Nifty Disclaimer - This story is a work of fiction and contains scenes including sexual relations between people of the same gender. If this isn't your cup of tea, or is illegal where you live, please do not read. Any relation between fictional characters and real people is purely coincidental.


Do Over

Chapter 12

By DK Stories


[Good Morning.] Tyatya said the next morning as I entered the kitchen where she was making breakfast. She spoke in Russian, and so quickly that I had a little trouble keeping up with her. [Tomorrow you will get up with Trevor for morning chores, but today we let you sleep in. Do you like fried ham?]

[Thank you.] I responded, and then had to ask her what the last word was before I understood she'd meant fried ham. [Please, ham is good.]

[Did you finish your homework last night?] She continued to ask me in Russian and I had to puzzle out the past tense before I understood it correctly.

[I still have some geometry to end.] I said, and she corrected me both on geometry and the word 'end', teaching me the word for 'finish'.

[Get your books and you will finish while you eat.] She told me and I complied, heading back up to my room. I dug out my geometry book and binder for homework and headed back down. Dyadya was there when I returned and nodded in approval as I started on the homework. There was one problem I couldn't quite understand, and he moved across the table to help me, putting down his coffee and newspaper. His explanation was in Russian, and I had to ask for him to clarify several words, and then repeat the numbers back in Russian, but for some odd reason when I did that, I had no problem figuring out the problem. Trevor came in while we were working on it, and smiled.

[So, you chose to speak Russian?] He asked me, and it was the first time he'd really spoken Russian to me since seventh grade. I just grinned and nodded. Mrs. Rush drove us to school, and she drove worse than her husband, leaving me white knuckled several times as she muttered in Russian, and I recognized a few cuss words in there. Trevor just watched me with a wide grin, seemingly calm in the back seat of their car.

"Hey you." Brian said as we entered the main entrance of the school. His arm was around my shoulders instantly and he gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Hey stud." I responded, smiling. A few people in the halls stopped and watched us, but most just ignored us by now. There still weren't any audible slurs, and I reflected on how different two huge football players had it compared to regular kids who got labeled 'gay' in high school.

"Dude, he's like all talking to them in Russian already." Trevor said to Brian who just shrugged. "Dad asked me again last night where he'd learned Russian and I told him I don't know. Just be glad he won't ask you directly."

[Yes, I don't think he'll like hearing I took it for two years in college.] I joked, in Russian and Trevor laughed while Brian looked confused. I whispered the translation into his ear and he laughed. It was game day, and as per tradition we were all wearing our team jerseys over our shirts. Jay, the senior starting quarterback sneered at us as we passed him on our way to the cafeteria, but didn't say anything out loud. The rest of our teammates greeted us cordially as we sat with them, and when Sean appeared, and then hesitated, no one said anything negative as Brandon motioned him into the open seat between him and Trevor. The talk before the morning assembly was all about the game, and what we could expect from Oakdale. Blood lust was high in the air, and none of it was focused on anyone in our school, just our opponents.

When it came time to get ready for the assembly, we left with the team while Sean made his way alone towards the theater where it was being held. As the team headed towards the stage door, Thomas, one of the linemen, turned to Brandon and looked at him for a long moment. A shiver went down my spine at the look he gave Brandon.

"You seem to like that little gay kid a lot." Thomas said to Brandon. "Is he like your boyfriend or something?"

"Not yet, but I'm hoping so." Brandon said smoothly, and about half the team stopped dead in their tracks, their eyes on Brandon.

"Shit, you're gay too?" Reynolds said with a laugh. "Does this mean we get to scrimmage against you next week?"

"Fuck, don't tell us you're gay too." Thomas said, turning to Trevor.

"No, I like girls too." Trevor answered and Thomas breathed a sigh of relief. From the looks on everyone's faces, they'd totally missed the real meaning of Trevor's statement and just assumed it was a statement of total heterosexuality.

"Did they convert you?" Thomas asked Brandon, nodding his head towards Brian and I.

"Fuck no, they won't let me touch either of them." Brandon said with a snort. "I even look at Brian the wrong way and Davey snarls, I look at Davey and Brian gets ready to tear my head off."

"So why are you gay?" Thomas asked. At least he wasn't saying 'fag'.

"Fuck if I know." Brandon said with a shrug. "I just know I want to find out if Sean's freckles cover his entire body."

"That's sick." Thomas said with a snort and then he looked around at the rest of the team with gleaming eyes. "If there's anyone else who's gay on the team, speak up now so we aren't fucking surprised by it later."

"Who cares?" Reynolds spat back. To my surprise almost everyone else grumbled agreement with Reynolds statement and that seemed to end the discussion.

For the rest of the day, everyone's attention was focused on the upcoming game. It was a big deal because Oakdale was also undefeated so far this season, and whoever won the game would lead the division. The Varsity and J.V. teams had both lost a game each, so everyone was really focusing on the freshman team. Okay, everyone who cared about football, which was almost half the school.

Practice that afternoon was short, little more than a run-down of the offensive and defensive plays we'd be using. Tyatya picked up Trevor and I, taking us home for a light pre-game dinner before we headed back to the school. She told me, in Russian, that Trevor had told her tonight was my anniversary with Brian and that they were not expecting me home until Sunday morning when we would go to an Orthodox church service. I hadn't known there was a Russian Orthodox church in town during this time so I just nodded and told her I'd be home by eight that morning. I rushed upstairs and packed an overnight bag to take with me to the game.

Brian was waiting for us outside the locker room at five-thirty. The game started at six. The J.V. team was playing an away game tonight, and the Varsity would play after we finished, around eight. The parking lot was already packed and this was going to prove to be one of our better-attended games. Nearly five hundred students were showing up, along with parents and relatives. The Varsity game wasn't even going to be this crowded. When the three of us entered the locker room, Brian with his arms around me as usual, we were greeted by a huge surprise.

"Happy Anniversary!" About half the team shouted as we entered. There was a big cake set up in the middle of the room, and it said 'Happy Second' on it. My eyes must have been as big as saucers, because I'd had no fucking clue this was going to happen. Reynolds stepped around the cake and smiled so that his white teeth contrasted sharply with his pitch-black skin.

"We didn't know if you boys would be able to celebrate later so we all chipped in and bought you a cake." Reynolds said, still grinning madly.

"Fuck!" I gasped out.

"Not here, we'll clear the locker room after the game though if you can't get together." Brandon joked and the room erupted into either laughter or shouts of 'no way in hell'.

"We've got plans." Brian said in a choked voice.

"No cake before the game." Coach Halpern said from behind us, making me jump slightly. "No cake after the game either if you lose."

"You hear that boys, we have to fucking win before we can eat!" Reynold shouted and there was a matching shout back at him. While we got dressed in the shiny dark blue uniforms that were our home game outfits, I kept on sneaking looks back at that cake. I'd expected maybe grudging acceptance from the practice earlier in the week, but this was way beyond grudging acceptance. The bruises I had on me all suddenly seemed worth it, and when I looked at Brian's face, I knew he was thinking the same thing.

About the time we were all dressed, even those that came in later than Brian and I, Coach Halpern showed up for the pre-game talk. He did his usual routine to get us fired up, and then went over the expected plays and Oakdale's known weaknesses. Then his face got real serious.

"I just got done talking with the Oakdale coach before I came in here." Halpern said seriously, his gaze focusing on Brian and me. "He said he was quite confident his boys would whip a team full of fairies."

"Fuck him!" Thomas shouted from the middle of the pack. "Breckenridge and Jones will kick all their asses!"

"Hell yeah!" Most of the guys shouted, or something close to that.

"That's what I told him." Halpern said with a smile. "That's why I want to teach him a lesson. First time they're on defense, I want either Jones or Breckenridge to teach his boys they can hurt them. I don't care if we take a penalty, just don't get thrown out of the game."

"Davey'll do it." Brian said loudly. "He's the fucking sneak."

"Hell Yeah!" Reynolds shouted, and most of the team started shouting my name out, making me blush slightly. We piled out of the locker room as they started the announcements introducing the team, doing the typical high school pre-game show. I was pumped, and when we lost the toss, giving Oakdale first reception, I felt my blood really start to boil.

"Jones." Coach Halpern called my name and I went to stand by him. "First play, make one of them hurt if they say something. I'm pretty sure they will, but make it look like an accident and try not to do anything permanent."

"It won't be anything permanent." I assured him and he nodded as the kick-off started. I hit the field after the receiver was tackled just shy of the twenty-five yard line. When they came out of the huddle and we lined up against each other, the guy opposite of me sneered.

"Well, if it isn't the Downey team fag." The Oakdale player sneered while I just stared at him. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the ball move and surged forward. After two steps I acted like I'd slipped on something and fell head forward, my helmet crunching squarely into the Oakdale player's crotch. Even with the cup he was wearing, two hundred and ten pounds of football player had hit him squarely there, and he went down like a sack of potatoes. I fell on top of him and rolled so my helmet was near his.

"Fuck with this fag and you'll hurt for the rest of your life." I sneered to him just loud enough for him to hear over the whistles of the referees who were throwing down penalty flags. I raised my voice then. "Dude, are you okay? I'm so sorry, I fucking slipped and didn't mean to hit you, dude, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, back off son." One of the referees said, putting his hand on my shoulders. I stood, careful not to smile as the Oakdale coach came onto the field to see to his player, who was now curled into a ball. We took the ten-yard penalty and I wasn't thrown out of the game since the referees agreed it wasn't intentional. The Oakdale Coach was nearly thrown out as he kept arguing with them, and the stands were nearly silent as the exchange happened on the field. Coach Halpern had a very hard time hiding his smile as all the referees insisted it was nothing but an accident.

The new player Oakdale put opposite me didn't even open his mouth when play resumed, and as I lowered my head before hitting him, he bounced away and to the left, leaving the quarterback totally unprotected. The poor quarterback never knew what hit him as I brought him down with a hard tackle. He even fumbled the ball, and Brian, who was a few seconds later than me getting through their line picked it up, running eighteen yards for our first touch down.

Over the course of the next four quarters, Brian and I got eighteen sacks between us, and Oakdale ended up pulling their first quarterback before half-time for fear of him getting hurt. Three of their players were ejected from the game for intentional illegal hits on either Brian or me. Brandon scored three more touchdowns, and I recovered a fumble to score another one, knocking down four Oakdale players who tried to get in my way. Oakdale, the toughest competition we had that year, fell 48-0 without ever having scored a point.

The celebration in the locker room that night was extreme. Almost none of the cake was actually eaten as it became used for a massive food fight that only stopped when Coach Halpern walked in with an older man dressed in an expensive suit. The coach escorted the man to where Brian and I were trying to shove cake down each other's pants and cleared his throat.

"Judge Thompson, this is Davey Jones." He said after he'd gotten our attention. I blushed immediately, held out a cake-smeared hand, pulled it back and tried to wipe it off on Brian's towel while the judge laughed.

"Don't worry about it, son." Thompson said with a laugh.

"The judge is a Downey alumni and big supporter of our foundation." Coach Halpern said sternly, but he was still smiling.

"Damn good playing out there tonight." Thompson said to me.

"Thank you, sir." I said with a smile.

"I take it this guy next to you is your Brian?" He asked me.

"Yes, sir, this is Brian Breckenridge." I made the introduction as smoothly as I could with cake worming its way down the crack of my ass. "Brian, this is the judge who handled my case yesterday."

"It's nice to meet you, sir." Brian said, holding out a hand he'd just cleaned on my towel. Judge Thompson took it and shook it with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you as well." He said. "You two made short work of their quarterbacks tonight. I look forward to seeing you both on Varsity."

"Thanks." Brian said with a blush that I could feel my own face matching.

"Well, I understand you two have been together for two years tonight, congratulations, and enjoy it." He said with a smile. "You've certainly earned a victory celebration."

"Thanks." I said lamely, and he turned to leave, talking with Coach Halpern.

"Shit, that was your judge?" Reynolds asked when they'd left.

"Yeah, it was." I said with a shake of my head in disbelief.

"Damn, man, you won't have shit to worry about now." Reynolds said with a wide smile. I could only hope he was right.

We eventually got showered, dressed in slacks and nice shirts since we were being taken out to dinner by Brian's parents along with Brandon's and Trevor's, and the four of us headed out. As expected, the six parents were waiting for us in a small group off to the side, but not expected was my mom and sister standing with them. Jenny saw me, screamed out my name and ran towards me. I lifted her easily and she hugged me tightly.

"You were awesome tonight!" She screamed, nearly deafening me in one ear before I set her down.

"Hey, Sis, what are you doing here?" I asked her. "It's good to see you."

"Mom let me come to the game to watch you." She said with a big smile, and I could see Mom nervously approaching us. I gave her the hug her eyes were saying she wanted and I could feel her sob gently.

"You played well tonight, Davey." She said, her voice muffled slightly by the hug.

"Thanks for being here, Mom." I said and she shook slightly. "How are you holding up?"

"It's not easy right now." She said, pulling out of the hug and wiping her eyes as she stared up at me. "Your dad's awfully upset. Are you doing okay? Trevor's parents said you're staying with them."

"Yeah, things are okay." I said honestly.

"Well, you be good for them." She told me sternly and I just nodded. "We have to get back. Your dad went to a prayer meeting and he's supposed to be home soon. He doesn't know we came here."

"Thank you for coming Mom." I said with a tight throat. "It really does mean a lot to know you were here."

"I love you, Davey." She said gently. "I just wish we could all be happy together."

"I know, Mom." I said, her words echoing through my memories of the last conversation I'd had with her in the time before, the night before she went into a coma and never woke up again. "Eventually things will get better. Just know that no matter what, I love you and I always will."

"I love you too." She said and reached into her purse, pulling out several small picture frames. "I thought you might want these for your new room."

"Thank you." I said softly, looking through them quickly. One was of her, another of Jenny, one of our entire family from four years ago, one of Nanny and Papa, and another of Grandma with Aunt Bev.

"Your dad had to spout off to Nanny and Papa and they're a little angry with you right now." Mom said sadly. "He's also got Grandma all riled up but your Aunt Bev threw him out of the room and threatened to run over him with her wheelchair if she came near him. Try to give her a call sometime if you can."

"I will." I promised.

"You can also give me a call at work, maybe?" She asked me gently and I nodded. "You know, Dr. Erickson talked to me today. He was quite upset about what happened with you."

"How did he know?" I asked. That was the doctor she worked for.

"Your friend, the doctor in San Francisco called after he heard from Brian's parents." She explained. "You never told me you helped me get that job."

"It wasn't important." I said with a shrug.

"You've always tried to watch out for me and your sister, haven't you?" Mom asked me in a very quiet voice. "You did that when it should have been me watching out for you. I'm sorry I didn't stand up to your father, but I don't want to divorce him either."

"Mom, you have to do what is right for you and for Jenny." I said to her softly. "I can take care of myself. I'll be okay, and I'll always love you."

"I love you to, son." She said softly. "You enjoy that dinner tonight."

"Thanks." I said as she moved off into the parking lot. Jenny gave me another hug before she ran after Mom. I had tears in my eyes but Brian's arm around me helped, as did the looks of sympathy from Tyatya and Dyadya, and the others.

"Whose hungry?" Mr. Breckenridge asked and laughed at the stares us four boys gave him. I rode with Trevor in Tyatya's car. Dinner that night was at the new Black Angus, and we all four ordered the largest cut of Prime Rib they offered.

"So, Davey, you have to tell us, was that first hit of yours intentional or not?" Mr. Walker demanded as we tore into our slabs of beef. We'd already gone over the game in detail twice and no one had yet asked that question.

"Um, I slipped, really, honestly." I said in as fake a tone as I could manage. Dyadya leaned over and whispered something in Russian to Tyatya and I wondered what it meant. I'd have to ask Trevor later. Everyone was laughing though, having gotten the truth from my tone, not my words.

After dinner, I rode in the back of Brian's parents' car. Trevor and Brandon were going to the after-game party, but we had no desire to go. Instead, Mom and Dad B were dropping us off and then going to a movie, followed by a romantic night at a hotel for the two of them, leaving Brian and I the house to ourselves. There'd been a lot of discussion between them about our relationship, and after two years they were willing to admit we were giving every appearance of being in it for the long haul, and so they were relaxing their restrictions…a little.

"Boys, we've decided something." Mr. B said as we pulled into the driveway and before Brian and I got out. "You two have been together for two years now, and while you're a little too young for some things still, we both agree that if you want to…explore a little more than we've allowed in the past, well, we won't object. Just…just don't take it too far, if you understand what we're trying to say."

"We do, Dad." Brian said with a lilt to his voice. "Thanks."

"Enjoy yourselves tonight." Mom B said with a smile. "Just make sure the house is picked up by the time we get home. We'll be by to take you to San Francisco at ten."

"Got it." I said as Brian opened his door and I scooted over to follow him out. "You guys have fun tonight as well."

"So, we have permission now." Brian said with a tilt of his eyebrows that sent me wild. The car was pulling out and I just smiled.

"Race you to the door." I shouted, forgetting it was locked and he had the key. I still beat him though, and was tugging his shirt out of his pants while he fumbled with the key, planting kisses on his neck.

"Stop it." Brian muttered as he failed for the third time to get the key into the lock.

"Fine, I'll just go back and see what Trevor's up to." I joked, faking the start of a turn away. Brian just growled, grabbed me with one hand, got the key into the lock and opened the door, dragging me with him.

"You're not going anywhere near that slut." He growled at me, shoving the door shut with his foot and pulling me against his chest. We were face to face again, and I shivered in anticipation of the kiss we were about to share. When it came, I shivered again. His breath was sweet from the after-dinner mint, and his tongue ghosted against mine in the most tantalizing way. He was a damn good kisser, and I moaned, thinking of how some bitch had used him in a previous life. His hands drifted down over my butt and squeezed it gently.

"Go into the bedroom." He said gently after breaking the kiss. "I left something in there for you to wear."

"Oh, we're playing dress up?" I asked him coyly and he just smiled.

"I'll be out back when you're ready." He said softly. I smiled, claimed his lips for a quick kiss and went into the bedroom. There, lying on the bed was the same wrestling singlet he'd had me wear the first time we'd messed around, two years ago. There was no jock strap or anything else, just the singlet so I stripped out of my clothes, taking my time, and struggled into the old singlet. It was tight, very tight, and my erection felt slightly pinched, but I maneuvered so that it was pointing up and to my right and wasn't as uncomfortable. It was somewhat surprising I fit into the old garment, I'd grown several inches and filled out with a lot of muscle mass, but it stretched enough to fit, even if it was very tight. Taking a glance in Brian's mirror, I had to admit I looked pretty damn hot.

By the time I got outside, Brian was lighting the last of a ring of candles surrounding the wrestling mat he'd set out in the back yard. It was chilly, but not so cold as to be uncomfortable, and he had a blanket spread out in the middle of the mat, along with a bowl of strawberries, a bowl of dipping chocolate, and a bottle of wine with two glasses. He smiled at the sound of me opening the sliding glass door, and my erection twitched at the sight of him wearing the old singlet he'd worn on that day. When he straightened up from lighting the last candle and leaned back on his heels, I could see he was as hard as I was.

"You know, if you throw me wrestling, those candles are going to burn." I said softly and he smiled in the candlelight.

"I had a different form of wrestling in mind tonight." He said just as softly and I moved to join him, bending over and kissing him as he wrapped his arms around me and gently lowered me to the mat. I rolled over onto my back, and he lay on top of me, his tongue deep in my mouth. His body, through our clothing felt so damn good I almost lost myself into an orgasm right then and there. He must have been feeling the same because he pulled back from the kiss and whispered into my ear. "Oh god, I'm ready to shoot already."

"So am I." I whispered back and we both laughed softly. He teased my hair away from my forehead and planted a kiss there, before stretching to grab a strawberry, dip it in the chocolate and then feed it to me. It was damn good, but him licking a drop of chocolate off my chin was even better.

"I love you Davey Jones." He whispered to me as he threw the half-eaten strawberry aside. I reached up and hugged him closer to me.

"I love you too, Brian Breckenridge." I said softly. He rolled off of me and I was suddenly cold. He grabbed the glasses of wine, handed me one and moved so he was now leaning on his left side, facing my right. I took the glass of wine and rolled onto my right, so that we were facing each other, threading my topmost leg between his.

"Am I worth it?" He asked me quietly a look of concern on his face and I furrowed my eyebrows in an unspoken question. "Am I worth your family falling apart? When you came back in time, when you found yourself twelve again, you wanted nothing more than to keep your family together, and then you met me. Now, well, now you're like kicked out of your house, your mom and dad are fighting, and your family's falling apart."

"I think it would have happened eventually." I said with a sigh, staring into his beautiful blue eyes as I spoke. "No matter what I did, unless I lied to myself and to them and pretended to be someone whom I'm not, this would have happened some day. It's kind of like what I said about AIDS, it was the pain of that event that brought about good changes. Well, my family has to go through pain now to become better. I can't make my parents become better; they have to choose that. At least now it's not Jenny who's feeling the worst of it, bearing the brunt of things, it's me and I can take it a lot better than she could. You, you've been my rock during this whole thing. I don't think I could stand it without you here. What I'm worried about is you, is this too much for you? You don't have the years of experience I have to draw on. Being outed at school, having everyone know about us, when in your original life you were never known as gay, is what we have worth it to you?"

"I don't remember any other life." Brian said softly, his gaze never wavering from mine. There were tears in his eyes though. "All I know is that I have something I've wanted. I have someone who loves me, who I love, and who treats me with respect and who I don't have to worry about going and sleeping around on me, or anything like that. Dad had 'the talk' with me when I was eleven. He told me that the thing he appreciated most was that he'd always been faithful to Mom, and she to him. They'd dated a few other people in high school before they started going out, but they'd never done anything more than kiss another person. That helped them stay faithful to each other, to stay together, and I knew that's what I wanted."

"Does it bother you that in my other life, in my memories, I'd been with other people?" I asked him with a worried tone.

"You told me it was another life, and it was." Brian said softly. "You told me that in that life if you'd been given a second chance you wouldn't have slept around like you did, and you haven't, have you?"

"I haven't even been tempted." I said softly. "I care about you too much."

"Sometimes when you talk about your old life, your voice changes and you seem like a different person." Brian said softly. "I don't know that person, that's not the guy I'm in love with. I know he's a part of you, but he's not you, so those things he did, well they don't bother me like they would if you were to do them now."

"Thank you." I said quietly and he smiled, holding up his wine glass.

"So, a toast." He said with a smile. "A toast to two awesome years, and a lot more down the road."

I clinked my glass against his and drank the sweet dessert wine down. I could feel it entering my system quickly. We kissed after the toast, and threw the half-full glasses off the mat before we dropped them and spilled them where we were lying. As we kissed, my hands roamed down the front of his chest while he kneaded by butt like he loved to do. When my hands reached his erection, I remembered we now had permission to 'explore' and took the initiative.

Brian groaned softly as my kisses moved down his jaw, and along his neck to his pecs, all the while my hands began to stroke his erection and his balls. When my tongue reached the nipple that was barely covered by his tight singlet, he let out another moan and his hands fell off of my butt as he rolled onto his back. I followed his movement without losing contact with his skin, and was on top of him, my mouth moving lower and lower. When it reached his waistline, his hands found my hair and gripped tightly.

"Oh god, yes." Brian moaned as my lips moved past his waistline for the first time. I'd come this close to his erection before, but never like this, and my gentle kisses against his crotch, through the tight singlet drove him to moan and thrust his hips upwards. When my lips finally came to rest gently on the head of his cock, and my tongue reached out playfully to tease him, he thrust with his hips again, his hands pulling my hair even tighter, and wet spurts thrust out from his cock as it expanded and contracted with his orgasm. His entire body was shaking as he jerked in the throes of passion and I moved my hands to grasp his butt and push his cock tightly against my mouth. "Oh fuck, oh god Davey!"

"You liked that?" I asked him as his orgasm sputtered out, moving my body so that I was in full contact with him as my face came level with his. His eyes were glazed.

"God yes!" He muttered softly.

"It's a good thing we're so young." I said softly.

"Why's that." He breathed heavily, smiling up at me.

"Because since we are, I don't have to wait for you to recharge." I said, pulling the straps of his singlet off of his shoulder. He let out another moan as I began to kiss his now totally bare shoulders. I could feel his cock, which had been softening, jerk back fully hard and couldn't help smiling as I continued to kiss him. His chest was starting to sprout hairs, and I knew he'd have a decent mat of dark hair there before too long. I also knew I'd never sprout more than a few hairs, and hoped he liked smooth skin almost as much as I would enjoy his chest hair. That was neither here nor there, though, as I continued to move down again with my kisses, this time stripping his singlet off as I moved closer and closer to his crotch. He lifted his hips as I reached that sensitive area and I pulled the singlet down about his thighs.

His sperm glistened in the candlelight where it hadn't been soaked up by the singlet, and I licked it off first, getting a low moan and a twitch of his erection for my trouble. My own cock was aching inside my singlet, but I was focused on him, and when I took the pink head into my mouth, he moaned so loud I knew the neighbors would be complaining tomorrow. He was cut like me, which really made no difference, because his erection had been growing over the last two years and now outsized mine. I knew I'd reach six and a half eventually, but his was already seven, and it wasn't finished growing yet. I almost gagged as I moved to deep throat him, barely remembering to breath right, but he didn't notice as his hands again rooted themselves in my hair.

He lasted longer this time and I got to explore how it felt to have him in my mouth. It was wonderful, and nothing I could remember even came close by comparison. It was like having heaven inside my mouth and I let myself dream what it would be like when he one day made love to me fully, but that was not the present, and I wanted to focus on making him happy. My hands roamed up his chest as I pulled off his cock slightly, letting my tongue tease the base of his cock head while my hands found his nipples. I tweaked them as I moved down his cock, this time taking it without any gag reflex at all. The moan he let out this time was so low, so full of passion, that when he started tensing and his orgasm shot down my throat, I felt my own shoot into my singlet. Both of us jerked in the throes of the moment, but my mouth stayed locked around his cock until it had stopped spurting. His hands in my hair pulled me upwards until his mouth met mine and we kissed more passionately than I could remember us having done before.

"You're mine." Brian said as he broke the kiss, and I looked into his eyes to see them flaring at me, burning with a passion that was way beyond what I'd expect from anyone our age. "Now, tomorrow, for the rest of our lives, you're mine, Davey Jones. I don't ever want anyone else."

"I'm yours, Brian Breckenridge." I agreed, totally consumed by the passion I saw in his eyes. He pulled me into a fiercely passionate hug that threatened to crush the breath right out of me, but I didn't mind. He could crush me to death right at that point and I'd let him.


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