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This part contains some graphic voilence but as usual it's only what's necessary for the story.

What Dreams May Come, part 9

Written by Adam

"Yes dad, what is it?" Thomas said.

"Hans and Richard just stated a wild theory that your crossing to Earth last night would have caused you to have bodies in both worlds and that you would now be a dreamer again" Erik said.

"Which would mean that I would have been awake at least once on Earth since my initial crossing over?" Thomas said.

"Yes, that seems most likely" Erik said.

"No, I haven't woken up over there... I would have noticed having become a dreamer again" Thomas said.

"Again? You were born in this world, weren't you? You've never been a dreamer... have you?" Richard Said.

"Not in this body no, but you seem to forget that I remember my previous life as the Thomas who was Sergio's father and he was a dreamer for a record long period, so there's a lot of memory of what it's like being a dreamer... Don't mention it. You can't be expected to remember who's reincarnated as whom and who remembers what" Thomas said.

"Sorry, I forgot that you were that other Thomas reincarnated and... oh... " Richard said.

"Yes it is. Shame on you Thomas!" Erik said.

"Isn't it sort of bad manners for a telepath to read somebody's mind without telling them they've got their telepathic powers on and answer their questions before they ask them... and don't say 'shame on you Thomas' because you just did it yourself!" Richard said.

"Yes, I did, and I'm sorry... I can't help it, it's my sick sense of humor" Erik said.

"Your sense of humor isn't sick. Not the least bit sick compared to the Queen's so called sense of humor" Hans said.

"The Queen had a sense of humor?" Per said.

"So called sense of humor... he demonstrated it to me once" Hans said.

"Let me guess, he had somebody decapitated and then started laughing and said 'just kidding'?" Erik said.

"Guess? Didn't you just read Hans's mind?" Per said.

"No, because he didn't get it quite right... at least not the incident I witnessed... the Queen didn't laugh and then after he said that he walked up to the corpse and kicked on it saying 'Hey! I was only kidding, didn't ya hear? Get up!' and really expected the poor guy to just put his head back on and laugh it off" Hans said.

"It sounds like that Queen fellow was the regular psychopath... very mentally unstable, to say the least" Richard said.

"Yeah, why else do you think I called him 'Psycho Boy'when he kept me as his sex slave" Hans said.

"Excuse me?" Richard said.

"The Queen tied him up and raped him with a knife to his throat constantly when he was awake in this world while he was a dreamer and then forced him to do things on Earth while he was asleep here" Erik said.

"Like shooting Erik?" Richard said.

"No, I wasn't a dreamer yet when that happened, but it's true that the Queen was in some way manipulating me even then" Hans said.

"But I sugest you tell Richard all about that later this evening! We've arrived at the cemetary and it's timewe have a small memorial service for our fallen friends Thomas, Erik and Alexander... and there will be other memorials after we're done, a lot of people died yesterday, but we will only attend this one... where's the priest?" Erik said.

"There really isn't any clergy in this world, uncle... well once, when I was a dreamer in my previous life, the Queen had a notion that he would name some guy priests and ordered them to worship him... the Queen... as a goddess and make everybody else in this world worship him too ofcourse, pretty much like the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were considered gods... fortunatly nothing much came of this notion... the priests that the Queen chose didn't want to be priests, and certainly not worship him... I remember that shortly after he explained his idea to those guys that he'd selected they walked straight out to the courtyard and placed their heads on the chop blocks..." Sergio said.

"They knew that he would execute them for refusing so they did that to... save time..." Michael said.

"And being a Nubian slave in Egypt and selected by the young Pharao at the time to be his secret lover he remembered the Pharaohs being considered gods" Erik said.

"Fine, but let's get back to the business at hand shall we? If there's no priest, then how does this burial thing work? And who's going to do Erik's and Per's wedding ceremony... actually, have you two set a date for that yet?" Hans said.

"The burial or memorial... the two are really the same thing, is usually just the person's closest friends stepping forward and tell people how they remember the person or persons being buried... and the wedding... well, usually the sorceror had some kind of wedding ceremony he used to hold, but he's dead now..." Michael said.

"Didn't you say he passed on his powers to you?" Peter said.

"Only his ability to see into the future. That doesn't give me the right to perform a wedding... actually, considering Hans' current position in the court it's his duty to perform both the wedding and the crowning and the latter should be done as soon as possible... it should have been done yesterday, but this afternoon will have to do..." Michael said.

"Er, I can't do that! I don't know how to perform any of those ceremonies! ... Although it would be an honor to hold your wedding" Hans said.

"Good, then it's settled, you will marry us... well hold the ceremony" Erik said.

"But I said that I don't know..." Hans said.

"Nobody does... not since the sorceror died" Michael said.

"So, how am I supposed to...?" Hans said.

"Invent one!" Thomas said and patted Hans on the back.

"And don't forget that you've got a nice boyfriend to help you!" Pak said.

"I'd appreciate any help you can give!" Hans said and hugged Pak.

"Right! Let's remember Thomas, Peter and Alexander now, and then Hans will make it official that I'm king of this place and then... Per, what do you think of tomorrow?" Erik said.

"Why do you ask me? You could just read my mind! ... and in view of what you said to the detective here, you have my permission to read my mind" Per said.

"Yes, but I wasn't going to ask you if you wanted to go on a picknick on the island" Erik said.

"You weren't? Then what were you thinking of doing tomorrow? I mean, as far as Michael told me there's going to be perfect picknick weather tomorrow" Per said.

"There's always perfect picknick weather in this world silly! It's always summer and clear blue sky here!" Erik said.

"Yes, that's what I said to dad when he asked me about the weather tomorrow" Michael said.

"Thanks a lot!" Per said to Michael.

"Dad, does that mean that you'll have an outdoor wedding tomorrow?" Thomas said.

"Wedding? You haven't said anything about getting married tomorrow" Per said.

"Well, I haven't been given the chance to ask you properly. Thomas, you're not supposed to read other people's minds without permission, especially not mine!" Erik said.

"Sorry dad" Thomas said.

"Per, will you marry me..." Erik said and put his arms on Per's shoulder's with his hands together behind Per's neck.

"I've already said I will marry you, you don't have to ask me again" Per said.

"Stop teasing, and stop interrupting me!" Erik said putting his nose against Per's nose.

"Yes, your majesty" Per said.

"And don't call me that... Will you marry me tomorrow?" Erik said.

"Gee, I don't know, I've gotta walk the dog..." Per said.

"We don't have any dog" Erik said.

"Go to the grocery store..." Per said.

"No you don't have to do that, you're the king's boyfriend remember" Erik said.

"Oh, so you don't want to be called 'your majesty', but then you point out that you are king... actually not yet, but still and..." Per said.

"Answer me, do you want us to get married tomorrow?" Erik said with a smile that said that he did see the humor in it so he wasn't that serious.

"I don't know, I think I'll be washing my hair tomorrow... or maybe..." Per said but then Erik started tongue kissing Per and this went on for quite a while.

"Wow, you sure know how to shut a guy up" Per said when the kiss finally ended.

"I've learned from the best... remember that evening at Thomas's house when we'd practiced swordfight? You shut me up the same way then" Erik said.

"I'd rather not think about that day" Per said as a very sad look suddenly crossed his face.

"Oh ofcourse! ... Damn! ... Sorry" Erik said and hugged Per.

"Why is that? That sounded like something that should be a joyeous memory" Richard said.

"Probably because that was less than an hour before Hans here emptied the gun into Erik... quite a traumatic memory to Per even though they're together again now" Thomas said.

"Maybe we should wait with the memorial until another day?" Erik said.

"No, I'm fine... Yes" Per said wiping a tear off his cheek with the back of his hand.

"Yes what? Elaborate a bit please, we're not all telepaths here" Hans said.

"Yes, we'll get married tomorrow, love... now, let's say goodbye to our dear departed friends" Per said.

"Hey, Peter and I are right here and Alex is now my uncle, remember!" Thomas said.

"That is not funny, Thomas... behave or you'll have to go to bed without desert!" Erik said.

"Sorry" Thomas said.

They all started to move into the cemetary, except for Richard who tapped Thomas' shoulder.

"Excuse me young prince" Richard said.

"Pleases, call me Thomas... Yes?" Thomas said.

"Stefan told me about how an object has to be magical in order for it to move with me to the other world when I go to sleep here and wake up on Earth..." Richard said.

"And you have an object that's not magical that you want to bring over to Earth?" Thomas said.

"Yes... unless semen is magical" Richard said.

"Er, no, I don't think so... why would you want to bring that over anyway?" Thomas said.

"This vial contains a sample of sperm that I took from the sorceror's lab and I'm quite certain that it's not the sorceror's, but in fact belongs to the person who murdered him" Richard said.

"Why would the murderer's semen be at the crime scene... unless ofcourse they had sex first? Oh no... oh, that is gross!" Thomas said making a really grossed out grimace.

"What is?" Stefan said.

"I think young Thomas here just realised where I got this sample from" Richard said.

"I don't get it" Stefan said.

"From inside the sorceror... and there was no blow job... yuck!" Thomas said.

"Unfortunatly I had no forensics team to do... the dirty work for me..." Richard said.

"Yes, Thomas was right, that IS disgusting!" Stefan said.

"And now you want to bring the sample to Earth to do a test to see if it matches any genetic material you have on file?" Thomas said.

"The chance of that is really extremly small... the murderer could be from a different part of the world and thousands of years old" Stefan said.

"But your boyfriend's instincts are telling him it's a dreamer and even from Sweden.... actually, the person he's suspecting is from the same town as my dad and Per as well as Sergio's late dad.... me in my previous life, that is..." Thomas said.

"Yes... but you shouldn't say too much about this... now, considering that you brought that camera over here last night without any problem..." Richard said.

"You want to take that sample across to Earth... and give it to... to you?!" Thomas said.

"Yes, I've been asked to go to Enköping when I wake up on Earth next time and visit your grand parents in order to set the record straight regarding their son's death... so they'll show that Hans killed him and not Per as it says now... so we should be meeting on the other side tonight" Richard said.

"And if you're not there when we get to the other side and have to leave quickly?" Thomas said.

"Give it to your grandfather and ask him to give it to me" Richard said.

"Okay" Thomas said.

"Hey, Thomas what are you hanging around there for? The memorial is about to start!" Sergio said at the gate to the cemetary.

"We're coming now!" Thomas said.

"Yeah let's go" Richard said and all three went for the gate.

As Richard walked inside he looked about him at the view. The cemetary was located at the top of one of the cliffs that make up the city and had a magnificent view of the harbor and the castle. At the center of the cemetary there were three open graves, side by side and in them lay the corpses of Thomas, Peter and Alexander. Thomas's head had been put so it didn't appear to be severed at all... actually it seemed it had been stitched back on the body though the stitches had been concealed. At the head end of each grave was a lump of marble, each as high as a man... or in other words, slightly taller than a teenage boy . Sergio was standing by the one over Alexander's grave and the marble was changing shape, to Richard's amazement and after a few seconds it was a lifelike statue of Alexander. Then Sergio did similar statues of Thomas and Peter. When the statues were finished Erik spoke up.

"Right, I guess we can start then..." Erik said and then a strange boy rushed through the crowds screaming and plunged a sword into Erik's chest.

"Death to the pretender to the throne! Long live the Queen!" the boy shouted and then rushed off toward the gate but Valodja stepped in his way and plunged his own sword into the boy's chest.

"Oh, my God! Erik! Don't die on me again! Sergio, come quick and heal Erik! Sergio! ... Sergio? ... Where did Sergio go? Thomas, where's your boyfriend? We need him! He was just here doing the statues! .... SERGIO!" Per said holding Erik letting him rest his head in Per's lap.

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