Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

This is the long promissed Spin Off to "A Different World". I hope you'll enjoy it!

By the same author: Previously I've written the multipart story "A Different World" which can be found under gay/sciencefiction at nifty. I'm also writing another story called "Going Home" that also can be found in the sci-fi catalog. "Going Home" is a completely separate story with no connection to "Different World" except that it's me that's writing both. "Going Home" is not finished by far and I will continue writing that too.

This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

What Dreams May Come, part 1

Written by Adam

Richard opened his eyes and then closed them emediatly again when the morning light streamed into the appartment and into his eyes and thereby made his head ache. He took the pillow and put it over his face and then opened his eyes again and watched the pattern in the pillowcase before he slowly eased the pillow away from his face so his eyes could get used to the light. Right, he couldn't be in his own bedroom, 'cause there the sun didn't shine straight into the room on a spring morning like this one and then ofcourse he didn't have white wallpaper that made the morning light reflect itself and light up the entire room even more. "Always the detective, Rich! Even when off duty" Richard thought to himself. "Shit! What time is it?... no wait, I took the day off..." he thought to himself. Then the guy next to him turned over and put his arm over his belly and continued to sleep. "Okay, let's recap last night... or rather this morning... I made sure that I had monday off so that I could have a night on Patricia... I wonder why that boat is only gay club on sundays?" Richard thought. He'd gone aboard the boat Patricia in Stockholm harbour and walked around a bit and looked down on the dance floor on the lower deck before he went over to the bar and ordered a draught beer from the tap. He'd walked over to the gambling tables and placed a fifty kronor bill on the table and got the equivalent chips back and then played until they ran out. He was ahead for a while, but as usual the winnings were soon gone too, but he never really played to win, just to have fun while the money lasted. In the corner of his eye he'd noticed a guy with a bottle of beer standing a bit away from the black jack table and watching the cards being dealt at first but soon he'd realised that the guy wasn't watching the cards anymore but was looking straight at Richard. He'd turned his head and looked at the guy, who looked to be in his late teens or early twenties, very cute and started to smile when Rich looked at him. Rich had smiled back out of reflex but then remembered himself. "Shit, he's just a kid Rich, much too young for you!" he had thought to himself. Then he'd noticed that the kid was suddenly cocking his to the left and also looking to the left with a slightly more serious face and Richard turned his head and noticed that the dealer was looking at him expectantly.

"You have fifteen, do you want another card?" the dealer said.

"Yeah, hit me" Richard said.

The dealer gave him a six which and then took another card herself which turned out to be a jack turning her seventeen to twentyseven and made her loose the hand. The boy continued to look at him and even helped him play by telling him when to take another card and when not to. Then when he ran out of gambling chips he walked away from the table to stand by the railing a bit away and look down at the dance floor thinking that the boy was really only interested in watching the black jack table and would stay there. After a few moments he noticed that a hand was placed next to his on the banister and that the person standing there was looking at him. He turned his head and saw that it was the same boy again, standing there and smiling at him. Richard nodded politely back at him and then turned his head back towards the dance floor hoping that the boy would get bored and go away. It wasn't that he didn't like the boy or that he thought that the boy was ugly or something, actually he was absolutly gorgeous. About 5'6" tall, making him rather shorter than Richard with his 6'2" and then muscular arms and wearing a white t-shirt without print that hinted on an athletic build. The boy had a smooth, round face, broad lips and the cutest dimples a perfectly straight and thin nose with a sharp angle at the end, hazel eyes and light brown hair that was cut short but slight bends indicated that it would be quite curly if he grew it long. He was practically irresistable, but Richard reminded himself that he had to resist since he considered the age difference too big even though he didn't know how old the boy really was. He tried to ignore the boy for a while longer but all the time he could feel the boy stare at him and smile that warm smile the whole time. The the boy lifted his hand and knock the back of the palm lightly against Richards lower arm to attract his attention.

"Hi! Stefan!" the boy said and stretched out the hand for Richard to shake.

"My name is not Stefan, you must have mistaken me for someone else!" Richard said and turned to go.

"No, I've never seen anyone like you before so I couldn't mistake you for anyone and my name is Stefan, and that's what I was trying to say! I'm introducing myself to you! I'm Stefan and you are...?" the boy said still holding his right hand out while holding Richard's arm with the other to prevent him from going away.

"I'm a thiry year old man and thereby way too old for you, why don't you find someone closer to your own age!" Richard said and made another attempt to go away.

"Only thirty? It's not that you look older than that, actually you look younger, but then I usually go for guys twenty years older than you... I like older guys... you're the youngest I've ever fallen for!" Stefan said.

"Well, I'm not comfortable when there's a large age difference between me and the guys I meet... how old are you?" Richard said.

"I'm 22 years old, please don't say I'm too young for you!" Stefan said and his eyes really begged Richard to say that it would be alright and this time Richard really couldn't resist the lost puppy look on the boy's face.

"Normally I would say that you are too young... but... goddamn you're cute! Irresistable so I guess I'll stop resisting. Richard!" Richard said.

"You're very handsome, Richard, do you know that! Like I said before I usually prefer much older guys, but for some reason I feel like we belong together like soul mates or something. And thanks for the compliment on my looks! Wanna stay here for a while longer or do you wanna let me be the tramp I feel like beeing and let me take you home right now?" Stefan said.

"Are you a tramp?" Richard said.

"Nope, but sometimes i feel like behaving like one and then I do that" Stefan said.

"I really only came here for a night of gambling, drinking and dancing and no intention of picking up a guy but I've changed my mind and doesn't feel like any of the former now, let's go to your place right away!" Richard said and they left.

They hailed a taxi outside and the boy told the driver his adress which Richard recognised to be in the part of Stockholm called Södermalm so it would be a fairly short trip there from Patricia. During the ride Stefan had suddenly turned to Richard and asked a really strange question.

"Hey, Richard have you ever..." Stefan began.

"My friends call me Rich..." Richard said.

"Rich, have you ever had a really strange dream, sort of... though it wasn't really a dream... I mean, had a dream every night but it isn't the same dream but an ongoing story where you live in this strange fantasy world where all the man are gay and live on the mainland and all the women are lesbians and live on this island and the male world is ruled by this tyrant who wears dresses and insists on being called Queen and then there's the resistance against this queen who's taken refuge on the women's island and there has prepared to overthrow the queen and right now are on a boat on it's way towards the mainland to carry this plan out and in this world some people are 'dreamers' who live both here in this world and in that other different world and are awake in one of the worlds while they're asleep in the other and then there's all these people who has died in this world but live on over there and then when they die over there they just get reborn as someone else or as a dragon?" Stefan said.

"Uhm... no... but that's a really interesting dream you have there, you should write it down... and remember to breath every once in while between sentences" Richard said.

"Oh... just wondering...pay it no mind!" Stefan said.

Then they had arrived at Stefan's two room appartment and as soon as they came inside the door they'd been all over each other kissing, caressing and undressing each other. After several hours of uninterupted sex they had fallen asleep... well actually Stefan had fallen asleep while Richard has been lying awake for several hours more and just when he was debating wether he should leave and go back to his own appartment he had drifted off to sleep and had the strangest dream. It was a dream that seemed very influensed by what the boy had said in the taxi but with the difference that the queen had really been overthrown by three princes of which one had survived the battle and that one... 'prince' had been a dead boy... a boy, named Erik who had been brutally murdered by another boy who was in that dream too and was the the prince's boyfriend. At least that's what Richard had believed up until now 'cause all the forenscic evidence, however circumstantial had pointed at that answer. There had been another boy who was also dead and believed to be murdered by the one who was the prince's boyfriend in the dream. This third boy had been one of the first people that had appeared in the dream which had began with Richard waking up in a street in only his underwear and this boy had quickly begun by telling Richard that his conclusions in his murder investigation had been all wrong and that the prince' boyfriend had not murdered the prince, since that boy had been the prince' boyfriend all along even in the world that they had left behind by dying and then admitted to having killed the prince in this world but been forgiven by the prince in the dream world and also that he and the prince' boyfriend had killed each other in a quarry outside the little town where all three boys lived. But when Richard had tried to arrest this boy for the murders he had admitted to he had just laughed and told Richard how impossible it would bring him to justice. Then Richard had been brought into the castle and met the prince and his boyfriend and joined them and their sons and sons of the two other princes that had died in the quarry too and they had confirmed the third boy's story and also gave a detailed description of what had happened both on that bike track where the prince had been killed and in the quarry where the rest had died. Actually they had given him clothes to wear too, since they thought he might find it embarrasing to sit at a dinner table in only his underwear. After dinner, where they had talked about a lot of other things too they had gone for a walk around the castle with the explanation that the prince and his boyfriend needed to learn to find their way around the castle. Richard had wondered how come they didn't know that already if they were royalty and then they had explained that they hadn't lived there before, that they had been living on an island with only lesbians around them for nine months and this morning they had gone aboard a boat that had taken them here and there had been a great battle where they had overthrown the queen and now the one surviving prince was in charge. And, indeed everything indicated that there had been quite a battle there in the castle and there were dead boys lying in corners still that they hadn't had time to carry away yet. Then they had found a seriously wounded boy, with a sword through his stomach lying more or less face down though looking terribly familiar to Richard. One of the sons of the dead princes, the one with the Spanish name had gone up to the wounded boy and turned him over on his back and Richard had recognised Stefan and there in the dream Richard had suddenly remembered that shortly before he had fallen asleep in this bed he was lying in now Stefan had started groaning and moaning and clutching at his stomach, though Richard hadn't been able to wake Stefan up. There in the dream Stefan had looked up at Richard and smiled at him when he recognised him.

"So you are a dreamer after all!" Stefan had said with quite some difficulty and blood pouring from his lips.

"Shh, don't talk, you'll be well enough to be with your policeman friend in a second" the boy with the Spanish name had said.

The boy with the spanish name had then placed one hand over the wound and pulled the sword out with the other and then when the sword was gone there had been a brief flash of light beneath the boy's hand and then Stefan had been well again.

"I wasn't so bad was I?" the son of the prince had said.

"What?" Richard had said.

"He was about to say that Sergio is better at the healing business than his father, so I was wondering if my healing business was bad in some way?" the son of the prince had said.

"That wasn't what I meant, Thomas, and you are better at the telepathic business than your father... and I forgot that the former you was Sergio's father while.... shit! Sorry your Majesty, but your family relations are quite hard to keep track of!" Stefan had said.

"I think so too, but I manage barelly" the prince had said.

"Dad!" his son had said.

"Right, get up off the floor please... Stefan, you know detective Carlsson here?" the prince had said helping Stefan up.

"I only met him last night the real.... the other world, I'm not quite used to the fact that this world is real too... and then he introduced himself as Richard, so I had no idea that his last name is Carlsson or that he's a detective... did Sergio say policeman?" Stefan said.

"Yes, I'm a policeman... a detective of the homicide department in Stockholm, in the other world or whatever I investigated the murders of his majesty the prince... though he wasn't a prince there... and of his boyfriend as well as Hans over there... And yes, my last name is Carlsson" Richard had said.

"You seem to like each other though... you even seem to be soulmates... if you like either my father or I could help you find out about your history in this world with the help of our telepathic abilities... but that has to be some other day, it's late now and newborn children like us should have been in bed long ago" the prince' son said.

"If you want to be together still I could give you a bedroom in the castle for the night... you'll have to share one bed, but I'm sure you won't mind that" the prince had said and both Richard and Stefan had agreed.

"Then there's only one thing I'd like to ask of you tonight, detective... may I call you Richard?" the prince had said.

"Your majesty may call me what you like... what is it you want's to ask?" Richard had said and the prince had vinced at his use of 'your majesty' but didn't say anything about it.

"I want you to wear this ring when you fall asleep tonight... and then in the other world, back on Earth I mean, if you're going back to Enköping to set things straight in the investigation of the murder of me, which I hope you will, I want you to go visit my mother and father and my younger brother Alexander and give this ring to him to keep until he get's older" the prince had said.

"Okay, I will... how old is your brother?" Richard had asked.

"Oh, no more than a couple of hours... a little younger than his nephew Thomas here actually... oh yes, come over here to this fountain... I'm gonna teach you to use the ring and then I want you to teach that to my brother" the prince had said and led Richard over to a nearby fountain.

The prince had made Richard put the ring on a finger and then grabbed Richard's arm and moved the ringed hand over the water while saying some strange words which he made Richard repeat after him and then there appeared the image of a small infant lying in a small transparent box without a top typical of hospital maternity wards.

"There's my brother, Alexander... hello Alex! There's a nice man that will be coming with a present for you in a few days, a ring, I want you to always keep this ring safe until your fingers grow large enough to wear it and then I want you to wear it on your finger all the time... and this man will also tell you how to use this ring to see me and talk to me like I do to you now or to see your nephew or just about anyone else here... okay?" the prince had said.

"Okay, Erik!" the infant had said making Richard's chin drop.

Afterwards Richard and Stefan had been given a room and then they had had sex again for quite a while before the dream had suddenly ended by Richard feeling terribly tired in the dream and he had awoken in this bed. Stefan stirred beside him and then lifted his head and smiled at Richard.

"Does Rich... I mean detective Carlsson want some breakfast now or do you want to fuck some more first?" Stefan said.

"I never told you my last name or that I'm a cop last night, did I?" Richard said.

"No, I learned that from prince Erik, remember?" Stefan said.

"What? How can you know about that? That was just a dream I had during the night, which seemed partly inspired by what you said in the taxi before, except that that 'Queen' was dead and there was this prince ruling now and partly inspired and populated by people from a murder case I worked on last summer... the people that had been murdered where in the dream... but you couldn't posibly now anything about my dream" Richard said.

"Sure I can, because it wasn't a dream really, you just passed into a different world... raise your right hand! ... if it was just a dream then how come you're wearing that ring that the prince gave you in the dream and asked you to give to his brother in this world... and you certainly wasn't wearing any ring last night on Patricia" Stefan said while Richard stared in disbelief at the ring.

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