Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 23


Written by Adam

"What are you doing?" Anna said, pulling Rebecca away from the bed.

"A good thing you came, now I can take care of you too and make sure that prick Erik never gets a son!" Rebecca said, and brought out a knife and stabbed Anna who fell to the floor.

Rebecca turned back to the crib and started pressing down the pillow again.

"Why are you trying to kill my son? Your own son?" Thomas said who'd seen Anna get stabbed and called for Erik and Peter.

"None of you boys... so called princes shall not have any offspring! You shall never rise against the rightful Queen! Just stay out there with the women and become women too" Rebecca said, or rather her body said and laughed.

"Let go of my son!" Thomas screamed taking his sword out of it's sheath and ran Rebecca through with it and then let her lie on the ground with the sword through her while he removed the pillow and picked up young Sergio who was hardly breathing.

"What are you doing?! What did you kill her for?" Michele yelled as she, Erik, Peter and Per came through the door at the far end of the room.

"She's not dead... yet, there's still time for me to save her. She was trying to kill Sergio and she stabbed Anna... she's not dead either" Thomas said.

"Liar! There's no reason why she would act that way!" Michele said.

"He's telling the truth! But you're right too, there's no reason why she would act that way and she didn't, someone else was controlling her, and I think we all know who" Erik said.

"I thought it was odd that she told me that we should 'stay out there with the women'. Michele, please hold Sergio while I take care of Anna and Rebecca" Thomas said, giving Sergio to Michele.

"I'm sorry! I tried to resist him but..." Rebecca said with some difficulty.

"It's alright. I'm sure you did your best" Thomas said as he pulled the sword out and then healed the wound and then went over to Anna.

"Stay away from her! Let her die as well as the foetus! Let's see if you'll be able to run this woman through before I break the neck of your little son!" the body of Michele said.

Sergio suddenly was lifted out of Michele's hands and glided through the air into Peter's arms. And Erik stepped in between as Michele's body turned toward Peter with hopes of taking back the baby.

"Go on, take care of Anna and Erik's son, we'll protect Sergio in the meantime" Peter said.

Thomas bent over Anna and placed a hand on her neck to feel if her heart was still beating and then moved the hand to her forehead and there was a momentary glow to her. Michele's body picked up the dagger that Rebecca had dropped when Thomas ran her through and made some swift movements with it in front of Erik's face.

"I can stab you or cut your throat. I can kill you. But you can't harm me, you'll only be harming Michele! And be careful so you don't kill her, 'cause Thomas can't wake the dead" Michele's body said and laughed.

"Michele, what are you doing? Stop it!" Anna said walking towards Michele but Thomas grabbed her arm.

"Wanna get stabbed again? Fine by me!" Michele's body said and lunged at Anna but suddenly Michele was lifted up in the air and the dagger pulled out of her hand and dropped on the floor.

"Let me go you cock sucking little shit! I'm myself again!" Michele's body said.

"Michele would call us that! And you're wrong, I can harm you, the Queen without harming Michele said" Erik said and then closed his eyes and concentrated.

In the castle the Queen was sitting in an armchair with his eyes closed when suddenly there was a sharp pain at the temples which grew worse and worse untill he screamed from the pain that was throbbing in his skull.

"What are you doing to her? Stop it, she's in pain!" Anna said as she heard Michele's body scream for a moment.

"No, I wasn't in pain. I only screamed because he was screaming while controlling me telepathically. He was the one in pain" Michele said.

"Who are you talking about?" Anna said.

"The Queen" the others said.

"There's no Queen here" Anna said.

"Is she always like this?" Erik said.

"No, only when I'm really tired and slightly pregnant... I can be quite sharp when I'm awake, like right now I realise that it was the Queen over there on the main land that was controlling Michele" Anna said.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so..." Erik said.

"Obnoxious?" Anna said.

"Yes, that was the word I was looking for, thanks" Erik said.

"You're welcome" Anna said.

"Would you please, put me down?" Michele said.

"In a moment, when we're certain that the Queen isn't controlling her anymore" Peter said.

"He isn't. I used his telepathic link with her and made it backfire... or more like the effect of hooking up a microphone to an amplifier and then direct the microphone at the speaker and he got the telepathic equivalent of that messing around in his head. And I could only do that as long as he kept the connection running so I also noticed he cut the connection by the fact I couldn't do it any longer." Erik said.

"None of those things existed when I was alive in the other world, so I didn't understand half of it but it sounded good" Michele said as Peter lowered her to the ground.

"Yes, and he knows that I can just do it again as soon as he tries controlling someone, so I don't think he will for a while at least" Erik said.

"But you can't stay by the side of these women and my son all the time, you'll need to sleep for one thing" Thomas said.

"It was a fairly simple thing to do and I think any telepath could do it if I just explained the basic idea to them... and then they'd be able to guard, Rebecca, Sergio, Anna, Agneta and Eve while they'd be shielding themselves with the same technique" Erik said.

"Couldn't anyone shield themselves with it?" Anna said.

"I don't know. Rebecca, from what you said you were aware he was controlling you but couldn't stop him?" Erik said.

"Yes" Rebecca said.

"And you're not telepathic, are you?" Erik said.

"No, why?" Rebecca said.

"Then you could be my test subject if you want to, that is" Erik said.

"Yes, go ahead" Rebecca said.

"You understand the principle of what I explained before?" Erik said.

"Yes, I was a singer in an all girl rock band and I used to tease the sound engineer by aiming the mike at the speakers when he made some homophobic remarks about dykes" Rebecca said.

"Er, okay. Here goes" Erik said and sat down and closed his eyes.

Rebecca turned around and grabbed Thomas' head on each side and then kissed him and then pushed him away and both made disgusted noices.

"Ow, my head! Sure, you could do it" Erik said.

"That's for making me kiss him" Rebecca said.

"And I'll get my revenge later" Thomas said.

"Fine. Now, let's see if Michele can do it too, even though she didn't understand the microphone analogy" Erik said.

"Now, let's see if Michele can do it too, even though she didn't understand the microphone analogy" Michele said.

Then Michele started doing cartwheels through the room until suddenly she stopped and Erik screamed of pain, holding his head.

"Alright, you understand the principle" Erik said.

"Actually I should thank you, I've never been able to do cartwheels on my own" Michele said.

"You're welcome. And now it's Anna's turn" Erik said.

"And now...." Anna said and then Erik screamed again.

"Okay. Sergio!" Erik said.

"Sergio!" Sergio said.

"Hey, he spoke!" Thomas said.

"Daddy, I love you!" Erik said.

"Daddy, I love you!" Sergio said.

Erik fell over unconscious. And the others rushed to his side.

"Are you alright?" Peter said.

"Yes, but I don't feel like doing any more of that today. You're son has some mental punch there, Tom" Erik said.

"That's for making my dad kiss a woman... even though it's my mom... and also making her kiss a guy against her will" Sergio said.

"You didn't make him say that" Thomas said.

"No, but I think he may have gotten my entire vocabulary and understanding of language and so on while I was making him say those things earlier" Erik said.

"Thank you Erik" Sergio said.

"So there's no one else, making him say those things? Maybe it's the Queen again!" Rebecca said.

"No, then I would him worse than I hit Erik" Sergio said.

"I'm sorry for what I almost did to you earlier" Rebecca said.

"It's alright, I know it wasn't you doing that, mom" Sergio said.

"Maybe we should go to bed now, it's been a long night" Per said.

"I didn't check to see if you could repell..." Erik began.

"You shouldn't do that any more tonight, not after the mental blow I gave you... besides, you're boyfriend is eager to go to bed with you for other things than sleep" Sergio said.

"Aren't you a bit young to think about such things?" Per said guiltily.

"I was 600 years old in my last life and remember everything of it so I think there's nothing you can do about it now" Sergio said.

"Maybe so, but I think you need some sleep too, son" Thomas said.

"How am I supposed to sleep with all of you talking and stabbing each other and so on! Be quiet so I can sleep!... Just one thing before you go, dad!" Sergio said.

"What?" Thomas said.

"Give me a kiss on the forehead like you use to since I've been your son, I sleep so much better then" Sergio said.

"Good night" Thomas said and kissed Sergio on the forehead and they all left quietly.

The Queen opened his eyes and saw people leaning over him. Then the Queen screamed again, this time out of rage and all the servants that had been standing there ran for their lives except one who couldn't as the Queen grabbed the tail of his shirt.

"I've got a head ache! Fetch me a pain killer!" the Queen said.

"Yes, your Majesty!" the frightened boy said.

"Now! What are you waiting for boy?" the Queen said.

"I can't go get your pain killer if you don't let go of my shirt, your Majesty" the boy said expecting that the insolence of pointing this obvious fact out would cost him his life.

"Fine! Go, get it now!" the Queen said and let go of the boy's shirt but the boy didn't run, instead he turned and spoke to the Queen in a way that indicated that he wasn't acting on his own.

"You tried to kill my friend's son and the woman bearing my child as well as threaten me tonight, but I gave you a bit of a head ache back and now we know you can do this and I'm teaching everyone on the island to give you feedback all by themselves as soon as they discover that you're in their head, like I'm in this boy's head" the boy said.

The Queen closed his eyes and concentrated and then he screamed again, holding his head.

"I thought you'd try to give me feedback the same way so I took the precaucion of making sure that any such attempt would give you the feedback in return with double amplitude. And now, servant boy, if you know what's best for you, you'd better run!..." the boy said, stood frozen for a second and then ran and struggled to get it opened as he looked around at the Queen.

The Queen took his dagger and threw it at the boy and it would have hit him between the shoulder blades but suddenly the cloth of his shirt became incredibly dense so the knife simply bounced off and clattered on the floor without hurting him. The boy screamed more out of reflex than fear. Then he ran across the room out onto the balcony where he jumped over the railing and started falling towards the jagged rocks below.

"Your attempts at keeping him alive where pointless, he just commited suicide" the Queen communicated telepathically to Erik.

A meter over the jagged rocks the boy stopped falling and just bobbed in the air for a second before he moved away from the wall and landed on a patch of water that had taken on a density, softness and elasticity of rubber.

"He tried to, but you failed to take inte account Peter's telekinesis and Tom's ability to manipulate matter" Erik thought back.

The Queen screamed out of rage once again. Down below the rubbery patch of water started moving at high speed carrying the frightened boy across the ocean untill he reached the island in a couple of minutes.

"I'm sorry if we scared you, but we couldn't let the Queen hurt you or you to commit suicide for what we did to you. Normally we would never use any inocent person the way we used you, but desperate times call for desperate meassures and at least we made it up to you" Erik said.

"You're safe here with us now, the Queen can't hurt you now" Thomas said.

"You've more than made it up to me by taking me away from that maniac... your reward is far greater than the price I payed. I'm eternally greatful to you... how can I ever repay you?" the boy said.

"You don't have to do anything... but if you want to, you could join the resistance, there's a resistance group here on the island to be trained by the women's army and their training starts tomorrow..." Peter said.

"If that is your command, I will" the boy said bowing.

"No, we don't command you to do anything, I said that you could join them if you want to, but you don't have to, you could just lay around the island, have a good time at the beach until we overthrow the Queen and it'll be safe for you to return" Peter said.

"You don't have to decide now, you should get some sleep... what's your name, by the way?" Erik said.

"Pak" the boy said.

"You're from Thailand, right?" Thomas said.

"Yes, from Bangkok" Pak said.

"Let's get you a bed to sleep in for the night, Pak" Erik said and they walked towards the palace.

Alex opened his eyes and looked about him. He was in a misty landscape with darkness all around him and only a beam of light came from straight above him.

"Oh, this place again, so who's projecting himself into my mind now? Show yourself!" Alex said.

"Sorry, I didn't know you'd be offended by it. My manners aren't very good, I should really ask people in advance before doing this. I'll go away and let you sleep." Erik said after he appeared.

"No, wait. Yes, I'm getting a bit tired of some telepaths who project themselves at me without asking, but you realised your mistake and I'm certain you mean it when you say that you will ask in advance before doing it in the future. So I'll let it pass... this time. Does Per know you're doing this?" Alex said.

"Yes, he's the one who asked me to do this experiment" Erik said.

"What experiment?" Alex said.

"If you agree to participate in the experiment I'll try to establish a line of communication between the two of you which I hope to be able to keep active even while I sleep and thereby I won't be anywhere near to disturb you or be a peeping tom while you... do your thing as it were" Erik said.

"Do you think that will work?" Alex said.

"I don't know, that's why it's an experiment... to see if it works" Erik said.

"And you're okay with your boyfriend doing it with me here, while you're asleep?" Alex said.

"It was the condition for him allowing me to do it with you that I try this first" Erik said.

"And if it doesn't work? Will you still have sex with me through mind projection or will you respect your boyfriend and decide not to?" Alex said.

"I don't know... if it works to be connected with both of you so all three can talk and have sex then we could have that threesome you mentioned if all parties are willing otherwise I'll respect him like you said" Erik said.

"You don't have to do that, I won't mind if you do it alone with him... I would mind if you did it without asking me first and I found out later, but since you asked first it's okay with me" Per said stepping into the light.

"Well, at least that works... then I will try to withdraw while maintaining the connection between the two of you" Erik said.

"No wait. We could try that later, I'd much rather go for that threesome" Per said.

"Well, if that's what you prefer, I'm game. How about you, Alex?" Erik said.

"You two talk way too much, how do you ever have time for sex?" Alex said and put a hand each on the bulges in Erik's and Per's trousers.

Erik smiled and then put his own hand on Alex' bulge. Thomas reached over and undid the rope that held Alex' trousers up and then stuck his hand down and grabbed Alex' cock and started jacking it and also stepped forward and started kissing Alex. Erik got down on his knees and pulled down Alex trousers to the knees and then started to lick the shaft of Alex' cock. He played around with his tongue on the glans and then took the entire cock in his mouth and started sucking at it. Meanwhile Alex undid the rope in Per's trousers and pushed them down as well and then he pushed gently at Erik's head and held Per's cock to Erik's mouth and Erik understood what he was after and took both cocks into his mouth. Then Alex looked around him again and noticed that the mist was gone and they were in a place he hadn't been for thousands of years.

"The mist was a bit dull so I tried my telepathic powers to make it look like some place you knew and where we've done it before" Erik thought.

"Very well done! My tent from when I conquered the world, exactly like I remember it!" Alex thought.

"Ofcourse it's exactly as you remember it, I used you're memory of it to create this illusion... this is your memory" Erik thought.

"Oh" Alex thought and broke the kiss with Per.

Alex made Per lean backwards slightly and then leaned over and started licking and nibbling at Per's nipples. Erik got back on his feet and started nibbling at Alex' nipples. Both Per and Alex started undoing the rope in Erik's trousers and then pushed them down. Then Per got down on his knees and started blowing both Erik and Alex. Alex kicked off his trousers so he got completly naked and then he got down on his knees and removed Erik's trousers completly as well and then he pulled off Per his trousers so he almost fell over. Alex then started licking Erik's cock before he took all of it into his mouth. Per lay down on the rug on the ground in the tent and started giving Alex a blow job.

"I have a request" Per thought as he kept on blowing Alex.

"Name it!" Alex thought.

"Could you fuck me while I blow my boyfriend?" Per thought.

"Yes, I could. What do you say, Erik?" Alex thought.

"I've been fucked and sucked cock at the same time before and loved it and therefore I can't deny Per that experience... but I'd like to do more, I'd like do the 69 with my boyfriend while you fuck him" Erik thought.

"Okay, lie on your back then" Alex thought but didn't have to give any more instructions as Per then stood on all fours over Erik and they started blowing each other.

Alex then stood on his knees behind Per, pressed his glans against Per's hole and then pushed and the muscle let his cock into Per's ass. Alex started pounding his hip into Per's buttocks faster and faster. Per felt he was in heaven, and the others felt almost as good. Then that wonderful tingling feeling started in his nether region and spread through his body and he started to shoot his load into Erik's mouth at the same time as Erik's cock started filling his own mouth with cum and Alex stopped pounding his hip into Per's buttocks and Per felt Alex's cock pump it's load inside him. The three exhausted boys disengaged from each other and lay down next to each other and fell asleep and the tent disappeared around them as they returned to the beds in the palace on the island.

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