Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This part partly takes part in our own world instead of the fantasy world of parts 1 - 3, but the story will soon return to that other world. This part also contains some voilence, but no more than what is necessary for the story and not really that graphic either.

A Different World, part 6

'Dark Times'

Written by Adam

"Give up Thomas, you'd be an idiot to try to fight all eight of us" the Captain of the guard said.

"I will if I have to but I'm hoping you're not that cowardly that you send all of them against me at once but let me fight one on one" Thomas said.

"That's not wise either, you'll get tired as you fight us one by one while I can send another well rested guard against you as soon as you've defeated the last one" the Captain said.

"You willing to bet on that?" Thomas said.

"Or you could have your friends here try to help you, they might prefer go down fighting instead of simply being executed" the Captain laughed.

"I haven't had time to teach them sword fighting yet so leave them alone" Thomas growled.

"That doesn't matter, it will only make it quicker and they'll still be holding swords so it'll at least look like a more heroic death" the Captain said.

"No!" Thomas yelled and lunged at the Captain with his sword.

The Captain drew his own sword and parried Thomas' blow in less than a second and then laughed as Thomas continued his attack. Erik noticed a large broadsword with a heavily jeweled hilt lying within his grasp and he reached for it but Peter put a hand on his arm and stopped him..

"No, you won't stand a chance against them" Peter said.

"But I've gotta help him!" Erik said.

"Right now we can only help him by staying out of his way" Peter said.

"Release your anger Luke, only with your hate can you destroy me!" the Captain said with a deep bass voice as he parried another blow and then laughed.

"Oh great! Another one who's watched too much 'Star Wars'" Thomas said.

"You don't like 'Star Wars'?" the Captain said.

"Oh sure, they're great movies but I don't like idiots like you who think they're Darth Vader and start quoting him when they fight me thinking they're witty doing that" Thomas said.

"Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father" the Captain said.

"Shut up!" Thomas said.

"No, you've gotta say: 'He told me enough, he told me...'" the Captain started but got cut short literally as Thomas swung in a large arc just above the Captain's shoulders.

"You really shouldn't lower your guard just to prompt Luke's lines, because I'm not gonna say them" Thomas said as the head less body of the captain sank to the floor.

"Stupid mistake" one of the remaining guards agreed.

"Next!" Thomas said.

"No thanks, now that he's no longer here to order us around and we're out of the Queens grasp we're taking the oportunity to desert" the guard said.

"Yeah, we never liked the Queen and we never asked to be in his guard force" another guard said.

"You don't intend to fight us?" Thomas said.

"No, why should we fight you, we like you guys and we intend to return to the city to join the resistance instead" the first guard said.

"We'll make a long detour first however, finding new clothes and so on and only go to the city when the Queen isn't looking for us" the other guard said.

"Before we leave, would you like us to help you give poor Sergio a decent burial?" the first guard said.

"So you'll be finished here and can leave before nightfall because the Queen will send more troops here when we don't return" a third guard said.

"I'd apreciate that, but what about your Captain?" Thomas said.

"We'll bring the body and throw it into the sea with some rocks tied to it" the first guard said.

"Okay, don't forget to bring his head though, I think it rolled over there in the corner" Peter said and pointed at the Captain's severed head.

The seven guards quickly dug a grave for Sergio the sword maker and stood around listening as Thomas said a few words for him.

"He may have lived here for 600 years but he always was as young as he looked when he died the first time back in our world at age 18" Thomas finished.

"I remember him, he was an aprentice blacksmith in Seville and he and the guy he was 'prenticing with fancied each other. Unfortunatly a Jesuit priest walked into the smith at the wrong moment and the inquisition tortured them to death and then they ended up in this world" one of the youngest looking guards told them, a latino boy who didn't look older than 15.

"You're from that time too then?" Peter said and the guard nodded.

"They both came here? How old was the black smith?" Erik asked.

"Somewhere in his forties I think" the guard said.

"I thought only gay people who died young came here, at least that's what you said" Erik said.

"We're no experts, I've only been coming here for 18 months, I think that's a record long time" Thomas said.

"I've only been coming here for two months" Peter said.

"All gay people come here if they die from hate crimes or AIDS" the first guard said.

"So there's people of all ages here from 12 to 60 but when you die back in our world you're no longer bound by your physical age back in there but can look whatever age you like and for some reason most people chose to look like late teens or twenty something" the young looking 600 year old guard said.

"So why doesn't the Queen look younger than 30 something?" Erik said.

"It's all that make up that makes him look that old, underneath he's a rather good looking teen boy like he was when he was murdered in Egypt some 3000 years ago" the second guard said.

"What? Was he a Pharao or something like that?" Peter said.

"No, he was a slave boy which the Pharao at the time had brought to his chamber and seduced and then he got murdered by a priest to make sure he didn't tell any one that the Pharao fancied him before his Queen" the second guard said.

"This is all very interesting and I would love to hear the full story some time but I think we'd better leave this place and hopefully meet again in the city when it's time to overthrow this slave boy" Thomas said.

"You're right. Let's go!" the first guard said and he and the other guards went into the woods where they'd hidden their dragons. Two of the guards carried a large and heavy sack between them containing some rocks and something else which would come to rest at the bottom of the sea eventually.

Thomas and Erik got back on his dragon while Peter got on the late Captain's dragon which the guards had given them as he wouldn't need it any more. Thomas sat behind Erik as he teached Erik how to fly and controll a dragon. They flew in a drastically different direction from before to make sure any followers wouldn't guess where they had gone. They flew for several hours and it had been dark for a long time when they finally landed and made a fire and all went to sleep without talking or having sex as they were all very tired.

Erik opened his eyes, and the first thing he noticed was that his cock was hard and somebody's hand was stroking it gently. Erik turned his head and saw Per lying there smiling at him and Erik remembered that they were in Per's room back home in Enköping, not in that other fantasy world. he also remembered that they were both naked in Per's bed where they had slept since last night and that they'd had sex last night. Erik smiled back at Per and they kissed.

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