Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

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This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

What Dreams May Come, part 11

Written by Adam

  ‘Uh oh’ Per said.
  ‘What?’ Erik said.
  ‘No wait’ Per said.
  ‘What?’ Erik said again.
  ‘For a moment I thought your heart stopped but then I realized that it was just the sound of your heart that stopped. Please tell me I’m right’ Per said.
  ‘Yes, I didn’t want to keep on listening to that. Did you?’ Erik said.
  ‘No. I don’t think so. I don’t think I need that to reassure myself that you’re still alive. After all it was a bit creepy’ Per said.
  ‘Yes it was. And no you don’t need that noise to know that I’m alive. If I died you wouldn’t remain in this place you would wake up out in the real world next to my body’ Erik said.
  ‘So as long as this... virtual thing goes on you’re okay?’ Per said.
  ‘Exactly’ Erik said.
  ‘Well then, let’s make the most of this, especially since we never seem to have time for this in reality’ Per said and started kissing Erik who kissed back and wrapped his arms around Per.

  ‘Sergio, can you do anything about these ropes?’ Thomas thought. Thomas, Sergio and Peter were on their knees on the sandy floor of the cave where they had imprisoned the Queen last night. Their hands were tied behind their backs with the metal bars between their hands and their backs. In front of them were the dragon that had been the Queen and in the cave were also two boys that were loyal to the tyrant.
  ‘Yes, but let’s not tip our hand yet, and let’s not even communicate telepathically for the time being, remember that the Queen had strong telepathic powers when he was human and that those are probably now combined with the natural telepathic powers of dragons...’ Sergio thought.
  ‘Right’ Thomas Thought and then said aloud ‘How’s Peter?’
  ‘He’s unconscious. How’s Erik and Per?’ Sergio said.
  ‘Per’s helping Erik to stay alive for now. So let’s get out of here so you can heal Erik’ Thomas said.
  ‘Right... maybe we should wake Peter up, we’re probably going to need him as well’ Sergio said
  ‘Yeah. There is a rescue party coming you know’ Thomas said.
  ‘I expected as much, but we can’t wait for them to arrive’ Sergio said.
  ‘Agreed’ Thomas said and then turned his attention to Peter who started groaning.
  ‘Okay, I’m awake, you can stop screaming in my head now’ Peter said.
  ‘Sorry’ Thomas said.
  ‘You screamed at him?’ Sergio said.
  ‘It seemed the quickest way’ Thomas said.
  ‘I think it was the only way so he did the right thing’ Peter said.
  ‘Thanks’ Thomas said.
  ‘Just don’t do it again’ Peter said.
  ‘Sure, just don’t loose consciousness again’ Thomas said.
  ‘I’ll try’ Peter said.
  ‘SILENCE!’ the Queen roared telepathically at them which caused a brief headache for the boys similar to the kind of headache you get when eating something very cold.
  ‘We do not obey you!’ Thomas spat at the Queen.
  ‘Of course you don't. But there are others who do obey me even when I order them to kill, so soon enough you will die at my command. Timmy, bring the book and be ready to read the spell’ the Queen said.
  ‘Book? Wasn't Alfred supposed to put those books in a safe place?’ Peter whispered.
  ‘He did. So safe that only he knows where they are, and they haven't been found. It's the sorcerer's spell book. It's the book which he used to control this world and make adjustments to it. That is he controlled the world itself but not the people, he meant for others to rule this world democratically’ Thomas said. Meanwhile a small boy who'd been standing in the corner now walked to the center of the cave carrying a very large leather bound book which he placed on the floor and started turning pages to find a certain spell.
  ‘There is a spell that controls people in there actually. It's the banishing spell that you tried to use on me, but failed. A spell that banishes the soul of the person that the spell is cast against to the other world, to Earth so that soul cannot become a dreamer ever again but is forced to reincarnate over and over again in that other world where faggots seldom are liked or even accepted’ the Queen said.
  ‘You are wrong about a few things there’ Sergio said.
  ‘Silence! Now, Gregory over there will kill you one by one slowly and painfully which you deserve for trying to take my world from me while ... Timmy here reads the spell so that you leave this world once and for all ... But first he will read the spell for Erik. Oh, how I hate that nut kicker! Greg, start killing the boys there, start with the one on the left’ the Queen said. In the farthest and darkest corner something moved in the shadows and a boy looking about 14 years old moved out of the shadows carrying a large sword. He might have been pretty once but now his young body was covered with scars and one eye was blind. He kept his head down but looked forward with his good eye and now as he stopped in front of Peter he stared hatefully at his prey and the corner of his mouth on one side started to turn upwards into a cruel smile.
  ‘Sergio, can you...’ Peter said.
  ‘Don't worry’ Sergio said.
  ‘I'm not worried, I just want to know if you can...’ Peter started.
  ‘He can, but don't say it out loud, please’ Thomas said.
  ‘Right, of course! Sorry!’ Peter said.
  Gregory held the point of his sword to Peter's chest just below his left nipple and was about to thrust the sword into Peter.
  ‘Wait! Don't kill them yet! I almost forgot they need to tell me something first’ the Queen said suddenly and Gregory immediately lowered the sword looking very disappointed.
  ‘What makes you think we're going to tell you anything’ Thomas said.
  ‘I don't suppose you will tell me but I'm sure that if you do have knowledge about this it's not at a conscious level. However if the knowledge is there I can access it telepathically even if it's suppressed to subconscious levels’ the Queen said.
  ‘Not if I can do anything against that’ Thomas growled.
  ‘Ah, so you're the telepathic one? Good, then I probably can guess which is which of the others... and you do look a lot like your fathers’ the Queen said.
  ‘What's the use of knowing that if we are going to kill them anyway. It was quite unnecessary to delay the killing to ask them just that’ Gregory said.
  ‘Silence, fool! That is not the knowledge I want from them, but it is good for me to know for the little time they have left so I might prevent them from using their powers to protect or free themselves’ the Queen said moving his head so close to Gregory that the dragon's breath was burning him without using the flame. Gregory raised his left arm to protect his face, Thomas, Sergio and Peter could see smoke raising from the arm and sensed the smell of flesh frying. Gregory moved away from the dragon back to the corner where he'd been sitting before.
  ‘Now, little throne stealers, tell me what's beneath the surface!’ the Queen said.
  ‘What? I don't understand’ Peter said.
  ‘Peter...’ Sergio said.
  ‘Sorry’ Peter said.
  ‘Under the surface of the water, what life form is there in the sea?’ the Queen said.
  ‘Fish, I suppose’ Thomas said sarcastically.
  ‘No, intelligent life! Sentient, self aware mammal’ the Queen said.
  ‘Dolphins are mammals, but how intelligent they really are, nobody knows for sure... though I'm one of those who believe they are more intelligent than man... sorry Thomas’ Peter said.
  ‘It's okay, you didn't tell him anything useful’ Thomas said.
  ‘I know’ Peter said with a smug smile.
  ‘No. Dolphins don't exist in this world. This is something completely different. Their mental and magical powers are tremendous. When I was human they could shield their existence from me completely. I was totally unaware of the existence of this species. Now that I'm a dragon my magic powers are far greater than when I was a man but still I can't sense what they are, or how many there are of them. I only sense that there is an intelligent species under the surface of the water, living in the sea. I'm not sure, but they seem to be very protective of their existence... I think many have seen them and even met them but they can remove or rather suppress the memory of having met them on any human or even dragon. I think that people get reincarnated as this species just as they get reincarnated as dragons and humans, except nobody has any memory of having been one of them either ... I'm hoping one of you have seen or encountered them and if you do I might be able to access that memory’ the Queen said.
  ‘If this species exist they have very good reason to keep their existence secret from you so we will make an effort to hinder you from accessing any buried memories of this species’ Thomas said.
  ‘Yes, we will clear our minds completely so that...’ Peter began.
  ‘No, that will make it easier for the Queen to find what he wants, right Thomas?’ Sergio said.
  ‘Oh... right, of course, so we will instead clutter our minds with non sequitur thoughts’ Peter said.
  ‘Exactly’ Thomas said.
  ‘You're Peter aren't you? The son of my former favorite harem boy who inherited his fathers soul? There's still a trace of that Austrian accent’ the Queen said.
  ‘Jah, I'm Austrian. You'd better watch it, because I'll be back’ Peter said making an excellent imitation of the accent of a certain well built Austrian movie star. Thomas started laughing hysterically.
  ‘I feel like I'm left out of a joke here’ Sergio said.
  ‘We'll explain it later when we've gotten out of this slight bit of trouble’ Thomas said.
  ‘Deal’ Sergio said.
  ‘Silence! Australian then... but that's not important, I know now who you are and Gregory here knows who I mean when I tell him this: Kill Peter!’ the Queen said.
  ‘Are you telling me to kill him now or are you just telling them that you intend to give me the order soon?’ Gregory said and the way he said it made it clear that he was hoping for the first alternative.
  ‘I was telling them that I'm about to give that order, but don't look so disappointed, you will soon be allowed to do your favorite stuff. You are very good at this cluttering your minds by keeping up nonsensical conversations about meaningless jokes but not good enough, I've already managed to rummage through Peter's mind and found that he had no knowledge of the species, so now I will have him killed and his soul banished from this world. Timmy, how's Erik's banishment coming?’ the Queen said to the boy who'd been leaning over the spell book chanting during all of this.
  ‘It's not working’ Timmy said.
  ‘What?!’ the Queen roared.
  ‘The spell. It doesn't work, I keep getting this error message telling me that “the spell is no longer functioning and that I should look for another spell divided into three parts and each part is written into one each of the three books of the Princes and need to be read by three magically inclined people for it to work” whatever the hell that means’ Timmy said.
‘It means that the sorcerer realized that it was a mistake allowing for one person only, that is himself, to banish someone from this world because the one time he did that he banished the guy the Queen here was in love with and this in turn drove the Queen mad. Michael told me this once when he...’ Sergio said.
  ‘Darling....!’ Thomas interrupted.
  ‘When he commissioned the three swords from you, of course. I've already worked out that you are Sergio the former master sword maker so it's quite unnecessary for your boyfriend Thomas to try to keep you from telling me these things that are so obvious to me now... Yes, the sorcerer banished the soul of the King, my Pharaoh that I loved and who loved me and that I let my ruling power pass to the way it should have been, but that stupid sorcerer had some strange notion that someone who had been a king in the other world wasn't to be allowed to be royalty here in the same incarnation, so he had my husband killed and banished his soul! But you are saying he regretted that action?’ the Queen said getting intrigued.
  ‘Thomas, may I?’ Sergio said.
  ‘Sure, I'll even help you. Michael's told me some of this story too, and Per's mentioned it as well since he's studied one of the books, the one that's currently mostly about Erik... Yes, the Sorcerer realized that banishing the Pharaoh is what made you insane so he made sure that no single person should have the power to banish somebody from this world, not even he himself should have the power so he made a new banishing spell that was divided into three parts that had to be read simultaneously by three different persons in some kind of counterpoint verse’ Thomas said.
  ‘Right... that's about it then. Help? Telling the whole thing wasn't really helping me...’ Sergio said.
  ‘I'll make it up to you tonight love’ Thomas said.
  ‘Deal’ Sergio said.
  ‘Don't count on it, I'll have you annoying boys killed anyway. But first: Timmy, you've outlived your usefulness’ the Queen said.
  ‘Yes your Majesty. But, please wait a few moments, there's a woman giving birth on the island, but somebody else is also about to die somewhere else in this world, while I'd prefer to be reincarnated in the other world, so I forget about this existence for a while and might become a better person in the next life. This will happen if you wait just a few more seconds...’ Timmy said.
  ‘Beware, I can sense too when somebody is giving birth out there so you can't bluff me... but you're not bluffing, you really do want to be reincarnated into the other world. As you wish... ah, and now the baby is born and I can see by your expression and Thomas' expression as well that both of you sensed the same thing. Gregory, kill Timmy now’ the Queen said.
  Timmy who'd been standing up now got down on his knees and unbuttoned his shirt a bit so he could pull it apart enough to bare the spot where his heart was and then looked Gregory in the eyes, well in the one good eye. Gregory raised the sword and held the point of it just a centimeter from the spot which Timmy kept bare. Timmy breathed in making his chest swell quite a bit so that the point of the sword touched and then penetrated his skin and when he felt this Timmy gasped slightly and gave Gregory an anticipating look which more or less begged Gregory to push the sword the rest of the way. Gregory wasn't used to his victims being this willing so he hesitated for a fraction of a second but then he pushed the sword forward through Timmy's body. Timmy gasped even more as it turned out to be a bit more painful than he'd expected at first but then he reached out and grabbed the crossbar of the sword and pulled the sword into him until the crossbar touched his skin. Then he put a hand on the back of Gregory's neck and pulled the scarred boy closer until their lips met and kissed the surprised Gregory who resisted at first but then opened up to make it a full kiss with tongue and everything for a while until Timmy's arms fell limp to his sides and his head lilted backwards. Thomas, Sergio and Peter watched this scene in silent shock and then when they thought that poor Timmy was finally released from this horror the boy drew breath again. And again. And again. A small trickle of blood was running down Timmy's cheek and some of Timmy's blood had come onto Gregory's lips during the kiss. Gregory licked his lips and then wiped his mouth with the back of his left hand, and then once more grabbed the handle of the sword and now he first twisted the sword slightly which made Timmy moan with pain but not die, and then putting one sandaled foot on Timmy's chest Gregory pulled the bloodied blade of the sword out of the boy who fell sideways onto the ground. Timmy breathed out once more and then stared at the three shocked princes with empty eyes.
  ‘Now that we're done with that useless little ass hole you may carry on doing your favorite thing on the three ass holes over there beginning with Sergio ... the one in the middle, because he's the healer. Kill him first and then none of them can be saved’ the Queen said.

  Erik moaned every time he felt Per's cock move inside him. Just thinking of the fact that it was there... well, no it wasn't there it was all in his and Per's minds but it was as real to them now as it had been last night when they did it for real and would be again and again for years to come. Erik knew for certain that his time wasn't now and wouldn't come for several years... the make believe world of the tent that Erik had created in his mind flickered for a few seconds as he thought these things but then he concentrated on the image of them fucking in that tent as well as the image of Per's manhood filling him and moving inside him and he felt a familiar wonderful feeling spread from his groin through his body as he also felt or imagined feeling something warm and sticky squirt from his cock onto his chest and belly and he also could feel Per filling him with a wad of his own. Per leaned down and kissed Erik.
  Out in the real world where the two boys lay on the ground, one wounded, the other not there were suddenly sticky stains spreading on the front of their trousers. Those present that saw this and knew what it meant smiled to themselves.
Gregory tore a piece from Timmy's shirt and used the rag to wipe Timmy's blood from his sword.

  ‘That's a bit disrespectful to Timmy, you should be ashamed for desecrating him like that’ Peter said.
  ‘I don't think Gregory is capable of feeling shame’ Sergio said.
  ‘Be ready to...’ Thomas thought.
  ‘I am’ Sergio thought.
  ‘Good thing for us that Gregory is such a psychopath’ Thomas thought.
  ‘How do you figure?’ Sergio thought.
  ‘It means he won't chop your head off like the Queen want's. Gregory will pick a slow way to kill you so you'll suffer, and the Queen failed to tell him to chop your head off. Since it's slow you will have a chance to heal yourself, which I didn't when the Queen managed to decapitate me in my previous life’ Thomas thought.
  ‘Please, don't remind me of that. But why are you thinking this now? The Queen can hear your thoughts too, can't he?’ Sergio thought.
  ‘No, he's too busy gloating to listen to our thoughts’ Thomas said.
  ‘Good. Now be prepared to close your eyes and turn your face away so you won't get sand in your eyes’ Sergio thought.
  ‘You're going to turn Gregory's sword into sand as he makes his thrust?’ Peter thought.
  ‘Yes’ Sergio thought.
Gregory now stood in front of Sergio and raised his sword and thrust his sword towards Sergio's heart.
  ‘No! Not that way! Cut his head off, stupid boy!’ the Queen said and thereby distracted Sergio at the critical moment so the sword plunged into him, through his heart and out through his back until the crossbar stopped at his chest.
  ‘Sergio!’ Thomas cried.
Erik and Per lay on the pile of pillows in the tent, both naked resting after the virtual sex they'd had and kissed for a bit when Erik suddenly broke the kiss.

  ‘Something's gone wrong. Horribly wrong’ Erik said.
  A moment later Sergio appeared in the tent with blood gushing out of a wound in his chest.
  ‘Help me!’ Sergio said and then collapsed on the ground in front of the pile of pillows.

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