Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 24

'Obstacle Course'

Written by Adam

"Attention!" Olga screamed and over a hundred boys did nothing of the kind.

"Why's this woman screaming at us?" a boy in the line said.

"Do you want to get rid of the Queen or not?" Alex yelled.

There was a lot of different murmured answers but all of them meaning that they did want to do that.

"And do you wan't to be able to defeat the Queen's guard?" Alex yelled.

There was another round of murmured answers.

"Then you will do EVERYTHING this woman tells you to! What will you do, you man?" Alex yelled at the boy who had spoken up in the first place.

"I guess I'll do what she says, then" the boy said quietly.

"What? I didn't hear you!" Alex yelled.

"I said; I guess I'll do what she says, then" the boy yelled back.

"From now on you will adress me and her as 'Sir'! You guess that you'll do what she says?" Alex yelled.

"I will do whatever she says, sir!" the boy yelled back.

"Good! So, when she says 'attention' what will you do?" Alex yelled.

"I will attend, sir!" the boy yelled and the rest of the boys laughed.

"Silence!" Olga yelled and the laughter stopped.

"Close, but no cigar, young man" Olga said.

"They're all yours now!" Alex said.

"Thank you!" Olga said.

"I think this is going to be a hard six months" the boy whispered to the boy on his left.

"Attention!" Olga yelled again and this time the boys did stand to attention.

"Quiet" the other boy whispered back.

"Right! You pancies! Since I suspect you ladies aren't used to working very hard, I've decided to start you out easily with a very simple obstacle course, which we dykes usually run in our sleep carrying a donkey on our back while nine months pregnant! The course is laid out round the base of the mountain and today I will be kind enough to let you run a mere ten laps round the course! Any questions?" Olga yelled.

"Are you Polish, sir? You see, you look like a bit like my old gym teacher from school whose name incidently also was Olga, though I know you can't be her 'cause she was like a hundred years old, fat and looked more like a man than a woman due to all the steroids, but I thought you might be related to her, sir." the boy who had protested the first time said.

"You're name is Vladimir, right? Though you prefer 'Valodia' I believe?" Olga yelled.

"Yes, sir" Valodia said getting slightly worried he may have said something stupid.

"A hundred years old and look like a man due to steroids, huh? What would that gym teached have done if you'd said something like that to her?" Olga said.

"Er, she'd have me do 50 push ups, sir!" Valodja said, getting a real bad feeling now.

"And you did a lot of push ups those years that you had her as gym teacher, didn't you, you little wanker?" Olga said.

"Yes, got really strong arms, thanks to her... and she always called me a little wanker like you just... oh my God!" Valodja said and then dropped to the ground and started to do push ups.

"Very good! You're mouth always were a bit too big for your own good, wasn't it? And worst of all I suspect it workes independently of the brain... and that's probably what got you killed in the other world isn't it, Valodja? Funny, I always knew you were a poofter" Olga said triumphantly.

"Yes sir! I always knew sir was a dyke, sir!" Valodja said.

"Be quiet and do your push ups!" Olga yelled.

"Yes sir!" Valodja yelled back.

"Right! The rest of you, get running! You're friend will catch up to you later!" Olga yelled and everyone started running.

Sean woke up and didn't recognise the surroundings at all. All he knew that this wasn't anything like Edinburgh, where he fell asleep.

"Are you allright?" the good looking boy standing over him said.

"Yeah, I'm just... a bit disoriented" Sean said.

"That will pass, you'll soon get used to being a dreamer" the boy said.

"'dreamer'?" Sean asked.

"Yes, one who's awake in one world, currently this one, while he's asleep in the other... the one where you grew up, the one you think of as... 'normal'" the boy said.

"Er, you're not helping much, I'm getting more confused" Sean said.

"Fine, I won't try to explain anymore right now... you'll get it eventually, but just so you know; this isn't a dream" the boy said.

"Run! Get away from him!" a strange voice in Sean's head said.

"Whatever you say. Seems like a beautiful city you have here" Sean said.

"I mean it! That boy is a psychopath and might kill you as soon as have sex with you!" the voice in Sean's head said.

"Have sex with me?" Sean said.

"Why not?" the boy said.

"No!" the voice in Sean's head said.

"No! I mean... I'm sorry, I'm a bit tired, I think I need to have a lie down before I have sex with anyone... but you seemed to like the idea, so you're gay too?" Sean said.

"You're in a world where everyone's gay and you can have sex with anyone except him! He's a psycho! Get away from him for your own sake!" the voice said urgently.

"Yes, I'm gay. I guess you were lucky that I found you, 'cause most people don't take kindly to gay people in this world... and it's even worse for people who appear to be hearing voices in their heads so you'd better try to shut those out if you have them... There are three evil warlocks living out there on the island who are persecuting gay people relentlessly and intend to try to overthrow the rightful ruler of this world... a good man who's taken with me and let me stay in his castle down there... you may have that rest in my bed and put off having sex until tomorrow if you still want to" the boy said.

"Don't go with him! He's the evil one, he's the tyrant in this world and everyone is gay like I said before!" the voice said.

"No, I don't want to impose myself on someone, I'll stay at an inn or something" Sean said.

"I insist. You don't have any money, anyway, and it's greater risk that the warlocks find you there. One of them is telepathic, you know. He usually tells newcomers lies about how everyone here is gay and so on, in order to lure them to the island where they can have them killed... so if you're hearing a strange voice in your head telling you such things, don't listen to it whatever you do!" the boy said.

"Well, if you insist. That voice in my head sounded a bit crazy, you seem more sensible... and not at all a psychopath like the voice said" Sean said.

"Yes, they know about me but are unable to affect me anymore... and I suppose he panicked when he saw that I found you first and tried some really desperate lies to discredit me" the boy said.

"Well then, let's go to your place!" Sean said.

"No! We'll I guess I can't persuade you this way. I hope you'll live through the night, and then I'll make another attempt to rescue you later" the voice said and then Sean didn't hear any more of it.

"What are you sitting there for? Feeling tired, you little fairy? Maybe you shall lie down and take a nap as well?" Olga yelled at Erik.

"No sir!" Erik yelled and got up and was about to start running again.

"Wait a minute! Now, I recognise you! You're Erik, right? You and the other two princes insisted on running the course too, so why do you now sit down and rest, not up to the task where you?" Olga said.

"Not resting sir! A new dreamer materialised over there on the main land and the Queen was there to greet him... I had to try to tell him to get away from the Queen telepathically, sir" Erik said.

"Well at least you're not using your powers to cheat on the course like Peter and Thomas are" Olga said.

"How are they cheating, sir?" Erik said.

"Don't worry about that, I've told them off so they're not doing it anymore, you just get running" Olga said.

"Yes sir" Erik said and started running.

Further along the obstacle course a line of boys closed approached a wall of logs that they were actually supposed to climb over but suddenly the structure of the logs changed and Thomas who was at the head of the line ran straight through the logs which also the next nine boys did. But then when Hans tried to follow he ran into the wall and broke his nose as it had turned back to normal.

"Hey, Thomas! I used to think you were a nice guy, but if you keep treating my boyfriend like that I'll change my oppinion!" Andrew shouted after Thomas who turned back.

"What?" Thomas said.

"You closed the hole in the wood right in front of Hans so he ran into the wall and hurt himself!" Andrew complained.

"Sorry, I didn't know he was there, expecting to come through with us. I just keep the gap open for a certain time after and then close it so those who wants to use it must keep a certain distance close behind me... but I'll let him through now" Thomas said.

"Where's the hole, then? Where do I step through?" Hans shouted.

"Strange! I seem unable to reorganize the wood now..." Thomas said feeling the wood where he tried to make a passage.

"What's the matter?" Peter asked, levitating above the wall.

"Suddenly my power doesn't seem to work" Thomas said.

"Weird, but don't worry, I'll lift him over" Peter said and Hans suddenly was lifted over the wall.

"Woah!" Hans said as he didn't expect to be lifted like that.

As Peter and Hans were beginning to slowly descend on the other side something happened and they dropped to the ground at normal speed. Hans fell over and started wailing while holding his ankle.

"Hey, my power just dropped out too" Peter said.

"What's going on? Olga said you'd been cheating, but she'd made you stop" Erik said.

"On the last lap she stood here and told us not to cheat so we didn't but we started again on this lap" Thomas said.

"But now our powers seems to have disappeared... abruptly so Hans has gotten hurt twice now" Peter said.

"I'm responsible for that. What's the point of running the course with the others even though you didn't really have to and then use your powers to cheat? You don't learn anything then that you may need fighting the Queen!" Michael said.

"We learn to use our powers?" Thomas said looking up at the top of the rock above them where Micheal sat.

"You already know that, I've been helping you practice your powers and will keep on doing that for the next six months, but right now you will run the course in the normal way and I'll use my magical powers to dampen yours" Michael said.

"Okay, we will run it normally in a second, but first I will need to use my powers to heal Hans' broken nose and broken ankle or Andrew won't forgive me!" Thomas said.

"Go ahead" Michael said.

Thomas bent down and put a hand at Hans' ankle and when Hans got up with an amazed expression on his face Thomas put his hand over Hans' nose and it stopped bleeding and Hans felt his nose with his hand.

"Andrew, don't be so distrustful of Thomas, he's a nice guy. I can tell that he is by the fact that he helped me even though I killed Erik and Per and all that. And Peter tried to help me over the wall too and by what the dragon said it wasn't Peter's fault that I got hurt, nor Thomas' fault" Hans said.

"No, it's my fault you got hurt both times, sorry" Michael said.

"Apology accepted!" Hans said.

"Sorry Thomas, I guess i was a bit harsch on you just now" Andrew said.

"Now, get running!" Michael barked.

"Wait a second! Erik, I heard you've found a way to shut out the Queen's mind control last night... I only wish I knew that technique three months ago, then I might have resisted enough not to shoot you that evening in the other world... but maybe you could teach me to do it now to avoid any more tragedies and help me avoid his attempts to marry me, please?" Hans pleaded.

"Why not, we may need your help in that department once... I mean in case the Queen recapture you. I'll show you tonight after we finished training for the day" Erik said.

"Deal. Now let's run before that dragon in human form turns up!" Hans said and started running.

"'Dragon in human form'? What are you talking about?" Andrew said.

"He meant Olga" Erik said.

"I resent that remark, Hans" Michael said.

"Sorry, Michael! I didn't mean to offend you!" Hans shouted back.

"Apology accepted! You should get running too before the dragon in human form turns up!" Michael said and the boys did.

"How did you mean what Hans meant?" Andrew said running along side Erik and Hans.

"I'm a telepath, remember?" Erik said.

"You mean that you were the only one who knew what I meant and then only by reading my mind?" Hans said.

"Yes!" Erik said.

"And how do you know no one else knew what I meant?" Hans said.

"I read their minds too" Erik said speeding up to get ahead of them.

"Hey, nice bedroom!" Sean said.

"It's all brand new too. Well newly renovated after a fire... after a dragon belonging to one of the warlocks breathed into my bedroom in one of their attempts to kill me. Fortunatly I wasn't here at the moment" the boy said.

"Not that I know what the bedroom looked like before, but it's a very nice job none the less... a dragon? There's no such thing as a dragon" Sean said.

"There are none on Earth, but here there's plenty! Surely you must have seen them! The sky was full of them as we walked here!" the boy said.

"I saw a lot of really big birds with people riding on them..." Sean said.

"Not birds, dragons. Come out onto the balcony" the boy said and led Sean out onto the balcony.

"This is some weird dream" Sean said.

"I told you before, this is no dream" the boy said as he waved at a guard flying by on a dragon and the rider changed course and made the dragon land on the edge of the balcony.

"This has to be a dream, what else would it be? It can't be real" Sean said.

"Come here! Feel the dragon's scales" the boy said.

"God, they're rough!" Sean said.

"Scratch it behind the ear, like you would a kitten" the boy said and Sean did "isn't that sense of touch and that purr from the dragon real?"

"Yes, it is real! Maybe I'm going mad? You know, delusional..." Sean said.

"No, I don't know... I've been in this world for a very long time and don't know much about modern things from Earth" the boy said.

"You keep mentioning Earth as though it was some other place far away. Are we on another planet? Did I get abducted by aliens and placed here?" Sean said and the boy started laughing.

"No, no, no... no, this is not another planet.... it's... like some kind of different dimension or something... a different reality... maybe some kind of pocket of condensed dimension were all the excess reality has been damming up for thousands of years... no, forget I said that, I'm just rambling here... I don't have a clue what this world really is except that it isn't earth, even though I'm one of it's oldest inhabitants" the boy said.

"Found a new toy, your Majesty?" the guard on the dragon said.

"Why did he call you Majesty? I thought, you said you were just a guest in the castle..." Sean said.

"Continue your patrol, lieutenant!" the boy said.

"Yes your majesty!" the guard said and flew off.

"I'm sorry I decieved you for a bit, but would you have believed me if I told you I was the prince walking about without guards or anything?" the boy said.

"I guess I wouldn't have believed you. So you're going to be king one day?" Sean said.

"Maybe... you know, in this world no one dies of old age so only if the king dies from accident or murder will I take his place... but I like being a prince so much that i hope that he never dies" the boy said.

"So nobody cares that you're gay? Nobody objects to you having male lovers? You're not expected to marry a princess or something and get children and so on?" Sean said.

"Exactly! Only if I become king do I have to marry a woman and have children... but until then I may have as many male lovers... or toys as the guard put it... as I like... I hope you don't mind being called a toy, do you?" the boy said.

"No, actually I find it a bit... Well, you're a very good looking boy, and I would love being your new toy, so play with me!" Sean said.

"You don't have to rest first like you said earlier?" the boy said.

"No. That was because of what the voice in my head said to me, it wasn't really true. I'm ready to be your toy at your leisure" Sean said.

"Well in that case! But to be my toy you'll have to expect to be ordered around a bit!" the boy said.

"I understand! Your wish is my command, your Majesty!" Sean said.

"That's the spirit! Suck my cock!" the boy said.

"Yes your Majesty" Sean said and got down on his knees and unbuttoned the fly of the leather pants the boy was wearing.

Sean pulled down the Queen's trousers and took his cock in his mouth and started sucking.

"Okay, that's enough. Undress me and then take off your own clothes" the Queen said and Sean undressed him.

"Okay, turn around and let me fuck you!" the Queen commanded and Sean turned around.

He felt the Queen's cock penetrate him and then felt the Queen voilently thrust it into his back over and over again. He started moaning from a combination of pleasure and pain where the amount of pain increased while the pleasure got less and less but then the ordeal was over as the Queen let out a long moan and shot his load inside Sean. Then the Queen's cock disappeared out of him.

"Sit there on the chair over there and rest for a moment if you like... do you like bondage, by the way? I could strap you to that chair if you like" the Queen said and pointed at a wooden chair standing about a meter from a wall with a large hole in the back and leater straps on the armrests and also so someone could be strapped to the back of the chair.

"Yeah, I've been bound before and liked it" Sean said and sat down in the chair and let the Queen strap his arms and chest to the chair.

"You know that voice you heard before, telling you I was a psychopath, who might murder you just as soon as have sex with you?" the Queen said.

"Yes, what about it?" Sean said.

"You should have listened to it!" the Queen said and pulled a lever on the other side of the room.

Sean felt something hit him in the back, continue through his back and burst through his chest. He looked down at the spear sticking out through him covered in his blood and then he lifted his head momentarily and looked at the Queen as his mouth filled with blood and then his vision blurred, got darker and then finally disappeared altogether.

"Shit! We lost him!" Erik said.

"Lost who?" Peter said.

"The new dreamer who appeared earlier today... I tried to get him to avoid the Queen but, instead he wandered straight into the Queen's arms. I wanted to make an attempt to save him later, but it's too late for that now, the Queen killed just killed him" Erik said.

They were all lying and resting on the grass after having finished the obstacle course. Olga had screamed at them for being fairies and so on since they didn't have enough stamina to keep on excersising after running the course. But then agreed and reminded her that they were in this world because they were fairies so then she left in a rage.

"Is he dead already or could you keep him alive like you did with me?" Per said.

"And then your friends could bring him over here like you did with me so Thomas could heal him" Pak said.

"No, it's too late, he's already dead. We shouldn't have ran the obstacle course but concentrated on more important stuff like saving that poor innocent boy" Erik said.

"You can't save everyone from the Queen, Erik... not until you meet him face to face together with Peter and Thomas and kill him for good in six months... then you'll save the rest of the world in one blow... until then you'll only be wasting energy if you try to save everybody the Queen attempts to kill and take you away from more important matters, not learning the skills you will need when you meet him and that's exactly what he wants to.... and that boy that the Queen killed just got reincarnated anyway... there was a child born in the nursery just now" Michael said.

"I guess you're right" Erik said.

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