Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

A Different World, part 30

'Coda III - To Be Continued'

Written by Adam

The door to the inn swung open and Hans stepped inside followed by Valodja and Jason and a dozen of the new royal guard consisting partly of the former Queen's guard and partly of resistance members. There were a few lonely guys sitting alone at tables with bottles or glasses in front of them and in a corner two guys were making out. But when Hans and the others came in the guests smelled trouble and all hurried out. A blonde boy looking about 18 years old was standing behind the bar with his back turned arranging the bottles of differently colored fluids for coctails when they came in but when he noticed that everyone else was leaving he turned around slowly.

"Hello. How may I help you?" the boy said.

"We're looking for someone" Hans said.

"A particular someone or just anyone?" the boy said.

"Hey, I know you, you're that alcoholic who used to sit at that table and accused people of being cowards, at least those who dared challenge the Queen... you were especially hard on Thomas, I believe... tried to attack him with a sword the day before he went to save Erik and Peter from being beheaded but you fell asleep instead" Jason said.

"Yes, that was me... but it was only an act... but what's it to you? You're the Queen's guard! At least you're wearing the uniform..." the boy said.

"The Queen is dead" Hans said.

"Long live the Queen" Valodja said with a giggle.

"Yeah right! Only the fabled three princes with their three swords can kill the Queen and I've heard that the Queen chopped the head off one, and ran the other two through and then had the swords destroyed" the boy said.

"Really... well, he did cut the head off Thomas but only after Thomas ran his sword through the Queen. The Queen run Peter and Erik through but Erik managed to put his sword too into the Queen and finally Peter managed to cut the Queen's head off just before he died" Hans said.

"So the princes are dead too, as well as Thomas' son and the mothers of the others where killed along with their unborn babies so the land is without a ruler, then? And, now you're looking for someone to be the new king? Well, you've found me!" the boy said.

"No, Erik survived and is about to be made king and nothing happened to the women or their children that are very much born. No, I'm looking for a particular man... or boy... Well, you know, Andrew who used to run this inn made me believe I was a German soldier who fell in love with him during the german occupation of France during World War II, but later I learned that this was not true, I never were that German boy... Andrew just used me for drawing suspicion away from himself since the resistance would be more suspicious of me than they already were of him... well, now I've learned that the German was not killed by the Queen like Andrew told me but in fact was very much alive and ran the bar in the abscense of Andrew" Hans said looking sharply at the boy.

"Okay, it's no point in denying it. I'm Siegfried, the boy you speak of, who betrayed Andrew once and was then taken to a clearing in the woods where we stood naked beside each other and a lot of others in front of a deep hole, already full of bodies and then shot in the back" Siegfried said.

"Really? Andrew always said you were gassed in a concentration camp" Hans said.

"Yes, it's his ploy to make people pity him more, which they tend to do if he tells them he was in one of those camps... but he never told you which camp, did he?" Siegfried said.

"No, he didn't" Hans said.

"Well, he used to at the beginning but then there would always be someone who'd been to that camp, questioning him about it where certain buildings were and so on, putting holes in his story so he stopped saying any particular camp and nowadays he tries to be as vague as posible" Siegfried said.

"You don't approve of his telling people he was in concentration camp?" Hans said.

"There are a lot of things he does that I disapprove of, but I love him and also I thought he did the right thing when he infiltrated the resistance for the Queen... but he didn't do a very good job of it, it seems. You lot were supposed to be dead now and the rightful Queen still on the throne... oh well, what's happened has happened... please be kind enough to put me in Andrew's cell so I may share our last hours with him until our execution" Siegfried said holding his hands together in front of him to let them be tied together.

"Andrew's dead, I killed him at the beginning of the battle... we'll just put you in a cell for now untill we can have a trial. We don't know what you have done for the Queen yet and King Erik is wise enough to bring back the age old principle of justice; innocent until proven guilty" Hans said as Valodja was beginning to tie Siegfrieds hands.

Siegfried freaked and managed to get one hand free before the first knot was tied and pushed Valodja away. Siegfried then kicked Hans in the chest, sending him to the floor and the dove behind the bar and brought out a sword with which he charged on Hans who had come unarmed. Siegfried raised his sword and was about to make a killing blow on Hans when someone called Hans' name from the shadows in the far corner and a sword came gliding along the floor to Hans' hand and Hans grabbed it by the handle and lifted it in time to parry Siegfrieds blow. Valodja turned to see where and whom the sword had come from. The door, to the dragon stables that had been closed before was open now and in the doorway someone was standing, but it that part of the bar room was dark and the stables were brightly lit so the person standing there was only visible as a silhouette. Siegfried made a few more strikes against Hans, all of which Hans parried and then rolled away and managed to get back on his feet quickly while Siegfried was forced to turn around and take a few more steps until he could make another attempt to strike Hans down with the sword. Hans parried this blow while at the same time thrusting the sword forward into Siegfried's chest at the location of his heart and continued pushin the sword until the handle reached Siegfried's chest. Siegfried looked down in shock at first and then looked back up at Hans and smiled.

"Thank you. I'd rather die and hope to be reborn near Andrew than live without him. Finish it! Pull the sword out and let me die" Siegfried said.

Hans nodded and put his foot against Siegfried's chest and pulled the sword out with both hands. As the sword was pulled out of him the life disappeared with it and the corpse fell over once the sword was free.

"Well done, Hans. Olga taught you well" the silhouette by the door said walking into the room.

"Excuse me, do I know you?" Hans said.

"In this life, you may have seen me around... I was with the resistance on the island and took part in the training, even though I'm the one who taught Olga everything she knows about fighting once... in the far east, centuries ago... but since she's been reborn in the other world recently, she doesn't remember that or me... she didn't even remember what I taught her but thinks that she learned it from a woman on the island who was commander before her but originally learned it from Olga, so... and the same way as Olga didn't recognise me, neither did you..." the silhouette said stepping into the light part of the room where Hans could see a handsome boy looking about his age, slightly tanned and with an athletic build.

"Hey, you're... Pak, that servant boy that Erik, Peter and Thomas saved from the Queen" Hans said.

"Yes, that's the name I go by now. It's somewhat similar to my original name actually, from when we were lovers in Siam. But I've been reborn in many different parts of the world, just like you, and it's only a coincidence that last time I was born on Earth I was born in the same area as I originally was from" Pak said.

"Okay, but like you say you forget everything when you are reborn on Earth so how come you remember so much?" Hans said.

"When we are reunited with our soul mates memories come back and we help each other remember... and before the Queen murdered you last time you were the one who helped me remember so now I intend to return the favor" Pak said.

"I hope you'll forgive me for being suspicious but I've been tricked once before by a guy named Andrew into believing I was this guy" Hans said and pointed at Siegfried's body.

"Yes, I was rather confused by that so that's why I kept to the background on the island... just to observe and make sure that you really were you, and... I hope you'll forgive me, but I did spy a little on you and Andrew for Erik who noticed early there was something odd about Andrew" Pak said.

"Yes, he told me... so I knew quite a long time that Andrew couldn't be trusted and I too spied on him for Erik but I had to keep up the pretence of believing Andrew's lies about me being that corpse on the floor" Hans said.

"I think we'll have a bit of catching up to do, but let's do that back at the castle, and let someone else clean this mess up" Pak said.

"Okay with me. Er... Valodja, would you please clean this mess up?" Hans said once more indication Siegfried's corpse.

"Yes sir. Soldiers, you heard him, get rid of that thing!" Valodja said and a couple of soldiers went over to the corpse and picked it up by the arms and legs as Hans and Pak stepped out into the sunshine.

Dinner had been served and eaten and now they just sat around and talked.

"There's something we must decide" Rebecca said.

"Yes?" Erik said.

"Where will the children stay? I mean Sergio, Thomas..." Rebecca began.

"Yes, I understand. You mean, will they stay here or on the island?" Erik said.

"Exactly" Rebecca said.

"Well, they have a right to see as much of their fathers as of their mothers... well those fathers that are alive at least... that's my oppinion" Erik said.

"We aggree" Anna said.

"And how do we solve this? You'd be welcome to stay on the island with the children and us, but that wouldn't be practical as you would be needed here" Rebecca said.

"We could have something called shared custody, somehow... one week they stay on the island and the next here" Erik said.

"Just the boys, or me too?" Michele said.

"You too ofcourse, brother and sister shouldn't be separated" Erik said.

"So someone will have to fly them back and forth all the time? Is that practical?" Anna said.

"I have a an alternative... if I may?" Sergio said, raising a hand.

"Sure, go ahead" Erik said.

"Our mothers could stay here... maybe not all of them if one of them should be elected to rule the island... but still. They let you live on the island for nine months, so it's only fair we extend them the same hospitality" Sergio said.

"You're absolutely right. I've already arranged for sleeping quarters for you in the castly for you to spend the night in anyway... but I wasn't going to limit it to one night either... you may stay as long as you like and come and go as you please... stay here a while, go back to the island and spend more time or spend years here, it's up to you" Erik said.

"So you can keep the children here with you the whole time?" Eve said.

"Not at all, they should be allowed to spend as much time on the island as here and come and go with you just the same way... all I ask is equal time with them" Erik said.

"Sounds good to me. I'll stay here for a couple of days more, if I may but then I need to go back to the island and the island council... if I'm elected I will need to stay there for the most part, but I could come over weekends" Rebecca said.

"So I will have to come with you since my dad isn't here to look after me?" Sergio said sulkilly.

"That's not true, I'm right here and will look after you alright" Thomas said and held Sergio's hand.

"No, that was in your last life before this, you can't be my father now that you're younger than me... now you're just my boyfriend" Sergio said.

"If I could just get a word in edgeways, boys? You don't have to come with me unless you want to, Sergio. I trust Erik and Per to take care of you fine and then I believe Anna and Agneta intends to stay... what about you, Eve?" Rebecca said.

"I'll stay, though I too am sure that Erik and Per can take care of Peter I'd like to be here for him too" Eve said.

"So there will be more adults looking after you than you know what to do with, Sergio, so I'm sure you'll be safe... so it's up to you... stay or come with me" Rebecca said.

"You don't have to decide now, though Sergio... right, Rebecca?" Per said and Rebecca nodded.

"It's getting late... let's go for a walk, watch the sunset before we all retire to bed?" Erik said.

"There's still several hours untill sunset, I can show you around the castle so you'll find your way on your own eventually... if dad lets me stay up, long enough" Michael said.

"I'll take it under consideration. Start the tour, please" Per said.

"You heard what your dad said, start the tour" Erik said.

"I'm beginning to wish I'd remained a dragon" Michael said as he walked out the door with the others in tow.

"But then we couldn't be together like this!" Peter said as he walked along side Michael and took his hand then walked hand in hand with him the rest of the day.

As Hans and Pak walked along the street leading down towards the drawbridge to the castle a man suddenly materialised more or less out of thin air on the sidewalk wearing only underwear. The man was asleep for a second before he started to wake up.

"It's a new dreamer... we should greet him into this world" Pak said.

"So that's what it looks like? You just... materialise like that?" Hans said.

"I think so...that's what I've heard at least, I've never seen it for myself" Pak said.

"What's this? Where have you taken me? Is this some kind of joke? I am not amused!" the man said.

"Hello. Welcome to... well, I don't know where this is, because I've never learned the name of this place... but welcome none the less" Hans said.

"Well the city your in is named Katatonia" Pak said.

"And that was the very last time that name was spoken... that was the name of the Queen and now that that sicko is gone we don't want anything to be named to remind us of her, so forget he said that" Hans said.

"Yes, my boyfriend is right, forget I said that" Pak said.

"Boyfriend? So you are gay? But wait a minute, now I know why you look so familiar... but that's impossible, you're dead!" the man said.

"I look familiar? Dead?" Hans said.

"Yes, nine months ago in the quarry just outside of town... you lay there dead, shot with eight bullets from the same gun that was used to kill that other boy... Erik, was his name I think... wasn't he your boyfriend? And there was also the boy, Per with that very gun in his hand that he'd used to kill both Erik and you who'd said he'd been Erik's boyfriend... and let me see... oh, yes he'd been shot with the revolver you were holding. And then there were more bodies. Two boys that'd been shot with submachine guns found by Gustav's car with Gustav and a friend of his both burned to death..." the man said.

"Well, true... some of that was correct... and why were you in that quarry, I understand after it was all over but before the police finished their investigation... unless you're a paramedic or policeman or something like that..." Hans said.

"I'm a police detective. I investigated the murder of Erik and we arrested Gustav for that for a while but we couldn't keep him for lack of evidence and then I investigated incident in the quarry" the detective said.

"Yes, now I remember you... you also came to the hospital and interviewed me when I'd been beat up and stabbed by Gustav's gang" Hans said.

"Yes, that's right" the detective said.

"Okay... where to begin? ... True, I did die in that quarry, but I live on in this world... and true, Per shot me with the same gun that Erik was shot with, but Per didn't shoot Erik, I did..." Hans said.

"Is that a confession?" the detective said.

"Yes, I guess it is" Hans said.

"Well, you'd better come down to the station house with me! You have the right to remain silent..." the detective said grabbing Hans' arm.

"You're arresting me?" Hans said.

"Yes, come now" the detective said.

"And you intend to take me to the police station back in Enköping, on Earth? I'm affraid that's impossible. I can't return to that world because I'm dead there, and someone who's dead can't be tried not to mention punished there... unless there's been some changes I don't know about" Hans said.

"Besides, I think will look a bit odd if you bring him down to the station house wearing only those briefs" Pak pointed out.

"And then you don't have the faintest idea how to get to the police station from here, do you?" Hans said.

"You seem to do..." the detective said.

"Well, you only have to fall asleep here, and then you'll wake up in your own bed... or wherever you fell asleep and then you can put on clothes and go down to the station house... but all you can do is write a report, because I'm stuck in this world" Hans said.

"Fall asleep? Wake up? This is a dream then?" the detective said.

"I thought so at first too..." Hans said.

"Most dreamers do" Pak said.

"But this world is most real" Hans said.

"What's going on?" Valodja said leading Jason and the other soldiers down the street.

"Detective... detective... this detective, whose name I don't know was thinking of arresting me for having murdered Erik back on Earth" Hans said.

"Detective Carlsson, Homicide" the detective said.

"How do you do. But Erik and Per has forgiven and pardoned you for that, hasn't they... and how has detective Carlsson here found this world? And then come here just to arrest you?" Valodja said.

"He's found this world by becoming a dreamer, which I believe is why he's only wearing underwear... so he didn't come here to arrest anyone, he just got the idea as I was setting the record straight as to who killed whom... he'd gotten a few things wrong" Hans said.

"Welcome dreamer! Why don't you bring him back to the castle? We could find some decent clothes for him to put on, for one thing" Valodja said.

"I was going to. I believe Erik and Per would like to talk to him too... they seemed a bit upset before after having been in telepathic contact with Erik's parents and learned that the police had gotten a few things wrong" Hans said.

"Erik and Per are here too?" detective Carlsson said.

"Yes, let's go to the castle and see them... it's a bit late, but I'm sure they'll grant you an audience tomorrow" Hans said.

"What? You make it sound like they're royalty or something!" detective Carlsson said as he followed Hans and Pak down the street towards the drawbridge.

"Erik is... though he doesn't like it when people call him 'your Majesty'... but be a bit respectful nonetheless" Hans said.

The last of the bricks were knocked away and Erik and Per with the boys and their mothers in tow as well as their sister stepped into the cave deep under the castle and walked to the middle where there still was an empty cage which had contained Thomas' sword and book. Empty except for the lectern.

"Why are we bringing the swords down here?" Sergio said.

"You won't be needing them for a long time, not until the dragon who was the Queen appears. Untill then they should be kept somewhere safe. And very few knows about the existence of this cave... the Queen never knew about it so I believe this would be the perfect place for them" Erik said.

"Okay, but, what should we do with that old lectern, and how do we get it out of there?" Thomas said.

"Well, let's first ask Michael who designed the cage and the lectern... is there a key to that cage?" Erik said.

"Nope... as you may have noticed there isn't even a door, so a keep would be pretty useless" Michael said.

"Like I thought. So... now I guess would be a good time for Sergio to practice his powers by redesigning and reshaping the cage to look like this and also change molecules around to turn wood into metal... I've made a few drawings of I thought the cage and the stand holding the swords might look but you're the one doing the work so you may do it completly different if you like" Erik said and gave Sergio a couple of rolled up papers which Sergio looked at briefly and then tossed aside before he closed his eyes and concentrated.

"Wait... now that the Queen is a dragon the metal of the cage needs to be stronger and flameproof to prevent even a newborn dragon to get through the bars" Michael said.

"But the Queen doesn't know this cage exists even" Erik said.

"No, but there's nothing that says she won't find out about it" Michael said.

"You've got a point there... so how do we make it dragon proof?" Erik said.

"Thomas, read my mind and let Sergio see what I'm thinking" Michael said and Thomas nodded.

"I'm a bit curious of this design, so I hope you don't mind if I take a peak in your mind too?" Erik said.

"Go ahead" Michael said.

In a second Michael had explained the idea to Sergio with the help of Thomas and then Sergio got to work and the reality around the cage wobbled for a second before it changed completly from bein a small, square shaped cage to being a large cylindrical one of 20 meters in diameter, with metal bars from floor to ceiling and circular bars at regular interwalls so small that not eve a baby dragon could get through and the metal of an unusual kind that could take ten dragons breathing fire on it for a year without even getting warm. In the centre of the cage was a small metal stand for the three swords to hang on and made of the same metal.

"Very impressive!" Erik said.

"I agree" Per said.

"Peter, will you use your telekinesis to get the sword into the cage and onto that stand, please?" Erik said.

"Yes" Peter said and the swords were lifted out of his own, Thomas' and Sergio's respective graps and flew into the cage and hung on the the stand.

"Fine, now lets..." Erik began.

"Wait, we need to close off that tunnel leading to the cave that the resistance used to hide in and also the underwater tunnel over there" Michael said.

"He's right" Sergio said and sand rose from the floor of the cage to cover both tunnels and then turned red hot and then yellow and finally cooled off into two very thick walls of glass.

"That wont stop a dragon from coming in here, he'll just have to melt the glass" Per said.

"But he can't see what's in here from those angles either, espially with such uneven glass surfaces" Michael said.

"In other words, it's good enough?" Erik said.

"Yes" Michael said.

"You'd make a much better king than me, sure you don't want the job?" Erik said.

"Yes, I'm sure. I'm not royalty so I can't become king. You are, and then Thomas is next in line, since he's your son and then Sergio and Peter. Though I suggest that when the day comes and you pass away all three should be made kings" Michael said.

"Okay, but let's go back up to the castle now, shall we?" Erik said.

"Yes... the tunnel up to the castle should be sealed off too..." Sergio said.

"Yes, but wait until you've made sure... " Erik began.

"that there's no one left inside the cave, yes I know" Sergio said and then they all left the cage which was sealed off completely with a third glass wall.

A different cave a long way away in dragon land was full of baby dragons running around. The foot tracks of four human boys that had been made in the sand nine months ago was being wiped out by little dragons draging themselves forward with their feet while lying on their bellies... and occasionally walking a few steps and even batting their wings and flying less than a meter at most. Then the parent of the little dragons came into the cave with a cadavre in it's mouth and dropped it on the floor for the newly hatched who gathered around to eat. The grown up dragon who'd brought the cadavre and once had been introduced as Edward to the four boys that were here looked around and saw that there was a lot more dragons now than there had been when he went out to get food for them.

"Good, you've all hatched now" Eward said.

Then Edward noticed one baby dragon that the others tried to keep away from as much as possible. This dragon had large patches of burned scales where the other dragons had breathed on it. This loner dragon didn't seem to mind, actually it seemed to preferr it this way. The burned baby dragon walked, without problem instead of draging itself forward like the other baby dragons and it walked up to the cadavre to eat from it but then it looked at the cloth covering parts of the cadavre and seemed to recognise the cloth as the tattered remains of a dress, and the body was that of a young male human with no head and two wounds in it's chest and two more in it's back and the skin where it haden't already been eaten away by the other dragons was a beautiful naturally brown skin... not a sun tan but brown like the boy had been born with that skin color and then the little baby dragon with burn marks suddenly looked very furious and turned and breathed fire on the other baby dragons standing close to him and then he started flying without problem as though he'd been doing it for years and flew straight towards the cave mouth but Edward simply raised a wing and beat the little dragon down so it made a crash landing and then Edward put one foot on one ef the baby dragon's wings. The little dragon breathed fire at Edwards foot but Edward didn't even feel the heat of it.

"Why won't you eat from the nice cadavre I brought for you?... Could it be that that was your body in your previous life?" Edward said.

"Let me go, you evil dragon!" the little baby dragon said.

"That's strange, most dragons don't learn to speak until they're... three months old and they don't learn to fly untill they're about five months old but you couldn't have hatched more than twelve hours ago, which was when you're three thousand year old human life finally ended!" Edward said.

"Yes! Alright, I was the Queen... I'm still Queen as far as I'm concerned, and I command you to step aside so I can fly home to my castle and deal with those pricks who murdered me and stole my crown or I'll burn you to charcoal" the little dragon said.

"You've done that once before... oh, I don't mean now, today because you're flame only tickles me now... but last time I was human..." Edward said.

"Let me go!" the little dragon said.

"Don't you remember? That little English boy, whose posh accent you didn't like so you had him tied to a stake and and then made a dragon breath fire on him while you looked on... and laughed" Edward said.

"Yeah that was fun! That's what I'm gonna do to Erik and his boyfriend as well as their children and those of Thomas and Peter too... they're going to burn... die a horrible burning death, screaming and... uh oh! You're saying that boy was you?" the little dragon said.

"For someone who dreams up such elaborate evil schemes as you have the past three thousand years you can be pretty thick sometimes" Edward said with a smile and then breathed fire on the little dragon so it's scales where cooked.

Erik, Per and the children had gathered in the bed chamber that had belonged to the Queen which Erik and Per intended to use, at least for the night until they could have it redesigned and the torture and murder instruments that had belonged to the Queen removed.

"Michael, I've been thinking of something since you mentioned that I would pass away and that Thomas was next in line..." Erik said.

"Yes. But, who says you won't live and rule this land wisely for hundred of years untill you finally pass away peacefully?" Michael said.

"I'm saying that. I shouldn't be allowed to rule for hundreds of years" Erik said.

"What? Why?" Per said.

"That's what I wonder too" Michael said.

"What are you on about, dad?" Thomas said.

"More than one person has talked about how the Queen was a good person in the beginning but absolute power corrupted him and turned him mad... so what's to say that the same thing won't happen to me if I'm allowed to rule for too long... so what if we decided that no person will be allowed to be king for more than... say ten or fifteen years or something like that... long enough for the next generation to grow up and then he has to step down and the next king must make sure that he can't remain king anymore... at least not until he's reborn as royalty" Erik said.

"And how are we supposed to make sure of that?" Thomas said... and then by Erik's silence he realised what his father meant, "No way, I can't kill you dad!"

"Either that, or I'll kill myself" Erik said.

"It's true that the Queen turned mad like you said, but there's nothing that says that the same thing will happen to you... and your idea is... a bit drastical. Sure, we can decide that no one is king for more than fifteen years or something like that but to expect the princes to kill their fathers or the king to commit suicide... there must be another way!" Michael said.

"Imprisonment, then" Erik said.

"I can't lock you away either, dad!" Thomas said.

"Lock me away with him and we won't mind too much, we'll just fuck the time away" Per said.

"Dad!" Michael said.

"Don't talk that way in front of your son... or mine... or my daughter... and not in front of Sergio either, they're only infants!" Erik said.

"Sorry" Per said.

"Let's not make any rash decisions tonight! You've only been king for a few hours, and it's been a very long day for you so you should just go to bed and sleep... unless you want to do something else with Per first, but in that case wait until we leave, dad... there will be lots of time ahead to decide such matters... and we could speak to our mothers to see if they have any ideas how we could solve this thing about limited time on the throne" Thomas said.

"Yes, you're right. And besides it's way past bedtime for newborn babies like all of you... even nine month old babies like you, Sergio! Off to bed with you all!" Erik said.

"But we've the strength and stamina of the nine year old bodies we've settled for" Sergio said.

"Yes, but it's way past bedtime for a nine year old too, so listen to the king and go to bed like he says" Per said.

"Dad's right. Let's go to bed! There's only two bedrooms for the four of us boys to share, I'm affraid Michele has to share bedroom with her mother, sorry" Michael said.

"That's alright" Michele said.

"See you tomorrow, sis'" Thomas said.

"Good night boys!" Michele said and left the room.

"Right, Peter you and I share one bedroom and Sergio and Thomas can take the other, bigger one... since Thomas is the heir apparent, I mean" Michael said.

"Last in bed is a rotten dragon egg" Sergio shouted and all of them rushed off leaving Erik and Per alone in the bed room.

"I hope they're not going to... with each other... they're only infants, after all, so is it right that they..." Per said.

"But at the same time they're hundreds of years old, having been born over and over again... but if they are going to... I hope they grow themselves to a more sexually mature age and make sure I don't know anything about it" Erik said.

"Well said... and now, we've waited for them to leave just as your boy asked so shall we?" Per said.

"Don't say a single word more... tonight..." Erik said and kissed Per, slipping his tongue into Per's mouth, engangling with Per's tongue.

Per moved his hand to Erik's crotch and felt the the hard bulge their and massaged it while he felt Erik's hand do the same to his own hard on through the fabric of the trousers.

This IS the end of 'A Different World'! This was the last instalment to this first story of this other world. But it's not the end of the story altogether. I intend to write at least one sequel as soon as I've decided on a title. I also intend to write one spinn off story which probably will be a one part story but no more than three parts I think, the spin off will be called "What Dreams May Come" most likely, and for reasons that will become obvious when you read it. I'm still interested in feedback and suggestions. Is there some story thread that you would like me to explore further or turn into a spin off? ... Write me at my_evil_twin47@yahoo.com and I will try to start writing the spin off as soon as possible.