Disclaimer: If you're under age to read stuff about guys having sex or if you find it offensive, your society finds it offensive or illegal then stop reading now! This story is completelly fictional, as are all the characters.

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This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

What Dreams May Come, part 7

Written by Adam

In the darkness of the woods the car rocked as though it was going fast on a bumpy road, though it was in fact parked on a dirt road that lead to a shear drop into a quarry. Neither the external lights nor the light inside the car were lit since that could make it possible for somebody to notice the car there, where no car should be. The only illumination was the moonlight coming in through the wind shield on this clear night and the angle at which it shone in made the light fall on the young boy's bare butt and the older man's hip and cock as he fucked the young man. Then a different light shone into the car, a beam from a electric torch. The pair in the car stopped fucking.

"Shit! What's a fucking cop doing here at this time of night? Hurry, get out of my car!" the man said as he quickly pulled out of the boy and buttoned up his fly sitting down in the driver's seat again. The boy started pulling his jeans back up too.

"No way! I'm not going to let you cheat me out of my money... you fuck my ass you have to pay for it, dude!" the boy said sitting down in the passenger seat.

"You'll get the money next time! That cop must not find me in my car with a prostituted boy! Now get out!" the man said.

"I haven't done anything wrong, it's the person who pays for sex who's the criminal one nowadays. So as long as you don't give me any money it's okay, but I'll stay in the car until I get the money I'm owed" the boy said.

The police officer reached the driver side window and knocked on it with one hand while shining the torch into the car with the other. The man turned the car key in the ignition slightly so the electric windows could operate. This also caused the headlights to turn on and the radio starting to play. There was a brief intro to a song mostly on piano and then the man turned the radio off before Gloria Gaynor could finish the first line of 'I Will Survive'.

"Well, well, well. It's almost midnight and who do we find in a parked car on an abandoned road, if it isn't reverend Svensson and... well, hello Claes! Surely you don't expect me to believe that the reverend has saved you from your life of prostitution to a whole new life in the service of God! Has the reverend given you money for sex?" the police officer said.

"No sir, he hasn't" the boy said.

"I'm not sure I believe that either. Reverend, would you be so kind as to step out of the car?" the police officer said.

"Why, certainly" the reverend said and opened the car door and stepped out of car with his hands up.

"Oh, there's no need for that, you can take your hands down. But I would like to see... " the police officer until he was rudely interrupted by a bullet passing through his chest from the gun the reverend had suddenly got, seemingly out of nowhere. There was hardly any noice from the gun as it was equipped with a silencer.

The police officer felt his chest and looked down at his bloodied hand in surprise and then fell over dead. The reverend walked over and bent down to take the policeman's gun when he heard the car door slam shut behind him and as he turned around he saw the rent boy Claes with a terrified look on his face push the lock button down which caused all the doors to lock as it was a central locking system and then he twisted round to sit in the driver's seat and started the car. Just as the reverend aimed the gun at Claes the boy stepped on the gas pedal and the car rushed forward and drove on towards the quarry. The bullet that the reverend fired with the intention of shooting the rent boy turned car thief went through the next window and hit the back seat's neck support. As the car disappeared round a bend in the road another torch was shone in the reverend's face at first and then moved down to shine on the corpse at his feet. The dead police officer's partner was just about to tell the reverend to freeze when he was also shot to death by the reverend.

"Hey police officers! Don't fuck with me, I'm above your law! I only follow God's law and I do what he tells me to! You were in His was so he told me to send you to that hot place where you belong!" the reverend said and if anybody had been there to see he would have noticed something about the reverend's eyes that would have told him that the reverend was totally out of his skull. Maybe. It would be a question of having time to look into the reverend's eyes before he killed that watcher too for being a witness.

Claes drove the car round another bend in the road and then stepped on the breaks in panic as he saw the edge in front of him and the drop into the quarry where his older brother and the brother's friend Gustav had died nine months earlier. Claes didn't want to end up the same way though. If he'd remember to hit the clutch as well the engine wouldn't have stopped and the ABS system would have worked. Instead the locked wheels slid on the loose gravel until the front wheels slid over the edge and there the car stopped and began sending Claes forward though the balloon in the steering wheel inflated and softened the blow. Claes blacked out for a few minutes.

The reverend dragged the first cop to the side of the road and there he undid the cop's trousers and pulled them and his underwear down to his ankles before he turned the corpse over to lie face down and then he dragged the other cop over next to the first one and pulled down his trousers too, the same way before he layed him face down on top of his partner to make it look like they'd been fucking. When the reverend was done arranging the corpses he started walking along the road towards the quarry to reclaim his car. He knew that there was nowhere that the car could go away from there except back the same way it had come and he knew it hadn't crashed into the quarry 'cause he would have head that. He was mad at the boy ofcourse but he couldn't kill him... yet. The boy was going to get him a few items he needed to create his own little judgement day and send the, in his eyes, sinful city to kingdom come.

Claes woke up and looked around the room that was filled with daylight. He got out of bed and walked over to the window and looked out at the view over the castle and the rest of the city. A great number of dragons were lifting from the the castle towers with riders on them and flew towards the sorceror's home... presumably to investigate the murder of the old man. Claes smiled to himself knowing he had succesfully erased all evidence pointing at him just the way he'd been instructed to by André before he'd left for the nursery to kidnap that Sergio boy on the island yesterday morning. Suddenly Claes felt extremly tired and he remembered his predicament back on Earth and rushed back and lay on the bed where he fell asleep emediatly.

The reverend got to the crest of the hill and looked down the short slope to where his car was balancing on the edge of the ravine. He cursed to himself and started walking towards it, the gun still in his hand.

Claes opened his eyes and saw only something dark gray. Then he lifted his head and looked about him and more or less automatically he began fumbling for the door handle and after a short while he found it and opened the car door. He crawled out sideways from the narrow space between the seat and the inflated collision protection balloon and when he got free he more or less fell out of the car to land sitting on his knees in the gravel, gasping for breath. Then he noticed the shoes in front of him and the legs stretching up from them and he looked up at the reverend who put the gun barrel to Claes' forehead. Claes just shrugged.

"So this is my time! Go ahead and pull the trigger, see if I care! I'm sure you can get the cemtex from somebody else, but I doubt you can find somebody with the connections I have. Nobody else can get you that special something that you need... which makes the cemtex seem like a fire cracker" Claes said.

"You die, you die and you go to hell!" the reverend said.

"Isn't that what Mr. Garrison sometimes say on 'South Park'?" Claes said.

"Shut up!" the reverend said.

"Sure, but I won't go to hell, I'll just go to a different world where your son lives happily with his boyfriend Erik" Claes said.

"How dare you!? Per was never gay! He's a hero for executing that faggot pervert Erik!" the reverend said.

"Considering how much you like to fuck little rent boys like me I'd say your a faggot too... and much more perverted than Per" Claes said.

"Shut up! What the fuck are you up to? You want me to kill you now?!" the reverend said and hit Claes on the side of the head with the gun barrel.

"Since I'm dreaming of that world I know that I'm going to die within the next few weeks, possibly months... and I figure that I'd rather die from a bullet in the head than burn in a thermo nuclear detonation or die from radiation poisoning afterwards" Claes said.

"Really? Well, tell me who your contact is so I can go to him and get the plutonium instead and then... I'll send you to your eternal damnation at Satan's place" the reverend said.

"Ah... well... the thing is, my contact is very suspicios against people he doesn't know coming to ask him about his plutonium which he officially doesn't have... it took ages before he began trusting me and actually believed me when I told him I had a buyer for it... well, you know how it is... old KGB colonels who's gone into the maffia business on their own, smuggling Russian girls to Sweden and forcing them to prostitute themselves and then in a vain but stupid attempt to help little Saddam a bit they get hold of some miniscule amount of plutonium that they can't possibly get to Saddam who can't afford the price he's our Russian friend is asking... so, simply put... if you kill me you'll have to make do with the cemtex and only kill the people who happens to be in the building" Claes said.

"Fine! But I'm about to make things a bit difficult for you... I'm gonna report my brand new car stolen and when it's finally found in the quarry, they'll find your fingerprints in it... also I'll report that my .44 revolver has been stolen, and when it's eventually found it too will have your fingerprints on it and balistics will prove that it's the gun that killed two policemen that are lying dead over there... you're a cop killer now, son... oh yes, it will also turn out to be the gun that killed one or two faggots that you happen to bump into before the cops catch you... and if you say that you're going to die soon, I guess that means that you won't let them take you alive" the reverend said as he brought out a handkerchief and wiped the gun with it before he gave it to Claes.

"Gunned down by cops? I guess I could live with that... sorry, slip of the tongue... I guess I could die like that" Claes said taking the gun and stuffing it down at the back of his trousers.

"Now, help me here!" the reverend said and walked over to the rear of the car and grabbed the rear bumper.

"Er... you can't lift it free like that... and didn't you say it was going to be found in the quarry?.... oh, we're going to tip it in, sorry" Claes said and walked over and helped the reverend lift the rear of the car until it slid over the edge and fell down into the water where it slowly began filling with water and sink.

"There, now... get out of here! I'll walk another way so if anybody happens to be watching where the dirt road ends we're not seen together" the reverend said.

"What about the money?" Claes said.

"What money?" the reverend said.

"You're not getting any free sex from me, you made me blow you and then you fucked me, now pay your dues!" Claes said.

"You little bastard!" the reverend said and reached inside his jacked, but what he was looking for was gone and when he looked back at Claes he looked right into the barrel of his own gun.

"Looking for this? Forgot you just gave me this? Oops! Oh yeah, you forgot to mention one crime I did!" Claes said.

"Murder of a baptist priest" the reverend said.

"No, not that drastic... then my friend would lose the buyer for his plutonium... no, you just forgot to mention that I robbed you of all the money you had on you and your cell phone... and the ironic thing is that I robbed you with the gun I 'stole' from you" Claes said.

"Here's my cell phone and here's my wallet, take it all and use it well" the reverend said, handing over the things. Claes stuffed the phone into a pocket and then opened the wallet and took out the money.

"Thanks, but I'll make do with the cash... it's more than enough here, as I can see" Claes said.

"Take the cards too" the reverend said.

"No use, you'll just call the bank and cancel them so they won't work and then I'll get arrested if I try to use them... I'm not stupid, you know!" Claes said.

"Well, I'm not taking the wallet back, I'll tell the bank and the cops that you took the whole thing" the reverend said.

"Fine, whatever... can you swim?" Claes said as he threw the wallet over the edge.

"Ofcourse... you want me to jump? Come on, it's March the water will be freezing" the reverend said.

"Yes. You know, it's true what Leo told Kate in 'Titanic' about cold water. Jump!" Claes said and cocked the hammer of the gun.

"I never saw that movie, but I guess I'll find out what it's like anyway... I'd say 'see you in hell' but I'm not going there when I die so... I'll see you when you deliver the merchendise" the reverend said and then dived from the edge.

"That's what you think, but somebody who intends to blow up a whole town in the belief that it's the will of God like you do, won't go to heaven... and I sure as hell hope I'll never see you in the other world!" Claes said quietly and then walked along the road and back into town all the way home where he crashed on his own bed and fell asleep emediatly.

On the way he saw the two dead cops the way that the reverend had arranged them and became even more certain that the reverend would end up someplace hot. Where the dirt road began a deserted patrol car stood parked and over the radio he could here the dispatcher asking the police officers to report in. Claes felt tempted to walk over and say something over the radio about how those cops weren't likely to report in ever again, but decided against it. He was more interested in getting over to the scene of the murder he actually had commited in that other world and see how that homicide detective who had turned up yesterday did in trying to find any evidence of who had killed the old sorceror.

Claes woke up again and got out of bed and put on the clothes he'd hung over a chair before he walked out of the room and down the stairs and through the deserted inn to the door. He would have returned to the cot he'd been given in the castle but that wasn't possible since everybody were up at the time and running around and shouting things about the Queen having returned as a dragon but was held captive by the king and so Claes had turned back and gone to the old inn which now didn't have anybody to run it which meant there would be nobody there. The only reminder of the previous owners was a patch of blood in the middle of the floor where one of them had been killed by Hans yesterday.

Richard walked around the corpse of the dead sorceror and took another picture of it with the camera he'd borrowed from Erik who stood in the door with Per beside him and their arms around each other. Michael managed to squeeze his head in and look briefly before Per pushed him back again.

"I don't want you to see this, it's pretty gruesome" Per said.

"Dad, I knew him... I even did it with him once, though that was about 300 years ago... so I'd like to see what was done to the poor man" Michael said.

"Now that I am a father I'd like to be allowed to act in a fatherly way every once in a while... and hopefully be a better father to you than my father was to me" Per said.

"Anybody can be a better father than reverend Svensson... sorry for saying so, but it's the truth" Erik said.

"Yes, it is so you don't have to apologise... he was no father to me he was just a bigotted pig" Per said and kissed Erik on the cheek.

"The memory of this camera is full... I took as many pictures as I could without erasing any of the pictures you had taken of yourselves for your parents... and grandparents... so how will you get the pictures and the camera across to Earth... I don't think the camera is magical so it can cross over like the rings" Richard said.

"No it isn't, and it can't. Didn't we tell you at breakfast how Thomas brought it over to this world?" Erik said.

"I think so... something about some mist around the world and a rope, but I didn't understand much of it..." Richard said.

"Fine... we'll show you tonight when Thomas walk back with the camera... and possibly a few others might try to cross over... I wanted to make an attempt but Valodja protested that since I'm King I shouldn't take any risks like that so Hans volonteered to try it first... Are you finished here? We have these funerals to attend" Erik said.

"Yes, there's nothing more I can do here... if Thomas has already crossed over safely why wouldn't it be safe for you? By the way, we should keep this room sealed for the time being, is there any way of doing that?" Richard said as he walked out of the room.

"Sergio, could you seal the room so nobody can enter or leave, please?" Erik said.

"Sure" Sergio said and as Richard watched the windows disappeared and became wall as the opening in the fire place and finally the door to the room.

"Er... that should do the job... interesting, where have you learned to do that?" Richard asked.

"From the sword that belonged to my father before me... The sword gave me the power to manipulate matter... any matter, like living tissue so I can heal wounds as I did to Stefan yesterday, remember? My father, Thomas had the same power... come on, let's go to his funeral now" Sergio said.

"Thomas? I thought he was telepathic... funeral, he's standing... no, wait... your father, Thomas? Oh, I see... never mind... but please do answer my previous question of why you think it might not be safe for Erik to cross over to the other world the same way that Thomas... the living Thomas, I mean... already has" Richard said.

"I'll explain on the way, come on let's go! Hi Claes! What's up? Where have you been hiding by the way, I haven't seen you since last evening" Erik said after almost having collided with Claes who tried to enter the house just as Erik tried to walk out through the door.

Hans made a curteous nod to Claes and then leaned over to Valodja and whispered something to him while looking at Claes the whole time. Claes on the other hand only returned the nod and then went on to talk to Erik and Richard.

For quite a while I've felt that WDMC was sort of running along at a slow pace without purpose, but then as I wrote the ending of the last chapter I finally realised that it was because I'd forgotten an important ingredience: Villains! I'd forgotten to put them in... well, I'd indicated that Per's father would be involved or even be the main villain but he hadn't made any single appearance yet, but that problem has been solved now... I hope! ;o)

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