Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part does contain som voilence but no more than what is necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 3


Written by Adam

"Look out!" the voice shouted from above and a huge load of dragon dung landed on the top of the palace steps where the Queen was sitting.

"Sorry! I haven't managed to propperly house train my dragon yet!" Thomas' voice shouted.

The executioners stopped with their axes in mid swing staring up. Erik and Peter tried to look up to look up too but that was impossible for them as their necks were tied down to the wood blocks. They could see the Queen however, covered in shit get up from the throne and scream.

"Archers, shoot that fucking dragon rider!" screamed the Queen "and cut off those heads already!"

The executioners' spells were broken and they started swinging their axes again, but they were cut short as Thomas, swinging on a rope from the dragon kicked both of them in turn hard enough to knock them off their feet and drop their axes and then he let go of the rope and landed gracefully on the dais where Peter and Erik where tied down, the Sword in one hand. Thomas' dragon turned in a hail of arrows and breathed a flame that set all the archers on the balcony aflame. The axe that Erik's executioner had been holding hurled through the air, twisting end over end until it burried itself in the seat of the throne between the Queen's legs almost making him a woman for real but stoping just before touching the Queen. The other axe had swiveled across the dais and stuck itself into Erik's wooden block just a fraction of an inch from his neck but cutting the rope that had been holding him down. One of the executioners had hit his head on the edge of the dais and was knocked out cold while the other had grabbed a sword and came at Thomas who easily deflected the attacks for a while before he made a round kick hitting the executioner in the chest. The kick sent the executioner flying backwards to land in the dragondung on the palace steps. The palace guards on the edge of the court yard tried desperatly to get through to the dais but the people watching blocked their path effectively and deliberatly. Thomas helped Erik up from between the axe and the block and gave him a passionate kiss.

"I've always wanted to do that, rescue a beautiful guy in distress, kiss him and then take him away from danger!" said Thomas.

"You're my hero allright!" said Erik.

"What about me?" shouted Peter.

"Sorry!" said Thomas and cut off the rope holding Erik down, helped him up and kissed him too.

The Queen managed to wriggle out of the throne and wrestle the axe out of the wood and was no swinging it wildly to make the people get out of the way, which some of them managed to. Thomas had whistled for his dragon which now landed on the dais and lowered his head to allow Thomas and the others to get on. Peter was helping Erik up on the dragon's back when the Queen got up on the platform.

"Now you're finally gonna die you little shit, and you're friends with you!" said the Queen swinging the axe towards Thomas who just managed to jump out of the way so the axe got stuck in the wood boards of the stage.

"No, I'm not a little shit, you're a big shit covered in dragon dung and that's shit on shit so you're still the same as before the dragon took a dump on you" said Thomas as he swung his sword cutting off the handle of the axe leaving the Queen with a wooden stick in her hands and then climbed on the dragon.

The Queen opened her mouth to order her guards!

"Don't make a sound or I'll have my dragon flame you, so you'll be a drag queen baked in shit" said Thomas "and there's a lot of people here who doesn't like you who are standing much closer to you than your guards, you'r unprotected but the people will only hurt you if you try to send someone after us!"

The Queen looked around and saw only angry faces of heavily armed people. She raised a hand and gave a little wave and a weak smile trying for sympathy but she only got hundreds of middle fingers back as Thomas' dragon flapped it's wings to gain altitude and then flew away with him and Erik and Peter. Erik looked down over the city as they flew over the roofs and the houses got scarcer until the city finally ended and the dragon flew out over untamed countryside consisting mostly of jagged rocks and deep canyons and high trees. Here and there he spotted very small villages and lonely cottages but no roads and he realised that building roads would be impossible and futile and that dragons were the main transportation over land. Erik was sitting behind Thomas with his arms around him and Peter was sitting beside Erik and had his arms around Erik and Erik realised that sitting squezed between two good looking guys was not such a bad thing.

"I think someone is excited, 'cause I can feel something hard against my back that wasn't there before" said Thomas suddenly with a grin on his face.

"That would be me, but I too can feel something hard against my back so at least there's two of us that are excited" said Erik a bit flushed as he could feel Peter move his hand down to feel the bulge in his denims.

"Well, you've caused me to get hard too now" said Thomas and guided Erik's hand and placed it so Erik could feel Thomas' hard cock through the fabric of his trousers.

"Maybe we should land and do something about it, we've been flying all day anyway so let's camp somewhere around here" said Peter sticking a hand down inside Erik's trousers and holding his cock.

Thomas noded and got the dragon to descend and land on the top of a rock where there were some trees so it was easy to find wood for the fire. But they waited until it was dark before lighting any fire so the smoke wouldn't reveal their location. But when they were on the ground again, not sitting so tightly together their arousement passed so they sat down and talked by the fire.

"There's still a few things I'd like to know about this world, like what it's called for one thing" said Erik.

"It used to have a name but no one alive today knows what it is, no one has passed it on" said Peter.

"I believe it's supposed to be written down somewhere" said Thomas.

"Not any more, His Majesty the Queen had all books burned a few years ago, remember" said Peter.

"No, I hadn't started dreaming yet then" said Thomas.

"Oh, sorry" said Peter.

"So, in effect there's no name" said Erik.

"No" said Peter.

"Yes" said Thomas.

"'No there is a name'? or 'Yes there is a name'?" asked Erik.

"No, there is no name for this world" said Peter.

"Yes there is a name written down in the one book that was saved from the Queens fire" said Thomas.

"What?" said Peter.

"So what's the name?" asked Erik.

"Thomas, and you are?" said Thomas.

"My name's Erik but I was asking what the name of this world is" said Erik.

"I don't know that, I haven't read the book that it's supposed to be written in, I have only seen the book where it was strapped down by heavy chains, in the middle of a large metal cage which is locked, in a secret cave far, far below the palace, and the only way up into the palace has been sealed so the Queen can't find it" said Thomas.

"But if the Queen finds you or anyone else who's been down there then he could force that person to show the way" said Erik.

"No, the one person who knew the way down from the palace and sealed it made sure to seal himself in the cave, and died there shortly after I got in there through a passage from the city, leading a group of resistance men. The guy told us what the book was about just before he died" said Thomas.

"Okay, and you didn't think to ask him the name of this world?" said Erik.

"Yes we did, but just before he managed to answer the guard who had infiltrated us revealed himself by cutting the head of the man with his sword and was about to shoot a flaming arrow at the book before we managed to stop him, so there's two dead bodies in that cave, and we took care of and hid the keys to the cage" said Thomas.

"But why all this secrecy about the name of a world" asked Erik?

"Because the Queen wants the world to be named after him just like the city" said Peter.

"So what's the city called... and the Queen?" asked Erik.

"The Queen calls himself Katatonia, but that's just his drag queen name, his real name is unknown" said Thomas.

"But the city's real name is also forgotten, the Queen has made sure of that in order to force everyone to use his name, but usually only he and his court and his guards uses it, while everyone else just call it the city" said Peter.

"Actually the city gets called Katatonia even by the resistance men sometimes" said Thomas.

"Why?" said Peter.

"It's supposed to be some kind of mockery of the Queen I think" said Thomas.

They were quite for a moment.

"I think you can bring out that thing I gave you this morning now and hang it round your neck, since there's no more risk of you losing your head and dropping this gift." said Peter.

Erik reached into his pocket and brought out the round, carved object that Peter hade given him and hung the leather strap it was attached to around his neck and then picked up and looked at the strange symbol.

"It looks familiar, like something I've seen before somehow, but I can't remember when or where" said Erik.

"This morning when I gave it to you, perhaps?" said Peter.

"No, before that" said Erik.

"Maybe it's because you've got part of that symbol as a tattoo on your upper arm" said Thomas.

"Yes, now I remember, it was this doodle I died, a really advanced doodle, I did during a really booring class in school and then I took it to the tattoo shop the same afternoon and asked to have it done as a tattoo, but they only did half, because it was a bit too big to do in one go... and asked to come back in a week, that's tomorrow by the way... well whenever I wake up in our own world" said Erik.

"Incredible, that's exactly the story of my half tatoo" said Thomas and showed his arm to Erik "only my tattoo artist started with the other half of it and I'm also due back for completion tomorrow in our world."

Erik and Thomas put their arms closelly so their half tattoos made a full symbol. Being so close they looked each other in the eye and kissed.

"Hey guys!" said Peter.

"You don't have to ask if you can join in, just get over here and do it" said Thomas.

"Yeah, get over here!" said Erik.

"I was going to, but first I wanted to point out that this can't be just a coincidence" said Peter and revealed his arm where he hade the full symbol as a tattoo.

"Yeah, but you had this medalion, not just a doodle, right?" said Erik.

"No, I found the medalion after I made the doodle and got the tattoo and bought two medalions, one for me and one for my boyfriend at the time, but he didn't want it" said Peter and brought out a second medalion and hanged it round his neck.

"I only bought the one, and that was also after I'd had part of the symbol tattoo'd on my arm" said Thomas and brought one out and hanged around his neck.

"This is too weird" said Erik.

"Yeah" said the other two.

"Just keep it hanging round your neck and it will be there when you wake up in our world" said Peter to Erik.

"Mine does that too" said Thomas.

"Right, now which one of you is it that has your hand inside my trousers, jacking me off?" said Erik.

"That would be me" said Thomas.

"Just curious, and I've got my hand down Erik's pants doing the same for him" said Erik.

"And you're really good at it, but then it must be Thomas' cock I've got hold of" said Peter.

"I could tell that was you" said Thomas.

"Maybe we should stop talking and have sex" said Peter.

"Good idea, but first let me ask you to do something for me I'm curious to try" said Erik.

"Sure" said Thomas.

"I'd like to get fucked and suck cock at the same time" said Erik.

"Sure" said Peter and Thomas.

Erik untied the rope that Peter used for a belt and pulled down his trousers while he could feel Thomas's hands unbuttoning his fly and pull down his Levi's. Thomas pulled off Erik's trousers completelly while Peter pulled off his T-shirt and Erik pulled the shirt off Peter so when Thomas hade pulled off his own trousers all three boys were naked and began jacking off each other some more and kissed each other. Then Peter stood on his knees and let Erik stand on all fours in front of him and start licking up the shaft of Peter's cock while Thomas licked on one of his fingers and inserted it in Erik's ass and started to move it in and out for a bit. Erik soon took all of Peter's cock in his mouth and started to suck. Thomas took out his finger and set his 8" cock to the rim of Erik's ass and pushed. The muscle resisted for a second but then it gave away and Thomas' cock slid into Erik and Thomas started to pound his hip into Erik's back. Erik felt he was in heaven. The pleasure of feeling two cocks inside him built up until his entire body shelved of pleasure and his cock shot a load of white cum on the blanket on the ground, while Peter's cock filled Erik's mouth with it's load and Thomas's cock pumped it's load into Erik's ass. All three stood still like that for a few moments and then they all disengaged themselves from each other and laid down on the blankets, all huddled up together and pulled blankets over themselves. They all kissed each other one more time before drifting off to sleep.

Erik opened his eyes. He looked around him. He was lying face first on his bed in his clothes where he had fallen asleep the night before when he'd come home from the party all drunk, but strangely enough he wasn't the least bit hung over.

"Oh God, what a dream!" he said to himself as he sat up on the side of the bed. "It must have been a dream, there can't be a place like that" he thought to himself while he wondered what the strange, slightly salty taste in his mouth was and the stickyness in his mouth. Then he looked down and saw something there that hadn't been there the night before, a strange medalion in the shape of a strange symbol that he had drawn during a boring class and then had taken to the tattoo shop... but he'd never had this symbol as a medalion before. He looked down at his arm and remembered how he had been given the medalion i his dream and how he had compared tattoos with two other boys. "But that was just a dream, right and something in a dream can't exist in the real world, right?" thought Erik.

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