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A Different World, part 9


Written by Adam

Thomas sat up and looked about. He was back in the other world and off by the campfire Erik and Peter sat holding each other as Erik was crying on Peter's shoulder. A cool breaze came blowing in from the ocean, the sun was well over the horizon and the island of the women could just be seen through the mist hanging over the ocean. Thomas got up and walked over to Erik and Peter and got down on one knee and put his hand gently on Erik's shoulder.

"Are you okay?" Thomas asked.

"No, but I will be I guess. We have to get a move on, right?" Erik said between sobs.

"Yes, I know the one place in this world where we'll be entirely safe from the Queen and her guards and we shall go there today" Thomas said.

"Safe? Where can anyone be safe from the queen?" Peter said.

"There! The Queen would never dare attacking the women on that island, they've got a very powerful army to protect them which the Queen's guard are chanceless against" Thomas said and pointed towards the island.

"Granted, we'd be safe there but we can't get there, we don't have a boat" Peter said.

"We've got two dragons, they will fly us out there" Thomas said.

"Why don't the queen use dragons to bring the native boys over to the main land?" Peter said.

"A dragon only have strength and stamina to carry at most two persons from the city to the island and back in one day and they always send over almost a thousand boys about every ten years, you'd need a thousands of dragons for that with thousands of dragon riders. The queen don't have that many dragons or people who are loyal to him" Thomas said.

"That's all very interesting, but the island is much closer to the city than to this place, we can't possibly get to the island and back here in one day. Breakfast is ready by the way" Erik said having stopped crying while listening to Peter and Thomas arguing.

Thomas and Peter sat down on the ground and each took the mugs of coffee that Erik was handing them and they all drank coffee for a bit in silence.

"No, we couldn't go to the island and back in one day, but we don't need to. Today we're going to the island to stay there for a few weeks as we hammer out the last details of how to get rid of the Queen" Thomas said after a while.

"I think you're right, we can make it but we'll have to hurry finnishing breakfast so we can get there before night fall" Peter said looking out towards the island.

"Why, what happens then?" Erik said.

"The dragons don't like to land when it's so dark they can't see the ground, they tend to get hurt misjudging the distance" Thomas said.

"Well then, I've finished my coffee, how about the two of you?" Erik said.

"Yeah, let's get going" Peter said and Thomas drank the last of his coffee in one big gulp.

"Before we go; Per asked me to give you something before we went to sleep in our world" Thomas said as he stood up.

"Give me something? I thought these medalions were the only things that could be brought between worlds" Erik said.

"Those and some other magic items, like this kiss he asked me to deliver" Thomas said and kissed Erik in the same way that Per had kissed Thomas back home.

Erik stood frozen, not knowing what to say or what to do.

"He also asked me to deliver another message, this one in words: ' I love you too' he said" Thomas said.

Erik's eyes welled up with tears again and then embraced Thomas for a long time. Then he released Thomas and stood looking into his eyes and holding his shoulders.

"God, I miss him so!" Erik said between sobs.

"He misses you too!" Thomas said.

"He said that also?" Erik asked.

"No, he didn't need to, I could tell just from how he was and how he cried" Thomas said.

"Okay, we should get going, remember" Erik said and hugged Thomas and Peter.

They all gathered up all their gear and packed them on the dragons in silence and then sat up in the saddles on the dragons' necks and flew out over the sea towards the distant island.

"Now get on the bed, and suck my cock, I won't tell you a third time" the strange boy said that had rescued Hans from drowning in the docks.

The boy was actually the Queen out of drag, and at the moment out of everything as he stood naked in his huge bedroom in the castle with an erect cock. Hans just stood frozen, not knowing what to do or what to make of this. 'This has to be some weird dream or halucination brought on by the beating up I got' Hans thought to himself.

"Do it now!" The boy said and brought out a large dagger from his new dress which was on a tailor's dummy in a corner of the room and then went over to Hans and held the dagger at his throat.

Hans began to back away until the back of his legs struck against the bed and he sat down in order not to fall backwards. The boy followed him with the dagger against his throat the whole time and when Hans sat down the boy put a hand agains his forehead and pushed him so he fell down into a lying position. The boy sat astride Hans' legs and then used the dagger to make a small cut in the collar of Hans' t-shirt and then he tore the shirt apart from top to bottom so Hans' upper chest and stomach became bare. The Queen bent forward and bit Hans' left nipple, first lightly so Hans began to feel pleasure from it but the biting got harder and harder until Hans let out a scream of pain and started bleeding from the nipple. The boy let go and moved forward so he put his knees on Hans' upper arms pinning them down and put one hand behind Hans' head and forced him to raise it to the level of the boy's cock. With the cock against his face Hans clamped his teeth together, refusing to take the boy's cock into his mouth. The boy picked up the dagger again with his free hand and once more held it at Hans' throat. Hans reluctantly opened his mouth and let the boy put his cock in and start to move his hips back and forth voilently, fucking his face. Hans almost gagged and choked every time the boys cock rammed into the back of his throat and finally Hans lost consciousness as he couldn't breath with the boy's cock in his mouth.

The wind blew through Erik's hair as the dragon glided forward at high speed about ten metres over the surface of the water. He was getting another dragon flying lesson from Thomas who was sitting behind him with his arms around him. The sun had rose high over the world now and it was quite a warm breaze blowing through the boys' hair. Most of the morning mist had disapeared but there were still some banks of mist close to the surface and that's why they flew the dragons so low so they'd avoid detection from the city.

"Did Per recognize the guy who killed me? He did see the whole thing!" Erik said loudly so he'd be heard over the wind.

"No, he said he only saw the guy from behind and a long way off" Thomas said.

"Did you tell him that I know who it was and that I know the guy?" Erik said.

"Yes, actually he told the detective who questioned him that it had seemed to him like you knew each other even before I told him, but he said that you being able to tell who it was wouldn't help getting him convicted... it wouldn't even be enough to get him into court, 'cause I'm affraid the witness statement of a dead guy isn't admissable. No one would believe us if we told them that you're alive somewhere else and had told us. Even Per has trouble believing it entirelly" Thomas said.

"That's true, but there may be another way. If Per would only think a bit harder he'd remember that this guy was at the party in his house a few days ago and that Per knows this guy. In any case we should warn Per 'cause this guy probably recognized Per as well as me when he saw us from Gustav's car and might be coming after Per next." Erik said.

"In that case we should tell Per. What's the name of this guy who killed you?" Thomas said.

"Let's see if Per can't remember it himself first. Besides, the murderer can't do anything until he gets a new weapon, 'cause he threw the gun into some bushes at the side of the road after shooting me with it" Erik said.

"Really? Per said to the police he'd seen the guy carry the gun with him when he left, and the police searched the area thoroughly and surely would have found it if it had been there" Thomas said.

"Odd. Maybe Per remembered wrong and the police found the gun after you left?" Erik said.

"Yeah, they were still searching when we left, so it's possible" Thomas said as they flew on.

Peter flew the other dragon beside them on their right too far away to hear any of the conversation.

Hans opened his eyes and looked around. He was in a bed but not the same bed he'd lost consciousness in and there was something in his mouth but it was a plastic tube, not some insane maniacs cock. There was a electronic beeping noice at his side. He realized he was in a perfectly normal hospital back in the real world and was glad to know this and to know that the whole thing about that strange town, castle and faggot raping boy was just some weird dream. What he did feel so glad about was that his entire body hurt like hell where his so called friends had kicked and stabbed him.

"Doctor, he's awake!" a nurse said at his side.

'A woman, a real woman, there weren't any women in that fucking dreamin' Hans thought and tried to sit up.

"Easy there boy. Don't get up" the doctor said and pushed him back onto the bed "I think we can take this tube away now" the doctor continued as he removed the tube from Hans' mouth.

"What happened? I was in water..." Hans said.

"Apparently you're the latest victim of Gustav and his gang. Dennis here was talking a walk in the woods by the quary outside Enköping and saw them beat you up, stab you and throw you into the water to die, he waited untill the left and then dived in and pulled you out" the doctor said and indicated a man in his mid twenties with glasses standing beside the doctor and smiling at Hans.

"I'm not in Enköping now?" Hans said.

"No you're in the emergency ward at the county hospital in Uppsala" the doctor said.

Hans nodded. It made sense. The hospital in Enköping probably wouldn't be able to treat his injuries no more than they would have been able to take care of his friend that he had murdered some hours before. Hans began feeling depressed and that he didn't deserve to live.

"Why didn't you let me die?" Hans said.

"Don't talk like that! At least you were luckier than the other guy... the one that Gustav shot with eight bullets, that poor boy didn't have a chance" the doctor said.

"What? Gustav? Shot who?" Hans said getting agitated and incoherent at the same time.

"No, Gustav wasn't shot" the doctor said and added 'unfortunatly' under his breath "but he shot another boy your age earlier the same night as he tried to kill you. That boy died before the ambulance arrived".

"No..." Hans said intending to tell the doctor who had really murdered Erik.

"No more talking, you need to rest now" the doctor interrupted and walked away and made the guy that had rescued Hans come with him in order not to disturb Hans.

"But it wasn't..." Hans began.

"No, you heard what the doctor ordered" the nurse said.

Hans suddenly felt very drowsy and a pain on his chest and stomach as though five sharp claws were dragging across his chest and stomach just scratching him.

"Now, roll onto your side, I need to take your temperature" Attila the nurse said and pushed him onto his side, pushed up the hospital gown and pulled down the white hospital briefs and then stuck a thermometer into his ass. Hans lost consciousness again.

The sun was setting as the two dragons flew in over the island and had to gain altitude to fly over the tops of the trees in the western woods of the island. The woods soon ended however and ther was mainly beautiful grass lands and low hills at the center of the island and at the base of the one mountain there was a city, almost as large as the one on the main land but looking far more peaceful. Outside of town a large group a people stood with torches forming a large semi circle for the boys to land their dragons in. When they set down and climbed off the dragons a tall woman in her early twenties came forward and greeted them.

"Erik, Peter and Thomas welcome to the island of Lesbos, I am Michele, elected leader of the island" Michele said.

"Lesbos? Isn't that an island in the Greek archipelago..." Thomas began.

"Yes, but this isn't the same island. As you know this entire world bears no resemblance to Earth at all, we only thought it fitting that we should name this island for the island in the real world as it gave us the word lesbian" Michele said.

"How come you know our names? And you also seemed to know we were coming... unless Thomas sent a message that we were coming...?" Erik said.

"Nope, I sent no message" Thomas said, smiling.

"We used magic" Michele said.

"Magic? Right. No, really how did you know?" Erik said.

"Erik, magic is not unusual in this world, I've seen the Queen use it to watch our world when I was his love slave for instance" Peter said.

"I use magic to foretell the future and also own one of the rings that allow a person in this world to see people in our world who are dreamers or will become dreamers some day... theoretically you if someone was to bring a ring into the other world he'd be able to see anyone here" Michele said.

"And you used these powers to know we were coming at what our names were?" Erik said.

"Yes, and I saw what happened last night, it must've been terrible to be killed like that, I'm so sorry" Michele said.

"Er, thanks... could I see my boyfriend with that ring?" Erik said.

"Yes. Let's get inside and I'll show you. I've arranged for you to stay in my palace for the duration of your visit" Michele said and led them back towards the town.

Hans opened his eyes once more and found that he was lying on the bed in that palace he thought had only been a dream before but now seemed most real to him. He had been stripped naked while unconscious and was now lying on his back on the bed with his legs on the shoulders of the psycho boy who was now fucking his ass with his head twisted back so he was staring at the ceiling while ramming his cock into Hans' ass and on his right hand fingers the boy wore silvery claws which he used to scratch Hans on his chest and stomach. Hans screamed at the top of his voice in a desperate attempt to wake himself up from this horrible dream, but it didn't work ' cause it wasn't a dream and he was really being raped in a strange castle in a strange world by psycho boy.

Peter, Erik, Thomas and Michele sat down on each side of a table on which Michele placed a bowl of water and then moved her beringed hand over it but nothing happened.

"It seems he's not destined to come to this world, otherwise you'd be seeing him by now" Michele said.

"Can you see me and Peter, even though were sleeping over there?" Thomas asked.

"Yes" Michele said and moved her hand over the bowl of water again and emediatly an image of Thomas' bed appeared.

In the water they saw Peter and Thomas sleeping in Thomas' bed, wearing only their underwear and the cover was folded back as some one apparently had been sleeping there but got up.

"He was sleeping in the bed with us, where is he?" Thomas said.

"Maybe he went to the bath room" Peter said.

"It seems he was, there he is coming back now" Thomas said and looked up at Erik and saw a tear run down his cheek as he watched his boyfriend standing by Thomas' bed.

"Why isn't he getting back in bed?" Peter said.

"He's going over to his clothes. He's picking up something... metall... shiny" Thomas said.

"That looks like the gun that boy who's in hospital now shot you with... I believe I saw your boyfriend go pick it out of the bushes after you died, but before the police came" Michele said getting worried too.

"Why would he do that?" Erik said.

"Oh my God, he's putting the barrel in his mouth!" Peter said.

"You've gotta stop him! If he kills himself over there now he won't come here, he'll just go into oblivion otherwise I would have been able to see him with my ring" Michele said.

"How? I can't fall asleep fast enough!" Thomas said.

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