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What Dreams May Come, part 4

Written by Adam

Sven let a couple of drops of milk out of the nappy bottle onto his arm to make sure the temperature was right and then turned to walk out of the kitchen and up the stairs when he suddenly noticed that Alex had stopped crying all of a sudden. He thought that maybe Alex had fallen asleep again but he'd better go up and check and it was still time to feed him so he continued up the stairs and along the corridor to what used to be Erik's room but now was a nursery and future room for Alex. When he came inside the door he dropped the bottle out of surprise at what he saw. A very familiar looking boy, about twelve years old, dressed only in only a pair of baggy trousers of unknown material held up by a rope for a belt and a pair of sandals stood in the room holding the baby Alex in his arms. Alex wasn't asleep but was in fact laughing and looking as though he recognised the boy who seemed to have a slight blue tint to him and looked mildly transparent... almost ghostlike. The strangest thing though was the rope that the boy had tied round his waist and wich ran across the room and disappeared into a part of the far wall which didn't look so wall like at the moment but more misty and moving about.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my home, holding my son? How did you get in here?!" Sven barked angrily.

"Hi grandfather! Don't you remember me, we met less than a day ago... though, I admit I looked about six years older then than I do now... I'm sorry but uncle Alex was crying so I picked him up and then he just stopped crying and started smiling at me, but I thing he's still hungry though so if you'd be so kind as to hand me that bottle on the floor..." the boy said.

"What are you talking about? That was just a dream, wasn't it? ... though strangely my wife seemed to have it too... Now answer my questions properly this time!" Sven said.

"I am your grandson, Thomas. My father is Erik, and you're his father and that makes you my grandfather. No, it wasn't a dream, dad tried to find the soul of a friend of his who'd died and found him in your new son here, my uncle... Alexander, named for Alexander the Great whom he was in his last life, and when dad found that the soul he was looking for had been reborn as his own brother amazingly enough he contacted you telepathically and then I entered into that telepathic conversation too... and I got in here that way" Thomas said and pointed at the spot where the rope disappeared into the misty wall.

"How dare you! Erik is dead! He was murdered nine months ago by Per, the son of the baptist preacher and he was only 16 years old at the time so he couldn't possibly have a son that'd be twelve years old as you look to be... now tell me the truth!!!" Sven said, getting more and more agitated.

"I'm not 12 years old, I only look that old, in reality I was born only a few minutes earlier than my uncle Alex here... as I told you before it wasn't a dream that you had earlier, it was real and Erik and Per told you the truth when they explained that Per didn't shoot Erik... he'd never do that, he loves Erik too much... when Erik died it almost killed him, he was about to commit suicide with the gun that Hans had dropped after he'd killed Erik, but the Thomas I was in my previous life talked Per out of commiting suicide... well, not only me but Peter too and also Erik from the other side" Thomas said.

"I think I must be going cracy" Sven said.

"I hope not, and Alex is still hungry" Thomas said and Sven bent over and picked up the milk bottle and handed it to Thomas without thinking. Thomas put the nappy bottle to Alex mouth but Alex raised a hand and stopped the bottle and turned his head towards Sven.

"Thomas is telling the truth, dad. And be kinder to him he is your grandson after all and my nephew" Alex said and then allowed himself to be fed by Thomas. This proved too much for Sven who fainted.

"Oh dear" Thomas said.

Thomas waited until Alex finished the bottle and then Alex burped without anyone having to pat his back. Thomas put him down into the cradle and laid the empty bottle beside him.

"Thanks!" Alex said.

"You're welcome uncle" Thomas said.

"Before you go, be sure to wake up dad... okay?" Alex said.

"Sure... er... you don't mind if I take something back with me, do you? I'll give it back, I just want to see if it's possible" Thomas said.

"Sure, take that digital camera there, they've been taking way too many pictures of me with it... and bring back some pictures of that other world if possible, maybe they'll believe you then... and another thing..." Alex said pointing at a small digital camera standing on a desk in the corner that looked like it more like it had belonged to Erik rather than being part of the nursery. Thomas realised that he recognised it from that one time he had visited this place in his previous life together with Peter and Per. Thomas picked up the camera.

"Yes?" Thomas said.

"How can I grow up quickly like you have?" Alex said.

"I'm not sure that's it even possible in this world" Thomas said.

"Pity... I wouldn't be grown up the whole time if it was possible, only when I'm alone so nobody will be suspicious you know" Alex said.

"I'll bring Sergio along next time and see if he can't help you with that, okay?" Thomas said.

"Okay" Alex said.

"And I hope you don't mind if I tie this rope to this door handle here so I can find my way back and forth between worlds... and make sure your parents doesn't remove it" Thomas said untying the rope round his waist and tied it to the door handle on the inside of the door to the room.

"Sure thing" Alex said.

"Sven!" Linda cried and ran to her husband who lay unconscious on the floor outside the room and then she looked inside the room and saw Thomas standing there by the door.

"Hello grandmother! I'm sorry, but granddad fainted when he hear uncle Alex talk... I was just about to wake him up" Thomas said.

"It's you! From that dream that Sven and I had... but you looked older then... and you said you were Erik's son... Thomas, wasn't it? Erik was there too and Alex learned to speak and looked as old as you did... it wasn't a dream, was it?" Linda said.

"It was real... well it was all in our minds, some kind of telepathic communication, but it did happen" Thomas said.

"And then it's true what they said? Per didn't kill Erik?" Linda said.

"No, Hans killed Erik and then later Hans and Per killed each other" Thomas said.

"But how can you be here?" Linda said.

"There's this wall of mist surrounding the world where I live together with Erik and Per and Hans and... well there are thousands of people in that world... I decided to explore that mist with a rope tied round my waist for safety reasons and for some reason I ended up here... maybe it's because I'm Erik's son and this was his bedroom... that there's some kind of connection between the person and the room... actually there were a few other locations I looked on and could have entered into like the bicycle trail where Erik died but also his friend Thomas' room and and in the water in the quarry, and I suspect that it's because I was Thomas in my previous life and therefore have connections to those places" Thomas said.

"So... it's some kind of gateway between the worlds somehow?" Linda said.

"Yes... well... the other world exists in a pocket between dimensions, I think... or alternate realities maybe and it's a very small pocket where the mist is the barrier onto these other realities somehow... I don't know... it's as good an explanation as any" Thomas said.

"I don't think I understood one word of that" Linda said.

"Neither did I" Thomas said.

"I did, and it sounds very close to the truth... er, I think dad is waking up" Alex said.

"Ah yes he's fainted again, he has a bit of trouble accepting that our newborn son speaks like a teenager" Linda said.

"Linda, step away from him! He's some kind of burglar or something... probably a junkie too" Sven said as he woke up.

"Don't be silly love, it's Erik's son and thereby our grandson that's come to visit from another world, we should welcome him... don't you see, he almost looks exactly like Erik did at that age" Linda said helping Sven to his feet.

"One day old?" Thomas said.

"No, aren't you twelve... er... no... in that dream... or whatever, you looked even older than you do now, didn't you? I think I remember somebody saying that you're only slightly older than Alex?" Linda said.

"Yes, I'm slightly older than my uncle... it's just that in the world where I live now you can look any age you like just by concentrating on that certain age and you grow older or younger untill you reach that age... but that's only possible in that world I suspect, so Alex can't do the same... yet" Thomas said.

"Good... I don't think I could handle that any more than hearing him speak... but Linda's right, you do look like Erik at age twelve... I wish you could stay here with us but it would raise too many questions with the authorities" Sven said.

"Yes, and then dad would miss me too as well as Sergio... but I guess it would be alright if I came to visit every once in a while? Well I'll be coming back at least once to return the camera" Thomas said.

"Camera? Who told you you could take the camera with you? And why would you take the camera?" Sven said.

"I told him he could... he'll only be borrowing it and return it later" Alex said.

"Well, what does one use a camera for? Take pictures, naturally... Alex suggested I tried to take pictures in the other world and bring them back for you to see... and that made me curious to try" Thomas said.

"That could be interesting. Let me show you how it works" Sven said.

"It's alright, I know how it works... do you have any extra batteries, by the way?" Thomas said.

"How could you know how it works if you're newborn in a world where no cameras exists?" Sven said.

"We told you about everybody being reincarnated in the other world, right and that when you get reborn in that world you remember everything from your previous lives and in my previous life I was Thomas, the friend of Erik and Per who came here together with Peter after Erik had died, remember? Well that Thomas had an identical camera to this one, same make and model and since I remember everything of his life that includes how to operate the camera and the fact that it eats batteries like... I can't think of any comparison... but it does eat a lot of batteries" Thomas said.

"Yes, it does indeed eat batteries... wait a second" Sven said and walked off into another room and then came back after a couple of seconds with several packages of batteries in one hand and then opened a closet and brought out a large back and took out the contents, which seemed to be several pairs of jeans and several t-shirts, a pair of shorts and some swimmingtrunks and a towel.... and then he hesitated for a couple of seconds and put it all back and then put the batteries down into a side pocket.

"Put the camera into this bag and take it with you... and give to your father... he'll tell you about it and it's contents" Sven said sounding as he was about to start crying and Thomas could see that Linda was on the verge of crying too.

"I think I know anyway... I've seen that bag before... the evening when Erik died and I arrived at the scene to comfort Per... that bag lay on the ground in the puddle of Erik's blood... and, yes there's several holes in it too where the bullets passed through Erik's body and into the bag... I don't know if dad will like getting this bag" Thomas said.

"Well, he'll believe you when you tell him you've been here and seen us... it was his bag that he took with him and since he couldn't take it all the way where he went he'll get it now instead... tell him we love him" Sven said, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"He knows that... but I'll tell him anyway... and he loves you too... I love you too... I've gotta go now, see ya!" Thomas said and grabbed the rope and started towards the opening in the wall, carrying the bag in the other hand.

"No, you're not going before giving your grandparents a hug!" Sven said.

"We love you too" Linda said and Thomas turned back and gave them a hug and then he turned around again and walked out of the room, holding on to the rope.

Thomas stepped out of the mist and into the cave where there had only been him and Sergie when he left and now it was full of angry people and standing right in front of him was Erik with his arms crossed and looking much more than angry... he was more like in a state of rage. Just behind and to the side of him stood Per on one side and Thomas' mother Anna on the other and beside her stood Thomas' sister Michele. Near the pillar sat Sergio looking sad, with his mother Rebecca standing over him making it all look like he'd recieved quite a tongue lashing from her and probably from Erik and a few other's too.

"So you came back! Good for you! And bad too, 'cause you'll certainly regret it! You've had us worried sick! You're my son and I don't want to lose you and I know that nobody who's gone into the mist have ever returned 'cause you told me that in your previous life! Don't you listen to yourself???" Erik said.

"Yes, that was an incredibly dangerous stunt.... besides you stole my idea!" Per said.

"Be quiet Per!" Erik said.

"Sorry!" Per said.

"I certainly hope this little 'experiment' of yours proved fruitful and wasn't a complete waste of time and just made us really worried... do you have anything to show that made this little adventure worthwhile?" Erik said.

"Yes, I do" Thomas said and held the bag out in front of him and Erik's jaw dropped as he recognised the bag as did Per's jaw.

"A bag? What's so special about a bag... I hope you've got something better than that to show..." Anna said but Erik held up his hand and she went quiet.

"It's the bag Erik was wearing on his back when I shot him" Hans said stepping forward and looking at the bag.

"What? You mean over there, in the other world?" Anna said.

"Yes... see the bullet holes here and there in the bag? ... and all the stuff I put in it before I left home that last time is here too... except I don't remember putting the digital camera in here... Thomas, where did you get this bag?" Erik said, rummaging round in the bag.

"Your parents gave it to me asking me to give it to you and tell you that they love you... as for the camera, that was uncle Alex' idea... he suggested that I would take pictures in this world and bring them back to Earth when I return the camera which I'm only borrowing" Thomas said.

"And how are you supposed to find your way back?" Erik said.

"Easy, I tied the rope to the doorhandle in your... what used to be your room, it's Alex' nursery now... I hope you're not mad because of that" Thomas said.

"Why should I be, I can't use it anymore... but if I follow the rope I'll come into my old room?" Erik said.

"Yes... but you don't have to go right now... if Sergio only change the structure of that stalagmite or whatever so the rope's in the middle of it and make it into a sturdier material we could keep the rope here indefinatly and walk between worlds as we like" Thomas said.

"Sergio, do as he said... but we'll have to see about indefinatly... for now we should return to the castle and get some sleep for once..." Erik said.

"Sleep?" Per said.

"Or continue what we were doing when we were interrupted again" Erik corrected himself.

"Oh, good! I got a bit worried there for a second!" Per said.

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