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What Dreams May Come, part 5

Written by Adam

Stefan licked up the shaft of Richard's cock and when he reached the top he lifted it to an upright position and played around with the tip of hist tongue on the glans and he could hear Richard's moans of pleasure from the head of the bed. Then Stefan's mouth engulfed Richard's cock and he started moving up and down on it while sucking and licking and occasionally twisting his head slightly making Richard writhe and moan from the intense pleasure of the experience while running his fingers through Stefan's hair and stroking the short hairs at the back of the neck the wrong way and thereby sending waves of pleasure through Stefan's body. After only a few minutes Richard couldn't hold it back any longer and was about to cum.

"I'm about to cum but don't take it in your mouth... just for safety let me shoot somewhere else" Richard said.

But Stefan didn't let go and took the load in his mouth anyway and tried to swallow as much as possible, though some of it dribbled over his chin.

"Hey, I told you not to take it in your mouth... I tried to tell you that I haven't tested myself for a the last six months" Richard said.

"Oh? And when was the last time you had unsafe sex?" Stefan said.

"Several years ago... some time during the late eighties when we didn't know too much about AIDS and how it's contageous..." Richard said.

"I didn't even know I was gay and was too young to be sexually active at that time... I never had to go through that time when all the gay people were so affraid... I've tried to imagine how it must have been, but I can't. But when you tested yourself six months ago, what was the result?" Stefan said.

"I was negative" Richard said.

"Well then, there's no worry... I can take as many loads inside me as I like now... I've always practiced safe sex until this morning... remember I didn't take any in my mouth when I blew you last night and when we fucked, we used a condom... but from now on I don't need to worry, because I know I won't die from AIDS. I've tested HIV negative only a few days ago and since I don't intend to do it with anybody but you I don't have to worry about becoming positive or risk making somebody else HIV negative" Stefan said.

"We didn't have safe sex in that other world, you swallowed my cum there too, though I protested then as well but you just shrugged it off then" Richard said.

"Well, apparently HIV doesn't exist in that world... nobody there has ever had it... those who die of AIDS here and become dreamers during the final stages of the disease are often vegestables here and completly healthy over there and then live on as though nothing ever happened over there when they've died here" Stefan said.

"Yeah right!" Richard said.

"Ask anybody when you wake up there next time" Stefan said.

"Okay. And if what you say is true, what makes you sure that it's not going to happen to you... dying from AIDS complications here and live on there I mean?" Richard said.

"I've been a dreamer for almost a year and that's an unusually long time as I believe I mentioned before so I probably don't have very long time left. When I learned that being a dreamer meant that I was going to die soon I started testing myself for HIV regularly at three month intervalls and has tested negative every time. But still, if I had tested positive it usually takes several years before one develops AIDS, as far as I've heard and since I don't have that much time left I know that even if I were to get HIV I still wouldn't die from it... so when I learned that Michael had suddenly gotten the power of precognition I mad sure to ask him about my death... at first he refused to tell me, saying that I shouldn't know too much about when and how I die and so on but I persuaded him to only tell me what I would die from but not when, where or why and he agreed that it probably wouldn't be any harm in knowing that" Stefan said.

"So, what did he tell you?" Richard said.

"If I tell you, promise me you won't try to prevent it in any way" Stefan said.

"Er, okay" Richard said after some hesitation.

"Blood loss... holes in my body he said too... he refused to explain any further" Stefan said.

"Sounds like murder almost... possibly an accident but murder's more likely" Richard said.

"I thought so too... so if I am murdered and it happens while you're still alive, promise me you'll be on the case and put the guilty person behind bars before you go yourself?" Stefan said.

"I promise. If I'm still alive? Doesn't a person who's become a dreamer before another person also die before that person?" Richard said.

"No, for instance Thomas and Peter where dreamers long before Erik and much longer time but Erik died two days after he started dreaming... two days in this world, that is... while Peter and Thomas lived on for several more days and then Hans and Per started dreaming shortly after Erik died and they died more or less at the same time as Thomas and Peter, I understand" Stefan said.

"Okay, so there's no special relationship between when somebody becomes a dreamer and when he dies in this world?" Richard said.

"Or she, lesbians become dreamers too and die here to live on there, though they end up on the island" Stefan said.

"I'm just a bit confused... if we are boyfriends, which we consider ourselves to be since last time in the other world, how come you only asked about your own death?" Richard said.

"Who said I did? I asked him if we would die together at the same time... give or take a minute or two... and he said no. He wouldn't tell me which one of us dies first but he said that you would go to pieces due to some insane preacher and then he hesitated and said to himself; 'grandfather' and then remembered himself and told me to forget he said that last word... I don't know why though" Stefan said.

"It was Michael that had the precognition, right?" Richard said.

"Yes" Stefan said.

"And Michael is... Per's son if I remember correctly?" Richard said.

"Yes. See, you're learning!" Stefan said.

"Okay, then I know who will kill me... though I don't understand the bit about going to pieces and not how, why or when this will happen... I hope it doesn't mean I know too much" Richard said.

"That depends if you're going to avoid this person now that you know who will kill you" Stefan said.

"I would if I could... but I'll be reopening the murder cases of Erik, Per and Hans soon and then contact with this person will be necessary... And I have a feeling that if I don't open the case of my own choice then something will happen that makes my superiors assign it to me" Richard said.

"So, it's somebody related to that case... wait, you mentioned that Per was one of those whose death you would investigate and Michael, who is Per's son said grandfather... and I believe Per's mentioned sometime that his father is a rather bigotted preacher... oh... okay, meet your fate, but make sure he doesn't get away with murder... see to it that there's evidence pointing to him so he can be convicted afterwards" Stefan said.

"I can't manufacture evidence and it'll be a bit hard to prevent him from destroying evidence after I'm dead" Richard said.

"Well, maybe not but try at least!" Stefan said.

"Ofcourse" Richard said and kissed Stefan.

"Now, where were we?" Per said.

"We were done with the sixtynine and if I remember correctly I was about to get on top of you" Erik said.

"Ah, yes it's my turn to fuck you this time" Per said and lay on his back and let Erik sit astride him.

"I can do you later if you like" Erik said as he lifted Per's erect cock and aligned the glans with his hole.

"No rush! According to my son we have fifteen years to fuck each other silly, remember?" Per said.

"I know, just so you know that I'll gladly fuck you if you want to... I'd do anything for you" Erik said as he felt his muscle give way and he slid down over Per's cock making him moan at the wonderful mixture of pain and pleasure.

"I'll let you know" Per said with a smile and made his first upward movement with his hip and then lowered it and made another thrust upward.

Erik just nodded as he raised himself slightly and then lowered himself again as Per made yet another upward thrust with his pelvis. They continued that way, picking up speed the whole time making Erik moan louder and louder and started jacking his own cock. Per took Erik's hand away from the cock and started jacking Erik for him and Erik instead moved his hands to Per's nipples and started massageing them. The sense of pleasure began at the point where Per's cock rubbed against Erik's prostate and from there spread throughout Erik's body until Erik made a small yell of pleasure and his cock shot a huge load onte Per's chest and his ring muscle started contracting, squeezing Per's cock which in combination with the stimulation of his nipples made Per's cock shoot it's load inside Erik and at this moment a bright light filled the room for a fraction of a second, followed by some giggling from the balcony.

"Peter, Michael, Thomas and Sergio why won't you go to bed like good children? What are you doing on the balcony, spying on us anyway? And erase that picture, you're not bringing that back to my parents!" Erik said as he climbed off Per and walked towards the balcony.

"Sergio, I told you not to use the flash!" Thomas said.

"How should I know that, I've lived in this world in one form or another for six hundred years, I've never even seen a camera before" Sergio said.

"Oh, I forgot that, sorry. Dad, we're not going to show it to your parents, I promise" Thomas said.

"Why do I get the feeling that you've got something else in mind that's worse?" Per said.

"They intend to put it on the internet!" Erik said.

"I have a hard time deciding whose telepathy is most annoying Erik's or Thomas'" Peter said.

"Give me the camera!" Erik commanded and Sergio handed it over without thinking which obviously frustrated Thomas but it was too late as Erik emediatly erased the picture and then raised the camera to his eye and used the zoom to get all four boys into the frame.

"Dad!" Thomas said.

"Say cheese, boys!" Erik said.

"Cheese???" Sergio and Michael wondered making their expressions something else than a smile as Erik took the picture.

"Sex!" Thomas and Peter said instead turning their faces into wide smiles as Erik took the picture.

"Thank you! That's a much better picture to send to my parents. And then there will be no pictures on the internet at all! Sergio and Michael, try to smile the next time you get photographed... I trust Thomas and Peter can explain why I asked you to say cheese. Now, go to bed and get some sleep finally!" Erik said.

"Sure dad! Er... the camera, please?" Thomas said extending his hand to get the camera back.

"No, I'll keep that here with me and take care of the picture taking... you may take a few picture of me and Per tomorrow with some clothes on! And, no Peter, I'm not going to put the camera down so you can take it with your telekinesis" Erik said.

"I've made up my mind, Erik's telepathy is the most annoying" Peter said.

"I don't think your father would appreciate you talking like that, he was a very good friend of mine... and I lost my gay virginity to him" Erik said.

"No, I don't mind at all that my son talks that way about you... and you are still my friend... you were pretty hot that night in the cell... well, you're still hot but that dirty, rugged look like the morning after you've been drunk for a week became you very well" Peter said.

"Go to bed now!" Erik barked, trying to keep a straight face while Per rolled on the bed and laughed.

"Ofcourse! Come on guys!" Peter said and he and the three other boys lifted off the floor and levitated towards the door to the balcony.

"Not by levitation! Walk on the ground!" Erik said.

Peter lowered himself and the others to the ground with a slightly sour face and then they walked to the door.

"Good night dad!" Thomas said before dissappearing through the door.

"Good night" Erik said rubbing his eyes with the back of his hands and yawning.

"Good night dad... and make sure to let Erik fuck you like he promissed!" Michael said.

"That's none of your business. Good night!" Per said sternly but still with the hint of a smile on the corners of his mouth.

After they'd gone Erik put the camera down on the small table beside the bed and put a small glass vase on the strap before he crept up on the bed and lay down on top of Per and kissed him.

"So, are you going to follow your son's suggestion?" Erik said.

"Yes... in the morning! Let's sleep now, we've been up more than 24 hours... remember we couldn't sleep last night in anticipation of the battle... we're dead beat, I can even here your thoughts say that... when you're very tired your brain transmits your thoughts without you being aware of it... come on let's get under the covers!" Per said.

Erik nodded and they got under the covers and were about to fall asleep with their arms around each other they heard a noise of glass breaking. Erik opened his eyes and mostly out of reflex reached out and grabbed Sergio's wrist where his arm had come through the wall to take the camera.

"I thought you might try changing the structure of the wall and take the camera that way... you boys are a bit too predictable sometimes, you'll have to learn to do better during the next fifteen years... you may need to be unpredictable when you fight the dragon that was the Queen... now, let go of the camera!" Erik said telepathically to Sergio as well as Thomas, Peter and Michael.

"Sorry. Good night granddad!" Sergio thought back and let go of the camera and pulled his arm back to the right side of the wall.

"And don't call me granddad! Good night Sergio! And the rest of you boys too" Erik thought.

"You can't really blame them, I probably wouldn't act any differently in their place" Per said.

"So would I. That's why I knew they would come up with the idea of Sergio using his power to get the camera and I have no intention of giving them another chance to take a picture of us having sex... I'm not mad at them, I'm just trying to act responsibly... Hey! Stop laughing! ... Stop laughing right now or I'll kiss you!" Erik said and naturally Per deliberatly continued laughing until Erik kissed him and the kiss went on until they both drifted off to sleep.

Richard pulled his cock out of Stefan's anus and Stefan turned around from standing on all fours to laying on his back and Richard lay down beside him, putting his arms around him.

"When do you have to be back at work... it's not that I want to get rid of you, rather the reverse in fact, I don't want you to ever leave me alone... but it's almost noon and nobody has called you on your cell phone even to ask you where you are and why you haven't come to work!" Stefan said.

"I have the day off so I could stay long at Patricia and get really drunk and not having to worry about being hung over at work today and be able to sleep late... the cell phone is turned off, though I checked my messages when you went to the lavatory... there was nothing urgent, just a message from the D.A. that they're reopening the cases I mentioned before and that I should go directly to Enköping tomorrow morning to talk to Erik's parents... apparently they had called, asking for me... actually I'm supposed to call them and talk to them today and then come visit them tomorrow and talk about them about some rope tied to a door handle and stretching into a wall that's been turned to mist... but I can make the call later and we can spend the day here having sex over and over again... if you want to" Richard said.

"Ofcourse I want to! But right now I'm hungry... let's call for pizza... your cell phone or mine?" Stefan said.

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