Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part mostly takes part in our own world instead of the fantasy world of parts 1 - 3, but the story will soon return to that other world.

A Different World, part 4

'In Your Dreams'

Written by Adam

The Queen looked at the angry crowd surrounding her and at the guards at the edge of the court yard. She could order them to hack their way through the crowd to her to protect her but she'd be dead long before they arrived as a lot of armed people who hated her were in the crowd. It was now over an hour since that kid she hated so had rescued the two condemned boys and left. She had been told not to send any guards after them as long as the crowd was here or she'd be killed and now it would be too late, it was impossible to know in which direction they had flown and she couldn't count on anyone helping them by telling. She surely would tell her guards to search for them but she'd wan't them back by night fall and those boys would travel away from the city the whole time while the guards would have to turn back by mid day in order to be back in time for dark. But she would send them out searching anyway.

"Right! Now, I will now walk back into the palace, slowly, and so will all of the palace guard leaving you all alone in the court yard and when we're indoors you are all free to leave the fortress and then this day will be completly forgotten by everyone, okay" bellowed the Queen and then turned completly around and walked back towards the palace steps.

The crowd parted to let her through, partly because Thomas had ordered them not to harm her unless she made a wrong move — the chance to overthrow her would come soon enough — but mostly because the dragon dung that covered her smelled like a cross between a broken sewer pipe and an accident in a chemical factory and the smell was very strong. As she walked by the people she could see the hatefull stares from both sides through the corners of her eyes. She got up the steps, waded through the ankle deep dung and wrestled the large door open and finally got inside, closed the door again turned around and leaned against it. The Captain of the guard came into the hall from the door leading to the dungeons through which most of the guards had entered the building. The Captain stood to attention in front of her.

"Close the drawbridge as soon as the last one of the people has left and then look around the castle if someone has stayed to try something stupid and if you find anyone then kill him" said the Queen.

"Yes sir" said the Captain.

"Now, have someone pour me a hot bath and make me a new dress!" said the Queen and rushed off towards her shambers.

"Yes sir" said the Captain and then walked off.

Erik got up from the side of his bed and walked into the bathroom where he removed the clothes he had worn to the party last night and also slept in as he had dreamt a very strange dream and put the clothes in the laundry hamper before he stepped into the shower cubicle. He then took off the strange medalion thing that he appeared to have been given in the dream but he must have gotten it at the party last night, just that he didn't remember it. He stood there looking at it for a while again. Maybe it belonged to his buddy Per, who'd hosted the party last night as his parents were away, and in that case Erik figured he should return it to Per. "Yeah, that must be it, I'll go over there after breakfast and return this and apologise for taking it" thought Erik to himself and put the medalion on the wash stand and then he turned on the shower. As he soaped himself in he thought of the dream and the night in jail that he had dreamed about as well as the activities at that camp fire just before the dream had ended and he had woken up on his bed and as he thought of these events, where he'd had sex with other guys in the dream he found that his dick was getting hard which was surprising to Erik because he was sure that he wasn't gay for real, and that those were just the kinda strange things that sometimes happens in dreams without having anything to do with his real sexual preferences. Erik stepped in under the water again to let it wash off the soap and as he rubbed his muscular chest and stomach he continued thinking of what he had done with that dream boy in the cell and now his dick stood to full attention so he reached down and grabbed it and started jacking. He thought about the sensation of the other guys cock in his ass which had felt very real and as he started jacking off harder he reached behind him with his free arm and inserted a finger into his ass and started finger fucking himself as well as jacking off until he shot a load of white cum against the semi transparent cubicle door. He realized what he had done and took down the shower handle and washed off the cum so his parents wouldn't see it if any of them decided to shower later. He then turned off the shower, dried himself off with a towel before he went back into his room naked except for the medalion which he'd hanged around his neck again after stepping out of the shower. In his room he turned on his stereo, at a high volume as usual before he put on a fresh pair of Levis, and a clean t-shirt. He let the stereo play as he walked down to the kitchen were his parents sat eating breakfast.

"Good morning. How was the party last night?" asked his mother.

"It was fine" said Erik as he sat down at the table and started to make himself a sandwich.

"If it was only 'fine' why did you stay so long, and not come home earlier" said his father always the tease.

"You know I don't like telling everything about every party, and every movie and so on that I go to so I say it was fine even though it was great" said Erik.

"Come on, tell us more, what did you do there? Did you play games? Was their a clown?" asked his mother.

"Come on mom, whe're not kids anymore, there were nog games and no clowns. We drank beer, talked and listened to loud music!" said Erik a bit frustrated that his mom still thought that he was 6 years old instead of 16.

"See, I told you so" said Erik's father to his wife.

"No, you know very well that you're not allowed to drink beer or have sex, you're much too young" said Erik's mother to Erik.

"I never even said anything about sex and just try stop me from drinking beer at the occasional party" said Erik.

Erik finished his sandwich and orange juice as quickly as he could so he could get away from his mother's rantings. He put the empty glass down and left the table.

"Is that all the breakfast you're going to eat?" asked his father.

"I'm not really that hungry" said Erik.

"If you drank beer last night you need to drink a lot today because beer's makes you dehydrated" said his father.

"Normally yes, but I'm not hung over at all, strangely enough" said Erik.

"If you say so. Just one thing more, turn off that stereo of yours before you leave the house, we don't want to here that this fine Saturday morning" said his father.

Erik just nodded and ran back up to his room and turned off the stereo before he went to the front door and stepped into his shoes.

"I'm going over to Per, for a while. I think I accidentally brought home something that belongs to him and I'd better return it to him" said Erik.

"What, did you steal from him?" said his mother.

"No mom, we sometimes let each other borrow stuff to wear at parties and sometimes we forget to return them before we leave" said Erik and left.

"No, that's not mine, I would remember having anything like that. It's very nice though" said Per, looking at the medalion in his hand and giving it back to Erik.

"Did you see anyone else wearing this last night, anyone it might belong to?" asked Erik.

"No, I've never seen it before. I'd keep it if I were you" said Per.

"Okay, I think I will. See ya!" said Erik and turned around to go.

"Don't you wanna come in?" asked Per.

Erik turned around and looked at his best friend. They'd known each other since kindergarten, but Erik hadn't looked at Per's body like this before. He was about 6' tall with blonde hair that was usually a bit curly, though he'd cut it short now so it didn't seem that curly, blue eyes and a very nice tan. Like Erik he'd managed to get quite an athletic build over the last few years as they both played in the same soccer team, did some swimming for exercise as well as other exercises to build muscles on. Erik found that he'd very much like to hold this boy in his arms and undress him and... Erik stopped his train of thought... "hold it, I'm not gay" he thought.

"Not right now, I've gotta go to shop to have my tattoo finished" said Erik.

"Oh yes, the tattoo... wait, I have seen that pattern on the medalion of yours before, it's that tatto design of yours" said Per.

Erik pulled up the sleeve of his t-shirt and looked at the half finished tattoo on his arm and noticed that it really was the same design as the medalion and as he did so he remembered comparing the tattoo and medalion in his dream too.

"Yeah, I hadn't thought of that myself" said Erik.

"But then it must be your medalion, 'cause no one else could have that design you made it, I saw you make the doodle in class, I was sitting right beside you, so maybe you took the design to someone else who carved it into that for you, but you just don't remember it" said Per.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Look, I've gotta go" said Erik and climbed onto his bike again.

"See ya!" Per shouted after him and then closed the door.

Erik got off the bike, locked it to a lamp post and went into the shop.

"Hi, I'll be right with you, I just have to finish this guy's tattoo first" said the woman that was filling in the last touches on a tattoo on a guy that looked very familiar to Erik.

"Hi, I thought you looked familiar, I just didn't realise it was because we live in the same city" said Thomas.

"What? I've never met or talked to you before except in this dream I had last night so how can you recognize me?" said Erik.

"If it was just a dream, then how can you have that medalion that I gave you in the 'dream'?" said Peter.

"Oh my God, I'm still dreaming" said Erik as he turned around and saw Peter.

"Well I only do tattoos on people who are awake and know what they are getting into, so you'd better wake up. It's your turn now" said the tattoo artist.

Erik went and sat down and the woman got to work on him, finishing his tattoo.

"Peter is here as an exchange student from Australia, he arrived today and will be staying with my family for the next year, guess who's in heaven" said Thomas.

"Me, it's heaven staying with this hunk... but I hope we'll see some of you too" said Peter.

"But.... but..." Erik said.

"Let's not talk about that dream of yours until we're alone" said Thomas.

"Er... right" said Erik.

A few hours later, they left the tattoo shop and walked across the town square and sat down by one of the outdoor tables at the newly opened cafe in the mall and talked while sipping coffee.

"I guess it wasn't a dream after all then?" said Erik.

"No, like we told you there you're awake in this world while you're asleep in the other and vice versa" said Thomas.

"And that's why we all remember what happened and what we said over there?" said Erik.

"Yes, but I don't think anyone has had a chance to test it like this because usually no one ever meets the same people in both worlds because people you met there are usually all from different parts of this world and very far apart" said Peter.

"But how come the three of us has met in both worlds then and two of us even live in the same town?" said Erik.

"We don't know, but all these coincidences must have some deeper meaning, that we're supposed to do something together, probably in the other world and we therefore has to be able to meet here as well" said Thomas.

"That's gotta be it" said Peter.

"I thought I might find you here! What's up? And who are your friends?" said Per who had just stopped his bike by their table.

"Hi again Per, this is Thomas and this is Peter, he's an exchange student from Australia. Peter and Thomas meet Per, my best friend" said Erik.

They all shook hands and Per got himself a coffee of his own and then joined them at the table. Per's arrival had stopped all conversations of the other world by silent agreement between the others as Per knew nothing of that world. Instead they talked about almost everything else.

"Hey, I'm hungry, lets buy some pizza and go back to my place and watch some movies" Per said after a while.

"What about us, then?" said Thomas.

"I meant all of us" said Per.

"Sure, why not" said Peter.

"Let's go" said Erik.

When they got to Per's place Erik called his parents and informed them that he'd be at Per's place which they accepted without any argument as the boys were best friends and often spent whole days at each other's houses. Thomas called his parents and had to do a lot of more arguing before they let him and the boy who'd just arrived from Australia stay and the house of someone they'd just met. Then they watched several movies on Per's parents DVD before Thomas and Peter left to go home and sleep, and at the door Peter leaned over to Erik.

"See you on the other side tonight" Peter whispered. Erik just smiled and the three of them exchanged glances while Per noticed nothing.

After Peter and Thomas had left Per and Erik went back to the couch in the living room and sat down and watched a few more movies. And when the third one was ended Per turned off the tv set and they sat in darkness as it was 11 pm and the sun had set and wouldn't be up for another few hours.

"Wow, my eyes hurt, I guess it can't be good to watch this many movies in a row on tv" said Per as he rubbed his eyes.

"I feel the same way" said Erik.

"Let's get some sleep, wanna stay here over night?" said Per.

"Sure" said Erik, as there was nothing unusual about this as they often stayed over night at each other's places.

"We can share the same bed as usual if you're not worried that I might not be able to keep my hands to myself, me being gay and all" said Per.

"What?!" said Erik.

"I'm gay. I guess you wanna sleep on the couch now, huh?" said Per.

"You're gay? Are you serious?" Erik asked still in shock.

"Yes, I'm serious, and I'm gay. I'm only telling you this because you're my best friend and I know I can trust you not to tell anyone else... and one more thing..." Per said.

"I won't tell anyone. Now tell me that one thing" Erik said crossing his fingers that Per would say what Erik was hoping for.

"I'm in love with you. I hope I'm not making you angry now or ending or friendship, but knowing you as well as I do I'm sure that you're not going to desert me and I don't expect you to love me back or have sex with me or something like that" Per said.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Erik screamed, but only in his mind, in reality he was speech less.

"Hello? Say something! Do something! Storm out, saying you never wanna see me again but just don't sit there" Per said.

"I wouldn't storm out on you. So, how long have you known that you're gay and how long have you had the hots for me?" Erik asked.

"I've known I was different all my life and when I entered puberty I noticed I looked more at boys than at girls, and that's also when I noticed that my best friend was very good looking and you've only improved since then getting more muscles and well hung" Per said.

"You've looked at my dick? When?" Erik asked a bit paranoid and flattered at the same time.

"In the showers after soccer practice and PE class in school, haven't you wondered why I always showered in cold water?" Per said.

"I didn't know that you did but I can understand you. We both know that a lot of the other guys are quite homophobic and they'd probably beat the shit out of you if you got a hard on in the showers" Erik said.

"Exactly. But you wouldn't do that" Per said.

"No I wouldn't beat you up, especially not after last night" Erik said.

"What happened last night?" Per asked.

"I found out I was gay and had sex with Peter and Thomas" Erik said flatly.

"What?!" Per exploded.

"You heard" Erik said.

"Did you meet them after the party when you were so drunk that you couldn't stand up straight?" Per asked.

"No, I was pretty sober when I met them" Erik said.

"But then you're still not interested in me, only in them" Per said.

"I didn't say that, I think you're beautiful and I would love to do this with you" Erik said.

"Do what?" Per said.

"This!" Erik said and leaned over and kissed Per while he placed a hand on the bulge in Per's denims feeling a large erect cock inside.

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