Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 25

'Ship load'

Written by Adam

Erik, Thomas, Peter and Per sat on the shore facing the city on the main land. The dragons Alfred and Michael sat behind them, looking too. The past six months had passed amazingly quickly now that they looked back on them. The resistance had finished their training and had also been joined by most of the young boys that had been born on the island and grown up here. Those boys had been specially trained to go with the ship that was approaching and allow themselves to be brought to the castle where they then would put their training to use. But they wouldn't go there alone. The Queen would have some new guards. Erik, Peter and Per were also worried, because they were about to become fathers in a matter of hours but knew that they wouldn't be able to be there when the childs were born, 'cause according to the prophecies they would be busy fighting the Queen in the final battle. They also knew that only one prince would remain alive at the end, but they didn't know which as Michael and Erik, who both believed that knowing the details of who would die and how would only distract them from doing what they needed to, had asked Michele to take the three books and hide them when the details of the battle had begun to appear on the self writing pages.

"So how long until that ship arrives?" Erik said.

"A couple of hours I think" said Thomas.

"Are they ready?" Peter said.

"Yes... but there's more guards on that boat than there should be..." Erik said.

"And several dragons too... about ten dragons, I think... that's why the ship is so heavy in the water" Michael said.

"They intend to attack the island. The dragon riders are ordered to fly shortly before the boat arrives and start setting fire to the city and then the ground troops will storm ashore with orders to seek the four of us out and capture us and kill the women pregnant with our children before they can give birth" Erik said.

"How do you know... oh, ofcourse, you read someone's mind on the boat, sorry. I keep forgetting" Per said.

"The pregnant women? What about Sergio? And Rebecca?" Thomas said.

"They have no orders concerning them, I don't know why" Erik said.

"If you don't mind, I'll fly off to the compound and sound the alarm so the resistance and the women's army can meet them" Michael said.

"Make it so" Erik said and Michael got up and flew away.

"But if they intend to attack us, then the Queen don't expect them to bring any boys back... we'll have to change the plan!" Peter said.

"No, they have orders to bring the boys and the resistance back with them once they've defeated the women... so we just have to defeat them first and they go along with the plan as we intended... with a couple of minor alterations" Erik said with a smile.

"I know what you mean... we'll be using our powers a bit more than we expected in the first place" Thomas said.

"Exactly" Erik said.

"There's something I've been thinking about" Per said suddenly.

"Yes, I know, the infiltrator" Erik said.

"Your telepathy can be a bit annoying at times, Erik... but I love you anyway... we've known for nine months that there's supposed to be an infiltrator in the resistance group but we haven't done anything to find out who he is or try to stop him" Per said.

"It's one of the things that's been set from the beginning. If we'd revealed him and stopped him from doing what he's supposed to do then we might jeopardize everything and not be able to defeat the Queen like we're supposed to... but I do know who it is" Erik said.

"You do? How?" Per said.

"He's been reporting telepathically to the Queen every night for the past six months or at least he thought he was... I've managed to achieve a very good imitation of the Queen's telepathy, good enough to fool the infiltrator, so he's been reporting to me instead... but know he knows since I allowed him to really communicate with the Queen last night since only the real Queen could give him his orders and once they really communicated they quite quickly worked out what I've been doing" Erik said.

"Wasn't that taking a bit of a risk?" Peter said.

"Yes, but I monitored most of the communication and while the infiltrator wanted revenge the Queen actually ordered him to let me be and just carry out his orders for what he would do today" Erik said.

"Which was?" Thomas said.

"To bind Hans and bring him out on a dragon before... then they must have realised I was listening and started scrambling the communication somehow" Erik said.

"That explains that head ache you got last night" Per said.

"Yes" Erik said.

"Before the attack, probably" Michael said as he landed behind them.

"What's going on? Michael flew into town saying there was going to be an attack on the island... why, how would he know that?" Michele said as she walked up to them followed by the amazon army and the resistance men all armed to the teeth.

"That ship is full of the Queen's guard and also about a dozen dragons, all with orders to attack the island" Erik said.

"Don't be ridiculous! The Queen's army wouldn't have a chance against our army!" Olga said.

"I agree, these women are much superior to the Queen's guard" Alex said.

"Not even the Queen is that insane as to order an attack on the island" Michele said.

"No, they wouldn't have a chance with a normal, head on attack with you knowing about it and waiting for them... like you are now... they intended to make a sneak attack... use the dragons to set fire to the millitary compound and strike you out before you had a chance to react" Erik said.

"That sounds like something the Queen might actually dream up" Michele said.

"But if they see us here now, they will realise that we know and call off the attack... probably turn back the ship and that would change your original plan" Olga said.

"Er, excuse me" Per said.

"But, they can't see you thanks to me and Thomas" Erik said.

"Really? How?" Alex said.

"Well, I use my telepathic powers to go into their minds and change their perseption of the island so they think they only see the island, and in case it doesn't work for everybody..." Erik said.

"Excuse me" Per said.

"In case it doesn't work I bend the light round us so we can see each other but are invisible to them" Thomas said.

"Excuse me" Per said.

"Yes?" Erik said.

"You said you knew who the infiltrator is... so who is it?" Per said.

"Yeah, I want to know that too" Peter said.

"Infiltrator? What are you talking about?" Alex said.

"There's been an infiltrator in your resistance cell for the past 55 years" Erik said.

"And you're telling me this now? Never mind, but count me among those who wants to know who it is" Alex said, looking very annoyed.

"I think we all want that by now" Thomas said.

"He was a collaborator at age 19 in France who without a second thought betrayed his own father and caused him to be killed by the Germans. But he was betrayed himself by a young German boy, working for Gestapo revealing gay people and so when it turned out that the collaborator was gay the Germans didn't want his help anymore and sent him to a concentration camp" Erik said.

"Andrew? So, he's now betraying Hans for having betrayed him in an earlier life?" Thomas said.

"No, Hans never was that boy who betrayed Andrew in France. Andrew merely used his telepathic abilities to fool Hans into believing that, placing false memories in Hans' head" Erik said.

"So, we could trust Hans the whole time but should never have trusted Andrew?" Thomas said.

"Exactly" Erik said.

"But, shouldn't you at least have let Hans know this?" Per said.

"He knows. I informed him of this telepathically while teaching him to resist the Queen's attempts to controll his actions. And he intends to let himself be captured and brought to the Queen, to fulfill his role, so to speak... he's allowed himself to be bound and gagged and strapped to the belly of a dragon right now which just took off from the dragon's perches on the Palace and with Andrew at the reigns... but he's trying to communicate a thought to me... there's somebody else there... captured by Andrew" Erik said.

"There's the dragon now!" Alex said pointing.

"But I only see Hans strapped beneath the dragon and Andrew on top of it... wait, Andrew is holding something!" Per said.

"There IS somebody else there!" Erik said.

"Thomas! You must stop him! He's taken our son!" Rebecca screamed as she ran through the crowd.

"Dad!" Sergio screamed as the dragon flew over them without Andrew noticing them the thousands of heavily armed women on the beach.

"Oh no, he's not gonna take my son! Michael! Give me a ride!" Thomas said.

"No! We mustn't let him know that we're here! Sergio will not be harmed! I know that much! I know he will be alive after we've defeated the Queen... he's gonna be the next king after us!" Erik said.

"Listen to him! He's telling the truth! We will all be at the castle in a couple of hours and I will personally protect him against the Queen!" Michael said.

"Right now, we will need your powers against those who are about to attack us!" Peter said and pointed to the ship.

Just as Andrew flew over the ship another dragon lifted off the ship and joined the two that were now circling the ship. Then a fourth dragon launched itself into the air from the ship. And more dragons joined them at a very fast pace until there were twelve of them and then they turned and flew towards the island.

"Let's see if we can't stop them by making the water into a wall of ice for them to bang their heads against" Thomas said.

"No, then they would now that we've discovered them and the ship won't come close... make some other, more normal weather condition that brings them down somewhere on the island, far from the city and isolated so they can't get anywhere" Michael said.

"Okay" Thomas said.

The dragon riders flew their dragons in over the shore barely looking down, and if they hade they would only have seen sand and not a single one of the thousands of people standing there. A few of them actually laughed, and looked forward to setting fire to the island. But then a freak gale grabbed them and brought them off course flying towards the unpopulated part of the island in the middle of jungle and suddenly the wind and even the air dissappeared so they dropped to the ground into a large crater which no human could climb out of and the dragons all broke their wings strangely enough.

"Breaking their wings was a bit cruel, but a nice touch... and necessary" Michael said.

"Thanks" Thomas said.

"Isn't there some reception commity for the ship normally? Won't they get suspicious if there's nobody hear to greet them?" Peter said to Michele.

"Yes, but they're several hours ahead of schedule, when the sun is well over the horizon. So I think it's part of the surprise attack and they expect us to still be in bed at this hour, which we would be too if you hadn't discovered them... what were all of you doing up before dawn? Surely you can't all have insomnia?" Michele said.

"No, but we did wake up early and couldn't go back to sleep and we sort of don't feel like having sex now that we know what's about to happen in a few hours... even though it may be our last chance" Peter said.

"Watch out, they're about to run the ship up on the beach, step aside" Erik said and everybody moved out of the way of the ship as it did hit the beach.

Two doors high up on the ships bow opened and a gang plank came out of each and the Queen's guard started marching down them and then when the all four hundred were off the ship Thomas stopped bending the light and they could see that they were surrounded by thousands of women plus about a hundred boys, all armed to the teeth. In the air were about a hundred dragons also, breathing fire over their heads in threatening manner. Their commander looked around him, made a quick calulation in his head and then threw down his sword on the ground and all of the rest followed his example and they stretched their hands in the air.

"We surrender... no, that's not right... we are hereby deserting the Queen's army" the commander said.

"What? All of you? I thought the Queen had at least a few guards that are loyal to him?" Peter said.

"I don't think any of them are here... none of us liked the orders we were given at least, we don't like to kill people in their sleep you know... but there could be someone feeling differently, and I think a telepath might be able to find them" the commander said.

"Let's see... there's one who intends to kill you for 'betraying the Queen', commander, but that's the only one... Peter could you lift this guy up a bit?" Erik said.

"Certainly" Peter said and one soldier in the middle of it all was lifted up above the rest.

The soldier was still armed with a crossbow which he now aimed at the commander.

"Michael, if you please?" Erik said.

"I'm normally against this kinda thing, but unfortunatly it's necessary" Michael said and then roasted the soldier.

"I'm also normally against such things, but this is war" Erik said.

"War? Since when?" Per said.

"Since the Queen ordered us to attack the island" the commander said.

"Yes, exactly! That was an act of war, and I would know" Alex said.

"I don't have Alexander's experience and knowledge of war but I agree" Olga said.

"Alexander? As in...oh, I'm sorry." the commander said.

"Thank you, Erik" Alex said.

"You're welcome" Erik said.

"I understand you intend to take the ship and sail back with it and use illusions to make it seem like we succeeded with our mission?" the commander said.

"Yes" Peter said cautiously.

"We could help you so you only have to make the illusion of the chains and then when you attack we will be fighting with you instead of against you" the commander said.

"It's a good idea, but can we trust him?" Alex said.

"Yes, and his men seems to like the idea too... but won't it be confusing with guards fighting on both sides against each others?" Erik said.

"There's only a skeleton force of loyal and semiloyal men guarding the castle... and I suspect the semiloyal will quickly make the wisest choice" the commander said.

"Sounds good to me... but we need to get going now, I believe..." Erik said.

"Be my guest, and climb aboard" the commander said.

"Right, let's get a move on you little fairies, it's what you've been preparing for the last six months! No lanky goodbyes, just get onboard!" Olga yelled.

"You know, I'm gonna miss your calling me all those names and making me do push ups all the time" Valodja said.

"I can write you letters with name calling and ordering you to do push ups! I'll miss you insurbordinate comments too" Olga said.

"I promiss you my letters to you will be very insurbordinate" Valodja said.

"Good. Now get onboard before I start crying, 'cause if I do I'll have to give you one of my right hooks" Olga said.

"Yes Sir!" Valodja said and then walked up the gang plank.

"Michael, Alfred, where do you think you're going?" Erik said.

"I have to be there to help you in your fight and... well, I know I'm supposed to get killed so I can be reborn as one of your children... but don't worry, I don't know exactly how or when I get killed, since we're not supposed to know too much about what's going to happen like you always say" Michael said.

"I'm gonna make sure nothing happens to Per... though, I have a feeling I have to be there for a similar reason to the one Michael has... but that's just a feeling" Alfred said.

"So we'll be traveling in the cargo hold in which their dragons travelled" Michael said.

"Alfred, no... please, stay here" Per said.

"No, I have to come... besides the mother of the boy who was Magnus in his previous life don't like a dragon hanging around her son... and with any luck I'll be reborn as a human so i can be with him again" Alfred said.

"Let him come" Erik said.

"If you say so, love" Per said and kissed Erik.

"I do" Erik said and kissed Per back.

"What? Aren't the two of you onboard yet? Hurry up, we don't have all day!" Thomas shouted down from the boat.

Erik and Per looked around and noticed that they were the only males left on the island and they hurried onboard.

"Olga, will you and your soldiers help push the ship back into the water, please?" Erik shouted before the door in the bow closed.

"Aye sir!" Olga shouted back and then turned to her soldiers and shouted; "You heard him! Start pushing!"

"Michele!? What are you doing here?" Erik said steadying himself as hundreds of women started to push the ship out into the water again.

"I, don't know exactly, but... I suspect that I have a destiny to meet here too... Let's say that officially I'm here to make sure that Sergio remains unhurt while you fight the Queen" Michele said.

"I would be very greatful if you did that" Thomas said.

"And it's too late to turn back anyway" Peter said.

"The Queen'd better prepare for his destiny, 'cause here we come... and this time I'll do far worse than kick him in the groin" Erik said.

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