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This part contains some graphic voilence but only what's necessary for the story.

What Dreams May Come, part 3

Written by Adam

Sergio and Thomas exchanged glances and then started moving towards the tunnel with the steps up to the surface but Erik reached his arm out to block their path.

"No, stay here!" Erik said.

"Aw, dad!" Thomas said.

"But if we're going to kill the former Queen we're going to need the swords... so we'll have to go down to..." Sergio began but Michael stepped forward hand clapped his hand over Sergio's mouth and at the same time Richard noticed that the slightly charred newborn dragon suddenly raised it's head high and pointed it's ears towards Sergio with a dangerous glint in it's eye.

"Don't say a word more about the swords or their location! ... Remember that I've been a dragon and I know that even as newborn like the former Queen a dragon fully understands the human language!" Micheal said.

"But if we kill it and read the spell that won't be a problem!" Sergio said.

"Dad's decided not to kill the Queen... er sorry, former Queen... well, what shall I call it Dad? 'Asshole'?" Thomas said.

"That's a good word for him. If we kill him we're stooping to his level when he was human... anybody he saw as some kind of threat he killed right away... we're not going to be that cowardly and evil. Besides, he's already been killed once in the last 24 hours, that's more than enough" Erik said.

"So what are we going to do? Let him go and tell him 'Don't do it again'?" Peter said.

"Imprisson him, that's what I would do! I understand that you've composed a material that's strong and that can't be melted by dragon fire, use that to cage and chain him. Then we'll always know where he is!" Hans said.

"Very good Hans, I was thinking along those lines but I didn't know how to imprisson him, since I'd forgotten about that metal" Erik said.

"Glad to be of help" Hans said.

"Not always, but at least you'll be able to keep him in check for fifteen years or so, after that somebody will betray the king and the princes by releasing the dragon" Michael said.

"What? How do you know this? And who will betray us?" Peter said.

"I don't know for sure but... it seems that since I was reborn I've been having visions of the future... as for who, I don't know... it's not anybody I recognise... I don't think he's in this world at the moment" Michael said.

"Were you able to see into the future as a dragon? You mentioned earlier that you still had some of the magical powers that you'd had as a dragon, so..." Per said.

"Yes, but then it was very limited... I could only see about 24 hours into the future, just like the books...not fifteen years, like I do now" Michael said.

"It's the sourceror" Thomas said.

"What?" Michael said.

"Yes, I see that memory too... and I sensed his death too... " Erik said.

"Sourcerors?... Come on, you don't expect me to believe.... ah, yes you're right, if there can be dragons in this world what's to say there can't be sourcerors?... Hold on, you didn't say that out loud, did you?... yes, I do believe you and your dad are telepathic now" Richard said.

"Well, sourceror... there's only one... actually there was only one, since he's apparently dead now... he is... was probably the only person on the mainland who actually was here longer than the Queen, who managed to kill everybody else... now, what memory is it that you see but I can't recall myself?" Michael said.

"When you went to the Sourceror for help, and he told you about the swords and the books you had to make and the princes that would come he also told you that he would be murdered the night after the Queen falls and then he would pass on his strong powers of precognition to the newborn boy that you would be at the time" Erik said.

"Oh... well, now that you mention it I remember" Michael said.

"If that sourceror's been murdered then maybe I should go and investigate... maybe I can find out who did it. I am a homicide detective, after all" Richard said.

"No, that can wait until morning... the crime scene won't be disturbed during the night... and the assassin will have disappeared... we won't know who it was for at least 15 years" Michael said.

"But if I go now I might catch him now!" Richard said.

"No, it doesn't matter if you go now or in a week, you still won't find him until 15 years from now" Michael said.

"Besides, I'd prefer it if you stayed here with me, love" Stefan said putting an arm around Richard and kissed him.

"Well, if you put it like that I'll definatly stay" Richard said.

"Good" Stefan said.

"So how should we go about keeping him here? At least I'm sure that the simplest thing is to convert these former dragon stables to be his prison" Erik said.

"To begin with we should chain him to the far wall and only making the chain five meters long at the most... chain him by the leg and then, Sergio has to come down here to adjust it every once in a while as he grows... for the next couple of months only, though... then he'll be fully grown" Michael said and then Peter used his telekinesis and transported the little dragon that was the Queen further into the cave where some of the sand suddenly waslifted off the floor of the cave and turned into a chain by Sergio.

"Won't he be able to burn me with his flame, or anybody else who comes to visit him?" Sergio said.

"No, not if we make the chain as short as he said and also make the inner part of the cage into a jail by putting bars out here by the cave entrance, like Michael was about to suggest next" Thomas said.

"Yes, because a dragon's flame can't reach this far... but wait until the other dragons and I have left" Edward said.

"Yes, there won't be room for them afterwards... though, I was thinking maybe we should ask some dragons to keep guard here... one at a time in the cave mouth in shifts" Michael said.

"Very good idea, dad! I'd like to volonteer for that!" one of the dragons who'd come with Edward said.

"Why do you call me dad, I don't have any children" Michael said.

"Well, the boy you are now doesn't but the dragon you were before that had quite a litter, and that's us... well apart from Edward ofcourse" the young dragon said.

"I brought them along to be your riding dragons, since we knew that only a few of you had any" Edward said.

"Well, if they agree to be our riding dragons, that's okay and I suppose they won't mind guarding this cave when they're not needed to ride?" Michael said.

"Sounds good to me. I've already called gibs to be your dragon, dad... and I'm sure that the others will gladly be the dragons of your friends and their fathers" the young dragon said.

"Something tells me you've been fighting about who would have me as rider?" Michael said.

"There wasn't any fight, he just told the others he wanted to be yours and threatened to flame anybody who objected... he's always been a bit of a bully but still a heart of gold" Edward said.

"That's me... I was that way as a human too" the young dragon said.

"Very well, that way it shall be then... let's settle the others, who they should belong to later... Erik I understand already has a dragon of his own but my dad lost his too, today... by the way, we should send Thomas over to the island and ask Alfred telepathically where he hid the books" Michael said.

"I can do that from here... but not now. He's sleeping and so should we too, since we're only newborn" Thomas said.

"Yes, let's finish the cage for the... asshole in chains in there and then go to bed" Sergio said.

"Hold on...This was dragon stables, wasn't it? But if you make a prison of this cave, where should the dragons be?" Per said.

"You can solve that in the morning! We can sleep in the court yard tonight, and take turns at sitting on the towers and keeping guard against any dragon or human that still are loyal to the Queen... thankfully it's always warm outside and constant summer in this world" the young dragon said.

"Don't be taking on too much duties now!" Edward said.

"We'll handle it, we'll keep guard a couple of hours each and then sleep" the young dragon said.

"Er, if you see anything out of the ordinary... whatever that is... I would apreciate if you would be so kind to report it to me" Valodja said.

"May I as why we should report to you?" the young dragon said.

"Well I am... or at least was up until just now, in charge of security here" Valodja said.

"Oh, ofcourse... we'll report to you, providing anything worth reporting happens... Wether you're still in charge of security is for Erik to decide" the dragon said.

"He is in charge of security, but it would be ideal if you could cooperate as much as possible, I guess" Erik said.

"Certainly" the dragon said.

"No problem" Valodja said.

"Will you be staying too, Edward? We'd love to have you as guest as long as you like... we owe you that much for bringing us the dragon that was the Queen" Erik said.

"Thank you, I'd want to stay, but I must return to the cave and take care of my own children... can I take a rain check?" Edward said.

"Certainly! You'll always be welcome here!" Erik said.

"Thank you, your Majesty... why do you flinch? You are royal, wether you like it or not and don't give me that 'it reminds me of the Queen' bullshit, 'cause you are real royalty in difference to that evil usurper. You have the right to be called that, he didn't! Now, good night your Majesty... I hope I'm invited to the wedding" Edward said.

"Yes, but you're the only one I'll allow to call me that... as for the wedding... you know about that, huh? I'll give you a telepathic message, inviting you as soon as a date is set. Good night" Erik said.

The dragons flew out of the cave and Edward set course for the Dragon lands while the others turned right and flew upwards to enter the castle courtyard to sleep or post themselves on towers to keep guard. Everybody, except Sergio walked into the tunnel, leading to the castle. Sergio remained in the cave entrance and suddenly a wall of sand rose and formed into thin pillars that then turned into a metal that was incredibly strong and flame proof at the same time. There was a foot wide gap between each bar which a human would be able to squeeze through while it was way too narrow for a fully grown dragon. A newborn dragon would on the other hand fly through easily so it was fortunate that the one that had been the Queen was chained to the far wall. Sergio also left a door hole near the tunnel up to the surface and this door hole was large enough for a man while still too small for a fully grown dragon and then he made a sign above the door which read 'Danger! Enter at your own risk or if you have a death wish'. In front of the bars there was an open space and floor enough to the large opening in the side of the rock for a dragon and about ten humans to be there at the same time. Then Sergio joined the others and everybody walked together back up to the castle and then to their respective bedrooms. Stefan and Richard fell asleep almost emediatly and woke up in Stefan's bed in his appartment again. Stefan opened his eyes and smiled as he saw Richard. Stefan put his hand on Richard's chest and started moving it down until it reached the bulge in Richard's briefs. Richard's cock reacted emediatly to the feel of Stefan's hand stroking it through the cloth.

"Why do you insist on taking these briefs back on? They're in the way!" Stefan said and stuck his hand down into the briefs and grabbed Richard's cock.

"I don't know why I put them back on after we had sex last night... maybe on some level I knew that I would wake up in a street in a strange city and that I would like to be wearing something then rather than be naked" Richard said and took his briefs off.

"Ah, yes that may be true... it's not unusual that precisely that happens... I normally remember to take my clothes off before I go to bed no matter how drunk I am, but the first time I woke upp there I fell asleep on my bed with my clothes on for the first and only time in my life... and Erik once told me that the same thing happened to him" Stefan said.

"Okay... are we going to talk about a different world and how everybody wakes up there now or are you going to finish what you started and talk later?" Richard said.

Stefan rolled over on top of Richard and kissed him, their tongues met and danced for several minutes before Stefan broke the kiss and looked Richard in the eyes with a smile on his lips.

"How does that answer your question?" Stefan said.

"It confirms what I've always believed; action speaks louder than words" Richard said and pulled Stefan's head close and kissed him.

In another dimension Per climbed up on and sat astride Erik in the royal bedroom and kissed Erik briefly before he crept backwards, kissing his way over Erik's chest and abdomen until he reached Erik's cock and started licking it's shaft and then took Erik's cock in his mouth and thereby was back where he'd been when they'd been rudely interrupted by the arrival of the dragons.

"As incredible and sad as it may sound this is the first time we've been able to have sex properly in a nice and comfortable bed since we did it in your bed the night before Hans shot me... I hope this doesn't mean I'm gonna die tomorrow" Erik said.

"No, you won't, I won't allow it... and besides, I asked my son to use his precognition and he told me that we had at least fifteen years of happy life together in front of us" Per said and then went back to blowing Erik.

"Sounds nice... there seems to be a lot of things that will happen fifteen years from now, though" Erik said.

"Yes, but let's not worry about that now... we've got fifteen years to live every day though it was our last... do you want to talk or do you want me to suck your cock?" Per said looking up at Erik.

"I wanna do the 69!" Erik said.

"Now you're talking!" Per said with a smile and crept round so Erik could take Per's cock in his mouth while Per still sucked on Erik's cock.

"Thomas are you sure we should be doing this? I mean, you're not even a day old even though you look like a twelve year old. We shouldn't even be here!" Sergio said.

"Don't worry... it'll be alright as long as you make sure to tie a propper knot in the rope, it'll be my life line!" Thomas said.

"If I lose you I'll never forgive myself and neither will your father!" Sergio said.

"You won't lose me unless the knot comes undone... good, that will do!" Thomas said and pulled at the rope that Sergio had tied around Thomas' waist.

"No, I'd much rather be at home in bed and... you know" Sergio said.

"We will after we're done here... now tie the other end of the rope around that stalagmite... or is it stalagtite, I never seem to learn the difference... well tie it round it for safety... though I still want you to hold on to the rope, okay?" Thomas said.

"Okay... though I don't feel very comfortable being in this cave, deep under the city... how do you even know about this place?" Sergio said.

"It's one of the caves that the resistance hid in... that tunnel there leads to the cave where they kept Hans prisoner... I was here a lot in my previous life, the Thomas that was your father that is... and I was always curious to explore the mist, by tying a rope round my waist for safety reason, but there never was time for that" Thomas said.

"I feel this isn't the right time for it either... I'd rather be in bed with you doing the seventy minus one" Sergio said.

"Promise me we'll do that when we're done here and I'll sure have something to come back for!" Thomas said and kissed Sergio.

Their tongues met and danced for a while and then Thomas let go of Sergio and turned around to face the wall of mist at the end of the tunnel in this, one of the deepest caves under the city. Thomas took a deep breath, though he didn't know why 'cause he knew that there would be no trouble breathin in the mist and then he walked forward. Sergio picked up the rope and let it slide over his palms ready to grab on and hold it tight. Thomas walked into the mist and disappeared.

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