Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part contains quite a lot of graphic voilence but as still it's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 26

'End Game II'

Written by Adam

The Queen was furious. He was in great pain but high on adrenalin so he would probably be able to keep on fighting standing up for quite some time even though he had Thomas' sword through his chest. Peter, still in shock, reached over and touched the lips of Thomas' head and Erik stared at Thomas' headless body lying in front of him.

"I promis you will never have to worry about losing your head to this monster Queen again, son" Erik said both to the body and to Thomas' that was reborn as Erik's son on the island.

"Shit! One more infant to take care off! But, let's deal with the one we have here first! Give that child to me!" the Queen said walking back into the throne room to where Michele sat holding Sergio.

"No! Don't come any closer!" Michele said standing up and bringing out a sword.

"Stupid girl! You can't fight me and hold on to him at the same time!" the Queen said and tried to strike her down but she easily deflected his blows.

"Leave her alone, we're not done with you yet!" Peter yelled as he ran after the Queen with his sword held high.

As Peter swung the sword at shoulder height the Queen just held his sword upright and thereby blocked Peter's sword without even turning around. Peter made an attempt to run the Queen through but the Queen turned around while making a circular movement with his sword which twisted Peter's sword out of his hands and sent it flying into the corner. Peter reached his hand out and was about to use his telekinesis to bring the sword back when the Queen ran him through with his sword and then pulled it out again turning around to face Michele again as Peter fell to the ground behind him.

"Peter?" Erik thought.

"Yes?" Peter thought back.

"Stay with me, please! Keep alive as long as posible!" Erik thought.

"I will! I have to! I'm still not done with the Queen!" Peter thought.

"I said, give that child to me!" the Queen said while desperatly trying to strike Michele down.

Michele however proved incredibly good at fencing with one hand while holding Sergion with the other and managed to keep it up for quite some time until the Queen twisted the sword out of her hand as he had done to Peter. Then the Queen ran his sword through both Michele and what she was holding and Peter and Erik was once again shocked. The Queen pulled his sword out once more and bent down over Michele's dead body to make sure that he'd killed Sergio but when he looked closer he saw that there was no baby there. While the Queen had had his back turned Michele had replaced the baby with some blankets and rags to make them look like the baby while Peter had used his telekinesis to move Sergio across the room, which had been the fatal distraction that had allowed the Queen to disarm and hurt him. The Queen screamed in rage and turned to take his anger out on Peter by cutting his head off but Peter was no longer there.

"I'm over here!" Peter said.

The Queen turned and saw Peter sitting with his back leaning against empty air, bleeding and holding Sergio.

"How the hell did you do that?" the Queen said.

"My powers still work even though I'm hurt" Peter said.

"Well, your healing friend is dead but I can heal wounds too and I will heal yours if you just give me that boy and then return with your telepathic friend to the island forever" the Queen said.

"Not a chance in hell! Erik, how's Michele?" Peter said.

"This Michele here is dead, but back on the island she just became Thomas' twin sister" Erik said.

"In that case I'll just finish the job and kill you properly this time and then I'll deal with that child anyway" the Queen said and walked closer.

"You'll have to deal with me first" Michael said as he turned visible and proved to be what Peter was leaning his back against.

Alex, Per, Valodja and his three friends from the soldiers that had come to the island walked through the corridor to the entrance to the throne room which was still guarded by the Captain of the guard and eleven soldiers that were still loyal. Valodja was holding hands with one of those soldiers from the island that he'd fallen in love with on the boat trip back to the main land. But now as they approached the guards they let go of each others and held their swords at the ready.

"The Queen's reign is at an end. Surrender, and let us through, you'll be treated well!" Alex said.

"The Queen is forever! Those little asholes can't do anything to him! Where are they, anyway? Hiding? They haven't even tried to get past me!" the Captain said laughing.

"They levitated onto the balcony and has been in there for quite some time. They've probably already killed the Queen" Per said.

From inside they could hear the Queen scream his rage again as he stood face to face with Michael.

"Okay, so he's not dead yet, but he's not happy due to their being there!" Per said.

"Actually I know they've been in there for some time, and I've heard the Queen cut the head off one and run the other two through so they're either dead or dying" the Captain said.

"Erik!" Per cried and then struck at the Captain with his sword but the Captain easily deflected the blow and then the fight was on. Twelve guards against six resistance men.

"Don't worry, he's lying, I'm quite alright!" Erik thought.

"So, we're face to face again. Why don't you just try to flame me again? Maybe my powers are weakened with this Sword running through me" the Queen said.

"I know they're not. Speaking of the sword, I saw something weird happen to it just now, the text on the handle looked liked it changed somehow, does it still read 'Thomas'?" Michael said and the Queen looked down at the sword handle sticking out of his chest.

"No, it says... something beginning with an 'S'..." the Queen said.

"It says 'Sergio'! When my father died I inherited it!" Sergio said.

"Which is why I must kill that little shit! Which I am going to do and the only way you can stop me is by flaming me!" the Queen said.

"I'm not going to flame you now, 'cause then I'd hurt Erik standing right behind you" Michael said.

"Why warn me? You could just let him run me through from behind... if he's really standing there!" the Queen said.

"I'm not that dishonourable so I run people through from behind like some others I could mention. Turn around and let me run you through from in front instead" Erik said, standing right behind the Queen.

The Queen turned around and made a circular movement which deflected Erik's blow but didn't twist the sword out of his hands like it had done to Peter and Michele. Erik made several more strikes which were deflected. But then the Queen felt something was holding him back and he turned his head to see that Michael was biting the end of the sword sticking out of the Queen's back. The Queen brought his sword straight up and over his head in an arch that drove the point of the sword through Michael's forehead into his brain. At this point the Queen was held firmly so he could lift both his legs up and kick Erik in the chest sending him flying across the room until his back hit a wooden pillar. The Queen pulled the sword out and then Michael died and let go of the sword sticking out of the Queen's back.

Per swung his sword and killed the guard in front of him, but then he felt something hit him from behind and he looked down and saw the point of a sword stick out of his chest and disappear again and then he fell on the floor, where he joined Valodja's new boyfriend who was hurt but not dead just like Per, but unlike four of the Queen's loyal guard and two resistance men.

"Per! No! You're not supposed to die now!" Erik thought and then noticed something flying towards him and he tried to get out of the way but the sword that the Queen had thrown pinned him to the pillar.

"I'm not dead yet, and you're not supposed to die either! Kill that fucking Queen now and then get Thomas to heal us!" Per thought.

"Thomas was the first to die! But, as for the Queen... aye sir!" Erik thought.

"Ha, the three of you only managed to get one sword through me, before I killed you all! You have failed!" the Queen said as he walked over to Erik to gloat and retrieve his sword.

"No, we haven't!" Erik said and lifted his sword that he was still holding and ran the Queen through with it.

The Captain of the guard looked down at the handle of Alexander's sword that was now sticking out of his chest and then Alexander pulled it out and the Captain fell to the floor, dead. Then Alexander turned around to take care of the next guard that challenged him but that guard was already swinging his sword in a wide arc driving it through Alexander's chest and then pulled it back again. Alex turned and looked at Per who was lying only a couple of meters away.

"You're not going to die now, I'm sure of that... tell... tell Valodja, that he's in command now" Alex said and then his gaze was empty.

Valodja pulled his sword out of the guard that had killed Alexander and turned around. There was now one loyal guard left and he was surrounded by the two resistance men still standing and noticed that another eleven resistance men running towards him through the corridor. The loyal guard quickly made up his mind and became disloyal and the number of resistance men increased by one.

The Queen looked down at the second sword sticking out of his chest in surprise. He staggered a bit on the floor and then fell to his knees and stood there panting for a few moments before he suddenly managed to gather his strength and got up on his feet again. He pulled his sword out of Erik who fell on the floor and walked unsteadily across the room to where Peter was still holding on to Sergio, bleeding and mourning Michael.

"Right, there's no dragon protecting you now! And to kill me you still need to cut my head off, and there's no way you can do that now so just give up and give me that child and then I'll finish the job and kill you properly" the Queen said.

"You're wrong! I still have my powers of telekinesis and I've been gathering my strength to use them once more just to finish the job and it's time for that now that Erik has done his bit" Peter said.

The Queen heard a strange wooshing sound behind him and turned around to see Erik's sword revolving through the air at shoulder height just before the swinging blade cut his head off. The Queen's head rolled across the room onto the balcony where Alfred's flame burned it before Alfred landed on the balcony. The Queen's body fell on the floor in front of Peter and Sergio close enough for Sergio to touch the handle of the sword that had been marked 'Thomas' but then changed to 'Sergio'. The sword started glowing and the glow spread up Sergio's arm until all of Sergio was glowing and then the glow turned into a sphere which expanded untill it filled the room. Peter smiled as he knew exactly what was happening. He had seen it happen to Sergio's father nine months previously. Sergio then turned around and touched Peter's wound to heal it but nothing happened so he looked up at Peter's face to see that Peter was staring at some distant point, probably in another world.

"Wow, this is weird! Peter was just reborn" Erik said.

"What's so weird about that? It happens all the time here!" Sergio said.

"Yes, but he was reborn as his own son!" Erik said.

"Okay, that can be a bit weird" Sergio said as he grew several years older in a second and then walked over to Erik and put his hand on his wound which healed instantly.

"Per! We must help Per!" Erik said as he got to his feet.

"Let us in!" Valodja was heard screaming from the other side of the door.

Then the door disappeared with the help of Sergio's powers and Valodja who hadn't expected this fell face first into the room.

"You could have warned me!" Valodja said.

"Valodja, you should know better than to lean against a door that's about to disappear" Erik said.

"Har har, where's Thomas? Per and my boyfriend, Jason, needs his healing power" Valodja said.

"Where are they?" Sergio said.

"Er, who's this ten year old in diapers?" Valodja said.

"This is Sergio, Thomas' son, he inherited his fathers powers when Thomas died, now lead him to Per and this Jason of yours" Erik said and then followed Valodja and Sergio out into the hallway where Per and Jason was lying.

"Speaking of which, could I get some real clothes, I feel a bit stupid walking around like this and I'm potty trained, I promise" Sergio said.

"I'll look into it, but please take care of the wounded first!" Erik said.

Sergio kneeled by Per's side and placed his hand on Per's wound. Per felt some heat and then the wound was gone, then he looke up at Sergio.

"Sergio? Is that you? Wow, how time pass, I haven't seen you since you were this tall" Per said and showed how large Sergio had been untill a few minutes ago.

"That would have been this morning" Sergio said with a smile and then helped Per up.

"Hurry! He's dying!" Valodja said holding the guy who apparently was Jason.

Sergio ran over and put a hand on the wound in Jason's chest just over his heart.

"I love you, I just wanted you to know that before I die!" Jason said.

"He knows and you can tell him that many more times before you die, which won't be for many years, hopefully. You're okay now" Sergio said and Jason looked down on his smooth, unharmed skin where there had been a deep wound into his heart and then wiped the blood away that had been running from his mouth.

"At least not in this world, though I suspect my time on Earth is almost up" Jason said.

"You're a dreamer?" Erik said.

"Yes, why?" Jason said.

"You could borrow our rings so you could communicate between worlds if you like?" Per said.

"No, that's alright" Valodja said.

"We have one spare, that used to belong to Hans" Erik said.

"No, but thanks anyway" Jason said.

"And then there's that one on the Queen's finger" Sergio said.

"We'll take it under consideration" Valodja said.

"Though I'm curious about one thing, you were just almost killed both of you so why aren't you hugging and kissing and glad you made it like we are?" Jason said.

"Well, we could kiss a little, but we're getting used to being almost killed and then saved by Thomas or his son... sounds a bit sick getting used to that... but then we don't really feel like kissing right now since so many good people have died here today... Thomas, Peter and Michael and Michele in there..." Erik said.

"Alexander out here" Per said.

"And then there's me who's about to die" Alfred said, still sitting on the balcony.

"What are you talking about? You're not even wounded" Per said.

"Any second now I will be hit by a spear" Alfred said.

"What?" Per said.

"I read it in one of the books Michele gave me for safe keeping" Alfred said.

"But I don't think there's any guard left, that's loyal to the Queen and who would throw that spear" Erik said.

"Yes, there's lots of guards all over the castle who doesn't even know that the Queen is dead like the one up on the roof about to throw a spear at me" Alfred said.

There was a wooshing sound and a spear hit Alfred in the side, impaling his heart. Alfred screamed out of pain and breathed fire on the guard who was then seen falling and burning past the balcony.

"Sergio save him!" Per said and Sergio rushed towards the dragon.

"No, it's too late... and it's time I became human again!" Alfred said sticking his head and neck back into the room and then the dragon died and his head dropped onto the ground with a heavy thud which sent Sergio flying backwards until Erik caught him and put him back onto his feet.

Per walked over and patted Alfred on his huge head and the closed one eyelid before he walked around the head and closed the other.

"Hope you were reborn on the island now so you can be rejoined with your boyfriend" Per said.

"He was. And you have a son to get back to also... Micheal was reborn as your son" Erik said.

"Hey! We've taken the castle! The last guard just surrendered!" Hans called as he came running down the hall with a bloody sword in his hand.

"Very good! At ease, soldier!" Valodja said.

"Where's Alex?" Hans said.

"Over there" Valodja said and pointed.

Hans knelt by Alex' corpse and felt for a heart beat and then he picked the body up and hugged it, crying.

"I didn't know he was that attached to Alex" Per said.

"Me neither... Alex never trusted him... I guess it could have been some kind of love, hate relationships sort of" Erik said.

"Don't you have to take care of the Queen? Or did that psycho get away?" Hans said.

"No, what's left of the Queen is over there!" Erik said and pointed.

Hans walked into the throne room and looked at the body in a dress with two swords through the chest and then he started kicking the body and cursing at it.

"Shall I stop him?" Valodja said.

"No, the Queen controlled his mind against his will and then raped him and threatened his life over and over again and finally decided to have him executed so I think we should let him keep it up as long as he likes" Erik said.

"And here's your fucking wedding ring back you sick bastard" Hans said as he took his wedding ring of and threw it at the Queen's body. Then he noticed there was applause from behind and he turned around to see that Erik, Per, a boy about twelve years old in diappers, Valodja and his new boyfriend were applauding his innovative way of getting a divorce. Hans blushed.

"Well done!" Erik said.

"But where's Peter and Thomas? Wheren't the three of you supposed to rule together after the Queen was overthrown?" Hans said.

"No, the books never really said that, they only said that they would need to be together when they killed him and throw a spell to prevent the Queen's soul to be reborn in a new body after he died" Per said.

"Yes, we had to remain alive, all three of us and say the spell after we'd killed him... only Thomas was killed just after he ran the Queen through..." Erik said.

"So the Queen was reborn?!" Hans said.

"Yes... but not on the island, I would have sensed that" Erik said.

"Then where?" Hans said.

"I have a terrible feeling he might be a dragon now" Erik said.

"We have to find him and kill him!" Per said.

"There has to be three princes of about the same age... we have to wait until the new Thomas and Peter grow up... besides, we won't know which dragon it is until he makes himself known to us... he still has the ability to shield himself against my telepathic detection" Erik said.

"Okay, if you say so your Majesty" Per said.

"Don't call me that!" Erik said.

"But you are the one remaining prince and now that the Queen is finally dead... the books say that the remaining prince will take the throne as King with his boyfriend as husband and to rule the male world and raise his own children as well as those of the other two princes who didn't survive" Per said.

"'Husband'? You're going to marry me?" Erik said.

"I'm not really the marrying typ, but since it's you that's asking I can't say anything but yes!" Per said.

"Wait, who's proposing who here?" Erik said.

"Apparently, acording to the traditions of this world, a prince can propose marriage to a commoner, not vice versa... but if the commoner says no three times then it definatly won't be any marriage" Per said.

"But you already said yes once" Erik said.

"Did I? Ask again!" Per said.

"Will you marry me?" Erik said.

"Yes! And ask again!" Per said.

"Will you marry me?" Erik said.

"Yes! Well there's no getting around it now, the marriage is definatly... ON!" Per said and kissed Erik.

"They're so sweet together!" Hans exclaimed.

"Yes, aren't they... I feel like kissing someone too... whom can I kiss?" Valodja said.

"Me!" Jason said and kissed Valodja.

"I'll guess I'll have to live alone in this world" Hans said.

"No, I sense your real soul mate is near. Somewhere in this castle in fact, you'll find each other eventually" Erik said.

"There's dragons flying towards us from the island!" a voice called from a nearby tower.

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