Nifty Disclaimer - This story is a work of fiction and contains scenes including sexual relations between people of the same gender. If this isn't your cup of tea, or is illegal where you live, please do not read. Any relation between fictional characters and real people is purely coincidental. All work is copyrighted to Dan Kirk © 2004

Do Over

Chapter 22


“General, about Brian…” I said twelve hours after the second Berlin Blockade had begun. O’Keefe looked at me with tired eyes as my voice drifted off. I was as exhausted as he was, but I refused to go to sleep just as he did. So far, he hadn’t made it an order for me, but that would happen soon. I swallowed and continued. “Do you think he might be safer with the civilians instead of here?”

“Already thought of that, son.” O’Keefe’s voice was tired but he did smile slightly. “I think he’ll be better off here in the long run. If things get bad and we bug you out, you can try to take him with you. It’s four in the morning, head down to your room and get some sleep. If they were going to move today they already would have.”

“Yes, sir.” I said tiredly and left the command room. General Maxwell was now rotating his troops out for sleep and had headed out to get some of his own a few hours ago. After some discussion it had been decided one of the two Generals would be in the command center at all times, so they were going to take twelve-hour shifts from now on. They had also assigned two military policemen armed with M-16’s on a rotating shift to guard me at all times. The two on that assignment now followed me out of the room and I realized I had to ask them for directions. One of them smiled before leading the way.

Brian was awake and pacing back and forth in the small room we were sharing. The door hadn’t even closed before he wrapped me in a too-tight hug, planting kisses on my neck and face. When we broke the hug, I sat down tiredly and began to unlace the too-tight boots while he peppered me with questions.

“What the fuck’s going on?” Was his first one, followed by more before I could answer. “What the hell are you doing dressed like that? Why do you have a gun? Where have you been? All they’ve told me is not to leave this room unless someone comes and gets me. I tried poking my head out once but got yelled at by some soldier down the hall with a rifle.”

“Slow down.” I said tiredly and he stopped, but his every muscle was standing out with tension. I pulled off the tight boots with a sigh of relief and stood, going back to give him another hug. Then I pulled off the uniform shirt, leaving it on the chair and pulled him with me towards one of the beds. After I laid down, he climbed into the single bunk with me. It was tight, but we fit as long as we lay on our sides and faced each other and I was not going to complain about that now. Instead, I just ran a hand down his t-shirt clad side and over his jeans before pulling him closer to me. “I love you, Brian.”

“I love you too, Davey.” He said with a hint of exasperation. “Now, what the fuck is going on?”

“This was all a trap to lure me here and take me away.” I said succinctly and Brian gave a horrified gasp. I just closed my eyes so I wouldn’t have to look at his face. “The guy we interviewed was KGB, not a scientist. He demanded that I be turned over to him and forced to follow him across the border. To back up his demands, the Soviets have initiated a blockade of West Berlin and are building up troops at all the gates. They’ve also jammed all communications so we can’t talk to Washington.”

“Shit, they can’t think our side will give you to them, can they?” Brian asked in a weak voice. He reached around and pulled me tighter to him. “I mean, they won’t risk war over you; that would be stupid.”

“I think they’re thinking we won’t risk war over me.” I said softly. “If it was up to me, I’d take my chances and not risk war, but the President gave General O’Keefe other orders.”

“Good for him.” Brian’s voice was extremely protective at that moment and I sighed before leaning my head forward, onto his shoulder.

“You’re not the one who hundreds of people might die over right now.” I whispered to him. “If shooting starts, all the people who die will be because of me.”

“Sometimes you are plain stupid.” Brian snorted into my ear and I pulled back, opened my eyes and stared at him. He met my gaze evenly. “First of all, lover boy, you didn’t set this all up, you’re not the one giving orders, other people are. If people die, it is their fault, not yours. Second of all, we’re talking about people taking my boyfriend here and probably killing him. I’m all for them protecting you, trust me.”

“Thanks.” I muttered only slightly less miserably. He chuckled and began rubbing my back while continuing the hug. It felt good and I relaxed against him.

“So what’s the plan if the shooting starts?” He asked me.

“If it looks like we’ll be overrun before reinforcements can get here, you and I will be put into a jeep and then try to get across the country side.” I said. It was lame, but it was the best they’d come up with so far. Trying to take a jet would be pure suicide. We’d be shot down before we got into the air. “They’ve got mobile surface-to-air batteries planted all around this building to prevent air strike, and ever damn tank and soldier in West Berlin has dug in around this place. They’re pretty sure if shooting starts, Washington will see it on satellite pictures or from reconnaissance planes they’ve more than likely launched. If they see shooting, General O’Keefe’s pretty sure they have instructions to send fighter planes to wipe the sky clean of ever Soviet jet with fighter-bombers after to take care of troops on the ground. Then they’ll probably get a plane in and get us out.”

“Get you out, you mean.” Brian emphasized. “I’m probably in the ‘it’d be nice’ category.”

“Brian…” I started to say but he cut me off with a kiss.

“Don’t worry about it, I happen to agree with them.” Brian whispered and I just leaned my forehead against his. His hands moved from my back to my chest and I felt a different kind of tension rising. “You know, this ‘military’ thing might be good after all. I mean, you look fucking hot right now.”

“Oh god.” I murmured as his hands stroked down to rest on the pants I was wearing. He just chuckled as he slid down the bed and began to fumble with my fly. “They’re buttons.”

“I see that now.” He muttered softly as he finally got them open and took me into his mouth. He knew exactly what buttons to push on me, regardless of the problems he had with the ones on the uniform pants, and he was pushing them in a way that said he was looking to get me off quick. It worked too, because I swear it was less than five minutes before I gripped his hair tightly and took over, pumping deep into this throat as my orgasm hit me. When it was over, he crawled back up to smile at me, but I was already drifting off to sleep, pushed over the edge of it by the orgasm he’d been so kind to give me.

It was less than four hours later when I woke up. Brian was still in the narrow bed with me, also asleep and a look of peaceful slumber on his face. I smiled fondly remembering how he’d gotten me to sleep and slowly caressed the front of his jeans. His morning erection made me wonder if he was dreaming about me and I unbuttoned them in order to free his erection.

It was still tough, especially with the narrow bed, to get him into my mouth around the braces, but I managed it after some careful maneuvering. He groaned in his sleep, calling out my name and I felt a warm tingle all through my body. Brian was dreaming about me, and that was a good thing. I felt his cock throb a minute later so I began to pump the four inches not in my mouth with my hand. Sure enough, the throbbing gave way to his orgasm and I could taste his cum as it shot against the back of my throat. When it was over, I carefully pulled him out of my mouth and looked to see if hewas awake.

“Fuck, I love waking up with you doing that.” He said, grinning at me with nothing but pure happiness in his gaze. It was his favorite way to wake up, he’d told me many times. It didn’t matter if it was two in the morning, he’d had a bad day and was exhausted, if he woke up with my mouth on him and him blowing his nut, he’d be happy as can be. Not once had he come close to complaining about me waking him up that way and I’d done it a few times in the early morning hours just to see if he would.

“I love waking you up that way.” I told him gently and moved up on the bed so we could hug each other.

“I was dreaming about rubbing my dick all over your ass in those pants.” He murmured cheerfully into my ear. “You’re buying about five pair when we get home, okay?”

“I’ll mention it to General O’Keefe and have him help me get real ones from the Army PX instead of the civilian kind.” I said in agreement and he smiled. “I’ll get you a pair too.”

“You know something I like about you, Davey?” He asked and I couldn’t help but make a joke.

“Besides my dick and my ass?” I asked back. “Um, my sparkling personality?”

“Dick, yes, ass, yes, sparkling personality? You don’t have one.” He retorted easily and we both laughed softly. “No, it’s that you never make fun of me about when I ask you for weird stuff.”

“Weird stuff?” I asked with a little confusion. “Um, you haven’t asked me to tie you to a Joshua cross and shave you from your neck to your toes, and I’m not going to, I like your hairy chest.”

“Not that, silly.” He said with another laugh. “You do like my chest even though it’s getting kind of furry?”

“Fuck yeah.” I told him firmly. “I like the feel of it when I rest my head on it, it’s like an extra pillow, and they keep your smell, too and I love that.”

“That’s a relief.” He said softly. “I was worried you weren’t going to like it, I mean you’re all smooth on your chest and I know I like it that way. Are you going to grow a lot of hair there too?”

“No, I stay pretty smooth, although a few stragglers do come in on my chest.” I said just as softly, just enjoying the moment even though we were still wearing clothes. It was just us, and there was nothing wrong with the world for these few moments. “They’ll be easy to shave off and keep shaved off. I’ll even have them lasered when they start that up.”

“Lasered?” He asked.

“Laser removal, it’s supposed to be near-permanent.” I answered. “Oh, it’s not for another ten years at least.”

“That’s good.” He said as he hugged me tighter for a second. “No, what I meant by you not making fun of me for weird stuff is when I say stuff like you buying those Army pants. Back at our two year anniversary I had us dress up in those too-small wrestling singlets, hell I got us in them the first time I seduced you, and you’ve never laughed at me when I jump on you after practice or a game because your uniform gets me hot.”

“Some guys have a uniform fetish.” I said with a shrug. “There’s nothing weird about it, and I sure as hell don’t mind getting you all horny so you want to make love to me. In fact, now that you’ve pointed it out to me, I’ve got a lot of good ideas.”

“Why do I have the feeling I might live to regret this conversation?” Brian asked me softly, but he didn’t really mean it, I think.

“Because you probably will.” I said. “You’ll never know what you’ll find when you come home: a wrestler, a baseball player, a policeman, or a firefighter.”

“Not a firefighter.” Brian said with a laugh. “Those clothes are too bulky. But maybe you’ll find one when you come home?”

“That would be nice.” I agreed with a soft smile. A knock on the door called us back to reality though, and I got out of the bed to answer the door. A soldier stood at the doorway, rifle slung over his shoulder and he looked at me for a moment before speaking.

“General Maxwell wants you in command.” He said with a frown and I nodded, moving to where I’d put the boots and pulling them back on, not hiding the grimace of discomfort. They were just a tad too small for me. When I put the tunic back on the soldier frowned again and I realized his name matched the one on the uniform I was wearing and he was pretty much the same size as me.

“Sorry, orders.” I said by way of explanation.

“Horner already told me.” He said with another frown. “I want them back before you leave, that’s my inspection uniform and boots.”

“I’ll try not to scuff them.” I said and he just nodded before leading me out. His partner followed behind us also with his rifle slung over his shoulder and this time I memorized the route we took. The command room was dimly lit and General Maxwell was standing over the map, frowning fiercely. He looked up when I came to stand by him.

“Reporting as ordered, sir.” I said, hoping it would put him at ease a bit for me to act like a soldier instead of a civilian. He just nodded though, showing no real reaction.

“General O’Keefe is asleep and I don’t want to wake him for this.” Maxwell said, handing me a note. I opened it and read a quick demand for the return of the ‘Soviet Citizen’ and the ‘war criminal David Jones’. “I know what my response will be, but I have to wonder what you could possibly have done to be branded a ‘war criminal.’ You’re fifteen, right?”

“Yes sir.” I said softly but firmly. “I’ve done nothing that makes me a war criminal and what I have done, I can’t discuss.”

“I seem to remember seeing you on television with a Soviet defector at the White House a few months ago.” Maxwell said slowly. “You weren’t even born when they defected, but I still can’t help assume it has something to do with them. Is that other young man with you their son?”

“No sir, and I’d respectfully remind you that we aren’t supposed to speculate or even think about certain things.” I said with as much respect as I could voice.

He looked at me for a long moment and then nodded. “You play soldier very well.” He said. “But Army enlisted men salute indoors.”

“Sorry sir.” I said snapping a smart salute and trying to keep from smiling. He returned the salute with a smile, though.

“You also salute like a soldier.” He said.

“Good teachers.” I said simply, letting him assume from there.

“If you wear the uniform in here, you will behave as if you’re in the army.” He ordered me firmly and I just nodded. It was typical of military officers. They didn’t like civilians playing soldier and when they had to accept it, they usually said something like this, from what I’d seen twice before in my future life.

“Has anything changed, sir?” I asked him quietly as he wrote a single word on a piece of paper and waved a junior officer forward to take it. It was a one-word response, and its historical significance should be readily apparent to the Soviet commander. When offered surrender by a German commander in WWII, surrounded, with almost no hope of winning, an American general had replied with one word: nuts. He had held out and once reinforcements arrived, it was the German commander who had surrendered. I couldn’t remember the American officer’s name, or even his rank, but I did remember that reply to a demand for surrender. Maxwell was telling the Soviets that he would fight to the bitter end, and believed reinforcements would arrive in time to save the day.

“Not even a single step forward by their troops.” He said in reply to my question. “They are just sitting there and it’s a staring contest. Jamming was broken for about ten minutes an hour ago. I’m pretty sure we had fighters from West Germany sortie in, but no shots were probably fired or we’d have been under attack. We did get a voice message from Brussels. It was firm orders to surrender no personnel under our protection, by which I am certain they mean you, and orders to not fire unless fired upon. You can be sure every diplomatic and military effort is being considered right now, although I can’t imagine how one boy would be worth starting World War Three over.”

“The first one was started over someone with noble blood who really wasn’t all that important when you got right down to the basics.” I pointed out. “Wars aren’t started over logical things. I just hope one doesn’t start now.”

“Don’t be getting any ideas about sneaking out and giving yourself up to them just to stop it from happening.” General Maxwell said sharply and I met his gaze squarely.

“I won’t say the thought hadn’t occurred to me, General, but I’m not suicidal and I’m not about to disobey my own orders.” I told him and he nodded. “If World War Three starts, it won’t be because I started it, but because they did in an attempt to achieve their own goals. Yeah, I’ll feel guilty for however long I survive in ground zero, but I won’t rack myself with guilt that I started this. I didn’t, they did.”

“Are you planning on West Point when you finish high school?” He asked me speculatively and I shook my head.

“If I was going to go into any military academy, it’d be Annapolis, sir.” I told him with a small smile and he frowned.

“Figures, swabbies don’t salute indoors.” He said with a sudden grin as if he’d figured something out. In some way he had, but probably not fully. His attention was taken up by a Colonel entering the room to whisper something to him. I noticed that the room was filled with wires coming in from the doorway and that several phone banks were now manned by enlisted men. Obviously they’d established ‘land lines’ to the units around us to overcome the radio jamming, so the Colonel coming in personally and whispering to the General meant something was important.

“We just caught an infiltration team sniffing around our perimeter.” Maxwell told me after issuing some orders to the Colonel who turned and left. “They were speaking Russian and we’re pretty sure they were Spetsnaz. They opened fire on the men that found them. Two of them are dead, one got away, and one was captured. One of my men was hit in the arm but will recover. We’re bringing the captured man down to interrogation and I’m setting the gents that came with you and General O’Keefe on him. Do you want to observe?”

“Is there much for me to do here besides stand in one spot, sir?” I asked rhetorically and he waved over Corporal Davis, the man whose uniform I was wearing, and told him to take me down to the interrogation rooms. Davis noticed me limping slightly as we walked down the hallway and gave me an odd look.

“What size shoe do you wear?” He asked me.

“Thirteen.” I said irritably.

“Those are twelve and halfs.” He replied.

“Believe me, right now I’m quite well aware of that.” I retorted and he actually had the nerve to laugh.

“If it gets you out of my boots, I might know someone with an extra pair who is size thirteen.” He said and I let out a grateful sigh.

“Thanks, just don’t try to get me out of your pants yet.” I joked, and then winced as he stared at me hard. I relaxed a bit as he started laughing though.

“Not on my agenda, kid.” He said after recovering from his laughing fit. The room he led me to was the same one where I’d observed Putin last night. This time the man being interrogated was in his mid-twenties, quite in shape, and wore Soviet-style camouflage pants and the white and blue striped t-shirt common among Russian military people. He was refusing to answer any questions, and the CIA man, Talbot, was getting quite angry. I was there for twenty minutes, watching with Davis’s partner inside the door and Davis outside when the corporal came inside with another pair of boots.

“Thanks!” I said with a big smile as I put them on and returned his too-small boots to him. He checked them carefully for scuffs and finally nodded before heading back out into the hall. The new boots fit much better and I felt slightly more relaxed as I continued to watch the fruitless interrogation.

It wasn’t exactly fruitless for much longer. While I was eating an MRE delivered by Davis, two burly soldiers wearing ‘MP’ armbands came inside with the man from NSA and a doctor wearing a lab coat over his fatigues. The Russian was shackled hand and foot, but still tried to resist as the soldiers grabbed him. The doctor injected him with a needle and then left, leaving the soldiers holding him and the CIA interrogator watching calmly. General O’Keefe came in my room then, and I snapped to attention, letting habit take over. He nodded, ordered me to sit and then looked through the one-way mirror.

“They give him the morphine yet?” He asked me.

“A minute ago, sir.” I answered, glad to know what it was they’d given him. Technically, it was not a violation of the Geneva Convention, because morphine was just a painkiller. Of course it would alter the soldier’s state of mind and make him much easier to manipulate, something the CIA interrogator took all of five more minutes before commencing.

[Sergei Illy’ich, you have failed.] Talbot said in a heavy Moscow accent. [You have failed the rodina, you have disgraced your father. What was so difficult about your mission you could not succeed?]

[Not my fault.] The soldier muttered hazily. [They patrol, not just sit in place. Patrol find us before we place charges. We get three in place, they not find, I think. Three be enough to blow hole in defense for attack.]

[But attack has failed.] Talbot egged him on.

[It has been more than a day?] The Russian asked with some confusion, as if realizing he was still captured and not back in his lines being interrogated by the KGB as he must have thought.

[Get some rest.] Talbot said and left the room. He reappeared a moment later and conferred with General O’Keefe who nodded for me to follow him. I did and we were heading back to the command center where he told Maxwell what we’d gotten out of the soldier.

The situation was tense, and grew more tense as the day progressed. Shortly after noon, I was escorted down to the mess hall where I ate some freshly cooked food. Brian joined me and I teased him about getting use to Army food. Davis, and the other guy assigned to me, Titus, laughed and joined in on teasing poor Brian. After lunch, I was taken back to the command room, more so the officers could see that I was there and safe than that I had anything to contribute.

By dinnertime, the tension had continued to mount. Throughout the day, German civilians were spotted moving around corners and every time it was an alert for a possible saboteur. Two almost got themselves shot when they ignored commands to stop and everyone that was stopped was searched. The satchel charges that had been set by the Spetsnaz team had been found and disarmed shortly after lunch.

I had a lot of time for thought, but tried to keep from thinking for most of it. There were several times I wondered if this was somewhat similar to how it must have been when Kruschev blocked off West Berlin in an effort to test United States resolve at staying in West Berlin. That had resulted in the most massive supply airlift in history. West Berlin was better prepared this time, and could last for several days before airlifts were necessary, but the city was completely hunkered down. German police and military units were looking after the civilians, but there were harsh feelings becoming evident because of the NATO drawback to the HQ.

Night fell without any resolution or any forthcoming attack. There were no more notes either, nothing at all to signal their intentions. I was released back to my room with Brian around ten p.m. and he started peppering me with questions as soon as I walked in the door. He kept on peppering me with them as I undressed and grabbed a towel and shower kit before heading down the hall. He stopped asking them as the restroom and showers were full of soldiers coming off-duty. Water was being rationed so showers were short, and cold, but I felt much better. When we entered, the room went quiet, but conversations that had been halted started up again.

After my shower, we went back to the room where I answered as many of his questions as I could. Not too surprisingly, neither of us felt like messing around as the dark night led to a feeling of impending doom. Instead, we just fell asleep in each other’s arms, taking what comfort we could from the presence of the one we loved.

“Jones, you’re wanted in HQ.” The voice of a strange soldier woke me up immediately. The clock on the wall said it was nearly five in the morning. The soldier had stuck his head in the door and had to have seen Brian, but there was no expression on his face as I climbed out of bed while Brian muttered that it was too early. I dressed quickly in the borrowed uniform and boots, and then followed the two soldiers who were my current guard down to the command center. Both Generals were up, and Maxwell was talking on a field phone in angry tones. O’Keefe nodded and a soldier brought me a cup of hot coffee that I sipped carefully.

“About fifteen minutes ago a Mi-24 helicopter came across the border.” O’Keefe told me in a calm voice, pointing out where on the map it had happened. “The French fired a SAM and shot it down. Both pilots and the crew are dead. The Soviet tanks on all crossings are lighting off their motors, but there’s no movement forward. Maxwell’s talking to the forward observation posts right now.”

“So this could be it.” I stated flatly and he nodded.

“They’re what?” Maxwell nearly shouted in a strangled voice. He spoke more quietly into the phone for several minutes and then hung it up. He walked over to where I was standing beside O’Keefe with slightly wide eyes.

“The tanks and armored transports are pulling back.” He said quietly.

“Sir, the jamming has stopped!” A captain said from one of the radio consoles nearby. He had a look of hope on his face, and I was willing to bet I did too. “We’re getting confirmation from the airport, they have radar again. There’s several aircraft that are heading back towards their bases, nothing heading in. We’re getting a call from Washington, sir!”

Maxwell walked over to the console, put on a headset and began talking quietly while both O’Keefe and I sagged in relief. Several other soldiers around the room were doing the same. There were no loud cheers, but it was obvious several wanted to do that. Instead, a hum of activity filled the room. Maxwell returned after several minutes and smiled broadly.

“Well, it’s over.” He said with relief. “I spoke with the President himself. We’re to put Mr. Putin in a car, and the Spetsnaz soldier, and send them to the border. Then we’re to put you folks on a plane and get you the hell out of here. A flight of F-16’s will be arriving in an hour to escort you back to West German airspace.”

“What the hell are they saying?” O’Keefe wondered aloud.

“The official story we are to tell is that we captured a KGB infiltrator trying to get into our side of Berlin.” Maxwell said. “They claim we took him from East Berlin and that’s why they shut us off from the world. Both sides are saying they will not let the other get away with it, and they finally backed down. They took a bunch of our people in Moscow prisoner as well and we’re exchanging the two here for them. I’m sure you’ll get a bigger de-briefing back home. I’ve been told to tell you that there’s an emergency summit of NATO going to happen in Brussels in two days. You’re both going to be there and I imagine you’ll be debriefed in full there instead of waiting until you get home.”

“Thanks, General.” O’Keefe said and I added my own.

“No problem, just get that uniform back to my man, son.” He told me with a smile.

“Yes, sir.” I said with a final salute. This time there weren’t two men guarding me as I returned to my room where I woke Brian up with the good news. It felt good to get back into civilian clothes and I didn’t hesitate to give him a hug and a kiss before there was a knock at the door. Talbot was there to tell us it was time to head to the waiting cars and we followed him out.

The flight to Ramstein was very short since the planes went at full throttle. We boarded the larger VIP jet we’d crossed the Atlantic in and I was immediately surrounded by the two very nervous Secret Service agents who had been left here before we flew to West Berlin. They made it very clear I wasn’t to go anywhere without them in my company and if I tried to sneak off, I’d end up handcuffed to one of them.

“Add that to your list of my fantasies to fulfill.” Brian whispered into my ear and we both cracked up laughing, earning ourselves disapproving stares from the two men.

Great, now I had to buy a dark suit, dark glasses, and handcuffs to keep my boyfriend happy.

Well, there were worse things in life to deal with. For instance, NATO headquarters in Brussels is very close to the airport. The same road that leads to the airport also leads to the NATO center, and it is huge. Shortly after arrival, Brian and I were shown to a decent-sized room (with one queen-size bed), and immediately forgotten. The two agents brought in lunch trays and the unspoken message was clear: Stay Here!

It was about an hour after we finished eating that Brian and I turned on the television. We had a brief argument over whether to watch the German-language or French-language station, and I relented after he planted a few kisses on my neck. Sometimes, I’m just too easy.

My body clock was all messed up and I found myself soon dozing on Brian’s shoulder while he tried to understand what was being said on the television. It was a French news broadcast and, from the wreckage of a Soviet helicopter, I was quite certain it was pictures of West Berlin coming out for the first time in two days. I dozed off again and didn’t wake up until the door opened, admitting a smiling US naval officer.

“Hi, I’m Commander Richardson.” The man said as he entered. I stretched and stood along with Brian as we introduced ourselves. “General O’Keefe asked General Emerson to have someone show you boys around the base and I got picked. I’ve spoken with your security men outside and they have no objections, so you want to take a tour?”

“Sure.” Brian said after looking at me. I’d just nodded. As expected, the two agents fell into step behind us as the naval officer led us out of the building and into a waiting staff car. We were gone about an hour and we both noticed with relief that the gym wasn’t too far away from the VIP quarters where we were staying. The tour finished about the same time that dinner was being delivered and we managed to eat all of the boiled roast, cabbage, and potatoes that they served.

After dinner, we managed to get permission from the two agents to go for a jog and to exercise in the gym. We’d both changed into sweats from our bags that somehow had managed to stay with us. The two agents drove a car slowly behind us as we jogged, taking the easy way out.

Then again, I wouldn’t have wanted to jog in a suit either.

I think the comforting routine of working out in the gym helped both of us relax totally. We made it back to the room just after sunset and settled down in front of the television after taking a shower together. It didn’t take much effort this time for me to get Brian mostly into my mouth while he watched the French station some more. Nor were we hurried or going just to get each other off. I wanted to make him happy, and spent a good hour just doing everything I could think of to his throbbing erection. By the time I brought him to a climax, he was almost sobbing with the need for release and the television was long forgotten. After he rested for a few minutes of lazy kissing while we laid side by side on the couch, it was my turn and he showed just how well he knew my body by this time, bringing me to the edge again and again before backing off. When I did finally blow into his mouth, I was too tired to do more than stumble after him into the bed while he shut off the television and the lights. He climbed in to bed as I was drifting off into sleep, curling up behind me and pulling me tight against his chest.


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