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This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

What Dreams May Come, part 2

Written by Adam

"I've never had this ring before, neither on Patricia or anywhere else" Richard said.

"No, like I said, Prince Erik gave you that last night... though he's not very comfortable being called by his royal title... he has a hard time accepting that he is royalty altogether, even though Per seem very excited about having a prince for boyfriend... He once said to me that if he'd known that his boyfriend was a prince he wouldn't have bothered cutting those pictures of Carl Philip out of QX and pasting into his scrap book.... in his oppinion Erik is much hotter than Carl Philip... actually I agree" Stefan said.

"Carl Philip? Do you mean...?" Richard said.

"Carl Philip, the prince of Sweden, yes. Son of Carl XVI Gustav the King and Queen Silvia, remember?" Stefan said.

"But Carl Philip isn't..." Richard said.

"Gay? No, not as far as anybody knows... if he is they'd be covering that fact up anyway so nobody would know... but that doesn't stop the Swedish gay magazine QX from publishing a picture of him in every issue, it's not as if they're saying he's gay or anything... and the pictures are decent, fully clothed and so on anyway" Stefan said.

"Yes, I sometimes read that magazine, so I've seen some of those pics... But back to this ring now... you're saying that I got it from a dead guy who's a Prince though he doesn't want to be?" Richard said.

"Dead, no he survived the battle with the Queen... oh, you mean he's dead in this world? Yes, I think he is... and I understand that Hans apparently was the one who killed him, though they're friends now... don't ask me how that happened... I know how it happened, I think, but it's a long story" Stefan said.

"I know he's dead, as well as Per and Hans... I'm a homicide detective and investigated their deaths, I saw them dead so it's a bit hard for me to understand how they can suddenly be alive and give me a ring... and know about about a brother who was born nine months after they died" Richard said.

"Well, both Erik and his son, Thomas are telepathic and they were in telepathic communication with Erik's parents and his brother just after Alexander the Great died and got reborn in this world... incredibly enough as Erik's brother... then there's the rings that makes it possible to communicate with and watch people in the world that you're not in... come on, let me show you" Stefan said and climbed out of bed dragging Richard with him by the wrist to the bathroom where he started filling the wash stand.

"What are you doing?" Richard said.

"What does it look like I'm doing? Do you remember what Erik told you about how the ring works?" Stefan said.

"It was some kind of spell in some weird language I had to say while I moved my hand of the water while I thought about the person I wanted to watch" Richard said.

"Right, so do that and think of me" Stefan said.

"But you said it made you see a person in the world that you're not in, but you're here!... besides, I don't remember the spell" Richard said.

"Well, fortunatly I recently borrowed another ring... Hans said he didn't need his anymore and I did learn the spell... oh, yes and then Erik used his telepathic powers to locate my soulmate so I could see what he lookes like, using the ring and that made it a whole lot easier to know who I should look for and then, amazingly enough I did find him a few hours later at the black jack table on Patricia.... so, I must admit that I had a bit of an advantage on you and that was why I was so determined to get you... now watch, and try to learn the spell this time" Stefan said and moved his own hand over the sink.

The image of a small room with stone walls, beautiful tapestries with rather homoerotic motifs and a bed in one corner in which two men lay sleeping with their arms around each other.

"I recognise that room, it's where you and I had sex at the end of my dream" Richard said.

"It wasn't a dream... if it was, how come we can watch this room that you say was in a dream... and it was very nice sex indeed, getting your cock up my ass was much better than the first time, last night in my bed. And how did you like my bj? Let's move in closer and see who's there in bed..." Stefan said and the angle changed as if there had been a guy with a steadicam equipment moving about the bed and moving in closer.

"Hey, that's you and me! Asleep? But we're awake right now... is this some kind of trick? A recording of some kind, of something that has happened some place else at a different time?" Richard said.

"No, you can only watch the present with these rings. It's just that when you're awake in this world you're asleep in the other and vice versa... it's like you have two bodies that are in some ways interconnected but both can't be awake at the same time, 'cause our minds wouldn't be able to handle dual sets of sensory inputs... I think... Though the person that you're watching with this ring can hear what you say here, as voices in their heads and so our sleeping selves there can hear what we're saying now and since we're asleep there we can tell ourselves things and they'll probably do it as though they thought of it there and then since they're not aware of us being awake here... watch... Kiss Richard!" Stefan said, turning to the sink with the last sentence and the image showed the Stefan in bed reaching over and kissing the sleeping Richard on the neck.

"I felt that" Richard said feeling the back of his neck in this world on the spot where Stefan had kissed him in the other world.

"Do you believe me now?" Stefan said.

"I suppose I do... but I don't understand any of it" Richard said.

"Well, that's because it's all very new to you... I didn't understand very much of it twelve months ago when I became a dreamer and I believe it's the same for everybody... it was the same for Erik and Per when they became dreamers and Erik had very little time getting to terms with it before Hans killed him in this world and thereby trapped him permanently in the other" Stefan said.

"And what I don't understand either is why everybody, including you who shouldn't know anything about the case keeps saying that Hans killed Erik, when all the evidence we found pointed towards the fact that Per killed both Erik and Hans... the gun we found in Per's hand, that he'd killed Hans with was the same that was used to killed Erik, the ballistics proved that" Richard said.

"Hans told me about it, that he used that gun to kill Erik and then threw it away and that Per must have picked it up" Stefan said.

"Yes, that's what he told me too and Per confirmed it, saying that he originally intended to commit suicide with it but Erik, Peter and Thomas talked him out of it... which I don't understand either, since Erik was already dead... and don't give me that telepathy crap, 'cause I don't believe it!" Richard said.

"Well, as far as I've been told Erik hadn't recieved the power of telepathy yet... they used the rings, like we're doing now" Stefan said.

"Well, I guess that they could have persuaded Per to believe his boyfriend if they used the rings to look both ways, one in this world and one in the other...Hey, I can hear noices from the sink... feet running in the corridor outside the room and in the courtyard outside the wind... shouts... there seems to be something going on... " Richard said.

"Let's see..." Stefan said and moved his hand over the water and the image changed to show Erik, Per, Thomas, Peter, Sergio and Michael coming down some steps into a large cave in which several large dragons sat and everybody had their attention on something very small in front of the dragons.

"Oh my God! What's that? Looks like dragons from some fairy tale or something... I wouldn't go near those!" Richard said.

"Richard? Are you watching me with the ring? Have you been doing that for long? I'd like to be notified when somebody is watching me... I'm not mad, but just keep it in mind, okay?" Erik said.

"I'm demonstrating the rings for Rich, and we only just switched the attention of the ring to you after watching our sleeping selves and noticed sounds that indicated that something was going on, I was just about to tell you that we were watching but Rich interrupted me... sorry" Stefan said.

"Okay. Yes, Rich they're dragons, but there's nothing to worry about since they're mostly benevolent with the exception to that newborn, and slightly burned dragon squirming there in the middle. Maybe you should see this first hand. Sergio, keep that dragon in check somehow and Thomas..." Erik began.

"Go and wake Stefan and the cop up, I know... shouldn't I get Valodja too, he's chief of security after all..." Thomas said.

"I sent Hans to get him so just go and wake Richard up... and don't refer to him as 'the cop'..." Erik said.

"Yes dad! Sorry Rich, won't happen again!" Thomas said and ran off.

"Are you standing up, in the bathroom or possibly in the kitchen? I suggest you turn the ring off and go back to bed, 'cause when Thomas wake you up..." Erik said.

"We'll fall asleep here... yes, Stefan told me about that" Richard said.

"Yes, and unless you're a horse or a cow who can sleep standing up I suggest you make sure to lie down so you don't fall and hurt yourselves" Erik said.

"Thank you, think of everything, do you?" Richard said.

"I've had some experience with the rings and waking my friends up... and then Hans told me that the Queen woke him up once when he was in the bathroom watching so he fell over and hit his head badly on the bathtub or something... now, off to bed with you! See you here in a couple of minutes!" Erik said.

"See ya, your Majesty!" Stefan said and turned off the ring just as Erik was about to object to being called Majesty.

"Strange. I was fully awake and now suddenly, I'm feeling very sleepy" Richard said.

"Me too, but that's not so strange. It's probably just because Thomas is trying to wake us up, come on back to bed before we fall asleep where we stand" Stefan said and dragged Richard back to bed and lay down with him and they both fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

Richard opened his eyes and was back in the room which he had seen in the sink in the bathroom and the world that he thought had been a dream now felt very real. It was real. He could tell by the feel of Stefan's naked skin against his own and by the feel of the mattress and the sheets which were very different to the ones in Stefan's bed where he'd been only moments ago. He could also tell by the way that annoying 12 year old kid kept shaking him... no, as Richard understood it, or rather failed to understand though everybody told him so, newborn kid who looked like a twelve year old.

"Okay, okay, okay, I'm awake!" Richard said.

"And so am I. Thank you Thomas!" Stefan said.

"You're welcome. Say, is your boyfriend always this grumpy when he wakes up?" Thomas said.

"I don't know, I only met him last night... on Earth that is" Stefan said.

"No, I'm not always grumpy when I wake up. I only get grumpy when kids talk about me in the third person when I'm right next to them" Richard said.

"Sorry! Listen, get dressed quickly and then I'll show you the way down to the old dragon stables cavern" Thomas said.

"Okay... er... about that... I could swear that I was wearing a pair of underwear just now" Richard said while covering up his crotch with his hands.

"The clothes you wear only follow across to the other world the first time you cross over, after that you wake up in whatever clothes you were wearing in when you fell asleep in that particular world or naked if you went to bed naked" Thomas said.

"But weren't you born a few hours ago in this world... though I find that hard to believe, considering how big you are... so how can you know about what it's like to be a sleeper?" Richard said.

"Before I was born, this morning I was another person who was came from the same world as you and was a dreamer, not sleeper, and since I was reborn in this world I remember everything of that life... I'll tell you more on the way down to the cave, 'cause right now my father feels I should wait outside before I find you too attractive and tries to seduce you into a threesome with me" Thomas said and went for the door.

"What do you mean by saying that your father feels that you should do that? Is that some lame excuse for not wanting to be in the same room as me?" Richard said.

"No, he just told me, since he noticed I've got a hard on... both my father and I are telepathic" Thomas said and left the room with a wink.

"So they too persists that they're telepathic! Hard on, my ass!" Richard said as he pulled on the trousers he'd been given the night before.

"Didn't you notice the bulge in his trousers? I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep me from smiling" Stefan said putting on his own trousers and then started putting on the sandals.

"You're right, it'll take some time before I get to grips with this world... wait" Richard said and walked over to a bowl of water in the corner and moved his ringed hand over it.

On the surface of the water there appeared the image of him and Stefan lying asleep in bed and there Richard was wearing the briefs that he remembered going to bed in and that he now noticed lying on the floor by the bed. He went over and picked them up and walked back to the bowl and looked down into it.

"It's all true then?" Richard said.

"Yes, but that's not the worst part. Turn off the ring and come, they're waiting for us" Stefan said by the door.

"What is the worst part then?" Richard said and turned off the ring and then walked over and took Stefan's hand and held it all the way to the cave.

"The worst part is that nobody is a dreamer for very long" Stefan said as they stepped out into the corridor.

"Meaning?" Richard said.

"Meaning that we're going to die in the other world, Earth I mean, and soon too" Stefan said.

"How soon? And are you absolutly sure we're going to die?" Richard said.

"Everybody dies. But then there's a fact that nobody who'd become a dreamer has ever stopped being a dreamer and lived on in the other world without coming back here, so if you are a dreamer you are going to die and live on in this world... how soon is a difficult matter, the longest period anybody has been a dreamer is eighteen months and that was me in my previous life or Sergio's father if you prefer" Thomas said as he started leading the way and beckoned Stefan and Richard to follow.

"So there's two persons who were dreamers for 18 months?" Richard said.

"No, in my previous life I was Thomas who was father of Sergio... as that Thomas I became a dreamer... well, more than two years ago now... and I... he.... I became a member of the resistance quite soon... well, I was captured by the Queen and put into his hareem of boys when I first arrived but I easily escaped and became a resistance member... I met several interesting people who would turn out to be important in my struggle to get rid of the Queen, including a rather good looking Australian boy, named Peter that I befriended and got laid by in the hareem, a very historical figure indeed who's famous for conquering the known world at the time and being very interested in his soldiers and then a Spanish sword maker named Sergio, who got killed and then reborn as my son... and then... less than a day after my son was born, if I remember correctly I was hunted, together with that Aussie boy named Peter who stayed at my home as exchange student and also Per... we were hunted by a couple of neo nazis as well as Hans and ended up in the quarry outside of town... ended up dead in the quarry... oh, yes! We met once! I came to comfort Per just after Erik had been killed and I arrived while Per was giving his witness statement to you... if I remember correctly it was you who told the uniform cop to let me through" Thomas said.

"Say what? You can't be him, you don't even look like him!" Richard said.

"No, I'm not him... any longer... I was him and has all his memories since his soul moved to my body when the Queen cut his head off and since I happened to get born a few moments later... and therefore I now look partly like my present dad Erik and my mother Anna... on the other hand, don't you think that Sergio looks like the Thomas you remember?" Thomas said.

"Yes, a bit alike... like he could be... his son" Richard said.

"Which he is... and I can tell you that Sergio, the swordmaker looked quite different, but that was the same person that's Thomas' son and now my boyfriend" Thomas said.

"I understand that Sergio was that previous Thomas' boyfriend before he died and became Thomas' son" Stefan said.

"Well, we never really got to be that close then, we were just very hot lovers" Thomas said.

"But wouldn't that be incest?" Richard said.

"No. When we were lovers Sergio was a Spanish boy who'd died 600 years ago on Earth and lived here since, so we weren't related then... when that Sergio died and became my son we became related and then it would have been incest if we had done anything then... so fortunatly I've been reborn so that I'm not related in any way to Sergio anymore so we can again be lovers and boyfriends without it being incest" Thomas said as they came into the cave where Hans and Valodja with their respective boyfriends had joined the others with the women that Richard had learned were the mothers of the children.

"But I still call him dad... as a sort of friendly tease" Sergio said and hugged Thomas.

"The family ties in this world are more impossibly complicated than the silliest soap opera... anybody trying to draw a family tree would probably break all the bones in his hand in the attempt... now, what was it you wanted me to see?" Richard said.

"Yes, but that family tree would be quite helpful, 'cause even I get confused trying to keep track of who's related to whom... and who's reborn as whom... for instance, Michael who was a dragon in his previous life" Erik said.

"And a human prince before that!" Michael said.

"That I slept with once... in my previous life" Thomas said.

"And me too, three hundred years ago, though I remember it as yesterday" Sergio said.

"And I'm Edward, who was a young Brittish boy who got burned to death by one of the Queen's dragons in my previous life and was a friend and lover to Michael when he was a dragon and mother or father to his children, that are fully grown dragons now and I'm also the primary parent to this dragon who as a human was a slave in ancient Egypt three thousand years ago and got murdered by priests after the Pharao seduced him and in this world that former slave boy became royalty and also quite mad and ruled the male world here on and off for three thousand years until Thomas, Peter and Erik finally managed to kill him... he liked to walk around in drag and be referred to as Queen rather than King and when I realised who this little shit head of a dragon was I brought it here so the three princes can kill him again and make sure to read the spell that prevents him from getting reborn again" a large dragon said, sitting in the mouth of the cave that up until recently had been the Queen's dragon stables.

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