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What Dreams May Come, part 6

Written by Adam

Richard opened his eyes and looked around the room. He was back in the castle in that other world. He was lying on his side behind Stefan who was also lying on his side and he had his arms around Stefan from behind. He raised his head to see if Stefan was awake but he wasn't and then he remembered that Stefan had gotten out of bed to get a glass of water back on Earth just after they finnished making love and while he'd been in the kitchen... Richard must have drifted off to sleep.

"Oh dear, where you that tired after making love to me all day? Is that because you're so old?" Stefan's voice said in his head.

"Thanks a lot! I thought you liked older men!" Richard said aloud and without thinking moved his hand over Stefan's well defined six pack.

"Mmm, that was nice... well, what you do to my body there this body feels too... Hans told me that the Queen used to hit his sleeping body in that world when he wouldn't obey over here... as for beeing old, I've been with 60 year old men who've made love to me so I fell asleep from exhaustion while they weren't the least bit tired themselves" Stefan's voice said.

"You mean that dragon? How did it beat him? With it's wings? The talons? Wasn't there a risk it might cause so great harm that he'd die? ... er, are you rubbing my cock over there?" Richard said.

"Yes, I am... and I can see it's having it's desired effect... as for the Queen, or rather former Queen, he's only been a dragon since yesterday, before that while he still was Queen he was human... a six thousand year old human... Egyptian I think and a slave I understand who was seduced by Pharao and murdered by priests... It's morning over there, right? Well it's night over here and I'm not very tired so I need your help to fall asleep here so I can wake up there" Stefan's voice said.

"How?" Richard said.

"Simple, just wake me up over there... wait, let me just lie down in bed with you... okay, I'm turning off the ring now so just go ahead and wake me up" Stefan's voice said.

"How do I wake you up then?" Richard said.

"Use your imagination, I prefer to be awaken by a kiss or a blow job or something like that rather than just being shaken... though what you're doing now with your hand works too, as you can probably see by my erect cock. Turning off the ring now" Stefan's voice said.

"This, but this is just jacking off... how about if I kiss you too?... Richard? .... oh, he turned off the ring... oh well" Richard said and turned Stefan's voice and kissed him.

Letting his tongue slip into Stefan's mouth and moving about Stefan's tongue he noticed that Stefan's tongue began moving and dancing with his tongue and then Stefan turned over to lie on his back and Richard felt Stefan's hand move up behind his head and the fingers of that hand move through the short hairs at the neck brushing them the wrong way so it tickled and that caused him to shudder from the nice feeling. Richard then felt a hand grasp his cock and starting to jack him off too. Then Stefan broke the kiss.

"See, it wasn't so difficult waking me up!" Stefan said.

"Apparently not... I was just thinking, if what you said before is true and I'm gonna die back there on Earth, then this will be my permanent home?" Richard said.

"This world yes, but we don't have to live in the castle... we can get a place to live somewhere in the city if you prefer that... and then I suspect that we can't go on living here in the castle anyway, unless we volonteer to take up duties at the court, but then we'd have to move to servant's quarter's anyway" Stefan said.

"Not necessarilly... oops, sorry... I didn't mean to eavesdrop, I just happen to hear your thoughts as I walked down this corridor. May I come in?" Thomas' voice said.

"Not now, we're just about to fuck" Stefan said.

"Didn't you do that all day on Earth?" Thomas' voice said.

"Yes, but that was the bodies in that world having sex, these bodies haven't had sex all night" Stefan said.

"Okay, sorry... I'll talk to you later then... breakfast is in an hour. Come on Sergio, let's talk to that dragon who snitched on us last night" Thomas thought at the other side of the door.

"Snitched? What did they do? And how could a dragon snitch on them?" Richard said.

"I'm sure we'll find out at breakfast" Stefan said.

"I guess so. I wonder if I could get used to living here or if I'll miss being a cop too much" Richard said.

"We'll find that out when it happens, but one thing's for sure... no two things; you'll have me here at your side and if you like you can look as young as me or even as young as Erik and the others... I'll probably make myself that young... and second; there's nothing that prevents you from being a cop here" Stefan said.

"I can make myself younger? How? Show me!" Richard said.

"We can't do that yet... at the moment we have two bodies each. One body here and one on Earth and they're linked together and since the body over there still is bound by physical laws so is this. Only when we've died there will the link be broken and we can change our physical age at will... and that's all it takes then, I understand; willpower" Stefan said.

"Stop it, you make me wish that death comes quick over there so I may try it. Let's not talk about that now... there was something else that you said that I wanna do instead" Richard said.

"Which is?" Stefan said.

"You said we were gonna fuck... and don't tell me it was something you said to get rid of Thomas!" Richard said.

"No, I like Thomas, he's a nice boy. I said that because I want you to fuck me before we get out of bed and get that breakfast... and I want you to take me from behind" Stefan said and got up to stand on all fours.

"You want me to do you doggy style?" Erik asked.

"Yes, you got a problem with that?" Per said standing on all fours on the bed in their bed chamber.

"No, rather the reverse... I'd like you to do me that way later" Erik said and got up and stood on his knees behind Per.

"Yeah, but you'll have to keep your word from last night first" Per said.

"I never go back on a promise... that's especially important now that I'm supposed to be some kind of king or something here" Erik said.

"Good, and I'm sure longing to get some royal cock up my ass... get a move on!" Per said.

"Yes your highness!" Erik said and put the tip of his glans against Per's hole.

"No, you can't call me that, I'm supposed to call you that, you're the royalty, not me!" Per said.

"No, you're royalty too... we're engaged, remember and that makes you my prince or something... I think... Ready?" Erik said.

"I'm always ready for your cock!" Per said.

Erik pushed and after some resistance his cock slid into Per who gasped at the wonderful feeling of his boyfriends cock inside him. Erik then pulled back until his glans was almost at the opening and then he pushed back in again.and then pulled out just as far as before and continued that way. Per moaned at mixture of pain and pleasure as Erik pounded his hip into Per's buttocks over and over again. Erik lay forward so his chest and stomach was against Per's back and put his arms around Per and started jacking him with one hand. They kept this up for quite some time and then finally Per arched his back and bit his lower lip as the sensation of enormous pleasure spread throughout his body and his cock started shooting it's seed on the cover's of the bed and his contracting ring made Erik peak and start shooting his cum inside Per. They stood there, linked for a while before Erik withdrew from Per and lay down on his back, exhausted by Per's side. Per smiled and then lay down on top of Erik and kissed him, their tongues met and wrestled.

"That's the best fuck you've ever given me" Per thought at Erik.

"Thank you... I think you're getting used to me being telepathic and even make use of it to communicate with me while we can't talk aloud" Erik thought back.

"Yes, it's very handy" Per thought.

"But what if I were to die suddenly or if I should lose the power so only Thomas has it?" Erik thought.

"Michael said that we have fifteen years together so I'm not worrying about you dying... good thing too, because I don't think I could go through that again... being separated from you, I mean" Per thought and then Erik broke the kiss.

"What if we get separated like that in fifteen years time?" Erik said.

"Nope... not for long... Michael said it would only be a matter of minutes... at least less than an hour... and neither of us commits suicide or have somebody execute ourselves like you wanted earlier" Per said.

"Okay. But that's fifteen years from now, let's not think about it now" Erik said and then went back to kissing Per.

"As for losing your power, that's not very likely either... I asked Michael about a few things concerning our individual powers and he said that you'd be using it just before you die... And by the way, Hans asked me to tell you that breakfast is ready, you should get out of bed and get dressed, dad and... well stepdad in a few days" Thomas thought.

"No, you should get out of our heads you naughty little boy" Erik thought.

"And bring the camera" Thomas thought.

"You call your son 'naughty little boy'?" Per said after they broke the kiss.

"He knows I don't mean it that seriously... but it is naught sneaking into other people's heads like that and interrupting them with irrelevant thoughts" Erik said.

"Yes, though it wasn't that irrelevant... I could use some breakfast, I'm starving!" Per said.

"Damn!" Erik said.

"What?" Per said.

"I'm hungry too now, because you said that... and I'd hoped I could stay in bed all day with you" Erik said.

"I also wish we could do that, but we have things to do I'm affraid. First, there's the funerals for Thomas and Peter to attend to, we promissed to get them into the ground today already and then we should take care of Alexander's funeral too, at the same time... well those are the ones we should attend, there are a lot of others who died yesterday and who will have to be burried... and then we have to make the necessary arrangements to have you crowned as soon as possible... preferably tomorrow... we shouldn't have funerals and a crowning the same day and then the day after tomorrow I think is the best day for us to get married" Per said.

"Funeral for Thomas? My son? But he's only a day old and definatly not dead and the same with Peter and my brother who's not even in this world" Erik said.

"Hey, who are you and where's my intelligent boyfriend? I mean our friends Thomas and Peter who were the same age as us and died yesterday, as well as the real Alexander the Great and not your brother who only got his name and soul but not his body" Per said.

"Oh, sorry. Ofcourse. I'm not entirely awake yet" Erik said.

"Yeah, sure... we'd better get dressed and go to the dining room and have that breakfast. I'll get you a few pots of really black coffee so you'll wake up properly" Per said getting out of bed and dragging Erik with him.

"Pots of black coffee? Don't you mean cups of black coffee?" Erik said as he put on his trousers.

"No, pots... you need a lot of coffee. We really should get you some nicer clothes... as king you can't go around in those brown baggy trousers with a rope for a belt... something like the 18th century kings used to wear maybe... you know like in the paintings we had to watch on all those field trips in school to the Royal castles in Stockholm and Haga... No, better still, let's see if any of the Queen's dresses fits you!" Per said, tying the rope that was keeping his trousers up.

"I had a suspicion you might bring those dresses up so I asked this servant boy... one of the Queen's love slaves that wanted to stay as servants... to take them to a dragon and ask it to breath fire on them" Erik said.

"Yes, I know you did, that. I was only teasing" Per said.

"I know you were... but I had the dresses destroyed anyway to be on the safe side... as for 18th century clothes, I don't think so either... I wouldn't mind those leather trousers, though... but I think maybe I should skip the white shirt" Erik said.

"Why?" Per said.

"Well... I think I'll let my boyfriend decide if he thinks I should wear the shirt or if he likes me more sexily with a bare upper body" Erik said.

"Wear the shirt... but keep it unbuttoned, that's one of the sexiest things I know on a guy, especially on my boyfriend" Per said.

"Yes, absolutly... I like that on a guy too... maybe I should ask my boyfriend to dress the same way" Erik said.

"Ofcourse, he'll gladly do that for you" Per said.

"Good. Now, let's get down to the dining room... and let's start adressing each other directly and not refer to each other's boyfriend in the third person" Erik said.

"Agreed" Per said and they left the room.

A couple of moments later Erik came back into the room and untied the camera strap from the bedpost and then left again with the camera.

"Don't you think your brother would have been mad at you if he'd known how you make that extra bit of cash?" the older man in the driver seat of the Volvo s60 that stood parked on the dirt road that lead to the quarry.

"He would've fucking killed me... fortunatly for me he doesn't know... that fucking idiot got himself killed with the asshole Gustav when Gustav crashed his car into the quarry last summer, remember... goodbye and good riddance, Jonas!" the young boy said and waved towards the quarry with his free hand.

"Yes, yes I know... I would never have used that klutz Gustav if I'd known what you could for me... and I don't mean that thing your hand is doing to my cock... take it a bit more easy, by the way, I don't want to cum just yet... so you can get me the cemtex? And the... other stuff... the special mercendice... from Russia, you know" the man said.

"The cemtex is no problem, I already have that... the other stuff is a bit more difficult but I'll get that too" the boy said.

"How come a simple rent boy like you can get that kind of stuff?" the man said.

"The only answer I can give is that I'm not just a simple rent boy... I only do that because I like doing these kinda things and if I can make money off it, well that's even better, father" the boy said.

"Don't call me that, ever... unless you came to my services as a regular church goer, but then I won't know you from here and you won't know me either. Understand?" the man barked.

"Yeah, sorry. I understand perfectly. Though I don't think I'll ever come to your church... especially since I know what you intend to do to your congregation... heh... considering what you want to do, I think I should move very, very far away from this town as soon as you get the merchendise" the boy said.

"Good. But let's stop talking now... I'm gonna fuck you in a moment, but first... well we've done this so many times before so I don't think I need to tell you" the man said.

"Certainly" the boy said and bent over and took the man's cock into his mouth.

As the boy sucked the man's cock he thought; "but considering that I'm a dreamer crossing between worlds, I don't think I'll make it out of this city before it turns to ashes."

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