I think he intended to crawl into the mist and hope for something better in the next life or whatever awaits you if you leave that way... but he fainted before he got there" Edward said.

"'The End'?" Erik said.

"The End of this world... or the Edge posibly... this world we live in now is, actually sort of flat... it's the ocean with the island in the middle and then land all the way around the ocean..." Thomas said and sat down and drew in the sand on the cavern floor.

"Exactly. But the surrounding land is only a few kilometers wide from the shores of the ocean to the edge where there's this mist that hangs there like a wall that never moves and never disappeares. The most narrow bit of land is only a kilometer from the shore to the End and the widest is 12 kilometers" Michael said.

"And you don't know what happens when someone goes into this... mist?" Per said.

"No, some people have tried to... well, explore it, but they never came back" Michael said.

"Oh yes they did. They'd get reincarnated or come back as dreamers... but it'd take much longer than when you simply die" Edward said.

"Have anyone tried tying a rope around their waist and walk in while someone held on to the other end so they could be pulled back?" Per said.

"Not that I know of" Edward said.

"I'd like to try that, since we're apparently close to it" Per said.

"No, now is not the time to take such risks, besides we don't have any rope" Thomas said.

"Let's go find Alfred in any case" Michael said and walked into the tunnel and the boys followed him.

"Alfred?" Michael called.

"Leave me alone!" Alfred called back.

"There's a human here who need a dragon to ride!" Michael said.

There was silence for a moment.

"Alfred?" Michael said when it was quiet for too long.

"Send him forward, and only him. If I like him I'll be his dragon otherwise I'll just stick my head in the mist and be done with it" Alfred said.

"You won't die from sticking only your head in the mist... people have stuck arms and legs and even leaned into the mist and come out unharmed" Michael said.

"Yes, but their arms and legs aren't as long as a dragon's neck. I can get my head further into the mist and who knows what will happen then?" Alfred said.

"Okay, fine, but don't do anything until you've met this guy who needs a dragon! I'm sending him up there now. I'll lift him up on my head, but I promise I won't look!" Michael said.

"Fine! Look all you want!" Alfred said.

After a second or two Per was lifted up to the small bit of tunnel where Alfred lay. Per was standing on Michael's head and when the dragon's nose was level with the tunnel floor Per carefully stepped off keeping his arms stretched out to the sides in order to keep his balance on the long narrow nose. Per saw only a small tunnel about thiry meters long before it ended with a wall of mist which looked a bit like water lit from below the surface. Then it struck Per that it actually looked like the visual effect from the movie 'Stargate' when the stargate was 'open'.

"Alfred? If you wanna see me, shouldn't I be allowed to see you? Please de-cloak yourself" Per said.

"'De-cloak'? I always said you watched too much 'Star Trek', Per" Alfred said as he 'de-cloaked' in front of Per's eyes.

"What? How can you know my name? 'Always said'? When did you say that except just now? Should I recognise you?" Per said.

"No, you couldn't recognise me, I don't have the same body as last time we met. But I recognise you... not easily but I do recognise you... there are a few things about the face that look the same even though there 6 maybe 7 years since we last met. We where class mates in first grade. We were inseparable actually... untill my parents separated and my Mom moved with me to her parent's home in Kiruna. We never saw each other again... until now that is..." Alfred said.

"Alfred?! You're THAT Alfred?" Per exlaimed and ran forward and put his arms around Alfred's neck in the closest thing to a hug there can be between a human and a dragon.

"Yes, that's me. You know, when I hit puberty and discovered I liked boys it was you I fantasized about when I jacked off" Alfred said.

"I did fantasize about you once in a while too... but then Erik became more interesting to me, 'cause he was closer, and it's him I love" Per said.

"Yes, I know. But I don't mind. I have a lover of my own... a soul mate... though I have no idea where he is in this world I only know he's here. Give my regards to Erik by the way" Alfred said sadly.

"Erik's down there with the others, you'll see him soon if you decide to be my dragon. Wait a minute, that was you a couple of years ago, wasn't it? You and your boyfriend? Two boys who were found dead one saturday morning. Apparently they had been beaten up and then died from internal hem... bleeding" Per said.

"Yes, I'm having trouble pronouncing that word too. So that was what happened in the other world? After they beat us up we lost consciousness... no, let me take it from the start, we'd been to a party and were quite drunk and then got careless due to the alcohol so we started kissing. Only up there in the north of Sweden it's not a very wise thing to do, 'cause people tend to be even more intollerant up there and these guys came out from this pub saw us and chased us down the street and soon caught up with us and beat the crap out of us. Then I woke up on a street in the city in this world and I understand that my boyfriend woke up somewhere else. Then I met this boy. A very good looking boy about eighteen and a slightly middle eastern look. He had leather trousers and a loose white shirt. My judgement and pain dambpened by alcohol I let him fuck me from behind and then when he was finished I suddenly noticed the bloodied blade of a sword protruding from my chest and then it withdrew back into my chest being pulled back out by this boy who first fucked me and then murdered me so I died in both worlds at once and a few moments later I hatched in that cavern down there as the dragon you see now... I never saw my boyfriend again" Alfred said.

"Will you be my dragon? Maybe you'll find your boyrfriend somwhere along the way?" Per said.

Alfred feigned hesitation for almost a minute.

"Okay" Alfred said.

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