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A Different World, part 7

'Sword Play'

Written by Adam

"Good morning, love" Per said and then kissed Erik again.

"Good morning. Mmm, 'love' that has a nice ring to it, but try this on for size; Boy Friend" Erik said during a pause in the kissing.

"You want to be my boy friend?" Per asked overjoyed during the next pause, as if he hadn't dared ask himself.

"After last night there's nothing I rather want. I wanna make the most of every day with you until the day I die" Erik said.

"You're not going to die, I won't allow you to" Per said.

"Everybody dies some time" Erik said, and was beginning to feel the tears welling up inside him as he knew he might not have very long to spend with Per.

"Well, you're gonna live to be 150 years old, that's an order!" Per said.

"Aye sir! Though I'll still treat every day as though it may be my last until I'm 150, okay?" Erik said fighting back the tears so Per wouldn't suspect there was something wrong.

"Deal" Per said and they went on kissing.

Erik started kissing his way down Per's neck and over his pecs to his left niple which Erik started licking and gently biting while he flicked and massaged Per's right niple with his right hand. Per moaned with pleasure as Erik stimulated his niples like that. Then Erik moved on kissing Per's abs and went on downwards to Per's legs where Erik made a sideways motion and took Per's balls in his mouth and sucked for a bit before he licked his way up the under side of Per's cock, played with his tongue on the glans and then took the entire cock into his mouth and started sucking and licking and move the cock in and out of his mouth until Per filled it with warm cum which Erik swallowed. Erik crawled back up and laid down beside Per and they kissed again so Per could feel the taste of his own cum on Erik's tongue.

"Did you want me to fuck you last night?" Per said suddenly.

"Yes and I still do if you want to" Erik said.

Per didn't say anything but licked his own index finger and then Erik felt Per inserting his finger into his anus and move it in and out. Erik thanked him with a kiss. Then Per lay on his back and Erik climbed on top of him with one leg on each side and felt Per's glans between his buttocks. Erik sat back and helped the tip of Per's cock meet his own rim and then pressed down so he soon felt Per's nine inches slide into him. Erik started raising and lowering himself on Per's cock as Per pulled up his legs and set down his feet on the bed and used them to push his hip up towards Erik every time Erik lowered himself and Erik started groan with please every time Per's giant cock was pushed into him and quite soo Erik shot a long white line of cum which landed across Per's abs, pecs, neck and face and even stained the head board of Per's bed while he could feel Per pumping another huge load into him. After a few moments Erik climbed off and laid down beside Per again and both boys rested for a while, kissing ocasionally.

"Maybe we should be getting up soon" Per said after a while.

"Why?" Erik said.

"Well, it's 11 am and it's a beautiful summer's day, it would be a pity to miss it" Per said.

"But I wanna stay here in bed with you and have sex all day" Erik said.

"Sounds great! But if you're gonna live every day as though it was your last then you'd regret not having made the most of this one beautiful summer's day and not having gone out to Bredsand's beach and spend the day there with your boy friend" Per said.

"But what if I hit my head when diving from the tower and drown, then it really would be my last day, so if we stay here I avoid that particular fate and really do live to be a 150 years old" Erik said.

"But on the other hand, if we stay here we might get so caught up having sex that we get entangled in the sheats and smothers while the beach turns out to be perfectly safe" Per said.

"I would rather die having sex with you than drowning at the beach" Erik said.

"Let's try to have safe sex though and at least one more time before goin to the beach" Per said.

"Sounds like a reasonable compromise" Erik said and they kissed again just as the door bell rang below.

"Damn!" Per said.

"Ignore it, let's pretend no one's home" Erik said.

"Hey! Love birds! I know you're up there" Thomas' voice was heard through the open window.

"Damn!" Per and Erik said.

Per got out of bed and over to the window and looked out.

"It's your friends from yesterday, Thomas and Peter. Peter seems to be holding a bunch of wooden swords" Per said.

Erik got up and went over to the window too where he put his arms around Per from behind.

"You're so cute together but remember that you're two naked guys in an upstairs window where the whole street could see you" Thomas said.

"We're coming down" Per said.

Erik let go of Per quickly and they both pulled on their trousers and t-shirts while leaving the underwear and then went downstairs.

"Hi! We need to borrow your boy friend for a few hours if we may" Thomas said.

"What do you want to borrow him for and how did you know we're boy friends already? He couldn't have told you in that weird fantasy world you kept babbling about last night because we only decided that this morning. Not that I believe in that fantasy thing anyway." Per said a bit suspiciously.

"As for being boy friends, that was just a lucky guess" Thomas said truthfully.

"Not that it's very hard to guess, you beeing so sweet together" Peter said.

"I don't know how much Thomas has told you about the other world but it's true" Erik said.

"Er, right. And what's with the wooden swords?" Per said.

"That's what we want to borrow Erik for. We don't know why the three of us have met in both worlds but we've found one way of making use of it. I'll teach Erik an Peter here to handle swords in this words so they're ready in the other world" Thomas said.

"Not that I believe in this other world business yet but I wouldn't mind helping you, 'cause I do know a few things about fencing, and I don't mean selling stolen goods" Per said.

"How come you know how to fence?" Peter said.

"Martial arts classes" Per said.

Thomas looked at Erik for confirmation of this and Erik nodded.

"Okay, come along then!" Thomas said.

"Where are we going then?" Erik asked as they all got on their bikes.

"We'll train swordplay for a few hours in my back yard there's no way for any neighbours to see what's going on there. And when we get warm we can jump in the pool to cool off" Thomas said.

"You've got a pool?" Per said.

"I'd better go home to get my swimming trunks" Erik said.

"Not necessary, like I said there's no way for the neighbours to see what's going on there" Thomas said and winked at Erik and Per.

"We'll bath naked" Peter clarified.

"And we could do other things too if we feel like it" Thomas said.

"What are we waiting for?" Erik said.

"Let's go" Per said.

They all went to Thomas' place where Thomas started giving lessons on how to handle a sword and Per helped him demonstrating moves and then they paired off Peter with Thomas and Erik with Per to practice the moves and after while they also switched so Erik trained with Thomas and Peter with Per and finally Peter and Erik got to fence each other while Thomas and Per coached them sitting in the lawn furniture. All the time it became more and more apparent that fencing came easy for both Erik and Peter like they had some natural talent for it, like they were destined for the other world and given the information they would need to survive there before they were born.

"That is really weird" Per said when Thomas commented on how natural it came to Peter and Erik.

"What's even weirder is that I learned it just as easily" Thomas said.

"Weird" Per said.

"Weird but effective, in less than a day they've become good enough to defend themselves against the Queens guards... those guards that are still loyal to her that is" Thomas said.

"Apart from that fantasy world of yours they would be able to defend themselves for real if they were attacked with swords in the real world" Per said.

"You still think it's something I've made up?" Thomas said.

"I don't know what to think. It appears that the three of you find that other world is as real as this and it seems nice with this world populated only with gay people where no one is intollerant except a mad drag Queen, so I wouldn't mind going there too... so how come I don't?" Per said.

"Not all gay people go there... and those who do go there don't all go there when they're young according to what I myself recently learned" Thomas said, not wanting to reveal bit about having to be near death to go there.

"Right" Per said.

"Okay, I don't think we need to practice any more sword play, let's get into the pool!" Thomas said.

"So that's all for today then, I guess we'll practice some more tomorrow" Erik said as he tossed his wooden sword on the ground and pulled off his t-shirt.

"No, I don't think that will be necessary, the two of you seems to be expert swordsmen already" Thomas said.

"You're kidding!" Peter said as he pulled off his shorts so he now stood naked on the lawn like the three others.

"Nope. Last one in the water is straight!" Thomas shouted and dived in.

Erik, Peter and Per jumped in after and they all played around in the water pulling each other under and laughing when they came back up and groping other and soon they all had a hard on. They were just beginning to give each other's hand jobs when they heard a car pull into the drive way at the front, feet walking up to the door and opening it.

"Shit, it's my parents!" Thomas said.

"We'd better get out of the pool then" Erik said.

"No they'll see we've got hard ons, let's just get over to the edge facing the house" Thomas said.

When Thomas' dad came onto the back porch he only saw the four boys hanging onto the edge of the pool facing him smiling and waving.

"Hi dad" Thomas said.

"Hi Thomas, Hi Peter and you too" Thomas' dad said.

"This is Erik and this is Per, dad" Thomas said.

"Nice of my son to invite you into the pool, I wouldn't mind jumping in myself on a hot day like this, but don't worry I won't" Thomas' dad said walking over to the edge of the pool.

Thomas' mom came out onto the back porch carrying a tray with four glasses of juice on with ice cubes in.

"Here boys, I made you some cool drinks for when you get out of the pool" Thomas' mom said.

"I don't think they wanna come out of the water right now, they've all got stiffies, dear. That's why they're all clinging to the edge of the pool like that" Thomas' dad said.

"So I gathered, I just made the drinks ready and put them here and then you can get up and drink them when ever you want to" Thomas' mom said to the boys who were all stunned by what Thomas' parents had said.

"Right, I did have one, but it's gone now" Thomas said.

"Mine too" the others said in chorus all slightly red faced.

"It's alright, I'm just glad Thomas has found some friends who are all gay like him, so he doesn't have to feel so alone" Thomas mom said.

"Mom!" Thomas whined.

"It's true, though you seemed very happy yesterday already when it turned out that our guest was gay too... mind you, it almost seemed like the two of you had met before somewhere" Thomas' mom said.

Peter, Erik and Thomas looked at each other and smiled knowingly. Then Thomas' parents went inside, though Thomas stopped in the door before she pulled it shut.

"We'll leave the four of you alone now so you may... do what ever you want to in peace" Thomas' mom said.

"Mom!" Thomas whined again.

They continued playing around in the pool some more but without the groping as they felt too aware of Thomas' parents even though they were out of sight somewhere in the house. They didn't mind the occasional kiss however. When they finally got out of the pool they took the towels Thomas had brought out and used them to dry each other and took every oportunity to kiss. As they sat in the lawn chairs enjoying the juice Thomas' mom had made for them Erik's cel phone suddenly started ringing. Erik brought it out and answered. He talked for a while and then turned to Per.

"Please mom, can't I stay one more night with Per?" Erik said into the phone.

"Okay, thanks mom" Erik said and then hung up.

"What did she say?" Per asked.

"She said it was okay for me to stay with you if it was okay with you" Erik said.

"Ofcourse it's okay with me for my boy friend to stay over night!" Per laughed.

"Oh, good, I was worried there for a second" Erik said.

"Don't get sarcastic with me, 'cause I know a good way to shut you up" Per said.

"Really, what's that?" Erik said.

"This!" Per said and kissed Erik.

"I'm not sure that worked properly, you'd better do it again to be entirelly sure I'll be quite" Erik said and Per obeyed and kissed again.

"Interesting technique, do you mind if I try to shut you up?" Thomas said.

"Please do, I'm talking way too mu..." Peter began saying but really got shut up as Thomas kissed him.

"How about the four of us go out to Bredsand and stay at the beach tomorrow, even though we can't bath naked and have to restrain ourselves a bit more there" Per suggested.

"If it's this nice weather I wouldn't mind that at all" Thomas said and Peter and Erik nodded agreement.

They all went round to the front and Per and Erik got on their bikes and rode off as Peter and Thomas waved goodbye and then went into the house, kissing. At the intersection Per and Erik stopped.

"I've gotta go back to my place and pick up some stuff, but I'll get over to your place as soon as posible" Erik said.

"I'll count every minute I'm away from you, love" Per said and kissed him.

"Here, look! They're kissing! That's so disgusting! Fucking faggots!" a voice shouted from a car that passed them rather slowly on the intersecting street.

Per and Erik turned their heads and saw the car and recognized it and knew what people would be in it. It was a really old and worn down and known to be driven by the towns most intollerant person, Gustav who, like his followers shaved his head, wore a bomber jacket and doc marten boots. Gustav was known for leading a small group of neo nazis that hung about town and generally made trouble. But this time they appeared to make do to shout at Erik and Per, and didn't seem to turn back, just dissapeared over the crest of the hill.

"Damn, we've gotta be more careful!" Per said.

"Yeah. Make sure you don't run into them again while you go home, keep to the small bicycle roads and I'll do the same" Erik said.

"Deal. See you at my place" Per said and rode off in one direction and Erik rode off in the other.

Erik's bike screeched to a halt and Erik jumped off and ran inside, through the living room where he kissed his parents on their cheeks.

"Hi mom, hi dad" Erik said and ran on upstairs where he brought out his duffel bag and started stuffing extra pairs of clothes in it plus swimming trunks and a towel for the beach the next day.

"Your boy friend called." Erik's mom said standing in the door to Erik's room.

"What?" Erik said.

"I figured you were gay long ago, probably even before you knew it yourself. A mom can tell" Erik's mom said.

"Er, okay, but how did you know we were boy friends? ... and what did he say?" Erik said.

"As I said a mom can tell these things, but also he asked me to tell you he loves you and to hurry over but be careful, 'cause Gustav and his gang is still driving around... they haven't seen you do anything, have they" Erik's mom said with a very worried tone to her voice. Gustav was infamous all over town.

"Unfortunatly they saw us kiss, but don't worry, I'll make sure they don't find me while I go to Per's place" Erik said.

"Oh my God, Erik! I don't mind your being gay and I'll make sure your dad comes to his senses after I tell him but you've gotta be careful out there, 'cause Gustav and his gang aren't the only intollerant assholes out there!" Erik's mom said.

"Yes, I know mom! It won't happen again! I promise!" Erik said.

"Good... oh yes, Per asked me to remind you to bring swimming trunks for tomorrow also" Erik's mom said.

Erik simply picked the swimming trunks out of his bag and showed his mom.

"We've planned to go to Bredsand tomorrow, but don't worry, we'll pretend to be regular straight pals at the beach" Erik said.

"Try not to be too friendly, though" Erik's mom said with a smile.

"Bye mom" Erik said and kissed his mom's cheek again on the way out through the door.

"Bye dad" Erik said as he patted his dad on the shoulder on the way out.

"Bye son" he said.

Erik got on his bike again and rode off down the street and soon turned onto the bicycle road again which ran through a patch of wood and ended near Per's house. The bike road went parallel with an ordinary street but trees and bushes blocked the view effiecently even though it was only some ten metres between them and you could only hear the occasional car that passed on the street. Erik came around a bend in the bike road and could now see Per's house as there was only about a hundred metres left. There he met Hans, who was in the same home room as Erik and always had been friendly to Erik and generally seemed like a nice guy, and quite good looking to.

"Hey there, pal" Hans said and Erik stopped the bike and put his feet down on the ground.

"Hey Hans, how are you doing?" Erik said.

"I'm fine, how about you? I see you've been working out during summer" Hans said.

"So have you it seems, you've got some great muscels there" Erik said.

"Really? You think I look good?" Hans said.

"Yeah! You're a really good looking guy" Erik said.

"Good looking enough for you to kiss me?" Hans said.

"What? Why? Do you want me to kiss you?" Erik said getting a bad feeling about the whole situation.

"Yeah, why don't you kiss me, just like you kissed that other guy you faggot!" Hans said getting a really angry look on his face and the right hand that he'd appeared to be tucking his shirt in at the back now came round holding a gun.

From there on everything seemed to be in slow motion to Erik as he saw Hans pointing the gun at him and far beyond he saw Per coming out of his front door to see who Erik was talking to and. Erik put first one foot on the highest of the pedals and then lifted the other to use his own weight to push the pedal down and put the other foot on it's pedal and he stood like that with one foot on a pedal and the other in the air as Hans' gun went bang the first time and Erik felt as though a horse had kicked him in the chest and he felt the bike handles gliding out of his grip and then the gun went bang again and he was pushed backwards off his bike as another bullet tore through him and then the gun went bang, bang, bang, bang, bang and bang and each time he was pushed further back and swivelled into a horizontal position a few seconds before the ground hit him full force from behind. He saw Hans throw the gun away into the bushes at the side of the road and then ran off into the opposite direction through the bushes and disappeared from view as he heard the engine of Gustav's car growl into life and a car door slam shut and a voice that commanded the driver to "drive". As Erik heard the car speed away he saw Per's feet come running and then Per's face as he bent down beside Erik and picked him up so he lay in Per's knee.

"No, no, no, no, this can't be happening, this can't be happening" Per cried, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Don't grieve, it is logical?" Erik said with some difficulty.

"What?" Per said.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the..." Erik said and got cut short as he coughed and great deal of blood ran from his mouth.

"Stop it! This is no time to be quoting 'Star Trek'!" Per said.

"But I've always wanted that to be my last words" Erik said.

"They will be when you die at age 150!" Per exclaimed.

"Aye sir! I... I... love you... I hope I'll see you in that other world some day!" Erik said and his own heartbeats that he'd been hearing loudly in his head grew more and more irregular and then stopped.

"I love you..." Erik repeated and let out his last breath on the word "you" and his eyes went empty.

"Noooooooo!" Per cried again.

Erik awoke abruptly by the camp fire and could see the first sun rays of dawn on the world were he now knew he would spend the rest of his existence he looked down on his chest and stomach and felt with his hand too but there wasn't a scratch where there had been eight, bleeding holes just now.

"What's the matter?" Thomas asked who was awake and making coffee for the others.

"I need you to go back to sleep here so you can wake up over there and go and comfort my boyfriend" Erik said.

"Why can't you comfort him? Have you hurt him somehow?" Thomas said.

"Yeah, I couldn't help it, though. You'll find him by my dead body. Don't worry I'll take care of the coffee" Erik said sadly.

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