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A Different World, part 28


Written by Adam

Hans led the way to the inner court yard where the Queen had landed with him when he first arrived in this world. Hans knew his way around the castle after having lived there for some time and didn't mind using this knowledge to help Erik and Per. He'd suggested they employ him as butler or master of ceremonies or something like that but they'd refused, saying that they didn't want anyone to live in servitude under them. And his protests about it being volontarily didn't help, nor his protests against their wanting to make him prime minister so he'd finally relented and accepted that post. The one suggestion he'd made that they had accepted was that they would let the dragons land in this court yard. Valodja was a bit more worried.

"You said yourself that the Queen might have been reborn as a dragon, what if it's him that's coming?" Valodja said trying to keep up.

"It's less than an hour since the Queen died as a human so as a dragon he would just have hatched. It takes a normal dragon two or three months before he learns to controll and excelerate his growth and learn to fly. True that the Queen's magical powers are strong and he might learn that earlier than other dragons it would still take weeks. And then he would either hatch in the castle's hatching pens or in Dragon Land so he still wouldn't be coming from the island" Erik said.

"Er, and you know all this how?" Valodja said.

"We all, including you Valodja, spent a lot of time around Michael and Alfred and they teached us more about dragons than no human, that hasn't been a dragon, has ever known. Surely you must have picked up something too!" Hans said.

"Er, yes... I guess I did I suppose..." Valodja said.

"Well then!" Erik said.

"So who's coming now?" Valodja said.

"The dragons and riders that were supposed to set fire to the town on the island... your Majesty, you shouldn't be here in case they've learned what has happened and intend to attack" Jason said.

"Thomas broke the wings of those dragons so they wouldn't be able to fly and no healer on the island would help them unless they surrendered... some of them did and are coming here now while the rest had to stay caged on the island untill they heal naturally... the dragon riders however have been informed of the Queen's demise and emediatly declared that they never liked him that much and were glad to be rid of him, but to make you happy, Valodja, I'm gonna let you question them before I let them near me" Erik said.

"Thank you. So why are you waiting to greet them here?" Valodja said.

"It's not them I'm greeting here, it's Rebecca, Anna, Agneta and Eve who's coming with their newborn sons so that the fathers of the boys may see them... well, Rebecca is just coming to see you, Sergio" Erik said.

"I kinda guessed that, your Majesty" Sergio said.

"You know I don't like to be adressed that way... besides, you are royalty too so you don't have to call me that anyway" Erik said.

"But, what shall I call you? I'd feel strange calling you Erik or uncle... you are my godfather, aren't you? So you are supposed to take care of me in case something happens to my parents... so would you mind if I called you dad?" Sergio said.

"I don't know. Let's work it out later, they're landing now" Erik said and ruffled Sergio's hair.

"Thank's for the clothes by the way, Hans... I heard the Queen made you wear this leather trousers and shirt but you didn't like them?" Sergio said.

"You're welcome. I didn't like them because the Queen made me wear them... but you don't seem to mind wearing them" Hans said.

"Well no one's forcing me to wear them, but then it's only temporary until you find some clothes of the size I was earlier... I don't really like looking so sexually mature until the new Thomas learn how to grow up faster" Sergio said.

"Well it does bring a new meaning to 'growing into your clothes', Sergio" Per said.

"Very funny!" Sergio said sarcastically.

Four dragons set down in the court yard with four women carrying a baby each. They dismounted and approached the boys standing there waiting for them.

"Erik, may I present to you your son and your daughter!" Anna said as she gave Erik the babe she was holding and nodded towards the baby Rebecca was holding.

"Have you given them names yet?" Erik said.

"No, I haven't been able to think of any actually. Do you have any suggestions?" Anna said.

"I could ask them telepathically who they were before and if they would like to keep the names they had in their previous lives?" Erik said.

"Fine by me" Anna said.

"Could you do the same for mine and Per's son? If you don't mind, Per?" Agneta said.

"I would like that very much" Per said.

"You could do the same for mine, while you're at it, but I feel I should ask Peter first, where is he?" Eve said.

"And where's Sergio? And while we're still asking these questions, where's Sergio's father and and where's Michele? And who's that young man who looks a bit like Thomas but isn't Thomas?" Rebecca said.

"I'm Sergio, mom!" Sergio said and Rebecca's chin dropped.

"They do grow up fast these days, don't they?" Per said.

"As for Thomas, Peter and Michele... I'm affraid they didn't... make it. Shit, this is going to be a bit weird..." Erik said.

"Weird, how?" Eve said.

"Please, let me tell them about my father, Erik. Mom, you're holding my father... or rather the boy you're holding now has the same soul as my father had, so the person who was my father is now Erik's son... which in a way makes Erik my grand father... bad joke, sorry" Sergio said.

"It's okay grand son" Erik said.

"Now, you may tell the rest" Sergio said.

"Thanks. Well, he does want to be called Thomas again, and his twin sister would like to keep the name Michele, if that's alright with their mother" Erik said and Anna nodded.

"And Michele made a request too. She said she wanted to nominate Rebecca to become the next elected leader of the island... though I don't know if this have any validation in your system of government... and I can't believe I actually said that" Erik said.

"We'll discuss it at the next island council meating, that's where the election takes place anyway" Rebecca said.

"So, since Peter isn't able to decide about his son's name, I say you ask this boy what he would like to be called" Eve said.

"This is the weirdest one of all... Peter is here in this court yard... and you're holding him, Eve... Peter was reborn as his own son" Erik said.

"That's not really so weird as you seem to think, it's happened many times in this world that people have been reborn as their own children... though it's a bit more traumatic for us women I think, since it means dying while giving birth and then come out of yourself... I hate when that happens, it's so creepy!" Rebecca said.

"Me too" Eve said with a shudder.

"Er, okay" Hans said.

"Welcome into the world, Peter, sorry you never got to meet your father in person... though you did in a way" Eve said to Peter.

"I don't want to seem pushy, but..." Per said.

"You're not pushy, you have every right to know that your son would like to be called Michael again" Erik said and put his arm around Per and kissed him on the Cheek.

"Michael? The dragon? This boy was a dragon?" Agneta asked.

"Yes, but before that he was human... I may be mistaken but I sense that some people here are a bit prejudiced against dragons" Erik said.

"Well, they're big, scaly animals that breath fire and..." Anna said.

"Humans are animals too, only a different kind of animal. The dragons may look terrifying but they are in fact very intelligent animals and quite magical, and most dragons in this world has been humans before they became dragons and will often be born as humans again. A lot of people in this world have been dragons many times in between being human... I was dragon for a while a couple of centuries ago" Rebecca said.

"I thought all dragons were male" Agneta said.

"They may appear very male but actually they're neither male or female... or possibly they're both" Rebecca said.

"But now that the introductions naming of the children is over with, why don't we withdraw back to the dining room to begin with and continue the conversation there? The throne room is a bit messy and it would feel wrong to go there now that so many have died in there" Erik said.

"I'll tell the kitchen to make some dinner for all of us... well, see if anybody will make us some dinner of their own, free will... I know you're against forcing people to serve you like the Queen did, but you can't do everything yourself anymore even though you like to. And I'm sure you'll find it okay if I get people to do it who don't mind serving you and actually like it... there are such people you know" Hans said.

"Very well, go ahead!" Erik said and Hans rushed of, excited.

"You'll get used to it" Per said.

"Well, it seemed the only way to make Hans happy, do you think we'll find our way to the dining room without his help?" Erik said.

"Well, I studied the maps of the castle that were in the book, so I think I find my way there. Let's go!" Per said.

"You may carry your respective sons and daughters... if you want to" Anna said.

"Certainly" Erik said.

"Why not? Hey, Michael seems quite attached to Peter and vice versa!" Per said.

"Er, may I hold Thomas?" Sergio said.

"I don't mind, I'll just hold on to Michele then" Erik said as Sergio took Thomas out of Rebecca's arms.

"This feels a bit weird, since only twentyfour hours ago he was holding me!" Sergio said.

"It's a bit weird for me too, since you're only nine months old but look eighteen years old" Rebecca said, walking by Sergio's side.

"I'd make do looking like nine years old, but then these clothes wouldn't fit... so until I find clothes of that size I'll have to look like this, mom" Sergio said.

"I'll ask Erik to make a telepathic request for someone to fly over with a set of clothes of that size" Rebecca said.

"I was going to ask for your permission to make that request" Erik said.

"You have it, so go ahead" Rebecca said with a smile.

"Done!" Erik said after have made the telepathic connection.

"Could we pass the throne room before we go to the dining room, there are some things that needs to be done there, I'm affraid... " Rebecca said.

"She's right, they have the right to see Michele's body among other things" Valodja said.

"No problem" Erik said.

They arrived at the throne room and former guards and resistance men were helping with the clearing up of the area in front of the doors. The last, remaining body was being put onto a stretcher and to members of the resistance lifted it. It was Alex.

"Wait!" Erik said and placed a hand on Alex forehead.

"Are you trying to find his reborn soul?" Per said.

"Yes... none of the reborn humans... no dragon... " Erik said and then he closed his eyes and concentrated real hard.

"He's not in this world, then? So he's been reborn back on Earth?" Valodja said.

"Yes... I've looked on to his soul, and I'm trying to make sense of the surroundings... it's a maternity ward... pretty obvious... he's lying on... his mother is breast feeding him... I'll try to 'zoom out' a bit.... oops, too fast and to far! I left the building through the window... the building looks familiar I'll look around... there's something else I recognize... two pointed towers, that's Uppsala cathedral and there's the castle and the university lecture hall... and there's the botanical garden... Incredible, he was reborn in the same hospital as me and not far from the town I grew up in!... I'll try to get back to the hospital bed... There and now I see the parents, they look familiar... it's... oh my God!" Erik said and then fainted.

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