Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 22

'Getting Some Resistance'

Written by Adam

A dense fog moved in over the city from the sea as the sun was setting. Four dark shadows at the center of the fog knew exactly where to fly to get to their destination. The new captain of the guard was walking across the main courtyard, trying to find the far end and main entrance to the palace through the dense fog when he felt a draught cause a turbulence in the fog and he looked up knowing that only dragons could cause that and this was more than one dragon. But he couldn't see anything through the fog.

"Dragons don't like to fly in these conditions when they can't see the ground" the captain said to himself.

"And don't you think it's unusual that there should be a fog now... on such a warm night?" The Queen said.

The captain turned and saw the Queen standing right next to him.

"Your Majesty! Yes, it's very unusual. I was thinking that it can't be anyone loyal to you out flying now, sir" the captain said.

"No, it's not. It's four little pricks who think they're going to overthrow me in about 6 months or so and now they've recieved permission from Michele to bring members of the resistance to the island to be trained by the dyke army. So tonight they're in town to get as many as posible to fly with them back to the island all under cover of this fog that one of them is creating with his magical powers... a bit too dramatic and even childish for my taste" the Queen said.

"I'll put a stop to that, I'll send my men to find them" the captain said.

"Yes, send your men out to look for them, but they won't find them. The resistance isn't that easily found... actually they're impossible to find, thanks to the fact of the sourceror laying out protective spells that prevents me from finding them with my powers or be seen by any of you. But you should look for them just for the look of it. But I need the resistance members to reach the island, I've got an infiltrator in that resistance group and I'd like to hear his reports from the island" the Queen said.

"Yes, your Majesty. Excuse me, could you just help me find my way across the courtyard to the entrance into the watch room? ... hello?.... your Majesty? .... your Majesty?.... Shit!" the captain said when he realised the Queen had already left.

Andrew pulled the lever again and the large doors to the inn's dragon stables closed. Per was about to dismount Alfred when he recieved a thought from Erik telling him to stay on his dragon. Then Andrew picked up a large chain from the floor and started pulling it draging a large wooden trap door away from the hole in the stable floor. The whole was large enough for a dragon with rider to enter and the trap door large enough to cover it. The trap door was also very heavy and Andrew had to use all his strength to pull it a couple of inches before he had to rest.

"Oh dear, this is going to take all night! Please, move aside, I'll do it!" Michael thought and Andrew looked startled at hearing the dragon's thoughts and then see the dragon Peter was riding bend down and take the chain in his mouth and pulled the trap door completely away from the hole in a minor tug.

"Er, I think that dragon is telepathical, he communicated with me just before he pulled aside the trap door" Andrew said.

"All dragons are telepathical... we're very magical animals... only most dragons don't like to let humans know this... at least those humans that haven't already been dragons and thereby know this, or else we'd be asked to use it for questionable deeds... " Michael said with a sigh.

"So why are you letting the five of us know this?" Andrew said.

"Oh, these four already know, and I know I can trust you as well as them, Andrew" Michael said.

"So you read my mind to know my name, any telepath can do that!" Andrew said.

"No, we've met. Don't you remember the mysterious man, who came to your inn over 20 months ago, asking for a boy by a certain description who was supposed to be a newly arrived dreamer, but you hadn't seen any such person so you let the man stay the night for fucking you and the next day Thomas here stepped through the door, fitting the description exactly" Michael said.

"Yes, I brought the two of them together and also brought Thomas into the resistance on the man's request, and a few months later the man was killed in a cave deep under the castle... pity, he was quite good in bed... not as good as Thomas, not to mention my boyfriend that recently returned in a new body" Andrew said.

"And that's when you told me your name, and I told you mine was Michael 'cause you don't like sex with complete strangers due to some incident in some place on Earth called France..." Michael said.

"You were that man?" Andrew said.

"Yes. Now, can we get a move on? We don't have a lot of time" Michael said.

"Right. Thomas, I'll ride with you if you don't mind, you and your dragon has flown this way before" Andrew said.

"So have I, but then I was riding that dragon, sitting behind Thomas" Michael said.

"The only thing I'm worrying about is there won't be anyone left to close the trap door" Andrew said seating himself right behind Thomas and clasping his hands in front of Thomas' stomach.

"I asked one of the dragons standing in the stable to pull it close, so it's alright" Michael said as Thomas' dragon dived in the hole, Erik's followed and then Per on Alfred and finally Peter on Michael.

The dragons flew fast through winding, narrow tunnels deeper and furter down into the mountain until they reached an enormous cave and the four dragons landed on the floor and the riders dismounted. Then Erik noticed one corner was closed off by metal bars making it a prison cell of sorts. Inside it he saw two beds and someone was lying asleep in one of the beds with the back towards them but there was somthing familiar about him.

"Why's he sleeping in there? He obviously isn't a prisoner since the door to the cell is open" Peter said.

"We didn't know if we could trust him at first so we kept him imprisoned in there for a while. We've offered to move the bed out of there but he says it's too much bother and also claim to like being shut in a prison cell and have sex with his cellmate... so we let him stay until we need the cell for someone else" Andrew said.

"Why didn't you trust him at first?" Peter said.

"On account of him being the Queen's prince" Erik said walking over to the cell and closed the door hard, making a loud 'clang' noise which woke Hans up.

Hans looked over his shoulder and saw Erik and then sat up in bed with a start.

"Good morning!" Erik said.

"Erik! I'm so sorry! I wasn't acting entirely on my own, I was controlled by.... that freak in the castle... and since Per shot me as many times as I shot you with the same gun I now know how you must have felt" Hans said.

"'Not entirely'? so there was at least a part of you that..." Erik said.

"Yes, a part of me was doing it on it's own account but I completly regrett that now, since I died in that quarry" Hans said.

"And you expect me to believe that?" Erik said.

"You're telepathic nowadays, I've heard, why don't you reach into my head or whatever you do and see if I mean what I'm saying or not?" Hans said.

"I already have. And to answer the question your boyfriend Andrew... André is asking now, yes we'll take you with us to the island to train with us for the next six months, but even though he trusts you I still don't and we'll keep a close eye on you, the whole time" Erik said.

"You're his boyfriend?" Peter asked Andrew.

"Yes, we've been boyfriends in many lives" Andrew said.

"You're Peter, right? We've met once before, but you weren't in very good condition then, I'm affraid" Hans said and as Erik opened the door to the cell he walked out and stretched out his hand to Peter.

"Yes, I had a few holes in me and practically dead, but in my state then I couldn't see you that clearly... untill I woke up on this side and saw in the bowl of water what was happening back there... how you shot Per here from behind for instance" Peter said.

"Yes, I did. I'm sorry, Per. But at that point I was sort of just fullfilling..." Hans said.

"So was I, don't worry... but I still have the same trouble trusting you as Erik" Per said.

"But you can't really hold any grudge like they do, 'cause I never shot you" Hans said to Peter.

"No, that was Gustav, but you shot two of my best friends" Peter said as he shook Hans' hand finally.

"Yes, but I regrett it now, as I've already said" Hans said.

"How come you trust him, André? He's the one who was a nameless stranger that you had sex with and then betrayed you so you got sent to concentration camp and your sisters were shot before your very eyes when they tried to stop the Germans from taking you" Erik said.

"He didn't actively betray me. He just slept with me, and thereby pointing me out to the Gestapo men watching him. That was his job, having sex with other men and then appear to be arrested with them and sometimes they'd even pretend to execute him shooting guns loaded with blanks on him and he'd pretend to die in front of their eyes, in order not to raise suspicion" Andrew said.

"And then I'd appear somewhere else and pull the same scam on some other poor unsuspecting gay man" Hans said.

"They pretended to shot him in front of your eyes too, didn't they... but you failed to feign death at first..." Erik said.

"Yes, he just stood there while they were shooting at him as the truck they put me on was driving away... " Andrew said.

"Yes, up until that day I've had no trouble seducing other men and let them be taken away while pretending to be shot occasionally but, I never expected to fall instantly in love with any of them as I did with André... actually, we were already in love from previous lives, but we didn't know that then. When I met him that night in his father's bar I fell so deeply in love with him that all I wanted to do was to go to bed with him and completly forgot that would doom him, and when they shot at me I completly forgot my duty to pretend to die" Hans said.

"So then the Gestapo officer shot you for real... but didn't kill you... they just took out the bullet and sent you to the same camp as Andrew... André I mean" Erik said.

"Yes, that's what I thought, since when he came to the camp he only had the one gun wound instead of..... being dead as he should have been if all those blanks had been real bullets... but then he confessed and told me his life's story on the night before we were gased... actually he told me at the inn which I was already running in this world" André said.

"I'd forgotten that bit that they shot me for real... except... when, you shot me the first time in the woods before we reached the quarry, Per, I had a sense of having been through that before, I remembered the sensation of being shot and falling over and lying bleeding on coblestones in a small French village, which seemed quite odd at that moment" Hans said.

"Glad I could be of help" Per said.

"This is all very interesting, but it's not why you're here, is it? I believe you came here to bring us to the island" a young man said stepping into the semi circle of resistance men that hade formed around the seven boys while they were talking.

"Hello, Alex!" Michael said to the young man who was about 6' tall, with blue eyes, tanned skin and long blond slightly wavy hair, and the straightest nose, they'd ever seen.

"Do I know you?" Alex said.

"I'm sorry, I used to be Michael, who brought Thomas here to you... after you saw me die in that cage I got reincarnated as a dragon" Michael said.

"Oh" Alex said.

"Glad to see you too" Micheal said.

"Surely you remember me?" Thomas said.

"Hi Thomas, good to have you back. I understand you don't trust Hans fully either? Which means that Andrew, or André, here is the only one who does!" Alex said, shaking Thomas hand.

"Right. Alex, this is Erik, and this is Peter and this is Per. Erik, Peter and Per, meet Alex, the leader of the resistance against the Queen" Thomas said as each shook hand with Alex.

"Alex, as in Alexander?" Per said.

"Yes, but everyone just calls me Alex, and I prefer it that way" Alex said.

"Why are you so modest? You conquered the known world once!" Erik said.

"Excuse me, but I don't want everyone to know about that so if you would be so kind not to use your telepathy on me at the moment and then we could talk about it alone later... on the island. We're all ready, let's get going" Alex said and made a signal to his men and they all started mounting their dragons on the far side of the cave.

"Erik, what are you saying? Is he Alexander the gr..." Peter started.

"You heard him, he doesn't want everyone to know! Let's keep it to ourselves until we can talk to him in private like he said" Erik told Thomas, Peter, Per, Andrew and Hans telepathically.

"Can you transmit my thoughts to the others in the group?" Hans thought.

"He's doing that now" Peter thought.

"Oh, okay. Well, I'm not surprised. I believe it's a well known fact that he was gay and tended to take a fancy to his soldiers" Hans thought.

"I thought he looked kinda familiar" Alfred thought.

"It would be pretty cool to do it with such a historical person... not that I would since I have you!" Per thought.

"I already did... I was a soldier in his army once" Alfred thought as Per climbed up into his saddle.

"You're not the only one, Alfred... and I don't mind, Per, in fact I wouldn't object to you fulfilling that fantasy, provided that he wants you" Erik thought as the rest of them mounted their dragons.

Andrew and Hans mounted a dragon of their own and then on a signal from Thomas they started flying single file into another tunnel than then one they hade entered through.

"Thank you, and ofcourse you may... relive old memories with him... he'll probably remember you too, since he apparently hasn't been reincarnated once even" Per thought.

"I know. I'm sorry Alfred, but I guess you'll have to wait until you're no longer a dragon or he becomes a dragon..." Erik thought.

"My first priority is to find my boyfriend anyway" Alfred thought.

"If you say so, Alfred" Erik thought.

"Could you two be quiet for a moment? I don't want to make any mistakes navigating these tunnels at this speed" Michael thought.

"Sorry" Erik thought.

"Thomas you're headed for the cave under the castle, why?" Michael thought.

"It's and easier way out, providing we hold our breath for a few moments while the dragons dive through the underwater tunnel" Thomas thought.

"That's not the only reason, you intend to pick up the book on the way, don't you? But it's ordinary paper inside, the book will be ruined if you take it into the water" Michael thought.

"Don't tell me you forgot what my power is?" Thomas said.

"Manipulate matter... oh, you intend to keep the water away from the book.... actually you could push the water away from all of us and make a tunnel under the surface that we could fly through all the way to the island..." Michael thought just as they emerged in the cave under the castle.

"Isn't that risky? Wouldn't it be sort of a bulge along the surface of the water so the Queen could see?" Thomas thought.

"Not if you redistribute the water so the waterlevel of the entire ocean just raises slightly" Peter thought.

"Exactly. Now, you'll find the key..." Michael thought.

"Peter, if you would be so kind to bring me the book the same way that you brought me the sword" Thomas thought and the book lifted off the lectern and flew into Thomas' waiting hand.

"Or you could just use Peter's telekinesis" Michael thought.

"Making that tunnel through the water and redistributing the water sounds very advanced, I don't think I could do that...yet" Thomas said.

"I've helped you practice your skills for three months now, you're capable of far more difficult things than that" Michael said.

"Like what?" Thomas said.

"I'm certain you've reached a level where you could make yourself invisible, just like we dragons can" Michael said.

"I thought that was a telepathic power, sort of like persuading people that they can't see you, I've been practicing like hell... without success though" Erik said.

"That's because Per was right when he compared it to a Romulan Cloaking device on 'Star Trek', it's a question of bending the light around yourself and since light is to some extent particles, in other words matter and Thomas power is to manipulate matter..." Alfred said.

"Precisely, even though I haven't the faintest idea what this 'Star Track' is" Michael said.

"Did anyone see where Thomas went?" Peter said.

"I'm right here, cutie" the invisible Thomas said right behind Peter's ear and then kissed Peter's neck.

"I felt him climb up on me but I didn't say anything in order not to spoil the surprise" Michael said.

"Enough fooling around!" Thomas said and became visible again and then jumped off Michael and while he climbed onto his own dragon the water in the far end of the cave suddenly withdrew, leaving an empty tunnel.

"Humans be prepared to hold your breath in the event I fail to hold the water back! Dragons, be prepared to swim to the surface quickly in case what I just mentioned happens" Thomas called and then his dragon lifted and flew into the cave and the rest followed.

The Queen stopped supervising the rebuilding of his bedroom and walked out onto the balcony. And looked down onto the water.

"There's powerful magic at work somewhere nearby!" the Queen said

"Alfred is down there somewhere... under the surface of the water..." the love slave said that had followed the Queen onto the balcony.

"Stop talking about that boyfriend of yours! Ofcourse he's down there, that's where I flung his body after I ran him through with my sword! If you mention him again you'll join him!" the Queen said.

"No, he's been reincarnated, and he's alive there somehow moving through a tunnel in the water out in the direction of the island... I can sense him!" the boy said.

"Right, be reincarnated too, then!" the Queen said and stabbed the boy in the heart with his dagger and the boy fell over and lay on the ground, bleeding.

"Thank you, finally you let me out of your torture!" the boy said as his last words.

"He just died!" Alfred said as he flew through the tunnel of air through the water.

"What? Who?" Per said.

"Magnus, my boyfriend. I sensed him close, alive, but then he... he just died" Alfred said.

"Maybe the Queen murdered him too.... but then he'll be reincarnated and with some luck... there was this pregnant woman on the island who was due to give birth today... " Per said.

"Let's hope so for the Queen's sake" Alfred thought.

Erik looked under his dragon and to the sides and finally up at the perfectly circular walls of water surrounding him and then he stretched up a finger into the water above him as one might stick a fingre down into the water from a boat and there was a wake from the finger in exactly the same way but it wasn't easy keeping it there at the speed they were traveling.

"Hey, will you please take that finger out of the ceiling, you're making us all wet back here!" Alex called.

"Sorry!" Erik called back and pulled back the finger.

"It's always you, isn't it? You always did things like that without thinking back then during the campaigns... it was the way you spilled wine on me when I was founding Alexandria that you caught my interest, and you were good in bed too" Alex thought at Erik.

"So you do recognize me... or rather my soul... as I suspect I don't look very much like the person you knew then?" Erik thought.

"Actually you look more alike now than some of the other bodies you've had in between" Alex thought.

"Really? Kewl... so I was there with you in Alexandria, when you built that famous... library wasn't it?" Erik thought.

"I don't remember myself, it was so long ago... but I know what we could do to bring some of those memories back, if it's okay with your boyfriend" Alex thought.

"He seemed interested in you too, so if you want to... with him it's okay with me" Erik thought.

"I don't mind going to bed with him again... he's got a really nice body this time around... maybe we could have one of those nice threesomes?" Alex thought.

"Er... maybe... let's talk more later, we're approaching the island now" Erik thought.

"Yes, let's" Alex thought.

The tunnel through the water turned upwards as the the bottom sloped upwards to the beach of the island and then the tunnel broke the surface a hundred meters off the shore. Over a hundred dragons flew out of the hole in the ocean in single file and in over the island to land on the plain outside the town where Erik, Peter and Thomas had landed when they first arrived on the island.

"Welcome back! And to the rest of you, welcome for the first time! We've arranged barracks for you in the military compound where you'll get your training, starting tomorrow... though I suspect that Alex here won't need much training, since that he is..." Michele said.

"Michele, please!" Alex said.

"Oh, sorry. In any case, I've arranged a room for you next to the room of Erik, Per, Peter and Thomas in the palace... as a leader of the resistance you deserve no less" Michele said.

"Thank you, that'll be nice" Alex said.

"The rest of you follow, Olga hear and she'll take you to your barracks" Michele said.

"Is it only me who has a bad feeling about sleeping in barracks? Or is it just that I spent some time in another barrack where I had to wear a pink triangle on my clothes?" Andrew said.

"Don't worry, these barracks and especially the beds are luxurious in comparison and there's only water coming from the showers, so you don't have to worry about anything" Olga said.

"And I was also there, remember and I'll be there for you now and will do everything in my power to keep you from those horrible memories" Hans said.

"Everything?" Andrew said with a grin.

"Everything!" Hans said.

"Okay, let's go. And don't march, lest you scare your friend from the concentration camp" Olga and walked away followed by the resistance men.

"So, they're flying dragons under water... if their magic is that powerful they may be a greater threat to me than I thought, I'd better do something to make them slow down..." the Queen thought standing on the balcony having watched the dragons come out of the water out by the island.

"You called for us, your majesty" a servant boy said.

"Ah yes, there's some rubbish lying around here on the balcony, get rid of it for me" the Queen said.

"Do you mean him?" one of the servant boy's said and pointed to the body of Alfred's boyfriend.

"I suppose you're new around here, so I'll let you get away with that this time. Next time you ask such a stupid question you'll become the rubbish yourself! Now, get rid of it!" the Queen said.

The two servant boys picked up the body and stood still for a moment as the new boy tried to move inside with the body while the more experience one was heading for the parapet to simply throw the body over it into the ocean far below.

"Aren't we going to take him out to a church yard and give him a decent burial?" the inexperienced boy said.

"No, throw it into the ocean!" the Queen said bringing out his dagger again.

"I can't do that!" were the last words out of the inexperienced boy's mouth.

"Can you throw away both of them alone or will you ask me to get some one to help you so I'll have a reason to let you join them?" the Queen said.

"Since I never liked being in your service and also since I quite liked him and was trying to teach him so he wouldn't make those kind of mistakes... yes, please get someone to help me to throw these bodies over the edge... get two, so they can throw my body over the edge too" the remaining boy said and unbuttoned his shirt a bit and pulled apart the ends, baring the chest for the stab.

An hour later on the island there was someone walking through the darkness of the nursery. Rebecca stopped by the little bed where her son lay and bent down over him and put the pillow she was holding over his face and pressed.

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