Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 26

'End Game'

Written by Adam

The ship was being moored back in the harbour of the city on the main land. Erik, Thomas, Peter and Per where allowing themselves to be chained together with the rest of the resistance, the boys that had been born on the island. The only one not being chained was Michele who was staying on board for the time being in the cargo hold together with the dragons Michael and Alfred.

"Why are we using the chains? Weren't you going to make the illusion of chains?" Per said.

"We were, but the Queen is out there, waiting for us and we're not entirely sure that our powers are powerful enough to fool him... but we do know that Thomas' powers can remove the chains in any case" Erik said.

"But what if the guards on the ship can't be trusted after all? What if they've used magic to make Thomas' powers useless like Michael did during the obstacle course" Per said.

"The guards are on our side. If there had been any deception I would have known about it" Erik said.

"But..." Per said.

"If they were blocking my powers I wouldn't have been able to read your mind, would I? Ah you think my powers aren't so bad now? I rest my case." Erik said.

"Will the two of you be quiet and act like you're downbeaten from having been taken prisoners?" Alex said.

"But we're not prisoners..." Per said.

"No, but the Queen is supposed to think that we are, remember? Alex is right, we should look defeated" Erik said.

On quay the Queen was sitting on his throne which had been flown down here by a dragon and now he was waiting to see the boys he hated so much in chains. Beside him, on a smaller throne, sat Hans in a nice suit and a small gold band on his head as well as a new wedding ring to replace the one he'd given to Per and iron straps pinning him to the throne by hands, feet, chest and neck.

"The ship is moored now, your Majesty. Everything is ready!" the Captain of the guard said.

"Good! Open the doors to prisoners' compartments. I wan't to see the little rascals who would be kings right away!" the Queen said.

Doors on the ship's side were opened and a long line of boys, chained together, started marching out of the ship. Hans had thought this sight looked horrible the first time when Psycho Boy as he called the Queen had pulled him out of the water, but this time it looked ten times worse, 'cause at the front of the line was Thomas and then Peter, Erik, Per and then Alex. Then the march stopped when the five of them came in front of the Queen.

"Oh no!" Hans said.

"Oh yes! I've crushed the resistance for good and captured it's leader, none less than a very historical person indeed, Alexander! I never could understand why you never wanted to be a ruler in this world!" the Queen said.

"I never could be patient enough to simply rule a static empire. It was the conquering new territory that I liked best... I guess I've always been a bit restless that way... and then I saw what power did to you! Absolute power corrupts, and you've certainly been corrupted by it! You were a good and just ruler once but over the millenia you've turned into a mad, murdering tyrant!" Alex said.

"Don't worry, I won't murder you, I'll give you a good clean execution for the crime of treason against the right and honourable... and most of all just Queen! And it may please you to know that you'll be executed together with those four little bastards! The three little shits who thought they were meant to be kings and the boyfriend of one of them... I believe you're misguided enough to call them friends, Alex... oh yes, there's one more to be executed; my beloved husband, prince Hans. For some reason Erik didn't hate him enough to not teach him to resist my mind controll... I couldn't even make him say the marriage wovs, just got a headache instead so now that I've consumated the marriage, he's useless to me" the Queen said.

"I've forgiven him for what he did in the other world, and even if I still had hated him I hated you even more so I would still taught him that" Erik said.

"Erik, how could you let yourself be captured like this? The three of you were supposed to save the world from this maniac! Well, at least I won't have to live by his side... I'm actually grateful to him for executing me and putting me out of my misery" Hans said.

"How would you like to join them and walk back to the castle in chains instead of riding back with me in comfort?" the Queen said.

"I'll be in chains not comfort even if I ride with you, and I think the exercise of walking would do me good" Hans said.

"Very well, Put him in the line behind Alexander" the Queen said.

"Yes, your Majesty" the Captain of the guard said.

"Ah, Commander, I see you've brought the swords, good! Then I can have a dragon melt dem before their eyes before they lose their heads for real this time. Oh yes, Erik and Peter, I'm affraid Thomas can't come and save you this time!" the Queen said and then laughed.

"Yes your Majesty" the commander said.

Meanwhile a couple of guards removed Hans from the strapps of the chair and put a thick iron necklace around his neck and locked it there. Then took the length of chain hanging from it and screwed the end of it to Valodja's necklace and then screwed Alex' chain to Hans' necklace. They also put thick iron handcuffs on him behind his back.

"Right! Let them continue their march now, I'm finished gloating! And prepare my carriage to fly me up to the castle ahead of them so I can be there and greet them by beheading them as soon as they arrive, so they won't have to wait too long" the Queen said.

"You heard what his Majesty said! Get marching!" the commander said.

The took the boys about an hour of slow march through the streets before they got to cross the draw bridge. About 30 minutes after they left the ship the docks were deserted and then, unseen two dragons, one of them with a woman riding it lifted from the ship and then turned invisible for safety reasons before they flew towards the castle. On the main yard of the castle the chained boys formed a spiral round the platform in the middle which now had three wood blocks on it. Erik, Peter and Thomas were separated from the rest of the line and led up onto the platform.

"I'm sorry boys, but I don't have the room to execute all six of you at once, so I'll do the three of you, so called princes first and then Erik can be joined by his lover and their murderer in the other world plus, ofcourse Alexander... but first the swords! Commander?" the Queen said and then started looking around him.

"Hello, you little shit! You thought those three would help you get away from the Queen? Well now I'm the one who will do that, when I chop your head off! Imagine that, me doing you a favor after all" Andrew had walked up to Hans and said.

"Where the fuck is that commander with the three swords?" the Queen yelled.

"I'm right here!" the commander said standing beside the Queen, holding the swords.

"Good! Now, give me the swords so I can have them destroyed!" the Queen said.

"No! Peter, catch!" the commander said and threw the swords up into the air where they stayed for a second before they flew through the air towards the three princes on the platform.

Thomas closed his eyes and every chain, necklace and handcuff was reshaped into swords in the boys' hands and then Erik, Peter and Thomas stretched up their own hands as their chains had turned to air and grabbed the swords by their handles, each getting the swords with their respective names on them. The Commander pulled out his own sword and went for the Queen even though he didn't expect to get very far, which he didn't.

"Traitor!" the Captain of the guard said as he ran the Commander through and then ran after the Queen into the palace and closed the door after him.

"Sorry, change of plan. You won't be relieving me of my misery, but I'll relieve you of my misery instead" Hans said as he ran Andrew through with the sword that had appeared in his hand.

"The door's locked and barred from the inside, we won't get in this way!" Alex said.

"Sure you will, with a little help from me!" Thomas said and then the palace doors turned to dust.

"Alex, take charge down here! We'll take another way to get to the Queen! Peter, if you please!" Erik said and the three boys lifted off the ground and away over the roofs of the castle.

"Right! Valodja! Get three more and raise the draw bridge!" Alex said.

"Aye sir!" Valodja said and rushed off.

There had been about a hundred guards that'd been loyal to the Queen in the court yard but faced with a resistance of more than 500 hundred they hade either been quickly killed or surrendered and then changed sides.

"Done, sir!" Valodja said panting with three of the soldiers behind him that had joined them on the island.

"Good! Listen all! Let's secure the castle from any remaining, loyal palace guards! Release all the prisoners in the cells and the the hareem! Get going!" Alex barked and the resistance spread through the castle.

The Queen rushed into the throne room, followed by the Captain of the guard.

"Stay just outside this door and make sure nobody comes in here!" the Queen said, closing the door to the throne room.

"Yes, your Majesty!" the Captain said.

The took out his dagger and Queen walked over to the little basket by the throne where he'd put Sergio, ready to kill the boy but the basket was empty.

"Looking for me?" Sergio's voice said from behind him and the Queen turned around and saw Michele sitting in a chair, holding Sergio who was looking directly at the Queen.

"No, I was looking for that little shit of a boy that you're holding! How the hell did YOU get in here, Michele?" the Queen said.

"Yes, you were looking for me!" Sergio said and the Queen's chin dropped.

"She got in with my help!" Michael said.

"Michael! Where are you?" the Queen said.

"Where was I last time?" Michael said.

"The roof!" the Queen said, took his sword and rushed out onto the balcony and looked up but the roof was empty.

"Exactly, so I'd be really stupid to be there again, wouldn't I?" Michael said.

The Queen screamed with rage. Then Erik, Peter and Thomas landed in front of him on the balcony and he screamed with rage again.

"How the hell did you find me? I'm shielding myself from telepathic detection! And you can't be strong enough to shield yourself the same way!" The Queen said.

"Nice view from above, and Michael was kind enough to get you out onto the balcony so that we could confirm that you were actually here" Peter said.

"Yes, you were shielding yourself, but Sergio and Michele weren't... in fact they deliberatly wanted to be found, and I suspected that you might be heading for Sergio to try once more to kill him. And the reason that you couldn't detect me is simply that your shielding against telepathic contact works both ways, so when you prevent someone from detecting you then you can't detect him either" Erik said.

"There's no point in running any more, so just give up and let us kill you! Drop that sword and two of us will run you through and the last one will take your head off! I'll begin with running you through!" Thomas said and drove his sword through the Queen.

"Nooooo!" the Queen screamed and swung his sword round at shoulder height.

"Duck!" Peter cried and he and Erik did but Thomas didn't have the time as he stood first in line.

"Dad!" Sergio cried and Erik and Peter gasped as Thomas' headless body dropped beside them.

"I've become a father! ... it's Thomas, he's my son now!" Erik said a couple of moments later after having sensed the new life come into the world.

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