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A Different World, part 8


Written by Adam

Peter was sitting by Thomas' computer, chatting on the net. Thomas had helped him setting up the connection and then gone to sleep on the bed with his clothes on to make coffee and keep watch in the other world. It was almost 10 pm and still fairly light outside, which he'd learned was quite normal during summer this far north. Though it wasn't so far north that there would be any midnight sun even at midsummer. Peter had been feeling very awake and alert until suddenly, to his surprise he started feeling extremly tired and sleepy and quite soon fell asleep on the keyboard.

Peter awoke in the other world and found that Thomas was shaking him. He'd been waking him up and Peter emediatly understood that was why he'd been getting so sleepy so suddenly in the other world. He saw Erik sitting by the fire looking extremly sad, and almost like he was in shock too. Erik had a blanket over his shoulder.

"Erik's awake? I thought he'd be humpin Per by..." Peter began.

"Shh! No, he woke up here just now and told me he'd been murdered back there by some neo nazi while on his way to Per's place... I need to go back there to get to Per to comfort him but I don't want Erik to be alone here, he's in shock, be with him, talk to him" Thomas said.

"Sure! Go to sleep now! I'll take care of Erik" Peter said and got up on his feet and started putting on his trousers.

"Good, I'll go to sleep now" Thomas said as he crept down under the blankets.

"One thing, I fell asleep by the computer, could you..." Peter said.

"I'll put you to bed, don't worry" Thomas said and closed his eyes.

Thomas sat up on his bed with a jerk. He looked around the room to get his bearings and saw Peter sitting by his computer asleep with his head on the keyboard and the screen full of private messages from people in the RFSL chat room that wondered why he wasn't answering. Thomas got up and lifted Peter and carried him to the bed where he put him down with a groan.

"You're far to heavy, you've got too much muscle sexy boy" Thomas said to the sleeping Australian.

He got back to the keyboard where he wrote a public message which said "Sorry fellers, I fell asleep. Jet lag. Going to bed" and sent it before shutting down Netscape and turning off the computer. Then he rushed down the stairs and out through the front door, got on his bike and tried to go away. He then got off the bike, unlocked it and then got back on and rode off towards Per's house.

As he approached the house he saw the ambulance backing into another bicycle road and a couple of police cars stood parked on the large circular bit which allowed cars to turn around as it was the end of the street. Thomas got off his bike and walked towards the other bike road and as he was about to walk past the ambulance a police officer stopped him.

"Where do you think you're going, this is a crime scene" the police officer said.

"I know the guy the got murdered and I know his friend, Per and Per needs someone who can comfort him and be with him right now" Thomas said.

"His parents can do that!" the policeman said.

"His parents are away from town" Thomas said.

"Please, let him through!" Per pleaded and the policeman turned and looked at him.

"Okay, as long as you don't interfere in our investigation" the policeman said and let Thomas through.

Thomas walked up to Per who was telling a detective what he'd seen between sobs. Thomas put his arm around Per's shoulder and glanced down at the body on the ground which lay with one leg under the bike and the other over it and Erik's formerly white t-shirt was now almost completelly red with blood and a red stripe across his cheek indicated that blood had been coming from his mouth too. Erik's eyes were emptilly staring at the sky. A police photographer took one last photograph of Erik's corpse and then turned to the paramedic.

"You can take him now, I'm done" the photographer said.

The paramedic bent down and closed Erik's eyes and then they started putting him on the stretcher. Thomas felt odd looking at this life less body while he'd just spoken to Erik a moment ago, which still was after he'd died, and would see him again, alive and well in the other world. As Thomas heard Per telling the policeman that he'd only seen the other guy from behind and a long way off, he took one last glance at Erik's still and strangelly peaceful features in this world before they covered him up and put him into the ambulance. Per was describing the boy he'd seen as having been talking to Erik as though they knew each other before he'd brought out the gun and emptied the magazine into Erik. The guy had been about the same age, blond and about 6" tall wearing tight and bleached denims and a white t-shirt. He'd been fidgeting with something behind his back... as Per came to think of it he'd been putting a glove onto his right hand before he'd brought out the gun, emptied it and then ran off with the gun still in his hand.

"Right, that'll be enough for now. Stay at home so we can reach you if we need to know anything more" the Detective said.

"Excuse me, I don't want him to stay alone in that house tonight, I'll bring him home to my place so I can keep him company. He's had quite a shock you know. Lend me a piece of paper so I can give you my phone number so you can reach him there" Thomas said and the Detective lent him his note pad and pen so Thomas could write down his number there.

"Alright, thanks. Go back to your friend's place and get some sleep now, son" the Detective said.

"Come on, let's go" Thomas and started leading Per towards his own bike.

"Wait, let me lock the house and get my bike" Per said. Thomas nodded and followed Per to the house and waited for him to do what he needed to do and then they rode their bikes back to Thomas' place.

Gustav drove his car into the abandoned quary, stopped and turned to Hans.

"Throw the gun into the water!" Gustav ordered.

"Th-th-the gun?" Hans said.

"Yeah, the gun, throw it in the water! And the glove!" Gustav said.

"Oh, well the glove's here" Hans said holding up the glove.

"The gun! The gun! I told you when I gave it to you that you'd have to get rid of it afterwards!" Gustav yelled.

"I did get rid of it. After I fired all the bullets I threw the gun into the bushes at the side of the road!" Hans said thinking he'd done good and that Gustav would be happy.

One of the guys sitting in the back seat got out and opened the side door where Hans'd been riding shotgun.

"You stupid fuck! My fingerprints are all over that gun, and Jonas' too since he filed off the serial!" Gustav yelled and turned in his seat and kicked Hans with both feat so he fell out of the car where Jonas held open the door.

"You stupid fuck!" repeated Jonas as he kicked Hans in the stomach as Hans lay on the ground.

"I'll go back and get it! Stop hitting me!" Hans wailed as Jonas steel capped boot hit him again.

Gustav and the rest of them got out of the car and went round to where Hans was lying on the ground.

"It's too late now, you stupid ass hole! The fucking police will have searched the site and found it by now!" Gustav yelled and kicked Hans in the face.

"Sorry!" Hans wailed.

"'Sorry' won't help you, you stupid little faggot! Kick him as much as you like guys" Gustav said and kicked Hans in the stomach again and then went off and stood by the water, smoking a cigarett while the others beat Hans up.

Dark blotches began to appear in front of Hans' eyes and he could just see Gustav throw the remains of the cigarett on the ground and step on it. Then Gustav turned towards him again and said something to the guys that were kicking him all over but Hans couldn't hear what as his ears where ringing so. But the kicking stopped and a couple of guys bent down and picked him up and held him upright on his feet. Gustav brought out a small knife and stabbed Hans in the belly with it and then those holding him dragged him to the edge off the water filled part of the quary and threw him into the cold water where he quickly sank towards the bottom. 'So, it appears I don't live much longer than that fucking faggot I killed' Hans thought to himself just before going unconscious and feeling a couple of hands grabbing him under the armpits and dragging him up towards the surface.

"Mom, dad, Per will be sleeping here tonight!" Thomas said as he and Per got in the front door.

"But where's the other boy that were with you in the pool today? I thought the two of you were together" Thomas' mom said to Per.

"We were boyfriends, yes. But now he's gone" Per said sadly, leaning his head on Thomas's shoulder.

"Mom please! Erik was shot to death in front of Per's eyes. I didn't want him to be alone tonight" Thomas said.

"Oh my God! That was him? It was on the news! Oh my God! I'm so sorry! Stay here as long as you want to and need to" Thomas' mom said terrified at hearing what had happened.

"Can we get you something? Something to drink? Anything?" Thomas' dad said, all concern.

"A glass of water, please, that's all" Per said.

Thomas' dad gave Per a glass of water which Per drank quickly and then gave the empty glass back to Thomas' dad. Then he let Thomas lead him up the stairs.

"You'll have to share bed with me and Peter, so it'll be a bit crowded even though it's a wide bed. We'll all keep our underwear on and I promis you, we won't try anything" Thomas said.

"Blast!" Per said feigning dissapointment and Thomas smiled.

"Well, if you can make jokes like that, it means you're on the right track" Thomas said.

"It's necessary for survival to be able to make jokes in the most dire circumstances" Per said.

"Exactly. Get undressed while I undress Peter, he fell asleep with his clothes on, cause I needed him to be awake in the other world" Thomas said.

"That other world again! By the way, how did you know what had happened and where and even could get there so quickly?" Per said and pulled off his t-shirt.

"Erik told me in the other world what had happened and where. He even told me who did it" Thomas said as he pulled off Peter his Levi's.

"That is not funny!" Per admonished.

"No, it's not very funny but it's true" Thomas said as he pulled off Peter his t-shirt so the boy was now lying in his underwear.

"What, you're saying that he's not dead, but alive and well in that other world and can return here any time he likes?" Per said as he pulled off his trousers so he now was naked.

"We'd sleep in our underwear I said, not naked" Thomas said, smiling as he took off his own clothes so he was in his underwear.

"Oh damn, I forgot Erik and I didn't put any underwear on this morning, we were in too much of a hurry to your sword practice" Per said, blushing a bit.

"Oh. Well borrow some of mine" Thomas said and brought out a clean pair of briefs from his underwear drawer and tossed them to Per who put them on.

"Thanks" Per said and crawled up into bed and lay beside Peter.

"Anyway, Erik is dead... in this world, but he's alive and well in the other and there he'll remain like that for eternity if all goes well looking like he did when he was killed, apart from the bullet holes fortunatly" Thomas explained as he crawled up in bed and lay beside Per so he was in the middle and then pulled up the covers over all of them.

"So you'll see him when you fall asleep?" Per said.

"Yes, when I fall asleep here I'll wake up there and see him, which I think will feel rather odd after seeing his dead body before" Thomas said.

"And Peter's there now?" Per asked.

"Yes, he fell asleep here as I woke him up over there so he could keep Erik company and comfort him, 'cause he was feeling a bit down himself which I guess is understandable having been through that" Thomas said.

"Okay, though I don't think I understand completelly, and I'm not sure I believe in it" Per said.

Thomas nodded and then explained fully how it all worked. He explained how people would shift between worlds for years, months, weeks or like in Erik's case just a couple of days before they would die here and then remain in the other world and that it was only gay people who died of AIDS or was murdered like Erik was or in some cases commited suicide, who went there at all.

"So you and Peter may die any time soon to?" Per asked after Thomas finished explaining.

"Yes, and since I've tested negative with HIV, it seems more likely I might die like Erik" Thomas said.

"How about Peter?" Per asked.

"He's negative too, he told me, so..." Thomas said.

"Okay. Great! I finally meet some nice guys who're all gay like me and it turns out that they may die any day" Per said.

"Oh God, I'm sorry! I'm supposed to comfort you not make you more sad!" Thomas said.

"No, it's allright, I'll manage... let's just make the most of every day together like Erik said he would this morning" Per said.

"Good thinking, and a great way to honor his memory in this world" Thomas said.

"Yeah. I'm really tired now, let's get some sleep... and when you wake up over there tell him... " Per began feeling the tears coming again.

"Yes?" Thomas said.

"Tell him... 'I love you too' and kiss him from me" Per said and wiped a tear from his cheek with the palm of his hand.

"'too'? When did he say he loved you and you didn't answer?" Thomas said.

"It was his last words, and I did answer but he didn't hear that, 'cause he was already dead then" Per said.

"Okay, and how should I kiss him? On the cheek? On the lips? With of without tongue?" Thomas said.

"Like this" Per said and kissed Thomas like he would have kissed Erik if it had been possible "Now let's sleep, good night!"

"Good night!" Thomas said and watched Per until he was sure that the poor boy was sleeping before closing his own eyes to open them almost emediatly in the other world.

Hans opened his eyes and tried his best to breath in spite of the burning sensation in his lungs. He saw a shear rockface stretching up behind his head and gathered that he was still in the quary. But then he noticed that there were houses on top of the rocks and there certainly weren't any houses near the edge of the quary. Sure there was water in the quary but that was like a small lake or pond, this sounded like ocean waves and he could also hear seagulls. Looking up he also saw a row of masts with beams crossing them at interwalls and white canvas tied to those beams. 'A ship?' Hans thought. He could hear foot steps walking across a wooden gang way. 'People walking ashore from the ship' Hans thought and then heard what sounded like a metal chain being dragged across the wood between each step. 'Prisoners?' Hans thought. He saw a face look down on him. It was the face of a very good looking middle eastern looking boy only two or three years older than Hans. The boy had a round face, rosy cheeks and thick lips that just begged to be kissed and from the bare upper body of the boy Hans could see that he was quite well built.

"Where am I?" Hans asked.

"Shhh... easy boy. You almost drowned. You're lucky I was here to save you" the boy said as Hans noticed the boy was just as wet as he was.

"Yes, I was thrown into the water in this quary, but where's this place?" Hans said.

"You're in the city of Katatonia in the land of Katatonia. I suppose it was the same people who beat you up and stabbed you that threw you in?" the boy said.

"Yeah, now I remember, they kicked me all over and stabbed me here" Hans said and looked down to see the hole in his shirt but the wound was gone.

"Don't worry, you're not that heavily wounded here and you're being rescued back in your own world, now let me take you back to my place and take care of those bruises for you" the boy said.

"No, I'm fine I'll manage now. I'm in debt to you as it is already" Hans said getting on his feet but feeling woozy he almost fell over again but the handsome boy caught him and held him up.

"Yes, you're in debt to me and I know just the way for you to repay me" the boy said and led Hans to his carriage.

The carriage looked like a black wooden and closed horse carriage, but there weren't any horses or wheels for that matter, instead there were four dragons sitting at each corner of it and connected to the roof of the carriage with ropes and harnesses. On the door which a guard opened for them was a strange crest mostly in gold, though Hans didn't get much chance to see what it looked like before the boy pushed him inside and sat down beside him with an arm around him and the other arm on Hans' thigh.

"Are you some fucking faggot or what?" Hans said angrily as he tried to remove the boys hand from his thigh.

"Ofcourse I am, just like you are, and everybody else here!" the boy said and volontarily removed the hand from Hans' thigh as the dragons started flapping there wings outside.

Soon Hans felt the carriage being lifted up in the air and then move in what appeared to be forward direction from the shape of the carriage. Hans looked out through the window and saw the line of boys he'd noticed earlier as he got up. The boys had been his age or younger and were all chained together by legs and neck and led off the ship and now that Hans got another perspective from above he saw that it was a very long line of boys being led through winding streets of this strange town and finally over a draw bridge of a castle, across a court yard and down some steps and into a door in one of the castle towers. The carriage flew on over that court yard and landed in another, inner court yard which cointained a garden with lawns and trees and flowers. The boy motioned him to get out of the carriage which he did and the boy followed and steadied his unsteady walk towards a door which they walked through and inside they walked through a small hall and stepped into what appeared to be a small closet but as the boy rang a bell and the closet began to move uppwards Hans realized it was a primitive elevator powered by slaves by the sound of it. When they arrived at the top they stepped into a large, beautifully decorated room with a huge bed with silk covers in the middle. On the opposite side of the room was a tailor's dummy with a huge, beautiful evening gown on it and a large wig on top.

"Who's dress is it, yours?" Hans asked with a sarcastic grin on his face.

"That old thing, yes it's mine but I only wear it in my official capacity as Queen of this world! And you're my prince from now on, get on your knees and suck my cock or I'll have you decapitated!" the boy said with a smile and pushed down his leather pants to reveal his erect cock.

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