Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part partly takes part in our own world instead of the fantasy world of parts 1 - 3, but the story will soon return to that other world. This part also contains some voilence, but no more than what is necessary for the story and not really that graphic either.

A Different World, part 5

'The Best of Both Worlds'

Written by Adam

Per opened his mouth and let Erik's tongue in for a kiss that lasted for a long while. Per started stroking the back of Erik's neck where the hair was cut down really short so it gave a pleasurable tickling sensation for Erik as Per moved his hand upwards. Then Per placed the other hand on Erik's crotch like Erik had done to him and Per could feel quite a large packet through to fabric.After several minutes they broke the kiss.

"Let's go upstairs and finish this in my bed" Per suggested.

"Race you" Erik said suddenly and ran up the stairs to Per's room.

"False start you cheat!" Per laughed and ran after him.

Per came into his own room but he didn't see anyone there. Turned on the light but still he didn't see Erik anywhere. His stereo was on playing the cd that had been in the tray at full volume. He went over to the stereo and turned down the volume to almost nothing, and so he heard the squeeky hinges of his closet door. He turned around and saw Erik standing in the closet.

"I thought it was about time I came out of the closet" Erik said stepping out.

"Funny guy!" Per said with a slight smile.

"I won the race, please tell me that you're my prize" Erik said and embraced Per and kissed him.

"Well, you didn't play fair in that race, but I'd love to be your price no matter what" Per said when the kiss ended.

Per went towards the door and just managed to hit the light switch before Erik holding on to his t-shirt pulled him back and pulled him close with his hands on Pers buttocks so Per could feel the bulge in Erik's denims pressing against his own.

"Don't you try to get away from me now" Erik said as he pulled off Per's t-shirt.

"I wouldn never try to get away from you, and you couldn't get away from me if you wanted to" Per said and pulled off Erik's shirt.

They embraced and kissed again.

"I love the feel of another guys naked skin against my own" Erik said.

"I've never experienced that before but I'm beginning to love it too, let's get some more of that!" Per said and unbuckled Erik's belt.

"And let's stop talking so much" Erik said and Per just nodded as he unbuttoned Erik's fly.

Erik felt Per's hands pull down his trousers, stroke his cock on the outside of his briefs and then pull the briefs down as well and finally how Per's right hand took a firm grip around Erik's 8" cock and started jacking him off. Erik kissed Per again and started teaseing one of Per's nipples with one hand and stuck the other down inside Per's trousers and briefs and grasped his cock. After a while Erik stopped teasing Per's nipples and started unbuckling Per's belt with that hand and then brought up the other hand to undo the buttons on Per's Levi's and then pushed them and his briefs down so Per's nine inches fell free and Erik took a hold of both cocks and held them together. Per went down on his knees and took off Erik his trousers and briefs completly and as Erik stepped out of his trousers Per gave in to the urge to lick Erik's cock which was just by his face now. After playing with the tip of his tongue on Erik's glans Per took Erik's whole cock in his mouth and started sucking and licking on it and moving it in and out of his mouth. The blow job went on for quite a while until Erik couldn't hold back any more and shot his load in Per's mouth and Per swallowed it all.

"Wow, I've been curious about sucking dick for years, I never dreamed it would be this good!" Per exclaimed.

"C'mon, that can't have been your first blow job. You were much too good at it, you must'v been doing it for years!" Erik said.

"Thank's for the compliment, but it just came naturally to me like breathing" said Per as he removed his own trousers and briefs so both boys were naked now.

"Sure. Now, get on the bed, I wanna please you like you just pleased me, though I don't think my blow job will be as good as yours" Erik said.

Per climbed onto his bed and lay on his back as Erik stood on all fours over him and licked the shaft of Per's cock and played with the tip of his tongue on his glans just as Per had done to him and then he took all of Per's 9" into his mouth and sucked and licked and less than half the time it had taken Per to make him cum Erik could feel Per's cock fill his mouth with warm cum and Erik swallowed gratefully.

"I can tell, that you have experience at this, which I don't" Per said.

"Yeah, some experience, I've done it twice before" Erik said.

"Only twice, I don't believe it!" Per said.

"It's the truth" Erik said.

"Okay. There's one more thing I want to do!" Per said.

"If you want to fuck me, I'm all for it" Erik said.

"Maybe later, but first I wan't you to fuck me" Per said.

"Anything for you!" Erik said.

Per got up on his knees with his back to Erik and Erik licked his finger and then sticked it into Per's ass and moved it in and out for a bit before he removed it. Per then felt Erik's glans press against his own anus and then the muscle gave way and let Erik's cock slide into him. Per's eyes opened wide at the wonderful sensation of feeling his best friends huge cock inside him and then Erik started to beat his hip into his back over and over again and put his left arm around Per's stomach and with his right hand Erik took hold of Per's cock and started to jack him off at the same time as he fucked him. Per started moaning with pleasure every time Erik slammed into him and after a while Per's eyes rolled back as a sensation of pleasure spread from his nether region up through his entire body and a white stream flowed from his own cock as he felt Erik pump it's load inside him. they stood still like that for a minute or two and then Erik removed his cock from inside Per and without saying anything they both climbed down beneath the covers and fell asleep, Erik with his head on Per's chest and wearing nothing except his medalion.

Erik opened his eyes and tried to figure out where he was. He was resting his head on someone's chest, but this wasn't Per's chest which he had fallen asleep on less than a minute ago. He could see the guy's erect dick which was as large as Per's dick, but still was a different dick. He reached down and touched it to see if the person it belonged to would identify himself by speaking to him.

"Mmmm, that's nice, so you're awake now" Thomas' voice said.

"Oh, now I recognize this dick, it's the one that was in my ass last night... last night in this world that is" Erik said as he realized that he was back in that weird fantasy world were he had been last night.

"Something wrong with that?" Thomas asked.

"No, except I would like it to be there more often" Erik said.

"That can be arranged" Thomas said so Erik could here that he was smiling.

Erik lifted his head off Thomas' chest and looked about him. They were lying by the camp fire were they had fallen asleep the previous night, though the fire had gone out and it was now daylight more or less as the sun was well over the horizon. Beyond the smouldering remains of the fire Thomas' dragon was standing eating a bush of some kind. Erik tried to get up but something was holding him down. Erik looked behind him and saw Peter who was still asleep with one arm around Erik on top of him and holding onto Erik's cock.

"I fell asleep before him so he's still awake in our world" Thomas said.

"So I assume you wen't home and had sex after you left Per's place?" Erik said.

"Yes, we did and afterwards I fell asleep first but I think he'll wake up sooner here if you kiss him" Thomas said.

Erik turned over and kissed Peter gently on his lips. Peter opened his eyes and looked at Erik and smiled and then he gave a French kiss back.

"I must say it's a bit confusing to fall asleep in the arms of one person in our world and then almost emediatly wake up here in the arms of another person, though the first person is here too" Peter said.

"I know, I had a similar experience just now, though the person in whose arms I fell asleep back home doesn't seem to be here at all" said Erik.

"Ah, so you got lucky with Per after all, we left partly so the two of you could be alone so he would dare come out to you, and you should thank me, because I talked him into it" Thomas said.

"You knew he was gay?" Erik said.

"Sure, it was obvious that he was gay and fancied you" Peter said.

"It came as a surprise to me!" Erik said.

"But you haven't developed any gaydar yet, have you?" Peter said.

"You probably couldn't tell that we were gay if you met us in our world and hadn't known us from here" Thomas said.

"No, I don't think I would" Erik admitted.

"But Per saw emediatly that we are gay" Thomas.

"Because he's got gaydar" Peter said.

"But it seemed like it came as a surprise to Per that I was gay" Erik said.

"Well, it seems to me that gaydar doesn't always work on all gay people" Thomas said.

"Don't ask us why" Peter said.

"Why?" Erik said.

"'Cause we don't know why" said Peter.

"But if you talked him into coming out to me, why didn't you tell him I was gay, that might have made it easier for him?" Erik said.

"We wanted it to come as a pleasant surprise to him when we noticed that he was very worried how you would react so we only told him that we thought you would be okay with his being gay" Thomas said.

"Which wasn't a lie" Peter said.

"It's a pity you didn't get to see his reaction when I came out to him and started making out with him" Erik said.

"I bet it was quite a sight" Thomas said.

"It's a pity he doesn't get to keep you, since he loves you so much" Peter said.

"What do you mean?" Erik said.

"As far as we could tell, he's never been here" Thomas said.

"Maybe he will turn up after last night... back there" Erik said.

"Yeah, maybe but probably not unfortunatly... and fortunatly too" Peter said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Erik said.

"Only gay people who die young come here and almost everyone shifts between both worlds for several months or years before they die in our world and come here permanently" Thomas said.

"Almost every one?" Erik asked.

"Only very few has turned up here at the very moment they died" Peter said.

"But I still don't understand unfortunatly and fortunatly" Erik said sounding more desperate.

"Unfortunatly for both of you, because you'll be separated when you die over there and then you'll never meet again, but fortunatly for him because he gets to live a long, fruitful life... without the guy he loves unfortunatly, though he has the chance to find someone else" Peter said.

"But according to what you said I have a few months left at least so I guess I'd better make the most of them and also try to get the best of both worlds" Erik said.

"Not necessarily. It may be months or a year or two but it may also be only one month or less" Thomas said.

"But more commonly it's only be a matter of a week or two or a couple of days" Peter said.

"And there's no way of knowing when it's going to happen" Thomas said.

"So there still is a chance that he might appear in this world some day, but if he does you'll probably feel sorry for him and wish he didn't, even though it also would mean being together with him" Peter said.

"You guys really know how to brighten my day" Erik said.

"Sorry, but if we hadn't told you now, you would have found out the hard way, and that would be much worse" Thomas said.

"Yeah, I guess. Are we going to put more distance between us and the city today, 'cause in that case maybe we should get going" Erik said.

"You're right, but let's drink some coffee first, it's almost finished" said Thomas who'd made a new fire and hung a pot of coffee over it.

They drank the coffee in silence. And then they got on the dragon and flew off in a slightly different direction from the previous day.

"Peter, have you learned how to handle a sword since you came here?" Thomas asked suddenly.

"No, the Queen took me into her hareem of boys almost emediatly after I arrived" Peter said.

"I don't know how to handle a sword either" Erik said.

"I thought so, you haven't been here very long, so I was planning to teach you anyway I only asked Peter to see if I should teach him at the same time" Thomas said.

"Oh" Erik said.

"But first we've gotta get Peter a sword, and before you ask; I've already got you a sword Erik" Thomas said.

"Oh" Erik said.

"So now where heading towards the best sword maker in the world" Peter said.

"We're heading to his place only because I know him and because he owes me a favor or two and is very good in bed and then he just happens to be the best sword maker in the world" Thomas said.

"Probably because he's had 600 years to practice his craft" Peter said.

"And you've had sex with this 600 year old guy?" Erik said.

"Well, he doesn't look a day over 18 which was his age when he died in our world some 600 years ago" Thomas said.

"Didn't we tell you that when you die in our world and come here you stop ageing?" Peter said.

"No, you didn't tell me that" Erik said.

"Must have slipped our minds, there's so many things to tell a new arrival, one can't remember them all" Thomas said.

"Maybe we should sit down and write a manual" Peter said.

"There isn't time now, maybe some future date when we don't have to worry about the Queen anymore" Thomas said.

"But if only gay guys who die young come to this world and they stop ageing when they die how come the Queen is so old?" Erik said.

"There are two theories about that. Some people say that He was born in this world and that's why he keeps ageing and then makes sure that the few others who have been born here and arrive to the male part of the world by boat are instantly killed because they, like him would have right to the throne" Peter said.

"But most people find the idea that that tyrant would have the right to be ruler offensive" Thomas said.

"Exactly, it would be pretty disgusting if he was the Queen for real and not just an evil usurper of the title" Peter said.

"Having met him... her.... it... I can understand that you feel that way" Erik said.

"So, the other theory is that He's from our world and has some way avoided dying back home so he keeps shifting back and forth or did die and has found some way of shifting back and forth anyway" Peter said.

"Don't forget the third theory" Thomas said.

"Oh yes, there's a theory that He's not really that old as He looks, but that evil has made him look that way or..." Peter begun."

"Or was ugly to begin with" Thomas laughed and the other two joined in.

"Is that where we're heading?" Erik said and pointed at a small cottage in front of them.

"Yeah, that's it" Thomas said.

Thomas got the dragon to land in front of the cottage and then they all got off and went inside. It wasn't very small after all, the door was a large double door and inside was a large room with a forge in the corner and and anvils and vices all over the place. In the middle of it all a slightly dark skinned boy with black, short hair, and only trousers and boots on and a muscular and bare torso stood hammering on what would eventually be a sword.

"Hello Sergio! Long time, no see!" Thomas said and the boy looked up.

"Thomas, no you mustn't come here! It's dangerous for you here! Take you're beautiful friends and leave here emediatly and never return!" Sergio said leaving the half finnished sword and tried to usher them out.

"Sergio, what's the matter, you've never wanted me to leave before having sex with you before. At least give me a kiss" Thomas said.

"No, leave now!" Sergio said avoiding Thomas' attempt to kiss him.

"No? Well my friend here needs a sword, he can come back and pay for it later" Thomas said.

"Your friend is very sexy and I would love to have him pay me for a sword but it's impossible! Leave now and get him a sword somewhere else!" Sergio said.

"He wants you to have sex with him to pay for a sword, isn't that kinda like prostituting yourself?" Erik said.

"There's no money in this world, everyone pays with sex... but then sometimes we have sex because we like each other too... it's how it works here and I don't mind" Peter said.

"If you're friend is new here it's even more important that you leave now, I don't your friend to die before his time" Sergio said.

"Die? What do you mean? Why would he die if he stays here?" Thomas said getting suspicious.

Sergio tried to say something but suddenly he jerked and made a sound like somebody had hit him in the back and a trickle of blood ran from the corner of his mouth and he fell forward into Thomas' arms, a crossbow bolt sticking out of his back.

"Because we are about to kill him now, carrying out the execution Her Majesty ordered for him, which you only delayed" the captain of the Palace guard said as he entered through the back door crossbow in hand and followed by four more guards.

"Sorry, I had no choice. I only make the swords I don't know how to use them. I didn't mean for it to end this w..." were the last words across Sergio's lips before his beautiful, brown eyes became empty and he stopped breathing.

Thomas put Sergio's body down on the ground and then brought out his own sword, ready to fight and made a nod to Peter who took Erik's hand and tried to run for the front door, but it was blocked by another three guards.

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